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Beautiful Bridesmaid Photo Ideas You Need to Take

Bridesmaid Photo Ideas

Getting Ready Photos  |  Bridesmaid First Look  |  Bridesmaid Group Photos  |  Bride & Bridesmaid Poses  |  Ceremony Pictures  |  Candid Bridesmaid Photos  |  Reception Pictures

Bridesmaid photos are going to be one of the most fun and most important parts of your wedding day. Be prepared with some poses, fun ideas, and must-have shots. 

Unique Bridesmaid Photo and Pose Ideas for the Cutest Pictures

You don’t just want your bridesmaid photos to be pretty: you also want them to be creative, special, and unique to you. We’re not saying don’t get any traditional photos. Just make sure you also get some fun candid shots, a few goofy poses, and some sentimental moments. There are tons of wedding photo ideas out there but make sure you find some that are specific to your bridesmaids. 

Bride & Bridesmaid Getting Ready Photos

One trend we know is here to stay is bridesmaids getting ready photos. Below are a few shots we know you’re going to want to get.

1) Bridesmaids Helping the Bride

The bride and bridesmaids get ready together for a reason: to help each other. Whether the bride needs moral support from her girls or literally needs help reaching her shoes, her besties will be there for her on wedding day to help out.

Bridesmaid Helping Bride Get Ready

Bridesmaid Helping Bride

The getting ready process is a great time to catch the bridesmaids laughing, crying, and acting naturally. So many heartfelt moments happen while the bride is getting ready for her important day.

Bride Getting Ready Photo

Bridesmaid Getting Ready With Bride

2) Matching Bridesmaid Robes or PJs

Everyone needs something comfy and easy to change out of while they get ready for the wedding. Purchasing matching bridesmaid robes or pajamas is a great way to make sure everyone is comfortable and looks great together in photos.

Matching Bridesmaid Robes

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Photo Idea

Bridesmaids Getting Ready Photo

3) Cheers to the Bride!

Are you and the bridesmaids having a drink while you get ready for the big day? Make sure you capture some photos of the quality time you’re spending together while you get ready. An action shot of you popping a bottle of champagne is always a great idea! Show the bridesmaids enjoying themselves before they have to be dressed up and ready to go.

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Popping Champagne

Matching Bridesmaid Pajamas

Bridesmaid First Look Photos with the Bride

First looks aren’t just for the bride and groom anymore. Your bridesmaids will be very high on the list of people who are excited to see you all done up on your wedding day. Their genuine reactions to your dress, hair, and makeup will be priceless so make sure your photographer captures the moment!

1) Before the Reveal

Bridesmaid First Look

Snapping a photo before the bridesmaids see you is a great way to showcase all of your dresses, especially from the back. It’s also a cute lead-up picture to the moment when you do your reveal.

2) During the Reveal

Bridesmaid First Look Photo

Bridesmaid First Look Photo

As soon as your bridesmaids turn around they’re going to be showing a lot of emotion. The raw excitement is a beautiful moment to capture on film.

3) After the Reveal

Bridesmaid First Look Idea

Bridesmaid First Look Photo Idea

Get a few photos of the girls after you’ve already revealed your bridal look. After they’ve had a chance to take in how beautiful you look they’ll be extra excited, laughing, crying, and going in for a big hug. Make sure to keep the camera on this special moment for a little longer.

Bridal Party Photos: Bridesmaid Pose Ideas

You’ll want some traditional shots of the bridesmaids altogether. There are a few ways to make these photos look a little interesting.

1) Semi-Candid Bridesmaid Poses

Try making some of your bridesmaid photos look a little less posed by having the bridesmaids look away from the camera.

Bridesmaid Photo Idea

If the bridesmaids are looking at each other instead of the camera it will be a more endearing shot.

Black Bridesmaid Photos

Scoot the bridesmaids in close to each other to capture a heartfelt moment between everyone in one frame.

Bridal Party Picture Idea

If you have an arch or doorway that will fit all the bridesmaids this will add depth to your shot and make it look a little less posed.

Bridesmaid Wedding Photo

The bridesmaids will look a lot more natural in motion. Try having them walk somewhere in the photos.

Bridesmaid Picture

Having the bridesmaids walk arm in arm is a cute touch. This is an easy way to have everyone interacting with each other in a sweet and natural way. 

2) Fun Posed Bridesmaid Group Photos

Posed photos are a classic for a reason. Make sure you snap at least a few of everyone just smiling at the camera.

Bridesmaid Picture

Your backdrop will make a big difference for these simple shots. Be sure to get more than a few photos in your favorite parts of your wedding venue.

