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Wedding Photo Ideas You Need for Your Special Day

Wedding Photo - Kissing in the Aisle

Every Wedding Photo Idea You'll Want For Your Big Day

When planning a wedding, photos are one of the best things to inspire the big day! With all of the photo-sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, it’s easy to get a bit carried away with storing hundreds of photos for your own reference. We’re wedding photo OBSESSED and decided to compile a list of our favorite pictures from Kennedy Blue weddings. Ready to get inspired by some seriously stunning photography!?

Getting Ready Wedding Photo Inspiration

The morning leading up to the wedding will be full of fun memories - so don't forget to document them! From bridesmaids getting ready in cute robes to the groomsmen putting on their boutonnieres, here are some fun moments to capture.

1) Bridesmaid Robe & Pajama Getting Ready Photos

Bridesmaids in Robes

Satin Bridesmaid Robes

Bridesmaids in Matching Pajamas

Bridesmaids Cheering with Champagne

2) Getting Into Your Wedding Dress Photos

Right after you've gotten dressed is the perfect time for a photo op! Have your mother figure, maid of honor, or other special person join you to finish getting you wedding-ready (like buttoning up your dress, clasping your necklace, etc.)!

Wedding Dress Getting Ready

Bride Looking at her Wedding Dress

Pre-Wedding Photo Ideas

After you've gotten ready and it's time to take on the day, there are some photos you might want to take! Pre-ceremony photos often include first looks and wedding party photos.

3) First Look with the Bridesmaids, Family Members, etc!

A cute moment to document is showing your bridesmaids your dress for the first time! You may also want to include other important people in a first look moment, like a father figure, future in laws, etc.

First Look with Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid First Look

First Look Wedding Family

4) First Touch or First Look with Your Spouse-to-Be

If you and your spouse are seeing each other prior to the wedding ceremony, a first look is such a great moment to capture. If you're waiting for the ceremony, consider doing 'first-touch.'

First Touch with the Wedding Couple

5) Bridal Portraits

Once you're all dolled up and ready to go, get some bridal portraits done! You'll love looking back and seeing how radiant you felt pre-wedding ceremony. Your spouse-to-be should also get some singular photos as well!

Bridal Portrait

Bridal Portrait

6) Wedding Detail Photos

You and your loved ones have worked so hard to make this day happen! Make sure you get photos of all the details - from the decor to your ring.

Wedding Ring

Wedding Cake

Wedding Table Decor

7) Bridal Party Photos with Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Get the whole group together for some fun photos! Bringing all of your best friends together - the bridesmaids and groomsmen - will be a memory you'll want to keep forever.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Wedding Party Photo

Bridal Party in Gold

Wedding Ceremony Photo Ideas

The wedding ceremony is where a lot of photos will be taken - after all, it is the biggest event of the day! Here are a few essential pictures to make sure you get.

8) Wedding Ceremony & First Kiss Photos

Perhaps the most important wedding photo is the first kiss! It's such an anticipated moment that you'll want to look back on for years to come. Additional photos capturing the entire vibe of the ceremony are so special, too.

First Kiss Wedding Ceremony

Wedding First Kiss

9) Post-Ceremony Aisle Exit

The perfect way to wrap up a ceremony is a fun exit down the aisle! Make a plan with your spouse on what you'd like to do - whether it be a kiss or holding hands.

Kiss Walking Down the Aisle at Wedding

Wedding Ceremony Exit

Wedding Ceremony Exit

More Wedding Photos to Take Post-Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is where a lot of photos will be taken - after all, it is the biggest event of the day! Here are a few essential pictures to make sure you get.

10) Wedding Couple Photos (Obviously!!!)

We know you won't forget to get (a ton) of photos with your new spouse! But, here are some inspiration pictures if you're looking for some cute poses. Don't sweat it too much - your photographer will do a great job of helping you catpure the cutest looks.

Bride and Groom Kissing

Bride & Groom Photo

Wedding Couple

11) Speeches & Toasts from Family & Friends

Don't forget to show appreciation to your close family and friends that made this day happen! Be sure to be gracious for the speeches and toasts made by the special people in your life - and make sure to get some pictures!

Bride Hugging the Maid of Honor

Bride and Groom Reacting to Wedding Speeches

12) Wedding First Dance Pictures

Another special moment that absolutely must be captured is your first dance as a married couple! Don't forget the dances with parents as well.

First Dance Wedding

First Dance Wedding

13) Cute Cake Cutting Photos

A cute moment with just the two of you - a cake cutting photo is a must! Whether you want to keep it clean or messy is up to you.

Cake Cutting Photo B&W

Cake Cutting

14) Fun Photos of Dancing at the Wedding Reception

Dancing at the Wedding

Bride and Groom at Wedding Reception

15) Wedding Exit Photos - From Sparklers to Fairy Lights

Likely the last photos of the night, go out with a bang with your wedding exit! Whether you want confetti and sparklers, or a simple grand exit - gather your guests and photographer as you say goodbye for the evening.

Wedding Exit

Wedding Exit

Get Inspiration for Your Perfect Wedding Photos!

Photographs are an essential part of your wedding and are a way to remember these special moments forever. Tell us, which of these favorite photos is the most inspiring to you?

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