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52 Memorable Bridal Shower Ideas for 2024

Girls popping a bottle of champagne at a Bridal Shower

Best Bridal Shower Games, Themes, & Decorations for 2024

We came up with 52 super memorable, fun, and creative bridal showers to help you plan your party!Our ultimate bridal shower guide includes, themes, games, decorations, accessories for the bride, and favors for the guests! This thorough 52 item list is sure to help you plan an incredible wedding shower. Keep in mind the bride’s favorite activities, colors, styles, and foods as you scroll through this list for ideas!

Cute & Unique Bridal Shower Themes

There are so many bridal shower theme ideas out there, we had a hard time narrowing it down to our top 9 favorites. From classy to goofy, there’s plenty of different options to choose from. While you don’t necessarily need a theme to have a great party, it might be helpful to choose one to keep your planning simple. Any of these themes will be sure to have your bride and the guests impressed.

Girls posing for a selfie at a Bridal Shower

1) Citrus Bridal Shower: She Found Her Main Squeeze

Your favorite bride-to-be is about to marry her main squeeze, so celebrate with a citrus themed party! Decorations are easy: use greenery and real (or fake) oranges. You could even incorporate lemons and limes if you want to expand the color palette. Serve mimosas with fresh orange juice, garnish food plates with orange slices, and give out citrus soaps for favors.

Citrus Bridal Shower Theme

Orange Citrus Bridal Shower Invitations | Citrus Theme Soap Favors

2) Something Blue Before ‘I Do’ Bridal Shower

Go simple with a “something blue before ‘I do’” bridal shower theme. Use anything blue for decorations. Use a neutral white or cream color as a base then add pops of color with any type of blue glassware, blue flowers, and other blue accent pieces. This theme is so easy to pull off! You can even ask the guests to wear blue to the party. 

Something Blue Bridal Shower Theme

Something Blue Before 'I Do' Bridal Shower Invitations

3) ‘She’s All Scooped Up’ Ice Cream Themed Bridal Shower

Everyone loves ice cream! Why not theme a bridal shower around it? Your girl is “all scooped up” by her future spouse and ready to get married. Create a huge ice cream bar with different flavor ice creams, sprinkles, whipped cream, and more. Let the guests create their own ice cream sundaes with all the toppings in cups with custom bridal shower labels on them.

Ice Cream Bridal Shower Theme

Ice Cream Game | Ice Cream Cup Stickers | All Scooped Up Bridal Shower Invitation

4) Bridal Brunch: Brunch & Bubbly

Brunch is the perfect crowd pleasing idea for a bridal shower! Create a mimosa bar with champagne and different types of juice, set up a buffet with breakfast foods, and let everyone enjoy a celebratory brunch together! Brunch & bubbly is the perfect bridal shower idea when you want to have the party earlier in the day.

Brunch Bridal Shower ThemeBrunch & Bubbly Bridal Shower Invitation

5) A Pizza My Heart: Laid Back Pizza Party Bridal Shower

All you need is love and pizza. Throw the bride a pizza party for her bridal shower! If you love making pizza from scratch, you can make custom pizzas with all different toppings for the guests. If you’d rather skip cooking altogether, just order takeout! You can even add custom bridal shower stickers to the takeout boxes. “A pizza my heart” bridal shower is an easy and fun idea that everyone will love.

Pizza Bridal Shower Theme

Love & Pizza Invitation | Custom Pizza Box Stickers

6) Snow in Love: Winter Bridal Shower

Having a winter bridal shower? Lean into the weather outside and have a cozy “Snow in Love” themed bridal shower. Decorate with pine cones, fir branches, and fake snow. You can set up a hot cocoa bar with marshmallows, sprinkles, and whipped cream. For favors you can give out hot chocolate kits and cozy shawls.

Winter Bridal Shower Theme

Snow in Love Invitations | Hot Chocolate Party Favors | Shawls

7) Taylor Swift Inspired Bridal Shower

If the bride is a Swiftie, throw her a Taylor Swift themed bridal shower! Buy “Lover” inspired bridal shower invitations and custom-made cookies. You can decorate with quotes from her songs and other Taylor-inspired decorations. You can even encourage guests to dress up in outfits inspired by different Taylor Swift 'eras' or albums.

