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Iconic Groomsmen Photo Ideas You Need to Recreate

Groomsmen Photo

45 Groomsmen (& Groom) Photos You Need to See

It's time to get your wedding party together for photos! Make sure you're ready to go by coming up with ideas for wedding photos ahead of time. Professional photos can be uncomfortable for groomsmen, especially if they're not used to having them taken. Having a few ideas in mind for your groomsmen photos can help your photos go more smoothly. So whether you're a groom, groomsman, or photographer - find some photo inspiration here!

Simple Groomsmen Wedding Party Photo Ideas

Get some inspiration for your groomsmen photos so you’re ready on the big day. These ideas are all simple and easy to pull off. Choose a mixture of posed photos and some candid photo ideas. You might find that you like the goofier candid shots more than the serious posed ones (or vice versa) so having a few different options will be worth it.

Groomsmen Pose

Throw at least one serious look in the mix for the guys to look stately. Having them hold their hands in front of them is an easy pose that looks mature and masculine.

Groomsmen Photo Idea

Staggering the guys in the photo helps add depth. You can have the groomsmen stand in a couple of rows or in a v shape so they're not just in a line.

Groomsman Candid Photo

Have the guys look like they're celebrating the groom or joking with him. encourage them to goof off during the photo shoot so the photographer can get some candids of them horse-playing with the groom.

Groomsmen Photo Celebrating

Make sure the groom is the focus of the photos. His friends can show their own personalities while they surround him. 

Groomsmen Photo Idea

A group hug is another fun way to get the groomsmen together in one shot. Plus, this is a wholesome moment for the guys on their friend's big day.

Groomsmen With Ring Bearers

Don't forget the little men! Put your ring bearers in some of the photos with the groomsmen. This is a sweet way to include them and it also livens up your groomsmen photos.

More Creative Groomsmen Group Pose Ideas

Groomsmen Photo Idea

Groomsmen Should to Shoulder Picture

Have the guys walk with their arms around each others shoulders. This shows their bond and their camaraderie in a stylish way.

Walking Groomsmen Photo

Walking is a great idea for groomsmen photos. Instead of standing still and worrying about their poses and faces, a walking shot puts them at ease and looks more natural.

Groomsmen Walking Photo

Groomsmen Sunglasses Photo

Letting the guys wear sunglasses can add a bit of a twist to some of your groomsmen photos.

Groomsmen Photo Idea  

Groomsmen Checking Watches

Some simple poses are easy to add into the mix. If the groomsmen don't know what to do with their hands, consider a prompt. Have them check their watches, adjust their shirts, or inspect their cufflinks.

Groom With Groomsmen

One of the easiest ways for the guys to show support for their groom in a photo is by having them put their hands on his shoulder. This is a simple pose that can fit everyone in the shot but still has some order.

Funny Groomsmen Photo Ideas for a Good Laugh

“Okay, now a silly one.” Don’t forget to take a few funny photos of the groomsmen. The groom’s best friends are his favorite people to have fun with, so why not get some photos of them having fun? There’s no reason to have 20 photos of them just standing up looking serious together.

Funny Groomsmen Photo

Funny Groomsmen Pic

Picking up the groom is a great idea for a goofy photo. As the groomsmen coordinate how to lift up their friend there are bound to be some laughs and smiles captured.

Fun Groomsmen Photo

Groomsmen Pic

The groomsmen can either hold the groom up sideways or they can try to carry him on their shoulders.

Bride With Groomsmen Picture

You might also want to snap a photo of the groomsmen with the bride. You can get a few normal posed photos but this is also a great opportunity for some silly shots (she’s probably a bit easier to lift anyway). 

Groomsmen Photo Funny

Groomsmen Fun Photo

Another fun groomsman photo idea is to just have the guys roughhouse a little with the groom. If they pull on his shirt, tickle him, or ruffle his hair a bit they're going to be able to show their fun-loving friendship on camera.

Funny Groomsmen Photo

Sunglasses are a versatile addition to your groomsmen photos because they can be a prop for goofy photos and a stylish accessory for serious ones. You can even get custom matching ones made as a gift to the groomsmen.

Funny Drinking Groomsmen Picture

Are the guys drinkers? A fun and nostalgic photo would be them all drinking a beer together or shotgunning a white claw. Just be careful that they don't spill on their fresh suits or drink too heavily before the wedding.

