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Exciting 2024 Wedding Trends & Ideas To Love

Couple laughing at their wedding table

Top Wedding Trends for 2024: Get Inspired

Couples planning their 2024 weddings are coming up with creative and exciting ways to make their wedding their own. We’re so excited about the 2024 wedding colors and trends we’ve seen in the works. We collected all our favorite up-and-coming wedding trends to help you get inspired for your wedding. 

Take these ideas and put your own twist on them to make sure your wedding turns out exactly how you want it! Whether you love these ideas or aren’t excited about them, let that guide you to find the colors, dresses, decor, and themes that will be perfect for your big day.

1) Making Your Wedding Day Exactly How YOU & Your Partner Want It!

Modern weddings are all about personalizing the event to your own taste instead of feeling obligated to follow tradition. It’s 2024, feel free to get rid of any outdated traditions that you don’t feel comfortable with. If the garter toss would only embarrass you, just cut it out. If your father is not walking you down the aisle, mix things up by walking with your groom or with a close friend. 

Wedding Couple Walking Down Aisle

Prioritize elements that are important to you and your partner instead of basing decisions on what other people want. If some of your more traditional family members are annoyed by your non-traditional decisions, try to brush it off. It’s your wedding day so make it your own.

2) Sweetheart Table for the Newlyweds at the Reception

2024 couples are focusing on trying to make their weddings more intimate and romantic. Having your own table for you and your spouse assures you that you can spend one-on-one time together at your wedding. Having a sweetheart table is also a great opportunity for candid photos of you and your partner kissing, eating, and clinking glasses to celebrate your new marriage.

Sweetheart Table at Wedding

3) Intimate Vows or Private Ceremonies Ahead of the Wedding

Sometimes the reason for the ceremony can get lost in the excitement of the rest of the wedding. Find ways to focus on the love between you and your partner in an intimate way. Try sharing your vows with your partner on the day of, when it’s just you two alone so you can fully focus on each other. Some couples even plan a private courthouse wedding ceremony prior to their big celebration. An even easier way to do this is to write notes to each other for the wedding day to read while you’re getting ready separately.

Bride and Groom Reading Letters

4) Documentary Style Wedding Photography

Documentary style wedding photography is a new take on traditional wedding photos. Instead of mostly posed photos, let your photographer take more candids. Make your wedding photos tell a story by showing the way things really were on your big day. Documentary style photography Includes more photos of the overall wedding, events as they naturally occur, attendees, and natural shots of you and your spouse.

Documentary Style Wedding Photography

5) Fun Accessorizing for the Bride: Pearl Veils & Short Reception Dresses

Bridal accessories are making a comeback with new and more creative styles. Most brides opt to wear some sort of wedding veil. For 2024, brides are getting creative with veils that are colorful, feature pearl accents, or are embroidered. 

Other accessories we’ve seen a lot of lately are bow accents, elegant gloves, and bridal capes. Accessories allow you to customize your bridal look to fit your personal style. They also let you add details to your outfit without needing to be uncomfortable in a bigger or more complicated gown.

Embellished Wedding Veil

A lot of brides are opting to wear a short reception dress so that they don’t need to wear their big full-length gown the entire night. Wearing some of your bridal accessories with your short or simple reception dress will elevate your look.

6) Non-Traditional Wedding Venues Continue to Be Popular

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we look at weddings forever. 2020-2022 couples opted for outdoor weddings, small courthouse ceremonies, and creative elopements. Now, some of those trends have inspired a wide range of creative types of wedding venues including national parks, rental homes, private residences, and historic destinations. By choosing an atypical wedding venue you can save money and get the exact vibe you want. 

Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses at Outdoor Elopement

Kennedy Blue ‘Natalie’ Bridesmaid Dresses in Fog | Brittney Lucy Rivera

Creative venues typically work better for smaller or moderately sized weddings. If you are okay with only inviting your closest friends and family to your wedding, you can have your wedding nearly anywhere you want. Choose a place that means something to you and your future spouse like your favorite hiking spot, the rooftop restaurant where you got engaged, or your family’s lake house.

7) Bridal Parties Sitting Down During the Ceremony (100% Focus on the Couple)

You want your besties by your side on your big day, but do they really need to be standing next to you during the entire ceremony? Some brides are opting to have their wedding party sit down during the ceremony. Simply leave the front row empty and reserved for your bridal party. That way, you can give your closest friends and family the best seats in the house. This set up also means that it will just be you, your future spouse, and the officiant in your ceremony photos for a more intimate feel. (photo: Tolman Media)

Bride and Groom at Wedding Ceremony

8) Vibrant Wedding Color Palettes & Decorations are the New Neutrals

Some brides shy away from vibrant colors to avoid their colors going out of style or because they’re nervous about being non-traditional. If you love bold colors, don’t feel anxious about it! Incorporate bold colors into your decor and don’t be afraid to contrast multiple colors. For bridesmaids dresses, try choosing a bold shade like berry, teal, or marigold. You could even choose multiple bold shades for a mix-and-match effect.