Bridal Party Picture Idea

Take a photo of all the bridesmaids facing away from the camera with the bride turning back. This is the perfect shot to highlight the bride while still getting the bridesmaids in the photo.

Fun Bridesmaid Photo

Don’t be afraid to take some silly photos! Throw up some peace signs, make a kissy face, or hug your bestie.

Bride & Bridesmaid Photo Ideas (Pair Pictures)

One-on-one photos with each of your bridesmaids are especially sentimental. Having an individual photo of you with each of your favorite people is a priceless gift.

Bride and Bridesmaid Photo

Share a sweet moment looking at each other. Looking at each other instead of the camera creates a more tender and natural picture.

Bride and Bridesmaid Photo Idea

Bridesmaid Photo

You can touch your heads together to add to the sentimental feeling. If you naturally start laughing, that’s fine! As long as you’re capturing a special moment with your friend. 

Bride and Bridesmaid Pose

A simple shot looking into the camera is always a good idea too. These are great shots to frame as thank you gifts to your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid and Bride Photo

Do whatever comes naturally to you and your friend: Whether you want to hug and share a sentimental moment or you want to have fun and throw your hands up and cheer.

Bride and Bridesmaid Celebrating

Bridesmaid Photos During the Ceremony

The ceremony is the most important part of the wedding, so make sure you document it well. Capture some photos of the bridesmaids standing at the altar with you, walking down the aisle, and reacting to your ceremony.

Bridesmaids During Wedding Ceremony

Bridesmaid Wedding Picture

Lined up next to you during the ceremony is a great time to get a photo of the bridesmaids. The photographer can capture your friend’s raw emotion as they react to you getting married.

Bridesmaid Wedding Photo

A photo from behind the girls during the ceremony is another great bridesmaid photo idea. This angle shows the details put into their hair, bridesmaid dresses, and flower bouquets.

Green Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid Walking Down the Aisle

As the bridesmaids walk down the aisle there’s an opportunity to highlight each of them. This will be a cute shot of just her (and maybe a groomsman) as she’s getting excited to watch your ceremony.

Bridesmaid Walking Down Aisle

Don’t forget you can also ask for photos of the bridesmaids as they walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. These are super fun because everyone’s feeling celebratory after watching you marry your best friend.

Cute Candid Bridesmaid Photo Ideas

Candid photos always look more natural and capture more personality. Talk to your photographer to make sure they plan on taking lots of candid photos throughout the day.

1) Candid-style Posed Shots

Make your posed photos look candid with a few simple tricks. Have the bridesmaids walk somewhere without being in a single-file line, take all different poses, or do something silly together.

Bridesmaid Walking Photo

Bridesmaid Pose Idea

Funny Bridesmaid Photo Idea

2) Bride Surrounded by Bridesmaids Photos

The bridesmaids will naturally be surrounding their favorite bride throughout the day. Make sure the photographer captures some of these moments. Walking together toward the reception, helping the bride fix her veil or dress, and a group hug all together are all lovely candid shots to get.

Walking Bridesmaid Photo Idea

Bridesmaid Wedding Photo Idea

Bridesmaid Photo

3) Truly Candid Bridesmaid Moments

Ask your photographer to snap some real candid bridesmaid moments. The energy will be fun and exciting all day and there will be so many memories being made. Whatever spontaneous moments you can capture will be the perfect memento from the day.

Candid Bridesmaid Photo

Candid Bridesmaid Picture

Wedding Reception Bridesmaid Photo Ideas

Don’t sleep on the reception photos! Ask if your photographer will be sticking around for the reception at your wedding. If they are, make sure they’re going to capture a few fun bridesmaid photos.

Wedding Reception Photo

Making entrances is always a fun wedding party photo opportunity. Getting the girls to all enter the reception together instead of in pairs with groomsmen gives you a bonus bridesmaid photo.

Wedding Reception Speech Photo

You’ll also want a picture of your maid of honor giving her heartfelt speech to you. This is a moment where she will be showing a lot of emotion, making for a truly endearing photo.

Wedding Reception Bridesmaid Photo

Bridesmaid Picture

The photographer can also capture your reaction to the speeches plus the other bridesmaids reactions too.

Wedding Reception Photo

Sometimes dancing photos don’t turn out as great as we hoped. Make sure your photographer gets some posed pictures of the bridesmaids just hanging out at the reception together!

Wedding Reception Bridesmaid Photo Idea

Start Your List of Bridesmaid Photo Ideas

Let your photographer know in advance what kind of photos you want taken on your big day. They’ll have a ton of ideas already. Just make sure that you let them know if there are specific moments you want to capture or particular poses you want in your bridesmaid photos.

Want to check out some groomsmen photo ideas too? We’ve got you covered with our favorite groomsmen photo inspiration.

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