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Now Trending: 14 Reasons to Love Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

You've probably seen the boho trend popping up all over lately. Maybe you've noticed boho decor or fashion when browsing Pinterest or Instagram. Maybe you've wondered if you can pull off the boho look or if you relate to boho style. Guess what - you can!

The boho trend is especially popular in the wedding world. From breezy boho bridesmaid dresses to subtle boho wedding decorations, brides and grooms are feeling the boho theme. You don’t have to wear flower crowns and walk barefoot to enjoy a boho look. Subtle details, soft fabrics, and yes florals, can give you the desired cute and carefree look.

Want to find affordable or sale boho bridesmaid dresses online? Look no further than Kennedy Blue. Whether you're looking for casual and laid back boho or more romantic boho, we have you covered! 

Not quite on board with boho yet? Keep reading! We put together a list of why we love the boho theme and even included some of our favorite Kennedy Blue affordable boho bridesmaid dresses!

Long, flowing chiffon bridesmaid dresses are perfect for an outdoor wedding | Kennedy Blue |  Nyk and Cali Photography

Nyk and Cali Photography


1. It's easy! You don't have to create a huge floral crown and search Etsy for hours looking for "boho accessories" to nail the look. A few simple details, like off the shoulder boho dresses, here and there can help you achieve your theme. 

2. It's comfortable! The bohemian look is all about natural, carefree, and flowing dresses. Ditch the skin tight dresses and don your A-line skirts for a look that is not only super cute but also sooooo comfortable. Our favorite boho fabrics are chiffon and embroidered lace. These fit with the bohemian theme because they are soft and free flowing, and again also super comfortable to wear! Flowing dresses are flattering on a variety of figures, which means your whole bridal party can look fabulous in whatever dress you choose for them.

3. It matches your wedding palette! Worried about making the boho vibe work with your dream wedding colors? The boho vision usually consists of soft, pastel-like colors. Sage green, lilac, slate blue, and blush pink dresses are all natural colors that are easy to pair with a variety of palettes. Another plus: pastels are so beautiful and usually flattering on a variety of skin tones! Not quite sure what your dream wedding color scheme will look like yet? No problem! Check out our fabric swatches

4. It’s all in the details! A simple floral hair accessory, braided hair, anklet bracelets, strappy sandals, or a lush, green bouquet can complete your boho look without going overboard. Again, you don’t have to walk barefoot to be a boho bridesmaid (though we love that look, too). The details of your outfit can imply “boho”. Simplistic dresses with gorgeous bouquets or a mismatched bridal party are both great ways to stay in theme.

5. You can express your personality! What better way to show off your style than by adding details of it to your wedding? You can make your wedding truly one of a kind by having it reflect your personality. But what if your bridesmaids don't all love boho? Have a mismatched bridal party! Kennedy Blue has a variety of dresses that can fit with the bohemian theme, which means your 'maids can pick and choose to fit their personal style. Keep reading to see our favorite boho dresses that we're sure your bridesmaids will love!


We love boho dresses! We brought together some of our favorite Kennedy Blue boho bridesmaid dresses. Available in a variety of colors, these dresses could be the perfect complement to your perfect wedding day! Try these dresses on in your size and color with our At Home Try-On Program!

Thea. One of my all time favorite dresses, Thea is the perfect definition of boho. The off the shoulder straps, ruched bodice, and A-line skirt all come together to create a chic and cute boho look. Add a pendant necklace and a floral hairpiece to complete the look!

Thea is a beautiful boho bridesmaid dress featured here in blush pink | Kennedy Blue

Thea is gorgeous in a variety of colors! Featured here in blush pink. 

Two-piece dresses. Unconventional and cute, two-piece dresses are the newest trend for the modern bride. Mix and match different tops and skirts to create the perfect boho look. The lace tops are classy and such a cute boho complement. Choose from tulle, satin or luxe chiffon in long or short skirts to have an effortless mismatched bridal party. 

Two piece bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a boho wedding party. Mix and match skirts and tops for a unique look! | Kennedy Blue

Mix and match skirts and tops for a one-of-a-kind bridal party! Find these cute dresses here

Everly. Ruffled perfection, Everly’s unique wavy look almost begs to be included in a boho wedding. A-line dresses already create a comfortable, flowy style and Everly’s ruffles just add to the look! Create a truly unique wedding party by mixing and matching Everly with other chiffon dresses. (P.S it also has pockets! How great is that?)

