The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

by Danielle Salazar August 17, 2017 28 Comments

Asking your ‘maids that one big question is almost as exciting as getting engaged! And let’s be honest - coming up with fun bridesmaid proposal ideas is half the fun! Whether you gather your girls together for a fun gift-giving party or deliver them individually, the element of surprise is what really makes the whole experience so memorable. So to help you out, we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite creative ways to ask your bridesmaids that will get them yelling “yes!” at the top of their lungs!

The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

31 bridesmaid proposal ideas your girls will love.

1. Give your girls a scratch off card that is seriously too cute for words! You can even write a personal message for each of your soon-to-be 'maids to reveal.

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' scratch off card. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsInklingsPaperie

2. Let's be real - who doesn't love a sweet treat every now and then? These cupcakes in a jar are not only delicious, but the perfect proposal idea!

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' cupcakes in a jar. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your Bridesmaids

3. Instead of choosing just one item, why not give your bridesmaid a whole goodie box of gifts? These super cute boxes can even be customized! My favorite part is the cactus hair ties that say "stick with me."

Give your bridesmaids a whole gift box of goodies! | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | Kennedy Blue | MailboxMelodies


4. The creativity of Etsy people continues to amaze me! This beautifully detailed high heel pencil case is just perfect. Easy to store cosmetics or your bridesmaid jewelry in, this is a gift your bridesmaids are sure to cherish! 

This gorgeous high heel pencil case is the perfect bridesmaid gift | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | theprettypinkstudio | Kennedy Blue


5. Let’s face it, there’s a little Bridezilla in all of us. Show off your funny (and honest!) side by gifting this fun card that is sure to bring a smile to your ‘maid’s faces.

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' bridezilla card. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your Bridesmaids


6. What girl wouldn't want a gift that comes from the city of love (Paris!)? These sweet and simple pom pom necklaces are a fun present that your future 'maids will adore!

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' pom pom necklace. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsPamelaLoops

7. How fun would it be to get your girls together, pour a round of drinks, and let them find the personalized message written on the side of these shot glasses? Sounds like a party to me!

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' shotglasses. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsLetsTieTheKnot

8. This simple and sweet initial necklace is sure to be a winner among your bridesmaids. Something your 'maids can wear in your wedding, and long after the big day, this necklace is the perfect gift! 

Simple and sweet, this personalized necklace is the perfect proposal gift | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | Firefly Paper Studio | Kennedy Blue


9. It may not be the most sentimental of cards, but this design will definitely make your girls laugh! Besides, your need for them to help you pee is totally legit.

A funny 'will you be my bridesmaid?' card. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsFINCHandHARE

10. Honestly, when I found this coffee cup on Etsy I couldn't help but think that I would love to give this gift to my future bridesmaids! The floral print is adorable, and I think we can all admit that coffee cups are one of the most functional gifts.

"Only the best friends get promoted to bridesmaids" | The Ultimate Guide to Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts | Weefers Gifts | Kennedy Blue


11. We're drooling at the sight of these fancy bridesmaid cookies. And no one can refuse a yummy dessert right?

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' cookies. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsSugaryCharm

12. I love this proposal card because it's sweet and a little sassy. Straight to the point and super cute, this is sure to get a laugh out of your bridesmaids. 

"Now act surprised like you had no idea this was coming" proposal card for your future bridesmaids! | The Ultimate Guide to Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts | invitesbythisandthat | Kennedy Blue


13. These personalized champagne glasses are great because you can choose them to match your wedding colors. After you surprise your girls, you and your 'maids can use the glasses to celebrate accordingly!

After you give your bridesmaids these cute champagne glasses, you can celebrate accordingly! | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | Nerdy Giirl Couture | Kennedy Blue


14. Propose with this charming muslin bag that's perfectly rustic chic! Personalize their bag by adding in a fun little bonus like nail polish, candies, coffee, or whatever you think they might enjoy!

A rustic 'will you be my bridesmaid?' bag. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsThePaperShoppeCA

15. This sweet and sentimental pillow is such a creative bridesmaid proposal idea. This is a super cute gift for your BFF turned bridesmaid who will always have an adorable reminder of how much you care about her! 

How adorable is this pillow for the perfect bridesmaid proposal? | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | ArtsTextileByShrekbo | Kennedy Blue


16. This punny bath bomb is not only super cute but is a gift your bridesmaids will definitely love and use! 

This punny bath bomb bridesmaid proposal gift is too cute! | The Ultimate Guide to Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | Velvet Moon Studio | Kennedy Blue


17. A koozie is something that can be used time and time again so by asking with something so practical means they'll constantly remember the special day they were invited to take part in your wedding!

