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10 Stunning Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses You Need

    Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

    Forest Green Bridesmaid DressesSophie, Emmy, Haley, & Felicity

    Forest green is the perfect natural earth tone bridesmaid dress color for your wedding! We love how this color reminds us of being out in nature. This color is dark enough to be neutral but still adds color to your wedding. Because this color mimics nature, it matches just about any floral arrangement and complements many different tones. 

    Gorgeous Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024 Weddings

    Forest green is an amazing color choice for your wedding palette. It serves as a great base color that you can add pops of brighter colors and neutral tones, too. This guide to features favorite forest green bridesmaid dresses as well as some forest green wedding color palette inspiration.

    Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

    Modern Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024

    For a more modern look, we have some newer dresses with a sleek shape. These dresses have simple geometrical necklines, flattering leg slits, and body-hugging waists.

    1) Off-the-Shoulder Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress

    Haley Bridesmaid Dress

    Kennedy Blue Haley Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Haley by Kennedy Blue is a beautiful mix of modern and classic dresses. The neckline is a beautiful simplified sweetheart shape with the option to wear the straps off the shoulder or on. It also features a structured bodice for support.

    2) Square Neck Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Jay Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Jay Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Jay might be our most contemporary style of dress. We love the way the square neck adds a stylish twist to this sleek bridesmaid dress. This dress is surprisingly modest yet modern.

    Cowl Neck Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

    The cowl neck has been making a return lately. We love the way this option is a good compromise between a more revealing v-neck and a full coverage style. The cowl neck drapes along the chest following and highlighting the color bone.

    3) Modern Forest Green Dress with a Slit

    Kennedy Blue Felicity Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Felicity Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    For a modern, slim fit, cowl neck bridesmaid dress, choose Felicity. Felicity features a cowl neckline, spaghetti straps, and a leg slit.

    4) Fitted Bridesmaid Dress with Cowl Neck

    Kennedy Blue Sue Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Sue Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Sue is another simple yet elegant bridesmaid dress option. The cowl neck on this dress is extremely subtle. We love the unique criss-cross straps on the back!

    Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses with Sleeves

    Some bridesmaids prefer to have sleeves on their dresses. These dresses add a little extra coverage for bridesmaids who may be insecure about their shoulders or upper arms. These sleeves are also useful if your wedding will be a little chilly. 

    5) Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress with Flutter Sleeves

    Kennedy Blue Luca Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Luca Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Fluttery sleeves make this dress a whimsical and fun bridesmaid dress! Luca features a modest fully covered back, a v-neck, and a flowy chiffon skirt with pockets.

    6) Short Sleeve Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress

    Kennedy Blue Katie Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Katie Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Katie features flowy sleeves, a modest v-neck, and a keyhole back. This dress is flattering on a variety of figures and is a great compromise between modesty and showing a bit of skin.

    V-Neck Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

    The v-neck is a popular neckline for good reason. These dresses accent the color bone and bust while drawing the eye down toward the rest of the dress. Your bridal party will appreciate getting to show off a little of their figure in these v-neck bridesmaid dresses!

    7) V Neck Bridesmaid Dress with Adorable Tie Back

    Kennedy Blue Sophie Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Sophie Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Sophie features a flirty v-neck with bust cups for extra support. It also has adjustable spaghetti straps and a back tie to make sure it fits each and every bridesmaid’s body perfectly. This dress is flowy, comfortable, and beautiful!

    8) V-Neck Bridesmaid Dress with Thick Straps

    Kennedy Blue Brittany Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Brittany Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Brittany is one of our most popular bridesmaid dresses, especially among plus-size bridesmaids. The support of the ruched bodice and the flattering mid-length v-neckline make this dress cute and comfortable at the same time.

    More Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress Favorites

    Below are a couple more of our favorite dark green bridesmaid dresses. We love the way these unique dress styles are complemented by forest green. Imagine which of your bridesmaids would enjoy wearing a dress with a little extra flare!

    9) One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Shannon Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Shannon Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Shannon is exceptional for a couple different reasons. The asymmetrical, one-shoulder neckline on this bridesmaid dress is fun and unique. It also features lace and sparkly beading on the bodice to make any bridesmaid stand out in the crowd.

