Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'Maids

by Danielle Salazar December 29, 2015

They’re some of your best friends, closest relatives, sisters, and more. You’ve specifically chosen them to stand by your side on one of the biggest days of your life, so getting those special moments with your bridesmaids captured on camera is going to be something that you will treasure forever. So besides the classic group photos of the entire wedding party (don’t get me wrong, you’ll love having those, too!) we want to get a little creative and show you some of the must-have wedding photos that you’ll definitely want to consider taking with your girls! From getting ready to getting down on the dance floor, here are some of our favorite bridesmaid pictures that you’ll want to add to your list!

It’s common to meet with your wedding photographer(s) before the big day arrives and that’s a great opportunity to give them an idea of what you want! Whether you show them some inspiration from Pinterest or have a fully written out wedding photo list, they’ll appreciate knowing the types of poses, angles, and lighting that you prefer.

So if you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to your bridal party pics, look no further because we’ve got a fun list that you’ll totally want to steal!

The 14 Fun & Unique Must-Have Wedding Photos

1. The Ring Pic - Get a photo of your ladies checking out that gorgeous bling on your finger! Chances are, it will be a little over-the-top and cheesy, but you're bound to catch some real in-the-moment giggles as you all laugh at yourselves.

Take a pic with your bridesmaids while showing off your sparkly bling!Richaux Productions

2. Getting Ready - Are you all doing your hair and makeup with each other? Take a picture before all of the wedding action starts. 

Take a wedding picture while you and your bridesmaids are getting ready!Monica Lopez Photography

Take photos with your 'maids before the wedding festivities begin!Ali Kvidt Photography

3. Getting Dressed - Most likely, your 'maids will be helping you put on your bridal gown so have your photographer capture those moments. It'll remind you down the road why you chose them to stand by your side!

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsPurrington Photography

4. The First Look - Have your photographer capture the moment when your 'maids and family see you for the first time in your gown. It's an unforgettable moment and seeing their reactions is priceless!

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsRebekah Hoyt Photography

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsKye Samuelson Photography

5. Sneak a Peek of Your Feet - It's especially fun if everyone is rocking their own style.

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsKatie Lewis Photography

6. Spell it Out - Whether you hold up your sorority sign or spell out something like 'love', it's fun, creative, and makes for the perfect picture.

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsRichaux Productions

7. With The Groom - Most likely, your 'maids are quite familiar with your groom (or are even his sisters!) so make sure they get a few fun pics with him!

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsAli Kvidt Photography

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsHannah Schmitt Photography

8. Let Loose - Let your 'maids have some fun and let loose! Have your photographer capture those fun, candid moments or tell them to dance a little bit and see what you get!

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsRichaux Productions

9. Party Hard - Heading to a bar or party bus in between the ceremony and reception? Grab your girls for a picture on the bar or cheers-ing to a lifelong friendship!

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsBellagala Photography

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsScott & Hannah Photography

10. Capture the Scenery - Whether you're tying the knot in the winter or getting married outdoors, take advantage of what nature has to offer and find cool, unique places to photograph your bridal party.

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsRay & Kelly Photography

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsStudio 220 Photography

11. Let Me Take A Selfie - You'll probably be taking a million selfies on your big day and we love the idea of your photographer taking a photo of you capturing those carefree moments.

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsAllison Hopperstad Photography

12. Beautiful Bouquets - You spent a heck of a lot to make sure your 'maids get the perfect bouquets so don't forget to get a great picture of them!

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsJordan Obinger Photography

13. Photo Booth Fun - If you're having a photo booth at your reception, have your photographer capture some of those moments as well. You'll love seeing and remembering how much fun your 'maids had!

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsJanelle Elise Photography

14. Getting Down On The Dance Floor - Some of your favorite wedding memories will probably happen on the dance floor so make sure the photographer captures you and your bridesmaids' best moves!

Must-Have Wedding Photos To Take With Your 'MaidsRichaux Productions

Let's Chat

Whether you've already been a bridesmaid or are currently preparing your wedding photo list, which bridesmaid pictures are must-haves for you!? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Danielle Salazar
Danielle Salazar


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