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Popular 2024 Wedding Colors & Trends to Fall In Love With

Moss Green Wedding

Bridesmaid Dress Colors & Wedding Trends for 2024

We're excitedly researching 2024 wedding colors and trends for you to use in your upcoming wedding! Whether you're looking for soft and neutral, or powerful and bold, there's something for every bride to love. Vibrant colors, sustainable elements, destination weddings, and just about every shade of green are just some of the inspiring choices for 2024. Follow along with our style guide to discover the top 2024 wedding color trends! fun

The Top 2024 Wedding Colors: 3 Trends to Know

The wedding color trends for 2024 are super exciting! We’ve noticed a lot of brides choosing different shades of green, classic black, and bright colors for their 2024 bridesmaid dresses. Don’t be scared to choose a trending color for your bridesmaids! The truth is: everyone’s wedding looks completely different once you combine your own unique floral arrangements, table settings, signage, and decor. Below are some wedding colors trending right now!

1) Green Wedding Color Palettes are a Favorite for 2024

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dress

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue | Afton Joy

Green shades are insanely popular for 2024! Tons of brides are choosing different shades of green bridesmaid dresses for their upcoming weddings. There’s a green for every season, wedding color palette, and personal style. If you love a lighter more muted tone, moss green or sage are great options. If you prefer darker colors: forest, olive, and emerald are some of our favorite dark green bridesmaid dresses. Start looking for green wedding inspiration for your 2024 wedding!

2) Classic Black Bridesmaid Dresses are In for 2024 Weddings

Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Black Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

Do you want a classic color for your wedding that will never go out of style? Black bridesmaids dresses are a trending color that all your bridesmaids will love. Black can match with any color palette and is flattering on every body type! You can keep with a black theme by having the groomsmen wear black suits and add other black touches to your decor. If you prefer a contrast, you can pair black bridesmaid dresses with lighter neutral decor and light gray suits.

3) Bright Wedding Colors Are Making an Entrance

Bright Color Wedding

Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses | Hayley Houtari Photo

Bright colors, like teal, berry, and cinnamon are a super fun option for your 2024 wedding! We love a bold bride. If your taste is bright and colorful, there’s no reason why your wedding can’t be the same! Kennedy Blue has a huge range of bridesmaid dress color options to choose from including some really creative and vivid hues! We’ve even seen brides mix and match a few fun colors to create truly eye-catching bridal party photos.

Best 2024 Wedding Colors By Season

Every season brings its own inspiration from nature, holidays, and traditions! Choose the perfect colors for your 2024 wedding by keeping the season in mind. We collected all our favorite bridesmaid dress colors and wedding color schemes for 2024. Below are some fun color options for weddings in every season and month!

Stunning Spring Wedding Colors for 2024

What do you think of when you think of spring: newly blooming flowers, pastel Easter decorations, floral sundresses, a soothing rain shower? Spring wedding color inspiration is everywhere! Take your favorite elements from the season and incorporate it into your spring wedding color palette! 

1) March Wedding Colors: Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dresses

Deep Sea Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue | Valen Lee Photo

Deep sea is the perfect gray-blue-green combination for your wedding! This color can fit into a wide variety of wedding themes and aesthetics. We especially love deep sea for spring weddings because of its calming coastal feel. These deep sea bridesmaid dresses remind us of the first days spent by the ocean in spring after a long winter.

2) April Wedding Colors: Rosewood Weddings

Rosewood Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Rosewood Pink Bridesmaid Dresses | Mike Zawadzki Photo

When the flowers start blooming in April, get inspired by pinks, purples, blues, and yellows! We love rosewood bridesmaid dresses for an April wedding. This medium pink shade looks great with a wide variety of flowers in your wedding bouquets. You could even opt for a more subtle decor and have the pink bridesmaid dresses be your pop of color! If the skies end up being overcast, as they often do in April, this beautiful pink will brighten up your wedding photos!

3) May Wedding Colors: Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses | Cori Delgado Photo

May is bursting with light, new flowers, greenery, and warmth! Sage green is the perfect base for your summer wedding color scheme. Sage green bridesmaid dresses are a great backdrop for vivid and colorful bridesmaid bouquets. Your flower arrangements can combine all different warm color flowers for a fun contrast effect.