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' personalized can koozies. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsTheMonogramLine

18. You're friends will be filled with curiosity while they're attempting to figure out the hidden message on this pretty, custom jigsaw puzzle. Imagine their amazement once they finally put it together!

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' personalized jigsaw puzzle. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsTotesMcgoatsShop

19. Place one of these glamorous labels onto a tasty bottle of wine and not only does it become a creative way to ask your bridesmaids, but it's a great way to celebrate together once they've said "yes!"

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' wine bottle labels. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your Bridesmaids


20. Dainty necklaces are totally trending so why not gift your girls with a chic, circular necklace that they can wear over and over again? We'd definitely be excited if we were given something this cute!

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' necklace. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsPetalandPaperie

21. These push-up confetti poppers will have you and your friends laughing and cheering "hell yeah!" out of excitement. Not to mention, they just look like a ton of fun!

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' confetti poppers. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsRelishPrintDesign

22. With cute packaging and a fun surprise inside, this candle is a great gift for your future bridesmaids! Every time they use the candle, they are sure to think of you. And even better: it's eco-friendly! 

Who doesn't love candles? | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts | lulusugar | Kennedy Blue


23. "Turns Out I Like Him More Than I Originally Planned" is funny but also acknowledges that your bridesmaids have been with you throughout you and your fiancée's relationship. 

"Turns Out I Like Him More Than I Planned" cute bridesmaid proposal gift | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | TopHatandMonocle | Kennedy Blue


24. Especially perfect for those passionate wine lovers (you know who you are!), this simple cork unravels an unsuspecting message for your friends to discover.

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' wine cork. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your BridesmaidsPetite25

25. These super cute (and functional) cosmetic bags are the perfect proposal gift for your bridesmaids. Open up the bag to see the message "will you be my bridesmaid?" for something that's a little more subtle but will be sure to put a smile on their faces whenever they use it! You can even fill the bag with goodies for an even more fun surprise! 

A cute and functional bridesmaid proposal gift! | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts | My Wedding Flare | Kennedy Blue


26. Your future bridesmaids are sure to celebrate when they open this goodie box! From the confetti to the personalized "Bride Tribe" picture frame to the fortune cookie, everything about this gift just screams "cute".  

What a cute celebration bridesmaid proposal box! | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | WhiteConfettiBox | Kennedy Blue


27. This personalized proposal card is just too precious. Simple but beautiful, your future 'maids will love this gift and keep it for years to come! 

How precious is this personalized bridesmaid proposal card? | The Ultimate Guide to Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts | Ssasa Designs | Kennedy Blue

Ssasa Designs

28. Let's face it: being a bridesmaid can be stressful. Propose to your bridesmaids with a sentimental gift that will help keep them stress-free and relaxed! 

Give your bridesmaids fun proposal gifts they'll use and love! | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | Beets & Apples | Kennedy Blue

Beets & Apples

29. I love these hair ties because they're simple and something your future 'maids will be able to use for a long time. And who doesn't love cute hair ties? 

Propose to your bridesmaids with a gift they love and use! | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts | Plum Polka Dot | Kennedy Blue


30. These personalized engraved boxes are perfect for the bridesmaid proposal. Your 'maids will be able to safely store all of their bridesmaid jewelry before the big day, and look how cute those little flasks are!

These engraved boxes are super cute and classy, and even come with flasks! | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | FlowertownWeddings | Kennedy Blue


31. It's not a party unless there's a confetti-filled piñata! Your girls will love the excitement that this childhood toy brings as they pull on the string to reveal the exciting surprise inside!

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' party pinata. | The Ultimate List of Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - 25 Creative Ways to ask Your Bridesmaids


How would you ask your bridesmaids?

We're super inspired by all these fun ideas and it's hard for us to even pick a favorite. Leave a comment below and tell us which 'will you be my bridesmaid?' gift was your personal fave! Have an idea of your own? Leave that in the comments as well! And once you've checked out all of these fun ideas, head on over and start browsing our collection of bridesmaid dresses for some more wedding inspiration you'll adore!