Taylor Swift Inspired Bridal Shower with Invitation and Cookies

Taylor Swift Cookies | “Lover” Bridal Shower Invitation

8) Petals and Prosecco Boho Bridal Shower

“Petals and Prosecco” is the perfect idea if you’re looking for a subtle theme. Just provide the prosecco and decorate with florals. Your favorite bride-to-be will be walking down the aisle behind petals thrown by her flower girl soon enough. Celebrate the future newlyweds with some bubbly and some fresh flowers. You can go simple with this theme and decorate in pastel pink and neutrals.

Petals and Prosecco Bridal Shower Theme

Petals & Prosecco Bridal Shower Invite | Over or Under Game

9) Retro 70s Bridal Shower Theme

Kick it old school with a retro 70s style bridal shower. You can give out retro drink koozies as favors and decorate with disco balls and funky floral patterns. We love the idea of encouraging guests to dress in their favorite bell bottoms and hippie-chic outfits. Don’t forget to play all the best music from the 70s while you all celebrate the bride-to-be!

Retro Bridal Shower Theme

70s Bridal Shower Invites | Retro Drink Cozies

Fun Bridal Shower Games that are Unique

You’ll need activities and games to keep everyone occupied during the bridal shower! You can always go with one of the classic bridal shower games, or you can think outside the box with some new ideas. Check out some of our favorite bridal shower game ideas below for inspiration! Be sure to pick games that you think the bride and all the guests will enjoy!

1) Find the Guest Bingo Bridal Shower Icebreaker Game

Use this template to create the perfect bridal shower icebreaker bingo game. This DIY printable bridal shower game template features a modern handwritten font and minimalist design. You can edit the fonts, font color, and background color to match your event needs.

Bingo Icebreaker Bridal Shower Game

Find The Guest Icebreaker Bingo Game

2) Wedding Shoe Bridal Shower Game

The wedding shoe bridal shower game is a fun version of the newlywed game. The bride and groom sit back to back and answer questions about themselves by raising his or her shoe. For example if the question is “Who said I love you first?” they will hold up the shoe of whichever one of them they think the answer is. This game is funny to see how much the couple agrees on or remembers differently. It works well for a joint couples shower where both guys and girls are attending.

Wedding Shoe Bridal Shower Game

Wedding Shoe Bridal Shower Game

3) Guess the Wedding Dress Game

This “Guess the Dress” game is  a fun bridal shower game to play with all ages. Have your wedding shower guests draw what they think the bride-to-be will wear on her wedding day. Everyone will get creative and have fun seeing what other people guessed! These cards come already printed so no need to edit or find a printer!

Guess the Dress Bridal Shower Game

Printed Guess the Dress Bridal Shower Game

4) Mad Libs Bridal Shower Games & Activities

Play a classic game of mad libs at the bridal shower! This special bridal shower version of the game is a fill-in-the blanks version of wedding vows. This game is sure to have everyone at the shower laughing. You don’t have to make up the mad libs yourself, you can download this ready-to-print game from Etsy and then just print enough copies for the guests!

Mad Libs Bridal Shower Game

Wedding Vow Mad Lib Bridal Shower Game

5) Advice for the Newlyweds Cards

This kit features advice for the bride in 3 different forms: general advice, travel advice, and date night ideas. We love the idea of sending the bride-to-be off with advice from all her friends and family, especially those who have happy marriage experience already. The best part is, she can keep these cards as memories forever from her bridal shower.

Marriage Advice Bridal Shower Game

Advice for the Bride Cards Bundle

6) 20 Questions About the Bride

See who at the bridal shower knows the bride the best by answering 20 questions about her. This template is editable in case you want to ask more specific questions. All of the bride’s family and closest friends will be at the party, so it will be funny and interesting to see who has the most correct answers about her!

