Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

Thinking of what color to choose for your wedding can be like standing in front of a million colors in the paint aisle and not knowing which to choose. For a color that can satisfy your soft, neutral, and bold color needs, look no further than the color sage green.

As a grey-green kind of color, its earthy tones and dimension can range from lighter to darker to create a versatile look that is both timeless and modern. In fact, even Pinterest predicted that it would be one of the most popular colors of 2019, calling it “the new neutral.” They must be psychic because the color continues to be one of the most searched for this year.

Sage Green Takes the Wedding Industry By Storm

Using this color for your wedding decorations and bridesmaid dresses makes choosing your color palette a breeze! Sage geen bridesmaid dresses go well with any accent colors you pair it with, not to mention how trendy it is! It’s also a color that you won’t regret picking years down the road. Here at Kennedy Blue, we love the color sage because it is so easy to mix and match!


Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

Our Cameron dress in sage is the most romantic and whimsical bridesmaid dress. The lace detailing at the bodice makes it the perfect option for a light green bridesmaid dress so you can visibly see the detailing.


Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

The Riley dress in sage green is a great option for a bride looking for a dress to fit all her bridesmaids. This dress is super flattering and feminine and is absolute knockout sage bridesmaid dress.


Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

Our Milly dress in sage is so flattering for your petite bridesmaid. The pleated detailing at the top is so beautiful for a green bridesmaid dress and will fit perfectly into your wedding palette.


Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

The Iris dress in sage green is the best option for a feminine and dainty bridesmaid dress. The sexy lace detailing will make every bridesmaid feel beautiful in their light green bridesmaid dress.


Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

Our Jade dress features stunning applique on the bodice that pops in sage. This is a great option for a sage bridesmaid dress that also caters to bridesmaid look for a little more coverage up top.


Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

The Ryan dress in sage green is a classic dress for a natural wedding. This silhouette is super flattering on every bridesmaid and would look great for a bohemian wedding outside.


Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

Our Ella dress in sage features a flowy top that matches any elegant wedding. This light green bridesmaid dress ties perfectly into any wedding without any extra elements.


Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

The Lauren dress in sage green is another great option for a simple dress that looks flattering on everyone. This sage bridesmaid dress is a great neutral that still adds that pop of color every bride loves.


Sage Green Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

Our Kinsley dress in sage features a beaded top that brings a unique element to a full coverage top. This dress is the best option for a bride looking for a unique dress that still fits into her color palette.

6 Palettes for Your Sage Green Wedding

With so many flattering styles that go well with Sage Green, here are the top 6 dresses that’ll make your sage green wedding a reality. You can mix it with Kennedy Blue Sea Glass, to accentuate the green and blue tones together. Include sage with Emerald and Deep Sea to incorporate more green tones to complete the look. If you want something lighter and more neutral to pair with your sage green bridesmaid dresses, go for a light Desert Rose or Champagne colors for a softer range of colors.


sage green Allison

If you’re looking for a dress that is lovely, modern, and versatile, the Allison is the way to go. The boho chic style is flowy, a great detail to remember for when your bridesmaids are walking down the aisle – they’ll look like they’re floating! If you want the spaghetti straps or not, you have the option to do so. If you want the shoulder sleeves or not, that’s also an option! The Allison dress is a great option as one of your sage green bridesmaid dresses.


 sage green Mackenzie

Russell Heeter Photography // Rachel Figueroa Photography

Looking for your sage green bridesmaid dresses to be flattering and unique? The Mackenzie dress’s straps offer a different take on the usual spaghetti strap. The style looks good on all body shapes so don’t forget to include it as you put together your sage green wedding. 


sage green Faith

Have a little faith with Kennedy Blue and include Faith with your sage green bridesmaid dresses. The sage tone will flatter the bridesmaid who prefers to have a shorter dress. Don’t worry though! Having a variety of dresses on your wedding day will look great and help your bridesmaids feel comfortable choosing a dress that they will love.


