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Green Bridesmaid Dresses & Wedding Colors You Need

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Green has become a favorite when it comes to wedding colors! It's simplicity and nature-inspired feel make it an easy & beautiful color to coordinate with. Thinking about including green in your wedding? There are so many shades to choose from. From a soft sage green to a deep emerald to a subtly blueish deep sea green, the perfect shade of green is out there for your wedding!

The Best Green Bridesmaid Dress Colors for 2024

We chose some of our favorite bridesmaid dresses to give you some inspiration for your green wedding colors! Here are some of the top ideas for green wedding color schemes for the upcoming year.

1) Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses: A Favorite

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses | Sage Ties | Cori Delgado

Sage green bridesmaid dresses are trending right now for good reason! This shade of green is bright without being too dark or bold. Some of our favorite sage bridesmaid dresses are made from our high quality chiffon fabric. Complement your sage green wedding with light cream or white for a subtle palette or you can contrast sage with peach, pink, orange, or other warm tones for a more vibrant wedding palette. Sage also pairs nicely with navy blue suits, so it’s the perfect opportunity to have coordinating sage green groomsmen ties.

2) Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses: Medium-Green

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses | Afton Joy

Moss green is perfect for brides who love earth tones. This color can be complemented by just about any color palette. Kennedy Blue has a ton of moss green bridesmaid dresses to choose from. This shade of green is subtle yet still colorful. Almost every chiffon dress looks great in this color but some of our favorite moss green bridesmaid dresses are the ones that are simple enough to make the color the focal point!

3) Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dresses: Blue-Green Wedding Color

Deep Sea Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dresses | Valen Lee

Deep sea is the perfect marriage of blue and green for your wedding. This subtle tone is more blue or green depending on how you look at it. Deep sea complements other blue and green wedding colors perfectly. You don’t have to have a beach wedding to love this color, it also looks great in rustic settings and even elegant banquet halls! Deep sea bridesmaid dresses are versatile, colorful, fun, and complement a variety of skin tones and hair colors!

4) Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses: the Iconic Dark Green Wedding Color

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses | Paige Allred

If you need a dark, elegant shade for your green wedding: use emerald. Our emerald bridesmaid dresses come in chiffon and velvet fabrics. Our velvet emerald bridesmaid dresses are perfect for winter or fall weddings. Emerald contrasted with gold, white, and red is the perfect wedding color combination for winter weddings. Our chiffon emerald dresses are a little bit lighter and cooler for weddings in warmer weather. 

5) Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses: A Unique Shade of Green

Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Our earthiest green color is olive green. This color is a fresh new take on an earth-toned green. Our olive green bridesmaid dresses work as a neutral color that complements a wide range of other colors. Olive is a darker shade of green and looks especially beautiful contrasted against white or cream accents.

6) Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses: Modern Dark Green

Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

For dark green bridesmaid dresses, forest green is a great color choice! Our forest green bridesmaid dresses are deep, colorful, and bold. This color is inspired by nature and reminds us of an evergreen forest. This dark green color is perfect for winter weddings but depending on your color palette, it can work in any other season.

7) Sea Glass Bridesmaid Dresses: A Delicate Light Green

Sea Glass Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Sea Glass Bridesmaid Dresses | Local Embers

Sea glass is another beautiful bluish green wedding color. This color is aptly named because it reminds us of a day at the beach. Everyone has picked up a piece of sea glass in this exact shade at some point. Whether you’re having a beach wedding or a country wedding, our sea glass bridesmaid dresses are sure to remind everyone of a relaxing day by the ocean.

8) Dusty Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses: A Gorgeous Satin Wedding Color

Dusty Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Dusty Sage Bridesmaid Dresses

Our dusty sage green satin bridesmaid dresses are sophisticated and luxurious. Our satin fabric is beautiful, affordable, and high-quality. If you’re looking for satin bridesmaid dresses, definitely consider dusty sage green! This color is light and refreshing and is especially perfect for a spring or summer wedding! We love these light green bridesmaid dresses paired with shades of white and other pastel colors.