20 Questions Bridal Shower Game

20 Questions About the Bride Bridal Shower Game

7) Bridal Bingo (As Bride Opens Her Gifts)

Opening gifts at the bridal shower can be a long process. Make it fun for everyone by playing this bridal bingo game! The bingo sheet has different common bridal shower gifts listed on it and guests will mark off the gifts on their card as she opens them.

Bingo Bridal Shower Game

Minimalist Bridal Bingo Bridal Shower Game

8) He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game

Play “He Said, She Said” as a bridal shower game. Guess whether either the bride or the groom said each item on the list. This game can get funny when the answers are unexpected! You can edit the font and background color on this template to customize this game to match your bridal shower theme.

He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game

He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game

9) Wedding Bucket List Ideas From Bridal Shower Guests

Help the happy couple make a bucket list together! This is and especially great idea for couples that love to travel or go on interesting adventures. Guests can leave their ideas for trips, activities, dates, and more for the couple to do together. This sign is handmade in Delaware and comes in black, brown, and white color options.

Bucket List Bridal Shower Game

Wedding Bucket List Ideas Sign

Adorable Bridal Shower Invitations

You definitely need invitations for your bridal shower! Pick the invitations that match your bridal party theme and decorations. There are so many options to choose from for your 2024 bridal shower. To save money, you can even download templates and print them yourself. You could even send out digital invitations if you’d rather save the paper. Below are some of our favorite bridal shower invitations and invitation templates!

1) Modern & Simple Bridal Shower Invitations

This minimalist bridal shower invitation features modern calligraphy, perfect for a simple-rustic style. You can use these simple invitations for a bridal shower with just about any theme. These templates are editable and simple to download and print. 

Simple Bridal Shower Invitations

Simple Bridal Shower Invitations

2) Neutral Brown Bridal Shower Invites

These invitations are a perfect shade of neutral brown. If you’re going with neutral tones for you bridal shower or aren’t sure which colors you’re decorating with, these invitations work great! We love the simplistic design of these invitations and the beautiful font choices. Simply download, edit, print, and mail!

Minimalist Bridal Shower Invitations

Minimalist Neutral Brown Bridal Shower Invitation

3) Retro Bridal Shower Invitations

We love these 70s-style retro bridal shower invitations! If you’re having a retro themed bridal shower, these are perfect! They also work if you just love color. The retro font, multi-colored background, and funky aesthetic of these invitations is sure to make them stand out on everyone’s fridges until the shower date!

Retro Bridal Shower Invitations

Retro 70s Bridal Shower Invitation Template

4) Minimalist & Elegant Bridal Shower Invitations

This template is another great minimalist invitation option if you want to keep it simple! Elegant font, a basic black and white color scheme, and a delicate flower make these a great choice for any type of bridal shower. This classic invitation template is easy to download, edit, and print for your next bridal shower!

Simple Bridal Shower Invitations

​​Simple Bridal Shower Invitation Template

5) Boho Bridal Shower Invitations

Boho is a beautiful aesthetic for every occasion, so why not the bridal shower too? These neutral tone, floral, boho bridal shower invitations are a classy and beautiful choice. The template is completely customizable so you can change the words, fonts, colors, and background. This Etsy seller also sells a bunch of other matching boho decorations!

Boho Bridal Shower Invitations

Boho Bridal Shower Invitation

6) Wildflower Bridal Shower Invitations

Having a summer or outdoor bridal shower? These wildflower bridal shower invitations will be perfect for your themed bridal shower. Let guests know the wild & free vibe with the adorable illustrations on these invites.

Wildflower Bridal Shower Invite

Wildflower Bridal Shower Invitation

7) “He Gives Me Butterflies” Bridal Shower Invitations

Throw the bride a butterfly themed bridal shower with these “He gives me butterflies” bridal shower invitations. Butterflies and flowers make these invitations beautiful and ethereal. These invitations are made from a customizable digital template. You just need to download the template, edit the information, and then either print the invitations or send them digitally.

Butterflies Bridal Shower Invitations

Butterfly Bridal Shower Invitations

8) Bridal Shower Invites with Photo

Add a photo to your bridal shower invitations so your guests will have a keepsake of you and your future spouse! We love these minimalist photo bridal shower invitations and the modern calligraphy. You can edit just about everything on these invites including: font size, font color, layout, photo, background color, and font style.

