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Unforgettable Wedding Shower Ideas the Couple Will Love

Wedding Shower

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Top 2024 Wedding Shower Games, Decor, & Themes

Throwing a wedding shower is one of the most fun tasks during the wedding countdown. If you’re throwing a couple’s wedding shower instead of a bridal shower for just the bride, you’ll have even more fun! A couple’s shower opens up your guest list to everyone, including the groom and his friends. It also allows you to choose from a wide variety of themes, games, decor, and more! Here's some fun couple’s wedding shower ideas to help you get started planning.

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Entertaining Wedding Shower Games Every Guests Will Enjoy

Keep everyone ‘engaged’ (pun intended) with some entertaining wedding shower games! Choose 1-3 activities that the whole group will enjoy. If you have a lot of different groups meeting for the first time, choose an ice-breaker that will get everyone mingling. If guests already know and are comfortable with each other, choose some simple and familiar games that everyone loves. Some popular options are classic yard games, printable games, and trivia games about the couple.

1) ‘Where Were They?’ Wedding Shower Game

Where Were They Wedding Shower Game

‘Where Were They?’ Wedding Shower Game Template

Choose a few really fun photos of the bride and groom together then have guests guess where the photos were taken. This game is especially fun if the couple love to travel together or have a lot of funny photos together. “Where Were They?” also provides an opportunity to share meaningful photos of the couple with everyone at the party. The guest who gets the most locations correct wins the game!

2) Couple’s Shower Yard Games: Jenga & More

Wedding Shower Gift Personalized Cornhole Bags

Personalized Cornhole Bags Wedding Shower Gift

There’s no easier way to keep shower guests entertained than by setting up everyone’s favorite outdoor games. Set up a giant jenga set, your cornhole boards, and/or a beer pong table. Everyone can choose their favorite yard game and their favorite partner and enjoy a day in the sun. You could even buy a personalized jenga set or cornhole bags with their names on them.

3) Wedding Shower Guest Bingo 

Wedding Shower Guest Bingo

Find the Guest Bingo Minimalist Wedding Shower Game Card

Find the Guest Bingo is the perfect ice breaker game for your wedding shower. This game challenges guests to talk to other guests until they find one who fits the traits on their bingo card. The winner is whoever can find someone who fits 5 spaces in a row of criteria on their card. The traits on the card include: has been married 10+ years, does not have a Facebook, has been a bridesmaid, is left-handed, and more.

4) The Wedding Shoe Game for the Couple's Shower

The Wedding Shoe Game

The Wedding Shoe Couple’s Shower Game

The Wedding Shoe game is another twist on the Newlywed Game. Have the couple sit back to back, holding one of their own shoes and one of their future spouse’s shoes. Ask the couple questions about each other and their relationship such as “who snores louder?” or “who said I love you first?” If they think the answer is the bride they will hold up the bride’s shoe, if they think the answer is the groom they will hold up his shoe. They won’t be able to see how the other person answered but the shower guests will see how many they agree on or not!

5) The Newlywed Game for the Couple’s Shower

The Newlywed Game Cards

“The Newlywed Game” Printable Cards

You’ve probably seen clips from the classic TV game show, “The Newlywed Game.” Create the same funny and heartwarming moments by playing an adapted form of this game at the wedding shower. Prepare a list of questions about the couple. Test how well the couple knows each other by asking one partner the questions and then seeing how well the other partner can guess their answers. 

Unique Wedding Shower Themes for a Fun Vibe

Choosing a theme is a fun way to make sure your wedding shower has a cohesive aesthetic. A theme also makes it easier to pick out decorations, create a menu, and decide on activities because they will all be related to the theme. Choose a wedding shower theme that relates to the couple’s favorite foods, activities, or places to visit.

1) Boho Garden Party Wedding Shower

Boho Garden Party Wedding Shower Theme

Eucalyptus Soap Favors | Floral Wedding Shower Invitation | Wildflower Seeds Packets

A garden party is the perfect way to have a classy yet casual get together with your family and friends. Decorate your boho garden wedding shower with lots of fresh flowers, greenery, and earth tones. Encourage your guests to wear sundresses and floral patterns. To keep your favors on theme choose custom seed packets or handmade eucalyptus soaps.

