10 Bridal Shower Games That Aren't Lame

by Krystal Jankowski October 18, 2018

You may have already arranged a beautifully decorated room and delicious food and drinks for your bridal shower party, but is that really enough to make sure that your guests are having fun? Of course not! A party is incomplete without a few enjoyable games and activities which charge up your guests, and a bridal shower party is no exception.

This is why having the right set of bridal shower games are a must. Bridal shower games are the perfect way to get guests mingling. However, fun bridal shower games are tough to find sometimes!

The 10 Best Bridal Shower Games

We've all been to our fair share of boring and awkward bridal shower parties...so we're here to help you avoid throwing that party. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the popular 2018 bridal shower games for you that we promise aren't lame. Check them out!

#1: She Said Yes to Which Dress?

It really takes a lot of effort for the bride to choose the perfect bridal gown for her dream wedding. Why not take this opportunity to make your bridal shower guests guess which dress the bride has chosen for herself?

How to play: Hand out some art supplies to your guests and ask them to design a dress that they think the bride will look best in. The winner of this bridal shower game, of course, will be the guest who designs the dress that is closest to what the bride has actually chosen for herself.

What you will need:

1. A design outlay which has a picture or silhouette of a girl/bride

2. Plenty of pens, pencils, and colors

3. Art supplies like glitter, fabric scraps etc. for embellishments on the dress sketch (optional)

#2: Who Has the Groom?

A great icebreaker game, Who Has the Groom is a kind of killer 2018 bridal shower game which requires some preparation but is worth all the effort for the laughs it will get you at the party.

How to play: Place printouts of different male celebrities and the groom underneath the chairs of the bridal shower guests. Have everyone choose a seat that they think will have the groom under it. Have everyone check underneath their seats all at once, and whoever has the little groom wins! 

What you will need:

1. Digital printouts of male celebrities and the groom

2. Tape and scissors for cutting and pasting

#3: How Old Was She?

If you have a lot of the bride’s relatives such as old aunts, sisters etc. attending the bridal shower, then the How Old Was She game is sure to bring up them down memory lane! 

How to play: Make a collage of the pictures of the bride at various ages, all jumbled together. Place letters in the corner of every picture. The guests can take their time at guessing the age she was in each picture.

What you will need:

1. Snapshots of the bride. Forage around old family albums for the most ridiculous shots.

2. Supplies for your collage (paper, markers, pens, etc.)

3. A board for displaying the collage

4. Sheets of paper for each guest to write down how old they think the bride was in each designated picture

#4: Mad Libs

Has your bride written down her wedding vow yet? Help her out with this crazy 2018 bridal shower game!

How to play: Choose some custom-made wedding vows and omit the main words, leaving blanks in their places. The guests will have to fill in the blanks with the words they think will suit the best. Be ready for some hilarious wedding vows here! Have each guest read their aloud to the bride, so the bride can pick the winner! 

What you will need:

1. Wedding vows printouts edited to leave blanks for filling up by the guests

2. Pens or pencils

#5: Bridal Scattegories

A bridal take on the otherwise popular scattegories game, this fun bridal shower game will make your guests think fast and make for a fun read for the bride after the party.

How to play: Give Scattegories printouts so they can write down their answers to various categories such as Best Honeymoon Destinations and Wedding Cake Flavors.

What you will need:

1. Custom-made scattegories list printouts

2. Colorful pens

#6: Who Can Make the Best Cocktails?

Having a party with a full bar? Make use of it in this fun game! Split the party into teams and have each take over the bar to make their best concoctions.

How to play: Divide up the assembly into teams and set a time limit to concoct the most unique drink at the bar. You will be surprised at what ‘miracle drinks’ the girls will come up with. The winner is the one with the bride’s favorite drink.

What you will need: A full bar with a variety of juices and liquors 

#7: He Said, She Said

This game will reveal all the bride’s secrets and will let the guests guess how the bride and groom’s love story truly unfolded.

How to play: Make the guests guess the important facts of the bride’s love life with questions like, "Who said I love you first?" or "Where did they go on their first date?" You can make cards with the questions or if you are short on ideas, you can get some custom-made cards available on Etsy!

What you will need:

1. Cards with questions

2. Pens and pencils. You can also play it without the cards if you simply ask the question to the party and make them shout out their answers

#8: Save the Date

Keep your guests on the move with this amazing bridal shower game as they run back and forth to guess the correct dates of the bride and groom’s most memorable moments.

How to play: Give the bride a list of important dates of significant events in the couple's love story (date of their first date, date of their engagement, etc.). Make cutouts of these dates (several of each date) and place them on a table across the room from the bride. Have the bride call out the event and watch the guests scramble to find the correct date and run across the room to give it to the bride first! 

What you will need:

1. Paper to make date cutouts

2. A list of the events that are important to the bride and groom

#9: Pin the Moustache on the Groom

This is an old classic but nevertheless one of the best bridal shower games. The game will make sure that your party stays lively and interactive.

How to play: The guests are blindfolded one at a time and asked to pin a moustache on a printed cut out of the groom’s face. But you will have to make sure that the groom does not already have a moustache!

What you will need:

1. An enlarged printout of the groom’s face stuck on a firm cardboard

2. An easel to prop up the groom’s face

3. A printed moustache with pin attached

#10: Pen a Poem

A bride in love will never get tired of hearing romantic poems. But having your guests blindly thread together a romantic poem might test that theory!

How to play: Hand out a sheet of paper and pen to a guest to write down any line of romantic poetry, either self-composed or from a famous poet which they feel is applicable to the bride. Each guest will fold the sheet over so the line they wrote cannot be seen by the next person it's passed to. We promise you'll get a disjointed, funny poem about love which is sure to make the bride and your guests smile.

What you will need: A sheet of paper and a pen and your imagination! 

Your Turn

So, now that you have a ready-to-execute list of bridal shower games, throw on your thinking cap and customize these bridal shower games to throw a really great party. Choosing just three or four of these fun bridal shower games can ramp up your party quite a few notches.

However, do not compromise on the decorations no matter how awesome your bridal shower games are! Here is a great blog post with some amazing ideas on bridal shower décor and invitations.

A bridal shower is all about having fun, isn’t it? So, don’t think about what will be proper but just focus on what will make the guests laugh out loud and have fun. Tell us what you think of our bridal shower games list. We would love to hear your ideas on how they can be improvised for an even better experience.

Krystal Jankowski
Krystal Jankowski


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