9) More Green Wedding Colors to Consider

Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Sea Foam Satin Dresses | Green Satin | Emerald Bridesmaid Dresses

Some of our other favorite green bridesmaid dress colors are sea foam green satin, original green satin, and emerald chiffon. Our sea foam green satin bridesmaid dresses are light and airy and remind us of a peaceful beach. Our green satin bridesmaid dresses are a beautiful deep and bold shade of green in our high quality satin. We spoke about our emerald velvet dresses already, but our emerald chiffon bridesmaid dresses are just as beautiful with an airier fabric. 

Cute Green Bridesmaid Robes & Pajamas

If you’re going with green bridesmaid dresses, your bridesmaids will need matching green robes or pajamas to get ready in! This added touch may seem over the top, but you’ll be glad when you see the photos of all your favorite people getting ready in matching outfits. Plus, everyone will be extra comfy while they get their hair and makeup done.

1) Sea Foam Green Bridesmaid Pajamas

Sea Foam Green Bridesmaid Pajamas

Sea Foam Green Pajamas

Our silky smooth short sleeved pajama sets come in a beautiful shade of sea foam green. These sea foam green bridesmaids pajamas match our sea foam green satin bridesmaid dresses for a coordinated look! Your bridesmaids will love the comfort and mobility provided by these PJs. 

2) Sage Green Satin Lace Bridesmaid Robe

Sage Green Bridesmaid Robes

Sage Green Satin Lace Bridesmaid Robe

Our sage green satin lace bridesmaid robes are the perfect addition to your sage green wedding. These robes are silky soft, comfortable, and match our sage green bridesmaid dresses! We make our robes long enough that your bridesmaids can move around comfortably and securely. Plus, the lace on these robes is a gorgeous touch. Your bridesmaids will love wearing these again and again after the wedding.

3) Evergreen Satin Lace Bridesmaid Robe

Green Bridesmaid Robe

Evergreen Satin Lace Bridesmaid Robe

If you chose dark green wedding colors, be sure to scoop these evergreen satin lace bridesmaid robes! These robes will coordinate well with any of our dark green bridesmaid dresses including: velvet emerald, chiffon emerald, green satin, and forest green chiffon. These robes are the perfect gift for your bridesmaids to show them you appreciate them and want them to feel elegant and comfortable on your big day!

Green Wedding Inspiration: Green Color Schemes

The best way to get inspiration for your wedding is to look at photos from real weddings! We collected some of our favorite photos from green weddings to help you get started. Below are some fun green color palettes, beautiful green bridesmaid dresses, and creative green wedding details. We hope some of these real weddings help you decide on the perfect wedding colors!

1) Copper and Moss Green Wedding Colors

Green Wedding Colors

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses | Lindsay Hackney

Looking for a contrasting wedding color palette? This darling wedding combined moss green, coppery orange, and a delicate peach. The warm tones of autumn leaves and the and the earthy moss green complemented each other so well.

2) White and Emerald Green Wedding Color Scheme

Emerald Green Wedding

Emerald Bridesmaid Dresses | Tolman Media

For a bold look, consider focusing in on a deep dark green color scheme with white flowers and accents. This stunning wedding incorporated Kennedy Blue emerald green bridesmaid dresses. The dark green popped with the skyline of downtown Orlando in the background. We love this super simple yet elegant color scheme!

3) Deep Sea and Sage Green Multi-Color Wedding

Green Wedding Colors

Cameron in Sage | Gabby in Deep Sea | Mike Zawadzki

Coordinating multiple colored bridesmaid dresses is a really fun trend that we love! This sweet wedding featured Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses in peach, spice, sage, cornflower, deep sea, and berry. Each bridesmaid looked unique in her own unique color and style of dress! This multi-colored wedding color scheme was a creative way to incorporate lots of color into a summer wedding.

Find Your Favorite Green Bridesmaid Dresses!

The best green bridesmaid dresses are the ones that fit your wedding style! There are so many different green wedding colors to choose from. Whether you want a beachy mix between blue and green or a pure dark green, Kennedy Blue has plenty of options for your bridesmaid dresses. Unsure if green is right for your wedding? We have tons more bridesmaid dress colors to choose from!

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