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Guide To Beautiful Winter Wedding Colors & Bridesmaid Dresses

Winter Wedding Photo

Gorgeous Winter Bridesmaid Dresses & Color Palettes You’ll Love

Winter is full of holidays celebrating love, family, and new beginnings; now, your wedding will be another wonderful reason to enjoy this season! The best plan for a winter wedding is to fully embrace the season with snowy photoshoots, holiday-inspired color schemes, and nature elements of winter. We compiled some of the most creative winter wedding trends, bridesmaid dresses, and color palettes to inspire your big day!

Top Winter Wedding Colors Schemes for 2024

Winter wedding colors can range from snowy white and classic black to bold reds or greens. Couples often include holiday-inspired colors and themes. Get inspired by some real weddings with beautiful winter wedding color schemes! Below are some of our favorite winter wedding color palettes and bridesmaid dress colors.

1) Classic B&W: Black Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Black and White Wedding

Black Satin Bridesmaid Dresses | Asher Gardner Photography

Dark colors are well suited for winter, so why not choose black? A classic black and white mix is perfect for a sophisticated winter wedding. Complete this look with black satin bridesmaid dresses, black ties and suits for groomsmen, and black napkins and table runners. For pops of white you can include lots and lots of white roses, white table cloths, and your white wedding dress. Greenery on the tables will add a hint of nature and a pop of color.

2) Timeless Green: Velvet Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Velvet Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

Keely Velvet Bridesmaid Dress in Emerald Green | Kaleigh Turner Photography

There’s no better season to wear velvet than winter and emerald green is the perfect color to complete the look. Velvet bridesmaid dresses add texture and depth to your wedding photos and are a popular option for winter weddings. Emerald bridesmaid dresses remind us of the beautiful evergreen trees that keep winter colorful. Accent with white flowers and maybe some deep reds for more color.

3) Deep Red Wedding Theme: Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Bordeaux Bridesmaid Dresses | Dani Nicole Photography

Deep reds contrast beautifully against the backdrops of winter. White snow, pine trees, and gray skies dominate the winter landscape. Bring pops of red into your wedding color scheme with dark red napkins, burgundy bridesmaid dresses, and red roses. Use the warmth of a deep red wedding theme to create a cozy environment during your winter wedding.

December Wedding Colors for a Festive Winter Celebration

December is most people’s favorite part of winter. We celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years Eve, and more in this festive month. Let the festivities continue in your December wedding! There are so many directions you can go with December wedding colors but we chose a few of our favorites to help you get started.

1) Dark Green Wedding Colors: Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

There are plenty of shades of green to choose from but forest is a favorite for December weddings. Of course forest green is inspired by the beautiful green of trees in the woods. In December, when all the leaves have fallen off most of the trees, the dark green evergreens are left. Use this natural inspiration in your wedding by featuring forest green bridesmaid dresses.

2) Burgundy Wedding Colors: Bordeaux Bridesmaid Dresses

Burgundy Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

Bordeaux Bridesmaid Dresses | Tiffany Backmeier Photography

Burgundy is the perfect color to bring warmth to your chilly winter wedding. Bordeaux bridesmaid dresses combined with greenery and pine cone accents make for the perfect December wedding color palette. The combination of Bordeaux and forest green are an elevated version of festive Christmas colors. These colors will bring a little bit of the holiday season into your wedding day. 

January Wedding Colors for a Cozy Winter Wedding

January marks the start of a new year, making it a great time to start the next stage with the love of your life. Say “cheers” to the beginning of your marriage with a January wedding! We love the idea of fresh and light color schemes for this time of year. Since January is known for chilliness, consider hot foods, warm drinks, and creating a cozy atmosphere.

1) Dark Pink Winter Wedding Theme: Rosewood Bridesmaid Dresses

Rosewood Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Rosewood Bridesmaid Dresses | Ash McMahon Photography

Pink may not be your first instinct when it comes to January weddings, but Rosewood is the perfect shade to get creative with. Rosewood bridesmaid dresses are a beautiful muted pink that matches just about any color palette. It’s not as bright as the pinks you’re used to seeing in spring or summer, which makes it perfect for bringing color into a winter wedding. Combine rosewood with lots of eucalyptus greenery and warm neutral tones for a boho winter wedding color scheme.

2) Neutral Wedding Colors: Taupe Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Taupe Bridesmaid Dresses

Satin Bridesmaid Dresses in Taupe | Kylea Wares Photography

Satin taupe bridesmaid dresses bring the glamor of new year’s eve to your wedding day. The satin fabric creates a slightly shiny effect and the taupe color reminds us of a celebratory glass of champagne. Create an elegant neutral wedding color scheme with crisp white flowers, small hints of black, and plenty of greenery.