sage green Ginger

Go for a classic and modern look with the Ginger dress that, although is in sage, can offer texture and dimension to the color. With the flowy fabric and fully lined bodice, the dress creates shadows to make your sage green bridesmaid dresses look like more than just a green color. The halter top allows your bridesmaid to show off some skin and still feel comfortable all day long. 


sage green Thea

Your bridesmaid wants something romantic? We’ve got the Thea dress just for you. Its flowy fabric adds a romantic touch to your ladies as they walk down the aisle. The spaghetti straps and off the shoulder straps offer a unique touch to an already beautiful dress. Picking it in a sage color will bring that earthy, neutral look to your bridal party.


sage green Elena 

A light sage color will look incredible on our Elena dress for a look that is classic and beyond elegant. The criss-cross halter neckline is a one of a kind style that will fit all of your bridesmaids perfectly! The back is equally as simple yet breathtaking, so make sure to include it in your photoshoot! 

Inspo Alert! Real Sage Green Weddings

Not set on sage yet? Let these weddings inspire you! All of these ladies dressed in sage look beyond gorgeous in their dresses. These weddings are both outdoor weddings, but one was set in a forest while the other was set in the city! I love that you get to see how beautiful this color looks in both settings. So sit back, relax, and relish in these couples' love! 

Michelle + Chad 

sage green Parker
sage green Parker

sage green

Parker in Sage

Rachel Figueroa Photography

Michelle's ladies looked oh-so-lovely in their bridesmaid dresses. Michelle and Chad had an outdoor forest wedding (cannot wait to have my own one day), and they did such a wonderful job choosing their palette for their venue! Their wedding centerpieces were very elegant, and they chose lovely hues of pink, coral, and cream to accent the greenery that ties in wonderfully with their bridal party's dresses! 

Cara + Curtis

Kennedy Blue sage green bridesmaids dresses

sage green

Kennedy Blue sage green bridesmaids dressesKennedy Blue sage green bridesmaids dresses

sage green
Mackenzie, Parker, and Abigail in Sage 
Cara and Chad's party looked dashing in Sage with the darker greens and lighter grays in the background. This couple did such an excellent job tying together accent colors that meshed well with Sage in their photos. The dreary weather matched those dresses so well! Chad and Cara also did a great job with their wedding centerpieces. These centerpieces were made to look chic and less put-together, and this tied their aesthetic together quite well! We love the pops of pink placed here and there as well! 


With the ability to include the color beyond just your flowers or other wedding accents, incorporating Sage Green bridesmaid dresses to your big day is an easy way to be trendy and timeless. Because the color is so beautiful and easy to use on your big day, it’s no wonder Sage is popping up all over! Its ability to be versatile, elegant, and flattering for everyone means your bridal party will look incredible – and feel it too.

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Picking the right shade of green for your wedding can be so overwhelming but here at Kennedy Blue, it doesn’t have to be! Our dresses are offered in 40+ colors giving you unlimited options for your big day. Comfort is always a plus when spending all day in a dress so all our dresses have pockets! We offer over 90+ styles so you are guaranteed to find a style that best fits your bridesmaids. Best of all, all dresses here at Kennedy Blue are $150 or less making it the perfect price point for any bridesmaid! Tell us in the comments down below what dress you’d pick out for your petite bridesmaids. Are you more of a Ginger or a Hope? Let us know! Have you been in a wedding featuring a stunning sage dress? Send us photos!


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This color with cream/ivory flowers and lots of greenery would be STUNNING

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A friend of mine had this color in her wedding. It was beautiful!!

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Love this color with a blush pink! Those will be my wedding colors for sure!

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Love this color! Your dresses are stunning!

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Sage Green was the color I chose for bridesmaid dresses for my wedding last August! Kennedy Blue had the only Sage Green color that didn’t look olive or neon. So pretty!

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A friend of mine bought a dress through this website and had a good experience. I will be checking it out as well and these are the colors for my bridesmaid dresses; so excited :).

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I LOVE this color and how many different styles are available!

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I love the sage green!

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I always thought I was set on maroon bridesmaid dresses until I saw these… love the color scheme!

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