16 Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

by Jenna Frank November 22, 2018

More often than not, the main focus of the majority of guests in a wedding is usually on the bride and the bridesmaids. But for the groom himself, who may possibly just be pretty nervous about the whole wedding affair and in desperate need of a reliable person to help him through all the ceremonies, the Best Man is the go-to person and his literal savior in his hour of need.

The Best Man certainly deserves a gift that pays due respect to his position. This task of choosing unique best man gifts inadvertently falls on the groom himself. He is, after all, the one who understands his best friend the best. But buying so many gifts for so many different people can actually give the best of us a ‘buyer’s block.’

Don't worry! We have got your back. Here are some best man gift ideas from the groom to help you out in selecting a gift that not only honors your Best Man but also expresses your gratitude for all his help and support while cherishing that unique bond of friendship that you share.

Unique Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

If you start browsing for Best Man gifts at a wedding gift shop, you are sure to come across many articles that may seem like attractive gifts for the Best Man. However, there are a few gifts that stand apart from the regular crowd which are not only worth the money but are also sure to prove to be memorable for your Best Man.

We have compiled together a list of 16 Best Man gift ideas from the groom which will make it easy for you to pick out the best gift for your Best Man according to what he will prefer or like more. 

1. Personalized cufflinks

Nothing signifies the emotional bonding better than a piece of customized jewelry and cufflinks with the Best Man’s initials engraved. These are undoubtedly one of the most unique Best Man gifts ever. Go for silver cufflinks with channeled beading and monogram center which your Best Man can proudly show off at your wedding.

personalized cufflinks | 16 Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

2. A super cool cooler

A super cool cooler which also serves as a stool and comes in many attractive colors can make for an ideal gift for any Best Man. Whether he is a regular beachgoer, a sports fan, or an outdoor enthusiast, this fun and practical gift will definitely be appreciated by your Best Man.

3. Personalized beer mug

Gift a personalized beer mug to your Best Man. Engrave it with a couple of meaningful lines denoting your friendship and bond. There can be no better way to ensure that he remembers you with a smile every time he is chilling out with his mug of beer.

4. Personalized money clip

Give your Best Man some fond memories of your wedding with a personalized money clip engraved with his name, the role he played in your wedding, and even a couple of memorable lines if you want. This daily-use article can also serve as an amazing gift for other groomsmen.

personalized money clip | 16 Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

5. Personalized whiskey glass

For the more sophisticated drinkers, a personalized Whiskey Glass with the Best Man’s name, his role at the wedding and the date of the wedding can be a great addition to his bar cabinet and something to remember the big day by.

personalized whiskey glass | 16 Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

6. Premium liquor dispenser

liquor dispenser | Best Man Gifts from Groom

A premium liquor dispenser for the Best Man who regularly throws parties can prove to be a tasteful gift. Handmade with solid walnut wood and a copper base, such liquor dispensers can accommodate all kinds of bottles and will be a really cool addition to anyone’s bar accessories.

7. Tickets to a beer fest

Now that the bachelor party is done with and the wedding ceremony itself is soon to be over, it will be a great idea to let your best friends enjoy among themselves too while you go on your honeymoon. Check out the beer fests happening near you at https://beerfests.com/ and gift the tickets to your Best Man to let him have the time of his life with his buddies.

8. Tickets to his favorite band

For the music-loving Best Man, tickets to the next performance of his favorite band are sure to make for an amazing gift.

concert | 16 Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

9. Tickets to his favorite Sports Team

Let your Best Man enjoy the next game of his favorite Sports Team with the best seats in the arena by gifting him the tickets to the game. This is one evergreen gift for men that never goes unappreciated.

10. Tickets to a local pub crawl

Getting a free pass to the most happening parties and events in the city is something that all of us crave to have. Gift your Best Man tickets to the pub of his liking which he can enjoy with you, his girl, or his buddies. These tickets are generally hard to come by and are sure to serve as unique Best Man gifts.