2) ‘The Adventure Begins’ Couples Shower Theme

Outdoorsy Adventure Wedding Shower Theme

Personalized National Park Sign Cake Topper | Camping Adventure Wedding Shower Invites

Marriage is the next great adventure for the future newlyweds. This theme is perfect for a couple who loves the great outdoors, spends all their free time on a road trip, or has been to more national parks than you can count. Celebrate the couple’s next big journey with a custom “best adventure” cake topper and camping themed wedding shower invitations

3) ‘Bubbles and Brews’ Wedding Shower Theme

Bubbles and Brews Wedding Shower Theme

Bubbles and Brews Wedding Shower Invitations

A ‘Bubbles and Brews’ wedding shower is a great way to bring everyone together for a couple drinks. Celebrate the newlyweds with bubbly champagne and some craft beers. Help everyone keep their beverages cold with some personalized beer koozies. Printable ‘Bubbles and Brews’ games will keep everyone entertained throughout the party.

4) ‘Eat, Drink, & Soon to Be Married’ Couple’s Shower

Eat Drink and Soon To Be Married Wedding Shower Theme

Minimalist Couples Shower Invitation | Personalized Wedding Shower Confetti

What better way to celebrate a new engagement than with food, drinks, and a party? “Eat, Drink, and Soon to be Married” is the cutest wedding shower theme! You can get simple and modern shower invitations and decorate with any neutral color scheme. Use personalized wedding shower confetti to add a touch of glitter to the party.  

5) ‘Tacos & Tequila’ Wedding Shower Party

Tacos and Tequila Wedding Shower Theme

Fiesta Couples Shower Invitation | Siempre Wedding Matchboxes

Everyone is happy with a margarita and Mexican food. If the bride and groom are big on tequila and tacos then throw them a fiesta to match. For favors, check out these Mexican fiesta banner match boxes. Keep everyone well-fed by putting together a taco bar with options for tortillas, proteins, toppings, and salsas. Send out margarita-themed party invitations and make sure you mix a big batch of margaritas to welcome your guests.

6) ‘A New Chapter’ Wedding Shower Theme

A New Chapter Wedding Shower Theme

‘A New Chapter’ Wedding Shower Invitations

Your favorite couple is starting a new chapter together. Celebrate their storybook romance with a literary themed wedding shower. Decorate the space with vintage books, a custom banner made from book pages, and quotes from the couple’s favorite love stories. The perfect on-theme favors to thank your guests are personalized bookmarks.

Wedding Shower Decor & Couples Shower Favors for Guests

Decor and favors will be a big part of your wedding shower budget. Consider what the couple enjoys and what kind of decor will work with your venue. You may also want to consider the guest list as you start to figure out what to buy for the party. The most important thing is that the decor, favors, and everything else look good and make sense together.

1) Come Up With a Fun & Unique Wedding Shower Theme

Before you go crazy buying decor, food, favors, drinks, and gifts, make sure you come up with a theme for the party. Sticking to a clear wedding shower theme will help you create a cohesive look for the party. Designing a theme will also help make decisions easier because you can choose food and favors that fit the rest of the decor. You can pick a very specific theme like “tacos and tequila” or just choose an aesthetic to stick with like a boho garden party. Consider the venue, the guests, and the couple’s interests when you decide on your unique wedding shower theme.

2) Find the Perfect Couple’s Shower Signs and Banners

Wedding Shower Signs

Couple's Names Banner | Wedding Shower Photo Banner | Couple’s Shower Welcome Sign

Personalize the wedding shower with signs and banners. Having the couple’s names or pictures around the room will make it feel extra special. A photo banner will let you share beautiful photo memories of the couple. You could get a simple congratulations banner or you could have a custom name banner made. If you want to go all out, you could even get a welcome sign made so everyone gets greeted immediately upon arrival. Signs and banners also serve as a great backdrop for everyone to take photos! 

3) Thank Everyone With Thoughtful Wedding Shower Favors

Wedding Shower Favors

“Perfect Blend” Coffee Packs | Handmade Soaps | “Love Struck” Matches | Custom Candles | Mini Champagne Bottle Labels

Choosing party favors can sometimes be tricky. You want to thank everyone for showing up to the party but you don’t want to give them something they won’t use. You also probably don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money. Some of our favorite ideas are favors that are useful, eco-friendly, and personalized. To narrow down your options, consider your theme. If the theme is “Bubbles and Brews” you could hand out mini champagne bottles. If you’re having a garden party, consider handmade floral scented soaps.

Wedding Shower Gift Ideas: Unique Ideas for Your Couple’s Registry

Whether you’re the lucky person getting married and need to make your wedding shower registry or you’re a guest who needs to find the perfect gift, we’ve got you covered. Find the perfect wedding shower gift by thinking about what the couple needs to start a life together, what they would use to create memories, and what can be personalized just for them. Below are some creative, meaningful, and practical wedding shower gifts.