Photo Bridal Shower Invitations

Minimalist Photo Bridal Shower Invite

9) Geometric Gold & Floral Bridal Shower Invitations

Gold geometry plus beautiful florals make these invitations elegant and beautiful. We love the water color details! Have your decorations match these invitations with greenery, gold accents, and a geometrical photo arch. These invitations are easy to download, edit, and send to guests!

Gold Geometry Bridal Shower Invitations

Geometric Gold Boho Floral Bridal Shower

Cute Bridal Shower Decorations

Ready to start decorating? We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite bridal shower decorations! Check out these adorable, creative, and trending decoration ideas. Remember to keep in mind the bride’s personal style when you’re picking out the decor. Another important tip:  be sure to provide a great photo backdrop and props so that everyone takes lots of photos at the party!

1) Fun Bridal Shower Cups

We love the cheeky design of these ring finger frosted bridal shower cups! The rose gold color scheme will match any feminine bridal shower decorations. The best part? These cups are reusable, so the girls can bring them home as a favor and use them again and again. Also, reusable decorations are great if you’re trying to be eco-friendly!

Ring Finger Cups Bridal Shower Decorations

Ring Finger Reusable Wedding Shower Cups

2) Donut Wall Stand for Bridal Shower

Make dessert extra fun with this customizable donut stand! Your donuts will be a delicious dessert and also a funky part of the decor. Order a classic Dunkin’ donuts or get custom ones made by your favorite local bakery! You may even be able to match the donut flavors and colors to your wedding shower theme.

Donut Stand Bridal Shower Decoration

Personalized Bridal Shower Donut Wall Stand

3) Miss to Mrs. Bridal Shower Backdrop

Make sure you get plenty of pictures at the bridal shower! Having a backdrop available for people to take photos with will encourage more photo-taking! This “Miss to Mrs” photo backdrop comes in 4 different sizes and horizontal or vertical options. The rustic style of this backdrop is a great addition to any boho-style bridal shower!

Boho Backdrop Bridal Shower Decoration

Boho Bridal Shower Backdrop for Photos

4) Miss to Mrs. Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Welcome guests to your bridal shower with this “Miss to Mrs.” wood sign. This sign is a chic addition to the boho-chic décor at your bridal shower! It measures 12 inches in diameter and is printed with white vinyl in a pretty script and bold font. We love the neutral beige color contrasted with the white wooden stand.

Bridal Shower Decoration Sign

Miss to Mrs Wood Sign Bridal Shower Decor

5) ‘Bride’ Bridal Shower Balloons

Balloons make every party more festive! These gigantic “BRIDE” letter balloons are not only fun, but they make a great backdrop for photos! Your bridal shower guests will love posing with these balloons. There will be absolutely no doubt about who you’re all here to celebrate with “BRIDE” spelled out in giant balloons.

Bride Balloons Bridal Shower Decoration

Jumbo BRIDE XL Foil Balloons

6) Bridal Shower Balloon Arch Backdrop

This party-ready balloon garland can be hung or draped as an event backdrop anywhere you choose, from the dessert table to a dedicated photo backdrop. The balloons come in 3 colors: white, summer storm and eucalyptus. The kit comes with an assortment of 5”, 11" and 17" and 24" latex balloons, a curling ribbon for assembling your garland, a roll of glue dots, dual action hand pump, and easy to follow step-by step video instructions.

Balloon Garland Bridal Shower Decoration

Balloon Garland Kit with Sage Grey & White Balloons

7) Personalized Clear Bridal Shower Balloon

Customize a balloon with your bride-to-be’s new name! This decal can be sold with a big clear balloon or on its own if you have your own balloon in mind. We love the idea of customizing balloons because they are the perfect photo prop! You could even add tassels to this balloon to for a little extra pizazz.

Custom Balloon Bridal Shower Decoration

Personalized Bridal Shower Balloon

8) Custom Bridal Shower Cookies

A sweet way to celebrate the bride-to-be! Decorate the bridal shower with yummy cookies - personalized with the initials of the couple-to-be-married! This is the cutest way to remind everyone of who they’re here to celebrate.