    10) Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress with Ruffles

    Kennedy Blue Emmy Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Kennedy Blue Emmy Bridesmaid Dress in Forest Green

    Delicate ruffles, a long, flowing skirt, spaghetti straps, and a v-back make for an ethereal bridesmaid dress. Emmy is a fluttery and romantic bridesmaid dress that will flatter any bridesmaid. 

    Forest Green Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

    If you’re set on forest green as one of your wedding colors, you’ll need to find some complementary colors to create your wedding color palette! Green is such a Below are a few of our favorite wedding color combinations with forest green!

    Forest Green and Gold Wedding Colors 

    Luca Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress

    Luca Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress | Green and Gold Custom Wedding Invitations

    Green and yellow sit next to each other on the color wheel so it’s no wonder that forest green and gold complement each other perfectly. To be fair, it would be difficult to find a color that gold and/or dark green don’t go great with. 

    Forest Green and Burgundy Wedding Inspiration

    Jay Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress and Wedding Inspiration

    Jay Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress | Winter Pine Forest Green & Burgundy Florals

    Classic winter wonderland colors: forest green and burgundy are made for each other. These colors contrast in the best way. If you really want to embrace the season of your winter wedding, forest green and burgundy will have your guests feeling the Christmas spirit in all the best ways.

    Forest Green and Navy Blue Wedding Ideas

    Felicity Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress

    Felicity Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress | Navy and Green Wedding Welcome Sign

    Navy and forest green are both easy to match dark colors for a deep toned wedding palette. These colors look great together but you might want to add a pop of white or cream to brighten things up. We love the way these opulent jewel-toned colors remind us of emeralds and sapphires.

    Black and Forest Green Wedding Color Scheme

    Sophie Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress

    Sophie Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress | Black & Forest Green Wedding Invites

    Black has been a trending wedding color this year. Black and forest green make for an elegantly dark combination of wedding colors. This combo is perfect for a sleek and modern wedding aesthetic and goes great with a pop of gold!

    Maternity Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

    We never forget the expecting bridesmaids. Shopping for a bridesmaids dress can be challenging for anybody but especially for bridesmaids who are pregnant and unsure what size they’ll be on the wedding day. Our maternity bridesmaid dresses are all specially made to be flattering and comfortable for pregnant bridesmaids, with room to grow of course.

    Forest Green Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

    Kayli, Evonne, and Jewel

    Kaylie - With flutter sleeves and a long flowy gown, this dress is a beautiful and ethereal option for any pregnant bridesmaid. Kaylie is elegant and flattering on expecting bridesmaids. This dress is mostly modest except a gorgeous v-neck to show off the bust and collarbone.

    Evonne - This dress is the definition of simple yet stylish. Evonne has thick straps for support, a flattering v-neck, and a long comfortable skirt. The simplicity of this dress allows any mom-to-be to show off her baby bump in style.

    Jewel - The off-the-shoulder style of Jewel is perfect for a pregnant bridesmaid who still wants to feel sexy. We love the way this dress allows bridesmaids to show off their shoulders, collarbone, and bust, without sacrificing modesty and comfort in the long flowy skirt!

    Forest Green Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

    Don’t forget the little ones in your bridal party! We have junior bridesmaid dresses in a variety of styles available in child sizes 6-16. Make sure your junior bridesmaids and flower girls match the rest of your bridal party perfectly in these Kennedy Blue junior bridesmaid dresses.

    Forest Green Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Kennedy Blue

    Nica, Keaton, & Lonnie

    Nica - Nica is perfect for kids who love a little stylish flare. The off-the-shoulder look of this dress adds a fun element to this dress. It looks great with any of our regular sized off-the-shoulder dresses or dresses with fluttery sleeves.

    Keaton -  We love the dainty embroidery detail on the bodice of this dress. Keaton is a cute junior bridesmaid dress with a long flowy skirt and a comfortable shape for kids to run, dance, and play in.

    Lonnie - The ruching on this dress is fun and stylish for your junior bridesmaids. This dress is a great combination with any of our adult sized v-neck dresses. This dress especially matches Brittany almost exactly, just made to fit your favorite mini-me!

    Get Started Planning Your Dark Green Wedding

    Loving the forest green wedding inspo from this blog? There’s way more where that came from. All of our bridesmaid dresses come in some shade of dark green. Most of them come in multiple options, including forest green, emerald, and olive. Let us help you find the perfect dresses for your bridal party! Contact us today for assistance and we’ll help you narrow down your options for your dark green wedding theme!

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