11. Cocktail box subscription

Gifting a single bottle of wine went out of fashion a long time ago. Get your Best Man a cocktail box subscription here so that he has a well-stocked bar for a long time, some of which you can probably enjoy too.

12. Fun socks

Socks are boring unless, of course, you make them custom made! Get the wedding date, the role each guy is playing and maybe even their initials printed on the socks for your Best Man and groomsmen. The socks will surely serve to be the source for a good laugh at the wedding.

groomsmen socks | 16 Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

13. BBQ tool set

A BBQ tool set makes for a great Best Man gift for any guy who likes to set up a BBQ in his backyard to serve grilled steaks to his family and friends. To make this gift more unique, you can also get it personalized by engraving the Best Man’s initials or name on the toolbox.

BBQ tool set | Best Man Gift Ideas from Groom

14. Leather wallet

A personalized leather wallet is one of the classy Best Man gift ideas from the groom, especially if the Best Man is someone older to you, such as your father. Moreover, it is also a gift that will last years of use, making it a very good value for money gift item.

personalized leather wallet | 16 Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

15. Leather-wrapped flask

Another classic gift, the leather wrapped flask can also be customized through laser engraving with the Best Man’s name or initials. The wood wrap made of real mahogany and the leather wrap made of original leather make is a very valuable gift for the Best Man.

leather-covered flask | 16 Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

16. A Tie

Ties are great gifts for men on any kind of occasion and having them as Best Man gift ideas from the groom at a wedding is no different. However, one advantage of gifting a tie to your Best Man or groomsmen is that you can match the tie color and pattern with that of the bridesmaids’ dresses for a coordinated look.

Other Ways to Come Up with Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

Although the above list of the Best Man Gift ideas from the groom is pretty comprehensive, sometimes it may not be enough to choose such a generic gift for the Best Man.

Many times, grooms are on the lookout for something that truly has some sentimental value attached to it. We know that even after brainstorming sessions, it can get difficult to pick the gift you are looking for. Here is a short guide on how you can come up with Best Man gift ideas from the groom which are more personalized.

Step 1: Reminisce in your best memories together

It always helps to remember all the good times that you have had together. Jot down all of your best memories together so that you can choose a gift which best denotes all the good times.

Step 2: Write down all of your inside jokes

The groom and Best Man are sure to be the best of friends who would have a store of personal jokes between them. Buy your Best Man something by which he can relate fondly to such a personal joke that you share with him.

Step 3: Recall the Best Man's favorite hobbies and activities

Think hard and jot down your Best Man’s favorite hobbies and activities. Whether it is music, reading, travelling or partying, choose a gift accordingly which shows your thoughtfulness.

guys sitting together on grass | 16 Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom

Step 4: Write down his favorites

Consider his favorites (favorite color, favorite sports teams, favorite movies, etc.). When you know what his favorites are, it will get easier to choose the most unique Best Man gifts for him.

Step 5: Don't give him something he already has!

Think about what he currently owns and what he needs. It wouldn’t do just to gift him something that he already has. Instead, rack your brains to think of something that he has said that he wants or something you feel that he needs.

Step 6: Remember what love about him most

Think about what elements of your best man you admire the most. What made you choose him as your best man? Express your appreciation and your gratitude through a thoughtful yet sentimental gift that will touch his heart.

Step 7: Find the major themes from all of these notes

Draw major themes from your notes and observations, and brainstorm ideas from them. Some of the most appreciable Best Man gift ideas from the groom have come up through multiple brainstorming sessions. After all, putting your thoughts down on paper is sure to help you amidst all the hustle and bustle of planning the rest of the wedding.

boutonniere | 16 Best Man Gift Ideas from the Groom


A wedding is a magical event for the bride and groom and the help and cooperation of their friends cannot be ignored. Do not hold back and express your gratitude towards your Best Man. Give him a gift that he remembers you by and which makes your friendship all the more special.

Tell us what you think of our ideas, and let us know how they helped you in finding the perfect unique Best Man gifts for your wedding party!


Jenna Frank
Jenna Frank


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