February Wedding Colors to Fall In Love With

February is the month of the most romantic holiday of all: Valentine’s Day. It’s also a wonderful month to get married. Take inspiration from the season by embracing the cold with icy blue tones or try to contrast the weather with some warm colors to heat up your color scheme.

1) Icy Blue Winter Wedding Theme: Fog Bridesmaid Dresses

Light Blue Bridesmaid Colors

Fog Bridesmaid Dresses | Sharaya Danna Photography

Take inspiration from the icy February weather with light blues bridesmaid dresses, white birch wood accents, and twinkling string lights. Our Fog bridesmaid dresses are the perfect cool light blue shade for a winter wedding. If it happens to snow on your wedding day, you’ll have an icy background to match your theme. Depending on your style, you can incorporate other light colors like pale peach and light green or you can stick to shades of white and blue. 

2) Red Wedding Colors: Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses

Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses | Hayley Huotari Photography

If you don’t want to use cool colors, you can always go the opposite. February is one of the coldest months of the year. Warm things up with pops of red, orange, pink, and gold! Our cinnamon bridesmaid dresses are a bold reddish-orange shade that will make your wedding stand out. While the weather outside is bleak, your wedding guests will feel warm and cheerful during your warm tone wedding.

Winter Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Consider the weather and wedding venue type as you choose bridesmaid dress styles. Some fabrics and styles will keep bridesmaids warmer in cold weather. Is the wedding ceremony indoors or outdoors? Will your bridesmaids be taking photos in the snow or in the sun? You may want to consider a warmer dress with sleeves or thick fabric if you think your bridesmaids will be chilly. Consider adding accessories like faux fur wraps, a crocheted shawl, or personalized denim jackets for additional warmth. Below are some of our favorite styles of bridesmaid dresses for winter weddings to help you get started.

1) Flutter-Sleeve Modest Bridesmaid Dress

Modest Bridesmaid Dress

Luca Bridesmaid Dress in Fog Blue

Luca is one of our most popular bridesmaid dresses for several reasons. Bridesmaids love that this dress has fluttery sleeves to keep their shoulders covered. This dress is fairly modest with a full coverage back and skirt without a slit. The tie in the back adds an adorably feminine touch. In the winter, the extra coverage on this dress is helpful for keeping warm.

2) Cowl-Neck Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Fiona Bridesmaid Dress in Emerald

Velvet is a popular bridesmaid dress fabric for winter weddings. Velvet, especially in emerald green, reminds us of the Christmas season. Fiona is a sultry bridesmaid dress with a modest side slit, a glamorous cowl neck, and a figure-flattering fitted style. Fiona in emerald will look festive at your December wedding with other holiday-inspired accents like fir branches, dark red table linens, and flickering candles.

3) Satin Long Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress

Long Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress

Tilda Bridesmaid Dress in Black

Looking for a long sleeve bridesmaid dress? Tilda is a gorgeous satin gown that is the perfect combination of coverage and breathability. The long sleeves will keep bridesmaids covered and warm outdoors in winter weather while the satin fabric and leg slit provide breathability for the heated ballroom and crowded dance floor.

4) Beaded and Embroidered Bridesmaid Dress

Sage Green Winter Bridesmaid Dress

Dakota Bridesmaid Dress in Sage Green

Texture is a great way to be fashionable in the winter instead of showing more skin. The embroidered and beaded bodice on the Dakota bridesmaid dress adds visual interest to this otherwise simple dress.This dress in sage green is a great way to bring a lighter shade into your winter wedding color palette.

4) Head-to-Toe Sequin Bridesmaid Dress

Sequin Winter Bridesmaid Dress

Sasha Bridesmaid Dress in Bordeaux

From glistening ice to romantic string lights, everyone loves a little sparkle in the wintertime. Sasha is a head-to-toe sequin bridesmaid dress that will help any bridesmaid shine on the big day. The adjustable straps are the perfect touch to make sure this dress fits everybody perfectly all night.

5) Fitted Velvet Bridesmaid Dress for Winter Weddings

Neutral Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Pippa Bridesmaid Dress in Latte

Velvet is a luxurious fabric option that is especially suited for winter weddings. Pippa is the perfect combination of beautiful velvet fabric and a flattering fitted shape. This dress is an instant classic a-line silhouette, boning in the bodice for extra support, and a sultry leg slit.  The gorgeous v-neckline and matching v-back make this dress a stunner from any angle.