We love the flowy ruffled texture of this bridesmaid dress! | Kennedy Blue style Everly is featured in slate blue

Perfect for your outdoor wedding, the ruffles on Everly are so cool! Featured in slate blue.

Mackenzie. Simply elegant, Mackenzie is a perfectly effortless dress. The ruched bodice and unique criss-cross strap pattern on the back complete the carefree look every boho bride wants. Made from a soft luxe chiffon fabric, Mackenzie is free flowing and easy to wear. We love it! Looking for a short dress? Check out Mackenzie’s knee length version, Luella!

Mackenzie is a beautiful chiffon bridesmaid dress featured in blush pink | Kennedy Blue

We love Mackenzie in blush pink!

Elizabeth is the definition of simplistic elegance. The open back with dainty straps are sure to give your bridesmaids a modern look, but the simple cut will fit your boho theme. Finish off the look with a dainty flower crown and a beautiful bouquet!  

Simple with a beautiful open back, Elizabeth is a beautiful boho bridesmaid dress | Kennedy Blue

With a classy slit and open back, Elizabeth is a gorgeous boho dress!

Ariel. For a bold and beautiful boho look, Ariel is a sure way to complement your theme. If you are looking to create a bridal party that is unique from everyone else's, you have found your dream dress! We love the sequin pattern on Ariel, and you can't go wrong with criss-cross straps. 

Ariel is a gorgeous wine and sequin bridesmaid dress from Kennedy Blue! | Kennedy Blue

Complete Ariel with subtle floral hair piece or ribbon.

Isabella. An asymmetrical ruffled blouse with an A-line skirt, Isabella is simply beautiful. We love the soft chiffon fabric and easy flow to the dress. Isabella is loose throughout the stomach and hips, which means it flatters a variety of figures! And how cute are those criss-cross straps? 

Isabella is a beautiful ruffled bridesmaid dress from Kennedy Blue | Kennedy Blue

We love Isabella and we especially love it in slate blue!

Layla. On the more chic side of boho, Layla is a beautiful, flowy bridesmaid gown. The lace bodice is an excellent complement to the boho theme. With delicate criss-cross straps and beautiful detailed lace, Layla would look amazing with a floral crown and strappy sandals! If you are looking for a short dress try Nova, the knee length version of Layla!

Layla is a gorgeous chiffon bridesmaid dress from Kennedy Blue | Kennedy Blue style Layla featured in blush pink

With a beautiful bouquet or floral crown, Layla is an excellent boho dress!

Morgan. With off the shoulder straps and exquisite embroidered lace, Morgan can be the perfect choice for your boho bridesmaids! Add a few accessories like a subtle floral hair accent, thick cuff bracelets, or jeweled sandals. The embroidered lace pattern will complement your bouquet well too!

Morgan is a gorgeous embroidered lace bridesmaid dress! | Kennedy Blue

We love Morgan! Featured here in sage green.

Allison. With off the shoulder convertible straps and adorable ruffles, Allison will flatter every boho bridesmaid! Wear the straps up for a more modest option or down to showcase the sweetheart neckline. 

Kennedy Blue Allison

Allison can be worn multiple ways - sleeves up or down. Perfect for mix and match bridesmaids!

Cameron. Cameron is a perfect boho option if you're looking for some structure! The gorgeous embroidered details on this bridesmaid dress coordinate perfectly with other floral elements in your boho wedding. The keyhole back is a super flattering and adds a unique detail to the gown. 

Kennedy Blue Cameron

Cameron is a super flattering and unique option with its ornate embroidery details! The floral pattern is perfect for any boho wedding.


Kennedy Blue Thea

Flow Event Group

We love boho bridesmaid dresses - especially easy options like these that are easy to buy online! You can choose to go all out with big floral crowns or add a few subtle details like an anklet bracelet. Have fun mixing colors, fabrics, and styles to create a beautiful bohemian mismatched bridal party. Create lush bridesmaid bouquets or floral crowns for a naturally gorgeous look. Whatever you choose, have fun and be creative!

We love to see boho weddings! Share your Kennedy Blue pictures with us for a chance to be featured on our Real Weddings Blog. Love boho bridesmaid dresses? Love any styles you see featured here? Share with us in the comments below!

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