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Emerging Bridesmaid Dress Styles That You Need to See

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in Rosewood

Square Necklines  |  Bows & Ruffles  |  One Shoulder  |  Flutter Sleeves  |  Satin Fabric  |  Cowl Necks  |  Criss Cross Halter  |  Dresses with Slits

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses for your 2024 or 2025 wedding? Get some inspiration from the latest trends and some real weddings. 

Popular Bridesmaid Dress Styles for 2024 & 2025 Weddings

2024 and 2025 wedding trends are all about modern twists on classic dresses. Choose dresses with interesting necklines, fun features, and comfortable sleeves or straps. Consider where your wedding is and the typical weather for your wedding date as you sort through your options. With so many bridesmaid dress options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect dresses for the whole bridal party. Check out some of the latest trending bridesmaid dress styles for 2024 and 2025 below!

1) Dresses with Simple Square Necklines: Top Trending

Square neck bridesmaid dresses are beautiful for a minimalist look. These dresses are simple enough to suit any wedding aesthetic and look great in any color. The best part is these dresses have a reasonably modest neckline without having a high neck. Our Jay bridesmaid dress has boning in the bodice for structure, a slit in the skirt, and an a-line shape that suits any body type.

Kennedy Blue Jay Bridesmaid Dress

Another square neck option is our Alice bridesmaid dress which has a more modest neckline and delicate spaghetti straps. The thin straps and low back create a romantic and feminine garden wedding.

Square Neck Bridesmaid Dress

Alice Bridesmaid Dress | Figlewicz Photography

Looking for more square neck bridesmaid dress options? Check out our Asher satin bridesmaid dress or a flowy and blouse-style Fatima bridesmaid dress.

2) Bridesmaid Dresses with Bows & Ruffles: Coquette Aesthetic

The coquette aesthetic is all about expressing femininity. Bring that same energy to your wedding with dreamy bridesmaid dresses that feature ruffles, flowy skirts, bows, and other dainty details. Our Sophie bridesmaid dress is the perfect coquette gown with a delicate bow on the back, dainty spaghetti straps, and a flowy skirt.

Bow Back Bridesmaid Dress

Ruffles are another gorgeous bridesmaid dress element to bring a coquette feel to your wedding. Our Emmy bridesmaid dress has delicate adjustable straps, an extra long flowing skirt, and fluttery ruffles criss crossing the bodice.

Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress

Emmy Bridesmaid DressTonya Hjort Photography

If you love the coquette wedding aesthetic, check out our other bridesmaid dresses with ruffles & bows: Eloise, Leah, and Emily

3) One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

One shoulder bridesmaid dresses are the perfect way to have your bridesmaids stand out on wedding day. This asymmetrical style is contemporary and bold. For a sleek and stylish version of this trend consider our Dylan bridesmaid dress. It’s made from high quality satin and has a figure flattering fitted skirt.

Satin One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Dylan Satin Bridesmaid Dress | Kelsie Crockett

While there are plenty of simplistic one shoulder dresses to choose from. You could also go for a more ethereal and romantic look. Our Blake bridesmaid dress will make your bridesmaids feel like goddesses. This dress features a semi-sheer flutter sleeve and a flirty leg slit.

Bridesmaid Dress With Sleeves

Blake Bridesmaid Dress (featured on far right) | Sharaya D’Anna

Check out some of our other one shoulder bridesmaid dresses: Shannon which has a dreamy beaded bodice, Eloise which features an adorable bow on the sleeve, and Athena which has elegant ruching along the bodice.

4) Bridesmaid Dresses with Sleeves: Short Flutter Sleeves

Sleeves are a great way to add coverage and shape to a bridesmaid dress. If you choose bridesmaid dresses with sleeves you have a few styles to choose from. Flutter sleeves are one of our favorite options because they’re adorable and also comfortable. The Katie bridesmaid dress has fluttery sleeves, gorgeous keyhole back, and a cute modest leg slit.

Short Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress

Katie Bridesmaid DressJenny Jolley Photography

Off the shoulder sleeves are whimsical and sultry. The double layer ruffled sleeves on our Allison bridesmaid dress are romantic and flattering. Allison also comes with detachable spaghetti straps in case your bridesmaids want more support. 

Off the Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Allison Bridesmaid DressDanielle Hickman

When it comes to flutter sleeves you have a bunch of fun options to choose from. Luca is one of our favorite modest bridesmaid dresses and has a fully covered back and a slitless skirt so your girls can stay covered and comfy. For a sexier option, Courtney has an open v-back, a leg slit, and a waist tie to accentuate your shape. One of our most unique flutter sleeve bridesmaid dresses is Ava because it features a sultry low back.

5) Satin Bridesmaid Dresses: A Trending Fabric

A satin dress is a new trending staple but it’s also a great idea for bridesmaids. Satin bridesmaid dresses are elegant, sophisticated, and perfect for any season. We especially love the look of all black satin bridesmaid dresses for a black tie wedding. Satin bridesmaid dresses also look gorgeous in a range of other colors like gold, sage green, and rust.

Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Satin Bridesmaid DressesAsher Gardner Photography

If you want to combine two new bridesmaid dress trends, our Tabitha bridesmaid dress features fun fluttery sleeves and luxurious satin fabric. It features a fully covered back and covered shoulders to protect your bridesmaids from the cold in winter and the sun in summer.

Satin Bridesmaid Dress With Short Sleeves

Satin is a new and trending bridesmaid dress fabric but there is tons of satin bridesmaid dress inspiration to check out. Satin adds an extra texture and sheen that will look beautiful in your wedding photos. 

6) Cute & Simple Cowl Necklines

Cowl neck bridesmaid dresses are super cute and also on trend. A cowl neck dress helps your bridesmaids highlight their collarbone, bust, and shoulders in a classy way. We absolutely love this trend and our Felicity bridesmaid dress is the perfect example. This dress is made from soft chiffon fabric with a gorgeous cowl neckline, spaghetti straps, and an elegant leg slit.

Cowl Neck Bridesmaid Dress

Felicity Bridesmaid DressKatherine and Tyler

Cowl necks are the perfect twist on classic bridesmaid dress styles. They also look great in a variety of fabrics. In chiffon, Sue is another great option in full length while Francesca is a gorgeous midi-length bridesmaid dress perfect for junior bridesmaids or summer weddings.

Cowl Neck Bridesmaid Dress

Felicity Bridesmaid Dress | Figlewicz Photography

Some of our other favorite bridesmaid dress fabrics are velvet and satin. Fiona is a stunning velvet bridesmaid dress that’s perfect for fall and winter weddings. Quin is a beautiful satin option that is lightweight and luxurious with a subtle cowl neckline.

7) Criss Cross Halter Bridesmaid Dresses

Looking for something different from the traditional bridesmaid dress styles? A criss cross bridesmaid dress adds interest to your neckline without being more revealing. In fact, criss cross necklines are some of our most modest bridesmaid dress options. Our Zara bridesmaid dress is gorgeous if you’re choosing satin fabric for your wedding. 

Criss Cross Bridesmaid Dress

Zara Bridesmaid DressAsher Gardner Photography

Elena is Zara’s sister dress if you prefer chiffon fabric. If you love ruching and texture, our Ivy bridesmaid dress has plenty to spare. For a super unique option, Caroline has a high criss cross neck and a criss cross back to match. 

8) Bridesmaid Dresses with Slits in the Skirt

One of the most important (yet often overlooked) decisions in bridesmaid dress shopping is whether or not you want a slit in your skirt. Some people prefer to have a leg slit for extra mobility. It also allows bridesmaids to show a little skin under their long gowns. Our Faye bridesmaid dress is the best of both worlds with a leg slit for a sexy touch and a high neck for a bit of modesty. 

Bridesmaid Dress with Leg Slit

If you want to lean into the sultry look we recommend our Dottie bridesmaid dress because it has a leg slit and a deep v-neck. For something simple, our Kimmy bridesmaid dress has a simple a-line shape, spaghetti straps, and a modest v-neck. One of our favorite slitted options is our Sue bridesmaid dress because the ruching on the waist helps to highlight the slit in the skirt.

Top Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024 Weddings

Looking at popular and trending styles is a great way to get inspiration for your bridesmaid dresses. Below are some of our most popular and most loved bridesmaid dresses for you to check out.

1) Jay: Minimalist and Modern Bridesmaid Dress

If you’re all about simple elegance, Jay is the perfect bridesmaid dress. This dress features a simple square neckline, a fitted bodice, and a leg slit. 

Square Neck Bridesmaid Dress

Jay Modern Bridesmaid Dress | Talia Claire Photography

2) Sue: Fitted Bridesmaid Dress

Sue is one of our favorite fitted bridesmaid dresses. The cowl neckline complements the subtle ruching on the skirt of this dress. This dress also features an open keyhole back and a leg slit.

Fitted Bridesmaid Dress

Sue Fitted Cowl Neck Bridesmaid Dress | Erin DeVantier

3) Shannon: Beaded Lace Bridesmaid Dress

Beaded embroidered lace brings a level of opulence to our Shannon bridesmaid dress that’s hard to compete with. We love this style as maid of honor or mother of the bride dresses to help them stand out!

Embroidered Bridesmaid Dress

Shannon Beaded Lace Bridesmaid Dress | Maya Lovro

4) Luca: Modest Bridesmaid Dress

Luca is one of our most popular dresses for bridesmaids who want extra coverage. This dress has a fully covered back, a modest v-neck, and fun fluttery sleeves. 

Modest Bridesmaid Dress

Luca Modest Bridesmaid Dress | Talia Claire Photography

Start Looking for Your 2024/2025 Bridesmaid Dresses!

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses may take some time so get started early! Narrow down your search by checking out some trending styles and colors. Consider your wedding venue and the season of your wedding so you can choose dresses that your bridesmaids will be comfortable in.

Get more inspiration for your wedding by checking out the latest trends! We created a guide to our favorite new wedding trends and ideas to help you get inspired.

Current Wedding Trends

Exciting 2024 Wedding Trends & Ideas To Love

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