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Darling Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses You Need For Your Colorful Wedding

Gold Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Your wedding will be all sunshine and daisies with yellow bridesmaid dresses! Yellow wedding colors will add freshness and brightness to your big day.

Stunning Yellow Wedding Colors You Need To See

The color yellow brings joy to any room and it can do the same to your wedding. From pastel buttercup to earthy mustard to subtle gold, there are plenty of yellow bridesmaid dress colors to choose from. We created a guide to our favorite yellow bridesmaid dress styles, shades of yellow fabric to choose from, and photos from real weddings to inspire you.

Best Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024 & 2025 Weddings

Yellow bridesmaid dresses are a refreshing and exciting choice for your upcoming wedding. All of our dresses look great in yellow shades -- but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some favorites. Below are a few of our favorite yellow bridesmaid dress colors and style combinations.

1) Flutter Sleeve Dark Yellow Bridesmaid Dress: Luca 

Luca Mustard Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

Luca Bridesmaid Dress in Mustard Yellow

Flutter sleeves, a long slit-less skirt, and a fully covered back create an effortless and modest look on our Luca bridesmaid dress. The v neck and tie waist make sure your body doesn’t get lost in the flowy fabric.

2) Square Neck Marigold Bridesmaid Dress: Jay 

Jay Marigold Bridesmaid Dress

Jay Bridesmaid Dress in Marigold Yellow

Marigold is a gorgeous medium-yellow shade inspired by the common garden flowers. The Jay bridesmaid dress style is simple, fitted, and flattering -- perfect for showing off this gorgeous color.

3) Pale Yellow Bridesmaid Dress with a Cowl Neck: Sue

Sue Pale Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

Sue Bridesmaid Dress in Buttercup Yellow

A pastel yellow shade like buttercup is perfect for a bright spring wedding. Buttercup is one of our most popular shades of yellow and Sue is one of our most loved new bridesmaid dress styles. They’re a match made in heaven!

4) Elegant V Neck Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dress: Dottie  

Dottie Satin Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

Dottie Satin Bridesmaid Dress in Gold

There’s nothing as elegant as gold satin for your wedding day. Our Dottie bridesmaid dress is flattering from every angle with a low-cut v neck, leg slit, and wide waist band to accent your curves.

5) Fitted Satin Yellow Bridesmaid Dress: Tiffany 

 Tiffany Satin Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

Tiffany Bridesmaid Dress in Yellow Satin

The subtle shine of satin for a yellow bridesmaid dress creates a bright and sunny effect for your wedding. Satin yellow bridesmaid dresses like our Tiffany style are perfect for spring, summer, and even fall weddings. 

Yellow Wedding Inspiration: Yellow Wedding Color Schemes & Bridesmaid Ideas

So, you’re eyeing some shade of yellow for your bridesmaid dresses -- but how will they fit into the rest of the vision for your wedding? Consider the combination of colors you like, your theme or aesthetic, the types of flowers in season, and other parts of your wedding decor. Check out some photos from real weddings to get some yellow wedding color palette inspiration. 

1) Subtle Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dresses for an Elegant Yellow Wedding 

Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Gold is our most understated yellow bridesmaid dress color. Satin gold bridesmaid dresses are perfect if you’re looking for a minimalist shade with a subtle shine. Now is the perfect time to jump on the satin bridesmaid dress trend with a timeless color. Combine these dresses with a simple color palette: pops of white roses, eucalyptus greenery, and dark wood elements.

2) Eclectic Boho Wedding with Marigold Bridesmaid Dresses

Marigold Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses 

Marigold Bridesmaid Dresses | Meg Bridesmaid Dress

Boho style is all about eclectic mixes of styles, colors, and textures. Decorate your tables with a variety of antiques, wicker baskets, and natural elements. We highly recommend jumping on the natural wood table trend for your boho wedding. Pops of bold colors are a boho essential: marigold yellow bridesmaid dresses, colored glassware, and multicolored flower arrangements are all perfect touches.

