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How to Choose the Best Spring Wedding Colors for 2024

Spring Wedding Colors

Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dress Colors for Spring Weddings

Spring provides a wide range of wedding color options. As an added bonus: the season isn’t too warm or too cold for a variety of dress silhouettes. Choose your spring color palette based on your personal style. Do you love the fun colors of flowers? Are you into pale pastels? Do you prefer a neutral wedding color scheme? Below are a ton of our favorite spring bridesmaid dress colors and popular wedding color combinations!

Spring Wedding Color Palettes & Inspiration for 2024

Spring is all about rebirth and the blooming of new flowers of every color. Choose colors that remind you of your favorite parts of the season. Whether you get your inspiration from pastel Easter eggs and sundresses or calming rain showers and coastal waters, you have a ton of amazing bridesmaid dress colors to choose from! We collected spring wedding color inspiration to help you get started!

1) Dark Pink Wedding Colors for Spring: Rosewood Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Rosewood Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

Pink is always a great idea! Our rosewood bridesmaid dresses are an incredible option for spring weddings. These dark pink bridesmaid dresses go perfectly with any shade of green, different whites, or even a variety of other warm colors. One spring wedding color palette we love is rosewood bridesmaid dresses, bouquets featuring eucalyptus and white roses, and simple white decor with small navy accents.

2) Natural Green Wedding Color Palette: Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses 

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

Moss green is one of our favorite colors for spring weddings! Moss is a subtle shade of green that is complementary to almost every spring wedding color palette. We love moss green bridesmaid dresses with shades of peach, pink, cream, and dark green. Green is a great semi-neutral addition to spring wedding color schemes because it’s featured in just about every type of flower arrangement and natural backdrop.

3) Neutral Wedding Colors: Beige Bridesmaid Dresses

Beige Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring

Fawn Beige Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

Love a neutral wedding color palette? Start with beige bridesmaid dresses! Our fawn colored dresses are a beautiful option for weddings with other neutral tones. Other shades of tan, whites, moss green, and other earth tones are all great matches for a beige. During spring we often like to go pastel or lighter shades of colors to match the subtlety of the season. A neutral color palette is a great light and airy option for the cool weather of spring!

4) Blue / Green Wedding Colors: Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dresses

Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring

Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

One of our favorite shades of blue-green is our deep sea bridesmaid dresses. Inspired by the ocean, this color reminds us of a slightly overcast day at the beach in the spring. This color pairs well with a ton of other spring colors, like different shades of light blue or green, beige, gray, and white. Pair deep sea bridesmaid dresses with white-washed wood elements for a classic coastal wedding aesthetic.

5) Black Bridesmaid Dresses for a Spring Wedding Color Palette

Black Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring

Black Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

Black bridesmaid dresses are an unexpected and underrated option for spring weddings! Black looks good on everybody, is easy to combine with other colors, and never goes out of style. Black is a great pop of contrast with the lighter tones of spring. Having the groomsmen wear light gray suits is a great way to mix things up for spring. Having a neutral black, gray, and white spring wedding color palette will look great with the greenery of spring in the backdrop of your photos!

6) Sage Green Wedding Colors for Spring

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

Combine sage green bridesmaid dresses with white decor and elaborate flower bouquets for a fresh and contemporary spring wedding color scheme. This fun and light shade of green is complementary to a wide range of other spring pastel shades. Whether you match sage with neutrals for an airy and modern wedding or other pastels for a classic spring Easter aesthetic, green bridesmaid dresses are a beautiful and versatile color option to consider.

7) Mauve Wedding Colors for Spring: Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring

Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

For a sprinkle of feminine energy in your spring wedding color scheme, try a shade of muted pink or purple. Our dusty rose bridesmaid dresses are a subtle shade of mauve, perfect for adding color to your wedding without being overly bright or bold. This dusty pink shade combined with other muted pastels (like sage green and wisteria) makes for a fun contemporary play on classic pastel spring wedding colors.

Top Spring Wedding Colors by Month

Whether you’re having your wedding in March, April, or May, we have the perfect bridesmaid dress colors for you to choose from. The weather in spring varies based on which month your wedding is scheduled for. Below are our favorite new and trending wedding colors for each month of Spring!

1) March Wedding Colors: Sea Glass Wedding

Sea Glass Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring

Sea Glass Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

Planning a March wedding? Celebrate the end of a dreary winter and the beginning of your new life together with light blue March wedding colors. Our sea glass bridesmaid dresses remind us of the casual rain showers, peaceful ocean views, and pale blue skies of spring. Sea glass is a pale green-blue color similar to the sea foam shade we all colored our easter eggs as kids. It pairs well with light & airy, neutral, or pastel tones.

2) April Wedding Colors: Tan Bridesmaid Dresses

Tan Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring

Fawn Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

April is all about making the most of the mild temperatures and soothing spring showers. Tan bridesmaid dresses combined with dark green and ivory accents make for a beautiful neutral tone spring wedding palette. If you don’t wear bright colors normally, you can choose neutral April wedding colors for a chic and minimalist design.

3) May Wedding Colors: Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring

Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses by Kennedy Blue

Olive green is one of our most loved wedding colors for any season. If you’re using olive green bridesmaid dresses for your spring wedding, consider lightening your palette up with lots of sage green, white, and other light tones. We love the addition of olive green to your May wedding colors because of how it works as a dark neutral earth tone. This color mimics the deep greens you’ll find in the natural backdrops of May.

Which Spring Bridesmaid Dresses Will You Choose for Your Wedding?

Spring is the perfect season for a wide range of wedding colors. Choose colors you love with a hint of flare from spring inspiration. Get started planning your spring 2024 wedding soon so you have plenty of time to decide on colors, decor, and bridesmaid dresses! What are your favorite spring wedding colors? Let us know in the comments below!

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