Danielle Salazar
Danielle Salazar


28 Responses

Tanika Johnson
Tanika Johnson

October 15, 2017

All wonderful ideas! I’m uber excited to begin my wedding planning journey! Thanks

Abbey P
Abbey P

October 13, 2017

I absolutely love all of these ideas!! I have used a lot of them for my bridesmaids !!


October 12, 2017

I did cute, hand painted “proposal boxes”! A mini champagne, lotion, a candle and a personal note all done in the wedding colors


October 08, 2017

These are cute ideas! I’m considering the initials necklace, bath bomb or the cupcake in a jar idea. :)


October 07, 2017

Love these ideas!!


October 04, 2017

Some beautiful ideas here. Will be using a few.


October 03, 2017

Loved the custom champagne flutes! I would mail them with other little goodies and then we can all drink mimosas out of them on the big day!


October 03, 2017

For someone who struggles with their creative side, thsee ideas are perfect!!!!! Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas!!

Rebecca Rakoczy
Rebecca Rakoczy

October 02, 2017

Definitely going to use some of these ideas! I absolutely love the “now act surprised” card because I definitely need it!


September 27, 2017

I did the idea above with the little cardboard box with huge success!


September 01, 2017

Such great ideas! I will definitely be doing a few of these for the girls!!! Thanks


August 30, 2017

I loved these ideas! I asked my girls with a bag of goodies and a wine bottle with a personalized message label!

Tiffany Huelskamp
Tiffany Huelskamp

August 28, 2017

Love these ideas! My girls deserve the best! Thank you for the ideas!!


August 28, 2017

I loved the card asking your bridesmaids to be surprised so found one on Etsy and printed that and bought wine glasses that said bride tribe! Add a bottle of wine in a pretty bag and ta da! They loved them!

Ariel Brown
Ariel Brown

August 28, 2017

These are so cute! I am definitely using these to propose to my girls!


August 24, 2017

so many cute ideas!

Lacey Dickens
Lacey Dickens

August 23, 2017

Such cute ideas! I LOVE it. The bath bomb one is my favorite

Lo M
Lo M

June 30, 2017

This list is so awesome! It has lots of different ideas that I haven’t seen on Pinterest/done by others yet. I can’t wait to use one to ask my girls!! I like the clothespin dolls a lot for some reason, they are so cute. The necklaces and scratch off cards too! Such great ideas!

Megan Foss
Megan Foss

April 15, 2017

Looking forward to using one or more of these cute ideas!!


December 18, 2016

My favorite one is Gold locket as it is very adorable. I bought robes for my bridesmaids on my wedding and personalized them with initials on the front. They really liked my gift as it is usable and trendy too. I purchased it online from


April 25, 2016

Took my bridesmaids/maid of honor/matron of honor out to dinner for GNO and surprised them with personalized champagne flutes and a placecard that says “As I Prepare for the day when I become Dominic’s bride, it would be a blessing to have you sipping by my side” We toasted and had a great time!


January 24, 2016

“I would run a mile from anybody who asked me in such a way.” Why, though? These are cute and fun, and offer a great memory. If they’re not your taste and you wouldn’t ask someone by popping a confetti pinata, that’s great, but some of us like to look for little ways to make memories and have a good time. I also feel like putting this much thought into asking your bridesmaids shows them how much you care about having them stand with you on your big day.

That all being said, I think these are adorable. Most of them are a little too cutesy for what I would do (the confetti pinatas, etc.) but I’m loving the idea of the necklace. She will have that necklace forever as a memento of her friendship with you. So sweet.

Janine Melnitz
Janine Melnitz

September 18, 2015

Oh my god. I just asked them, and I would run a mile from anybody who asked me in such a way.


September 17, 2015

I bought my bridesmaids their shoes for the wedding then I wrapped the box and made it pretty with the first letter of their name/glitter/bows and on the inside of the lid had a post card asking them to be my bridesmaids. I recorded all of them opening their boxes. It was really awesome cuz they weren’t expecting it.


June 25, 2015

I absolutely loved all of these! so creative! You can do so much more than just asking the question these days so fun!


June 01, 2015

I enjoyed all of them…my favorite- “personalized box”-with color palette ideas, important dates, etc.

Lumina Kaldi
Lumina Kaldi

March 11, 2015

I love them all ! Seriously, i looked over and over again and i can’t pick only one favourite !
Here is my idea for proposing to a Bridesmaid or Maid of honor :


February 06, 2015

I love the scratch off and balloon to pop! They are so adorable! I would do any of these! LOVE!!

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