Gorgeous 2024 Summer Wedding Colors for Your Big Day

Summer weddings are a great opportunity to soak up the sun with all of your closest friends and family. We recommend choosing lighter colors and breathable fabrics for your summer wedding to keep your bridesmaids cool in the high temperatures. Need some ideas? We found some unique summer wedding colors you’ll love!

1) June Wedding Colors: Moss Bridesmaid Dresses

Moss Green Wedding

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses | Lavender + Linen Photography

Moss is one of our favorite bridesmaid dress colors ever and it’s also our most popular color for 2024! This is our favorite shade of green bridesmaid dresses for so many reasons. Moss looks great on every skin tone, can fit into any aesthetic, and adds color to your wedding without being too bright. June is the perfect month for getting outside with your loved ones, so why not choose a bridesmaid dress color that’s inspired by nature? We’ve seen so many beautiful moss green weddings to get inspired by.

2) July Wedding Colors: Beige Bridesmaid Dresses

Neutral Wedding Colors

Latte Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue | Loveleigh Co. Photo

July brings enough bright colors to the table between the fresh cut grass of summer, the tropical beachy prints at the beach, and all the 4th of July decorations. Why not choose neutral bridesmaid dresses for your July wedding? Our latte bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a summer wedding color palette. These beige bridesmaid dresses remind us of linen pants on a warm day by the beach. Latte gives a light and breezy feel to your wedding, especially when it’s paired with other shades of beige and white.

3) August Wedding Colors: Olive Green Weddings

Olive Green Bridesmaid Dress

Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

Earth tones are a great idea to incorporate into any summer wedding color scheme. Olive is our favorite dark green shade because it’s flattering on bridesmaids, versatile, and easy to complement. This deep green tone can stand up to the most bright and bold flower arrangements. Use olive green and white as your neutrals and then add vivid details and florals to bring colorful summer fun into your August wedding!

Colorful Fall Wedding Colors for 2024

Fall is considered the wedding season for a reason! In most areas, autumn weather is perfect for weddings. Fall provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos and the opportunity to have an outdoor ceremony (and maybe even an outdoor reception). Of course everyone loves the colors of fall. Warm cinnamon, burnt orange, and tan are just a few of our favorite shades for fall bridesmaid dresses!

1) September Wedding Colors: Fawn Color Scheme

Tan Bridesmaid Dress

Fawn Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue | Seventh Arrow Studio

September is the bridge between summer and fall and might just be the perfect month for a wedding! A minimalist and neutral fall wedding color scheme is the perfect choice for a September wedding. Our fawn bridesmaid dresses give you the opportunity to play with a combination of whites, neutrals, and earth tones for a timeless yet contemporary aesthetic.

2) October Wedding Colors: Burnt Orange & Rust

Rust Bridesmaid Dresses

Rust Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

October is the perfect month for orange wedding colors and bridesmaid dresses. We all know the best part of fall is the changing leaves in red, orange, and gold. Our satin bridesmaid dresses in rust are beautiful terracotta earth tone options for your fall wedding. If you prefer a chiffon fabric to keep your bridesmaids warm in chilly fall weather, our burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are available.

3) November Wedding Colors: Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses

Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses

Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses | Santiago Murillo Photo

Heat up during a chilly November with warm cinnamon bridesmaid dresses. We love this color combined with other warm tones and neutrals. Cinnamon is a bright reddish-orange hue that’s perfect for a bold fall wedding color palette. Contrast this vivid color with some beautiful white roses and dark greenery for a simple classic color palette. If you want to go for a boho wedding look you can complement cinnamon with other warm floral colors like peach, orange, pink, and gold.

Jaw-Dropping Winter Wedding Colors for 2024

Winter is an underrated wedding season! Twinkling string lights, regal fir trees, and elegant velvet fabrics all set the mood for a romantic wedding. Enjoy the opportunity to incorporate the winter holidays into your wedding. If you live in a hotter part of the country, winter might be the perfect time to have a wedding so you won’t be sweating through your ceremony or fighting off mosquitoes.

