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Stunning Bridesmaid Bouquet Ideas You Need for Your Wedding

Red Bridesmaid Bouquets

2024 & 2025 Wedding Bouquet Inspiration for Your Bridesmaids

You have tons of options to choose from for your wedding bouquets! If you have your bridesmaid dress colors already picked out, keep that color in mind as you shop for the perfect bridesmaid bouquets. Your bridesmaid’s flowers don’t have to be the exact same color as your bridesmaid dresses or your decor. Choose colors that complement each other and help create the wedding aesthetic you’ve envisioned. 

Get inspired by looking through some real wedding photos. Below are some of our favorite bouquets from recent weddings (featuring Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses, of course). 

1) Small Wedding Bouquet for Bride & Bridesmaids

Small Wedding Bouquets

You don’t have to have huge bouquets for your bridesmaids (or even for yourself). Small wedding bouquets give you the opportunity to keep it simple with just one or two types of flower. They also help keep the focus on the dresses and the decor around you.

2) Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere hydrangeas thrive, you know how gorgeous they can be when they bloom every spring. Hydrangeas are bulbous and made up of lots of tiny blooms. Including hydrangea in your bouquet is a great way to add volume to the flower arrangement.

3) Greenery Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

Not every bouquet has to revolve around roses and baby’s breath. Take a less traditional route by choosing a bouquet of wildflowers, vines, greenery, pampas grass, berries, and more. Wildflowers come in a ton of different colors and a wide variety of sizes so your bouquet is sure to look unique. Your only problem will be narrowing down your options! 

4) Neutral Boho Wedding Flowers

Fall Wedding Flowers

Neutral tones are gorgeous for fall weddings. Most flowers are no longer blooming by Autumn so adding some pampas grass and neutral greenery to your bouquet is a great substitute. Use a combination of neutral toned plants and flowers in your bouquet to embrace the colors and textures of fall.

5) White Wedding Bouquet

White Wedding Bouquet

A white wedding bouquet doesn’t need to be boring. White wedding flowers with a variety of greenery are one of the most popular wedding trends for a reason. The white flowers create a sense of brightness white the greenery makes the white pop. This combination matches with almost any bridesmaid dress color and nearly every wedding theme.  

6) Colorful Boho Wedding Bouquet

Boho Wedding Bouquet

Boho vibes are perfect for everything, even your wedding. Boho is all about having an eclectic mix of textures, colors, and natural elements. The boho wedding bouquet of your dreams can include a variety of peonies, roses, baby’s breath, pampas grasses, eucalyptus, and more. Your florist should also use different lengths of flowers to create a unique shape.

7) Pops of Color Summer Wedding Bouquet

Summer Wedding Bouquet

Summer is full of warmth and color. Bring some summer fun into your flower arrangements with a wide variety of colorful flowers with a pop of summer greenery. Pink, orange, purple, and blue are all fun summer wedding colors to make your bridesmaid bouquets pop. Choose one of the colors to match your bridesmaid dresses for a cohesive look.

8) Peony Wedding Bridesmaid Bouquet

Peony Wedding Bouquet

Peonies are gorgeous for weddings in every season. They’re dainty and feminine yet full bodied and bold. Combine big fluffy peonies with some smaller flowers and a touch of greenery for a beautiful and romantic bridesmaid bouquet. If you want your wedding to feel like a fairytale you definitely need a pink and white peony wedding bouquet.

9) Pink & White Rose Wedding Bouquet

Rose Wedding Bouquets

Roses are a classic option for your bridesmaid and bridal bouquets. Since there are such a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, you can create the perfect rose bouquets for any wedding vibe. Classic white, red, or pink rose is an easy way to have small, minimalist bouquets. To stand out as the bride, you can choose all white roses for your bridal bouquet and have a colorful version for the bridesmaid flower bouquets.