Custom Bridal Shower Cookies

Personalized Bridal Shower Cookies

9) Funky Themed Plates & Drink Markers

Turn donuts into diamond engagement rings with these diamond donut toppers! This cute and creative bridal shower decoration is the perfect way to liven up your dessert table. The diamonds measure approximately 2 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall. These toppers are conveniently sold by the dozen, just like donuts.

Bridal Shower Plates and Flower Drink Decor

Funky Plates | Drink Toppers for Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Accessories for the Bride

The bride is going to need accessories! She’ll appreciate a thoughtful gift for her to wear at the bridal shower. We picked a few of the most fun bridal shower gifts for the bride for you to look through! If you have a bridal shower theme, be sure to choose accessories for the bride that will go with it!

1) Bride-to-Be Sash

Every bride-to-be needs a sash! Let everyone know who the party’s main character is with this rose-gold foil sash for the bride. The sash length is adjustable with a diamond pin to keep it in place. It measures 3" wide and 70" long in total. It’s also iron-friendly in case it gets wrinkled!

Bride to Be Sash Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Rose Gold Foil Bride-to-Be Sash Bridal Shower Gift

2) Bride-to-Be Veil for Bridal Shower

If the bride really wants to make a statement, get her a veil to wear at her bridal shower! The text on this veil comes in gold, rose gold, or silver foil options to fit your bride’s style. It’s also double layered for a more dramatic look. We love the idea of the bride being able to wear this veil for all the occasions before the wedding!

Veil Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Bride-to-Be Bridal Shower Veil

3) Adorable Pearl Bride Headband

The bride-to-be will love this pearl bride headband as an addition to her bridal shower outfit. The white acrylic "Bride" lettering sits on top of the pearl headband, in front of a 9" wide + 4" tall silky white mesh. The bride will feel extra special in this eye-catching headpiece!

Headband Bridal Shower Bride Gift

White Pearl Bride Headband Bridal Shower Gift

4) Cute Glass Bride Coffee Cup

Get the bride a personalized cup to drink out of at her bridal shower and beyond! These glass iced coffee cups are classy and eco-friendly. You also have the option to include a bamboo lid and glass straw for easier use on the go. The bride will appreciate getting such a practical and thoughtful gift for her wedding shower!

Cup Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Bride Iced Coffee Cup with Lid and Glass Straw

5) Personalized ‘Mrs’ Jean Jacket

Let your bride flaunt her new last name in this custom jean jacket! This jacket features pearl accents, customizable “mrs. ___” lettering on the back, and high quality denim. You can customize the text to say anything, if you want to switch it up. The bride will love this stylish gift to wear at her bridal shower!

Custom Jean Jacket Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Bride Custom Denim Jacket with Pearls

6) Fun Oversized White “Bride” Straw

Give the bride something to drink about with this fun oversized “bride” straw. The bride wil love drinking out of this funny straw at her wedding shower. It’s the perfect affordable, simple, and original gift for the bride. This straw spells out “bride” 11 inches wide. It comes in classic white for the bride as well as pink, light pink, and rose gold.

Bride Straw Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Bride Straw for Bridal Shower

7) White Bride Cowgirl Hat With Veil

What’s more fun than a cowboy hat? A cowgirl hat with a veil for the bride is such a cute gift for her bridal shower! This hat is so much fun she’ll want to wear it to her bachelorette party too. This hat is embellished with pearls and rhinestones and a fun wedding veil. You can choose from different phrase, font, and color options if you want to customize it!

Bride Cowgirl Hat Bridal Shower Bride Gift

White Bride Cowgirl Hat Bridal Shower

8) Bride’s Wedding Date Bracelet

This date bracelet is a unique gift for a bridal shower! This sparkly bangle comes with a complete date - day/month/year with hearts in between. This gift is 18k gold plated and you can add a pretty gold heart topped gift box for a complete package. The bride will love having this keepsake of her wedding date that she can wear for years to come!