1) Personalized Wedding Date Christmas Ornament

Wedding Shower Gift Christmas Ornament

Personalized Wedding Shower Gift Ornament

Every newlywed couple should have a Christmas ornament to mark the beginning of their relationship. The clear acrylic design of this ornament will sparkle on their Christmas tree or anywhere in their home. If the couple celebrates Christmas this will be one of their first holidays together as an engaged or married couple. If they don’t celebrate, this beautiful floral ornament will serve as a reminder of the beginning of their relationship wherever they choose to hang it.

2) Custom Map Candle Wedding Shower Gift

Engagement Map Custom Candle

Custom Engagement Candle with Map

The couple will remember the day they got engaged for the rest of their lives. This engagement candle shows a map of the location they got engaged along with the date and their names. The couple will think of that special day every time they light this hand-poured soy wax candle. Complement the candle with a set of matchsticks to create an adorable wedding shower gift box.

3) Engraved Charcuterie Board & Wedding Shower Gift Bundle

Personalized Charcuterie Board Wedding Shower Gift

Wedding Shower Gift Bundle with Charcuterie Board

A personalized charcuterie board is an incredible wedding shower gift. A charcuterie board provides the couple with the tools they need to host their friends and family, make nights-in a little more fun, and can double as a cutting board. Having the board engraved with their names and wedding date makes it a beautiful keepsake. This bundle also comes with personalized coasters and wine glasses for the ultimate wine and cheese night.

4) Engagement Journal and Memory Book

Engagement Journal Wedding Shower Gift

Engagement Journal and Memory Book

This engagement journal includes prompts for the couple to write about how they met, what they love about each other, how they planned their wedding, and other special moments along the journey to the altar. After engagement, wedding planning can sometimes take over a couple’s lives. This engagement journal is the ideal wedding shower gift to make sure they have time to focus on themselves and document the whirlwind before the wedding. They will appreciate being able to look back on these memories for years to come!

5) Hand-Made Speckled Minimalist Engagement Ring Dish

Personalized Engagement Ring Dish

Personalized Minimalist Wedding Ring Dish

A ring dish is a practical and elegant wedding shower gift. Engagement rings and wedding bands are going to need a place to stay when they’re not on the couple's fingers. This sweet little ring dish can be personalized with the couple’s wedding date or initials. Each dish is handmade from clay and customized for a unique look.

Fun Couples Shower Invitations & Stationery

One of the most important parts of a wedding shower is the guests gathering to celebrate the couple. Make sure everyone gets all the information for the party with creative wedding shower invitations. All of these templates can be edited and then printed at home. You could also have them professionally printed for a higher quality look. You could even send them out digitally so everyone will have the information on their phones.

1) Wedding Shower Invitation with Photos

Wedding Shower Invitation With Photos

Couple’s Shower Invitation With Photos

Remind everyone what we’re celebrating with photos of the couple on the invitation. These are especially wonderful if the couple took beautiful engagement photos. This card is sleek and simple. Friends and family will appreciate having a pretty picture for their refrigerator. 

2) “Let’s Shower Them With Love” Minimalist Invitation

Shower Them With Love Wedding Shower Invitation

“Let’s Shower Them With Love” Minimalist Invitation

We’re getting ready to “shower” the future newlyweds with love. These minimalist invitations have room to display all the important party information in a clear and concise way. Edit this card then either print them yourself at home or order them from your favorite printer.

3) Funny Childhood Photos Wedding Shower Invitation

Childhood Photos Wedding Shower Invitation

Fun Wedding Shower Invitation Template

Choose one photo of each of the future newlyweds from their childhood. Whether the photos are adorable or embarrassing, it’s so cute to see the couple together as kids. Since a wedding shower is about the couple instead of just the bride, we love the idea of featuring both of them on the invitation.

4) Boho Wildflower Wedding Shower Invitation

Boho Floral Wedding Shower Invitation

Boho Wedding Shower Invitations

We love a Boho vibe! These wedding shower invitations feature gorgeous watercolor style wildflowers along the top. You could also order other shower stationary and decor to match like a welcome sign, cupcake toppers, and printable games.

Plan the Perfect Couple’s Wedding Shower

Wedding Shower

Your wedding shower planning to-do list is long, so get started early! We hope some of our wedding shower ideas gave you inspiration to motivate you. Make sure you invite everyone the couple loves and run the guest list by them before you send out invitations. Choose a creative wedding shower theme that you can use to coordinate with matching invitations, activities, decor, and favors. Don’t forget a few fun wedding shower games, and you’re ready for the big day!

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