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Elizabeth in Spice | Gabby in Deep Sea | Allison in Peach | Cameron in Sage | Katie in Cornflower | Felicity in Berry | Mike Zawadzki Photo

9) Wedding Decor Will Include Lots of Greenery (Plus Green Bridesmaid Dresses Are #1)

Cover the tables in greenery, fill your bouquets with eucalyptus, and even have your bridesmaids wear nature-inspired green dresses. Green is definitely a favorite color for 2024 weddings and we love to see it! Green looks beautiful with every type of decor and style.

Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Olive Green Bridesmaid Dresses | Shannon Lee Miller Photo

Moss green, olive green, and sage green are some of our most popular and most-loved bridesmaid dress colors. We love the feel of green-focused weddings because they allow you to bring the beauty and freshness of nature into your wedding.

10) Sustainable Weddings Are In for 2024

More and more, we are becoming aware of our impact on the planet. If sustainability is important to you in your everyday life, bring that positive intention into your wedding plans. Try to order locally sourced flowers that are in season (if you're on a budget you can get these at your local Trader Joes). Go minimalist and sustainable with your decor to save yourself money and eliminate waste. If you’re thinking about using confetti in your send off, try using real flower petals or another biodegradable option instead. 

Sustainable Wedding Rings in Wooden Box


Skip the fridge magnet invitations to avoid them eventually ending up in a landfill. Instead: try plantable invitations with seeds in them so your guests can grow flowers in their garden with your invite. You could even skip the paper altogether by sending out your save-the-dates, invitations, and thank you cards digitally. (photo: Maya Elaine Photography)

2024 Bridal Trends: Dresses & Accessories for the Bride

We’re loving the latest 2024 trends for bridal gowns, accessories, and reception dresses. Whether you’re going big and bold or simple and elegant with your wedding dress, make sure you find the perfect accessories to suit your style. Below are some fun trends that we’re obsessed with.

1) Mini Dresses for the Bride’s Reception Dress

Wedding ceremonies are generally modest affairs, but your reception is meant to be a party! Why not switch out of your wedding gown and into a mini dress for your reception? It’s 2024, and style has gotten less modest and more bold. If you’d be more comfortable in a fun and flirty cocktail dress, choose something short and easy to dance in. We love wedding reception dresses with sequins, feathers, and other embellishments to really set the celebratory mood.

Short Dress for Wedding Reception

Beaded and Feathered Wedding Reception Mini Dress

2) Embellished Wedding Veils & Headpieces

2024 brides have so many options for their wedding veil or headpiece. Simple veils will always be in style but lately we’ve noticed more pearls, sparkles, embroidery, and unique elements on bridal veils. Some brides are even opting for a colorful veil. If you don’t like veils, you can choose a bow, simple hat, or embellished headband.

Sequin Wedding Veil

Estella Scattered Sequin Veil

3) Ultra-Thin Wedding Dress Straps

Your wedding dress sleeve and strap options are endless. For a super simple, sleek, and refined look try a pin-thin look. Dresses with these ultra-thin straps allow you to show plenty of neckline and shoulder while adding a touch of delicate elegance. These straps are perfect for brides who don’t want a strapless dress but prefer a minimalist look.

Wedding Dress with Pin-Thin Straps

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in Champagne | New Ground Photo

4) Wedding Gown Bows and Bridal Hair Bows

Bows are back! While bows never really went out of style, we’ve seen an uptick in brides wearing bows in their hair and on their wedding dresses. If you want to go big, choose a dress with a big bow on the back. For a simple addition, just add a small white bow to your hair instead of a veil. We also love the look of tulle bows as wedding dress straps for a dainty and feminine look.

Wedding Dress with Bows

Kennedy Blue ‘Darcy’ Wedding Dress with Bow Sleeves

5) Short Wedding Veils for the Ceremony and Reception

Short wedding veils are a beautiful alternative to long trailing veils. Your veil serves more as a hair accessory than anything else so choose a veil that suits your dress and your style. One benefit to a short veil is that it won’t get in your way as you walk down the aisle, turn, and dance. Since short reception dresses have been trending, a short veil is the perfect hair accessory to match!

Short Bridal Veil

Kennedy Blue Fingertip Length Veils | Southern Palms Photo

Choose Your Favorite 2024 Wedding Trends!

2024 weddings are about boldly going where no other brides have gone before. Choose unique options that suit your lifestyle, budget, and personality. Your dress doesn’t have to be white and neither does your veil. Your venue could be anywhere you want and you can invite as few people as you’d like. Did any of these fun and creative 2024 wedding trends resonate with you? Choose your favorites and implement them in your wedding as you see fit.

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