Wedding Date Bracelet Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Wedding Date Bracelet Bridal Shower Gift for Bride

9) Rhinestone Pearl Bride Hair Barrette

This bride barrette adds that special touch for the bride-to-be’s wedding shower outfit! It’s simple, beautiful, and easy to coordinate with. This hair pin comes in silver or rose gold plated and choices of pearl or rhinestone accents. Each barrette measures 2.5 inches by 0.75 inches.

Bridal Shower Bride Gift Hair Barrette

Rhinestone Pearl Bride Hair Barrette Wedding Shower Accessory

Bridal Shower Favors for the Guests

Favors are a thoughtful way to tell your guests how much you appreciate their presents and their presence. Choose favors you know all the guests will fully appreciate as a gift. We chose a wide variety of ideas to give you inspiration! All of these ideas are budget-friendly, thoughtful, and crowd-pleasing!

1) Shea Butter Soaps with Personalized Thank You

Show your guests how much they mean to you with these handcrafted and beautiful soaps. These soap bars are made with super hydrating shea butter and come in 6 different scent options. They’re beautifully designed with dried botanicals and come with a customizable tag tied to them to tell your guests thank you.  

Handmade Soap Bridal Shower Favors

Shea Butter Soap Bridal Shower Favors

2) Personalized Bridal Shower Wine Stoppers

Your guests will think of you everytime they pop open a bottle of wine with these wine stoppers! Get them customized with your bridal shower date and your choice of 15 different designs. These favors are small, useful, and creative. The design and words are custom engraved by a laser so that it will never fade. These stoppers are made from high quality cork from Portugal with natural wood tops.

Bridal Shower Party Favors Wine Stoppers

Personalized Wine Stopper Bridal Shower Favors

3) 'Thanks for Showering Me With Love’ Candles

Tell your guests “thank you for showering me with love” with these adorable candles. Candles are one of the most universally loved gifts for a reason. Everyone can use an extra one! These custom scented candles come in 5 different scents for you to choose from. Customize them with your name so your guests will remember how much you appreciated having them at your bridal shower.

Thank You Bridal Shower Candle Favor

Custom Candle Favors For Bridal Shower

4) Hand Sanitizer Labels for Bridal Shower Favors

Get your guests mini-handsanitizers and personalize them with custom labels! Your guests will appreciate a gift they really need. Everyone will think of you everytime they pull their hand sanitizer out of their bag. Hand sanitizer favors are especially an thoughtful gift if you or any of your guests are immuno-compromized and need to stay healthy and germ-free.

Hand Sanitizer Bridal Shower Favors

Labels for Hand Sanitizer Bridal Shower Favors

5) “Mint to Be” Tic Tac Bridal Shower Favors

Another handy favor idea: customized packs of mints. These “mint to be” sticker labels are the perfect size for packs of tic-tacs. Personalize these stickers with the bride and grooms names and their wedding date to remind all the guests about the upcoming wedding. These stickers come in the mail ready to stick onto a pack of tic-tacs. They’re perfectly sized so that there’s no need to remove the existing label.

Mint Bridal Shower Favors

“Mint to Be” Custom Tic Tac Stickers

6) Personalized Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors

Sometimes the best gifts are the edible kind. Get custom chocolates made for your bridal shower! You can personalize the label with the bride’s name and the date of the wedding shower. Choose from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or a mix of both. These chocolates come in a really cute box that comes in pink, silver, gold, or white.

Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors

Personalized Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors

7) “Let Love Grow” Custom Seed Wedding Shower Favors

Help your guests “let love grow” with these custom seed packets! Personalize the packets with the bride and groom’s names and their wedding date. Each packet comes with wildflower seeds inside. The flap of the packets says “Thanks for Coming” to remind your guests how much you appreciate their presence at your wedding shower!

Let Love Grow Seeds Bridal Shower Gift

“Let Love Grow” Seed Packet Bridal Shower Favors

Get Started Planning Your 2024 Bridal Shower

We hope some of these ideas inspired you while you plan your bridal shower! Every bride is unique, so choose themes, decorations, and activities that fit her personality and style. Feel free to get creative if you want to have a memorable and iconic party! Definitely don’t forget to have fun while you’re planning!

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