3) Buttercup Bridesmaid Dresses with Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Pale Yellow Buttercup Bridesmaid Dresses

Buttercup Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Light yellow bridesmaid dresses are cheery, fun, and exciting. Accent buttercup bridesmaid dresses with brighter colors for a classic summer wedding color palette. So many brides love sunflowers but don’t know how to incorporate them into their wedding style. Consider a bouquet with a wide range of flowers in different colors, including sunflowers or sunflower look-a-likes such as yellow daisies or calendula. 

4) Modern Rustic Fall Wedding with Mustard Bridesmaid Dresses

 Mustard Yellow Wedding Colors

Mustard Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses | Leah Bridesmaid Dress

Rustic doesn’t need to mean cheap or sloppy. Rustic weddings use a combination of natural elements in their raw state. Natural wood slices, free-form bouquets, and exposed wood tables are all chic and modern ways to incorporate a rustic theme into your wedding. Combine dark yellow, like our mustard bridesmaid dresses, with other warm tones to help create an autumn-inspired yellow wedding color scheme. 

5) Whimsical Garden-Inspired Light Yellow Wedding

Yellow Wedding Inspo

Buttercup Bridesmaid Dresses | Melanie Bridesmaid Dress

Planning on having flowers everywhere at your wedding? A garden party wedding theme provides the opportunity to go overboard on your floral arrangements and embrace nature on your wedding day. Buttercup bridesmaid dresses, exposed wood, elaborate florals, eucalyptus accents, and a gorgeous outdoor venue combine to create the whimsical wedding of your dreams.

6) Simple Chic Wedding With Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Pastel Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Minimalism is sleek, easy to pull off, and often saves you money. Our champagne bridesmaid dresses are a simple and elegant shade that will complement a minimalist wedding color palette. Consider simple white bouquets, greenery accents, and elegant decor. A minimal wedding design is especially useful if you want to highlight the details of your wedding venue.

5) Minimalist Red, Green, and Gold Wedding Color Palette

All that glitters isn’t gold but our Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses certainly do glitter. Combine these gold gowns with the classic combination of red roses, baby’s breath, and greenery for a vintage wedding aesthetic. Consider mixing and matching our fully sequined and partially sequined dresses to create more depth in your wedding party. You can even choose a specific style to help your maid of honor stand out.

Yellow Groomsmen Accessories: Yellow Ties, Bow Ties, & More!

Bridesmaids are only half of the wedding party, your groomsmen need to look good too. Choosing coordinating groomsmen ties is the easiest way to make sure they match the bridesmaids. You can order yellow groomsmen ties, bow ties, and pocket squares in the same fabric and color as your bridesmaid dresses.

1) Light Yellow Groomsmen Accessories

Light Yellow Groomsmen Ties

Buttercup Yellow Groomsmen Ties

Since buttercup is one of our most popular yellows, of course we have a wide range of groomsmen accessories to match our buttercup bridesmaid dresses. A simple pale yellow necktie will look great with black, blue, or gray suits for your groom and groomsmen. 

Light Yellow Groomsmen Pocket Square

Buttercup Yellow Groomsmen Pocket Square

If your groomsmen are wearing a suit jacket, we highly recommend a matching buttercup yellow pocket square to complete their look. These squares are a simple piece of fabric that brings together the outfit. They can be worn with or without a coordinating boutonniere. 

2) Matte Satin Gold Groomsmen Ties & Bow Ties

 Satin Yellow Groomsman Bow Tie

Gold Satin Groomsmen Bow Tie | Noah Bridesmaid Dress in Gold

Satin bow ties are just a little bit shinier and smoother than our traditional bow ties. Consider satin accessories for your groomsmen if: your bridesmaids are wearing satin or you want a more formal look for your groomsmen. 

Satin Gold Groom Tie

Gold Satin Groomsmen Tie

Our neck ties and bow ties both come in satin options. Consider which of these options will look best with the theme of your wedding.

Choose Your Favorite Yellow Wedding Colors

The yellow wedding colors you choose will depend on a few different factors: your personal taste, your wedding theme, the venue you chose, and the time of year. Pastel yellow is perfect for a spring wedding, bright yellow is great for summertime, gold or champagne are great for winter weddings, and dark yellow looks great with fall wedding colors. Consider all your options before you choose which shade will suit your yellow wedding! 

Looking for a bridesmaid dress that your bridesmaids will actually want to wear? Check out our favorite new bridesmaid dress styles.

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