1) December Wedding Colors: Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Emerald Green Wedding Colors

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses | Jagger Rose Photography

December weddings are festive and cozy. The best part? You’ll have all your closest friends and family in town for the holidays! Emerald bridesmaid dresses are the perfect color for December weddings because it’s reminiscent of the holidays and the evergreens outside. Kennedy Blue’s Emerald bridesmaid dresses come in chiffon or velvet, both beautiful fabric options for winter.

2) January Wedding Colors: Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Bordeaux Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue | KCM Studios

Red is a tricky color to get right, but bordeaux might be the perfect shade of burgundy for winter bridesmaid dresses. This wine-inspired shade is a great base for a red, white, and green wedding color palette. Bordeaux bridesmaid dresses are romantic and elegant. Everyone loves dark shades of red for winter because they bring warmth to a chilly time of year. 

3) February Wedding Colors: Forest Green Wedding

Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

Winter is a great time of year to experiment with darker wedding colors to match the surrounding evergreen trees and early sunsets. Since winter weddings often take place indoors, a nice nature-inspired dark green will liven up your wedding and bring some color to your venue space. The forest green wedding ideas are endless! We especially love the way forest green looks paired with shades of white!

2024 Wedding Trends to Get Inspired By

Judging by the newest wedding trends, 2024 weddings are going to be a blast! Brides-to-be are planning their weddings with innovative twists on classic wedding ideas. Below are some more fun wedding trends for 2024 that we love!

1) Eco-Friendly Sustainable Weddings

Sustainable Wedding

Fog Bridesmaid Dresses | Fog Groomsmen Bow Ties | Brittney Lucy Rivera Photo

We should all be doing our best to reduce our impact on our planets. For most of us, a wedding is the most indulgent event we will host in our lives. In 2024, more couples are aiming to have a sustainable and eco-friendly wedding. Some ideas for following this trend are: choosing favors that are useful and reusable, making sure your confetti is biodegradable (real flower petals work!), and having invitations printed on recycled paper.

2) Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024 Weddings

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Elizabeth in Spice | Gabby in Deep SeaAllison in Peach | Cameron in Sage | Katie in Cornflower | Felicity in Berry | Mike Zawadzki Photo

Why choose just one bridesmaid dress color, when you can choose multiple? Future brides are thinking outside the box with mix and match bridesmaid dresses. If you want every bridesmaid to be in a different color, the possibilities are endless. We’ve also seen brides alternate contrasting colors or choose a range of shades of one color to create an ombre effect. 

3) 2024 Will See Vibrant Wedding Color Palettes

Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses

Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses | Hayley Houtari Photography

Bright colors are making a comeback! While we don’t think neutral wedding colors will ever go out of style, we are excited to see some vibrant weddings in our future. From warm red-oranges to vibrant teal blue, there are so many bold colors to choose from. Bright colors are especially fun to use in statement floral arrangements with a mix of flowers, greenery, herbs, and more.

4) Destination Weddings Are Trending for 2024

Destination Wedding

Marine Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Junior Cruz Photography

After years of restricted travel from the pandemic, people are ready to see the world again. We predict a lot of destination weddings in 2024! Smaller weddings have also become more common since the pandemic, which makes it easier to get everyone on board (literally) for a destination wedding. You’ll love having your friends and family all together in Italy, the Bahamas, or even Thailand!

Choose the Perfect 2024 Wedding Colors

2024 is the perfect year to experiment with a variety of colors for your wedding. Consider researching which flowers are in season near your wedding date to help narrow it down. You could also look to your bridal party for input on dress, tie, and suit colors. If you’re still having trouble deciding, our wedding blog is full of inspiration from real couples’ weddings. 

Don’t worry, Kennedy Blue has bridesmaid dresses in a huge range of styles, sizes, silhouettes, fabrics, and colors to choose from. We’re here to help you find the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids. We can’t wait to see which colors and exciting 2024 wedding trends you choose for your upcoming wedding!

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I’m having a June wedding, but I really like the Latte color. We are having an all white wedding, but I’ve heard some nasty comments from others that having my bridesmaids wear white is tacky. So we may go with the Latte color instead.

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