10) Nature-Inspired Wedding Bouquet

Winter Wedding Bouquet

Winter wedding colors usually involve deep reds, forest green, and other dark colors. You can mix it up a bit by adding pops of lighter colors like fog blue bridesmaid dresses, pops of white roses, and eucalyptus branches. Feel free to get creative with your winter wedding bouquets by using flowers in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes.

11) Greenery Wedding Bouquet with White Accents

Green Wedding Bouquet

Focusing on green is a great way to highlight the natural elements in your wedding. Green bridesmaid dresses and green wedding bouquets are beautiful, simple, and complement any wedding aesthetic. If you want to keep your wedding color scheme minimalist, green and white will make sure you have plenty of color and light.

12) White Rose Winter Wedding Bouquet

White Rose Wedding Bouquets

Your bridesmaid bouquets really don’t need to be complicated. A simple bouquet of white roses will complement any bridesmaid dress color. Sometimes simpler is better. The sleek look of a white rose wedding bouquet is timeless and classic.

13) Sunflower Wedding Bouquet

Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Sunflowers bloom in the summer and into the fall. They’re perfect for fall wedding bouquets because they look great with other warm fall wedding colors. A sunflower bouquet also works great for summer when it’s combined with a bright or pastel bridesmaid dress. You could even use yellow daisies for a sunflower-like look that’s smaller and easier to fit in your bridesmaid flower bouquets.

14) Blue Bridesmaid Wedding Bouquet

Blue Wedding Bouquets

We love the combination of blue bridesmaid dresses and a fun colored bouquet. Use some bright blue flowers to accentuate the dresses. Then sprinkle in some greenery, a pop of pink or peach, and some white roses and you’ll have a gorgeous and colorful blue wedding bouquet.

Artificial Wedding Bouquets and Other Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

Fresh flowers can be expensive, sometimes they aren’t in season, and they only last a few days unless you get them preserved. If you’re looking for some alternatives to fresh flower bouquets for your bridesmaids, look no further. We chose some of our favorite options for you to consider.

1) Simple Silk Wedding Bouquets

Simple Silk Wedding Bouquets

White Rose Silk Wedding Bouquets

Artificial wedding bouquets are one of the easiest substitutes for a real bouquet. A bouquet made out of silk flowers is just as beautiful and colorful as a real bouquet. These are often cheaper than a real bouquet and they also never die, making them a fun keepsake from the wedding.

2) Dried Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

Dried Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

Dried Wildflower Wedding Bouquet for Bridesmaids

Dried flowers are a great way to stick with the natural element of flowers without worrying about what’s in season or when the flowers will die. These flowers are still naturally grown and harvested like a regular bouquet and they even maintain the floral aroma.

3) Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

Macrame Hoop Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternative

Looking to skip the flowers altogether? There are plenty of alternatives to a bridesmaid bouquet. Your bridesmaids will need something to do with their hands as they walk down the aisle, stand at the altar, and pose for photos. Give them something cute to hold like these handmade macrame hoops or any other cute idea you come up with. As an added bonus, these will look great as an addition to their home decor after the wedding. 

Choose Your Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaid Bouquets

Choosing your bridesmaid bouquets is such a fun process, especially if you love flowers. You have so many blooms and blossoms to choose from so how do you narrow it down? Here are some tips to help you decide:

  1. Get inspiration. Check out Pinterest, some wedding blogs, and Instagram for inspo from recent weddings and popular trends.
  2. Decide on a budget. You can spend a crazy amount of money on flowers if you want to or you can go a more affordable route. Just make sure you have an idea of what you want to spend before you start planning with your florist.
  3. Talk to a florist. No one knows more about flowers than the experts. Talk to a florist (or a few if you didn’t pick one yet) about your ideas.
  4. Consider what’s in season. Certain flowers bloom in specific parts of the year. Getting flowers out of season can be pricey.
  5. Add meaningful touches. Tell your florist if you want to include something symbolic like your mother’s favorite flower, a traditional color, the wildflowers you picked as a child, etc.

Now that you’ve gotten some inspiration, you can start making final decisions on your bridesmaid and bridal bouquets. Just make sure your bouquets match your vision for your wedding!

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