6) Sequin Bodice Bridesmaid Dress

Sequin Bridesmaid Dress

London Bridesmaid Dress in Rose Gold and Blush

London is the best of both worlds with a sparkly, fitted sequin bodice and a loose, flowing chiffon skirt. The dress is smallest at the waist and has a small leg slit to flatter any figure. The coverage on the shoulders will help keep bridesmaids warm in winter wedding weather. The cowl on the back is an elegant detail that will have guests turning their heads as the bridesmaid walks down the aisle.

7) Short Sleeve Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Velvet Winter Bridesmaid Dress

Evelyn Bridesmaid Dress in Burgundy

Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are one of our favorite options for a winter wedding color scheme. This color combined with the warm velvet fabric and cozy sleeves on the Evelyn bridesmaid dress make it a perfect choice for a winter wedding. The v-neck, v-waist, and fitted waist make this dress flattering on a variety of figures.

Our Favorite Winter Wedding Trends

Winter is the best season to get creative with seasonal wedding trends. Winter wedding trends vary from fully embracing the holiday season to branching out with modern themes and colors. Whether you go with a chic Christmas wedding or a minimalist snowy theme, we highly encourage you to find ways to embrace the season. We collected some super fun winter wedding trends from real weddings to give you some inspiration!

1) Winter Pine Greenery Wedding Decor

Winter Wedding Centerpiece

Greenery is a huge element included in modern weddings. In most seasons we see lots of eucalyptus, olive branches, and ferns. For winter you have the unique opportunity to include pine branches to represent the evergreen trees keeping your environment colorful during the winter. Include pine branches in your bouquets, centerpieces, and ceremony backdrop to add touches of green throughout your wedding.

2) Snowy Wedding Photoshoots 

Snowy Winter Wedding Photo

Couples often dread the idea of snow on their wedding day while they’re planning a winter wedding. The truth is, a snowy backdrop will make for stunning photos of your wedding day. You couldn’t ask for a more unique and memorable wedding photo backdrop than a blanket of snow. (Credit: Emma Stender Photography)

3) Cozy Fleece, Faux Fur, and Warm Bridesmaid Accessories

Cozy Wedding Accessories

Bordeaux Bridesmaid Dresses | Tiffany Backmeier Photography

It may be chilly outside, but your wedding can be warm and cozy. If you’re having an outdoor wedding you could provide fleece blankets to your guests to keep them warm. We also highly recommend warm accessories for the bridal party like faux fur capes or matching denim jackets. Some brides even have the privilege of wearing their family heirloom furs that have been passed down. These accessories keep everyone warm and also make for creative wedding photos.

4) Build-Your-Own S'mores Wedding Bar

Wedding S'mores Bar

What better way to warm up than with s’mores roasted over a fire? If you’re having an outdoor space at your wedding you could include a true bonfire. If not, there are ways to have a s’mores bar indoors! Your caterer can provide different chocolates, graham crackers, and marshmallows so that your guests can create their own s’mores and roast them the way they like. (Credit: Hayley Houtari Photography)

5) Twinkling String Lights for Wedding Decor

Wedding Christmas Lights

Latte Bridesmaid Dresses | Kirsten McCall Photography

The most romantic part of winter has always been the lighting. Christmas lights are a beautiful way to include the winter season in a chic yet classic way. They’re also easy to include in any type of winter wedding theme or color palette. We love the dreaminess of string lights and they create a beautiful lighting environment for your wedding photos!

6) Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses for Winter Weddings

Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses for Winter Weddings

Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses | Velvet Groomsmen Ties | Paige Allred Photo

Velvet is the perfect fabric for a winter wedding. It’s warm enough for the chilly weather and has a beautiful shine to it. Including a variety of textures in your winter wedding can help create a sense of warmth. Velvet is a luxurious texture to include along with pine greenery, white birch wood, and fur elements.

7) Pine Cones & Other Nature-Inspired Elements

Pine Cone Groom Boutonniere

Pine cones are a really simple, affordable, and classic way to add a touch of nature to your winter wedding. Your florist can even add pine cones into your bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. This is one item you could even include in your wedding for free by collecting them yourself. Feathers, birch wood, and cranberries are more natural ideas for your winter wedding flower arrangements. (Credit: Olivia Beyers Photography)

Embrace the Season With Your Winter Wedding Color Palette

Make choosing your wedding colors easier by embracing the season. If your wedding is in the winter, you have so many creative seasonal options to choose from. Stick with classic burgundy and forest green for a classy take on Christmas wedding colors. Or use one of your favorite deep winter colors with neutral accents for a modern take on holiday colors. Lighter shades are also beautiful with a snowy winter backdrop. Get creative with your winter wedding palette and put your own spin on seasonal style!

For more ideas, check out our 2024 wedding ideas guide!

2024 Wedding Trends

2024 Wedding Trends & Ideas

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