Groomsmen Photo

If they can pull it off: throwing the groom up in the air makes for a hilarious action shot. Anything you can task the groomsmen with that will have them laughing for the photos will create a funny groomsmen photo.

Ideas for the Groom + Groomsmen Pair Photos

Get a few one-on-one photos of the groom with each of his groomsmen. These photos will be special memories for each of the groom’s favorite people. He’ll have a photo with his best friend, one with his brother, and more. Plus, these make great gifts for the groomsmen.

Groomsman and Groom Photo

Have each groomsman come up with a funny pose to do with the groom. He can jump on his back, just laugh together, or act out an inside joke.

Groomsman and Groom Photo

Groom and Groomsman

One easy idea is for the groom and his groomsman to perform a secret handshake. Even if they don't have one already they can come up with one for the photo shoot.

Groomsmen Photo

Groomsman and Groom Picture

A little goofing off is perfect to mix up these photos. Get some normal ones of the groom and his groomsman standing together but after that they can play fight or come up with a silly act.

Groom and Groomsman Funny Photo

Funny Groomsman Pose

Let the bromances shine in the one-on-one photos. A fake proposal, kiss on the cheek, or a hug are all great ways to show the boys' love for each other.

Groomsman and Groom Photo

Groomsmen + Groom Getting Ready Photos

We’ve seen a lot of cute poses for bridesmaids while they’re getting ready for the wedding but we’ve noticed a lot of people forget the groomsmen. Getting ready before the wedding is a great opportunity for some candid shots of the guys.

Groom Getting Ready Photo

Have one of the groomsmen help the groom adjust his cufflinks or tie. Capture this endearing moment on camera as a memory of how much help the groomsmen were on the big day.

Groomsmen Getting Ready Photo

As the groom buttons up his suit is a great time to snap a photo of the details of his attire. This is a great opportunity to showcase the ring, his tie, and his accessories.

Groomsmen Getting Ready Photo Idea

What else are the groomsmen doing while they're getting ready for the wedding? Are they playing a game together, having a drink, or watching a fun movie? Snap some photos of the groomsmen in between wedding tasks when they're just enjoying each other's company.

Groomsmen Photo Drinking

Even if the guys are just having a beer together to celebrate the occasion, this can make for a nice photo opportunity.

Groom Wedding Photo Idea

Getting a snap or two of the groom on his own while he prepares for the wedding is another important task. Get a picture as he's practicing his vows, reading a note from the bride, or putting the final touches on his outfit.

Groom Getting Ready Photo

Candid Groomsmen Photos for the Wedding Reception

Reception photos are underrated. The right photographer can get some amazing candid shots of you and all your favorite people having a great time! These photos will look a little less formal but a lot more authentic. 

Groomsmen Photo Ideas at Reception

One reason reception photos can be so fun is that the wedding party has had a couple drinks. Make sure to get a photo of the group saying a toast to the bride and groom and drinking to their future happiness.

Groomsmen Photo at Reception

A few dancing shots are great to remember how everyone was enjoying their night. Play some of the groom's favorite songs with his guys and make sure to capture them dancing together. This is also a great opportunity to get photos of the bride with the groomsmen.

Groomsmen at Reception

Groomsmen Photo Idea at Reception

Even just normal posed photos will look more natural at the reception. Why? Because everyone will feel so much more relaxed after the ceremony is over and they have a lot less to worry about.

Groomsmen Photo

If you got matching flasks, rocks glasses, or some other fun gifts for the groomsmen, the reception is a great time to get a photo of them in use. 

Reception Groomsmen Photo

Once the ceremony is out of the way, everyone is going to be having a ton of fun at the reception. Snapping spontaneous photos of the groomsmen having fun together will be easy, especially if you have them sitting next to each other in your wedding seating chart.

Cheers Groomsmen Picture

Find Picture Ideas & Plan Your Groomsmen Photos

If you're the bride or groom reading this: don't stress! Your photographer will likely have a ton of ideas for your wedding photos. Make sure you choose a photographer whose portfolio looks the way you want your wedding photos to look. Look through some examples like the ones above, Pinterest photos, and photos your photographer has taken for ideas. Jot down the ideas you love and make sure you go over them before the wedding. 

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