32 Kennedy Blue Weddings Who Nailed the Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Trend

by Andrew Fuchs June 23, 2016 1 Comment

It's been here for a while and it's not going anywhere. The mix and match bridesmaid dress trend is not only on-trend, but also something your ladies will be ecstatic about. Mismatched dresses allow them to choose a style they feel most comfortable in, and who doesn't want their ladies celebrating their big day in comfort AND style? From short lace styles to long chiffon dresses, we've put together the ultimate list of Kennedy Blue real weddings that embraced and rocked the trend flawlessly. 

32 Parties Who Rocked The Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend

1. These ladies who loved the mixture of lace and chiffon AND different necklines as much as we do. 

Navy Lace and Chiffon Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Ashton, Londyn, and Peyton in Navy | Christy Tyler Photography

2. This winter wedding who paired our black lace top dresses with the most beautiful white flowers, pine and berry bouquets. 

Black Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Delilah, Lola and Bella in Black | Molly Jo Collection Photography

3. These maids who matched their bride in color, but wore short styles to contrast with her long bridal gown. 

Ivory Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Londyn in Ivory (high neck lace top dress). All other styles are from other designers | Ben Saefke Photography

4. These blushing beauties who mixed a lace top dress with regular chiffon necklines flawlessly. 

Blush Bridesmaid DressesShop the look (left to right): Kinley, Hannah (front left), Violet (back left), Sophia (back right), and Olivia in Blush | Monica Ganter Photography

5. This blush party who found the perfect style for every body type and completely rocked it. Blush Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Stella, Olivia, and Anna in Blush | Stephanie Nunley Photography

6. These beauties in eggplant who are glowing almost as much as their bestie tying the knot. 

Eggplant Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Chloe and Addison in Eggplant | Sarah Libby Photography

7. This bride who outfitted her MOH in a different style than the rest to ensure she stood out. 

Navy Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Olivia and Anna in Navy | Bellagala Photography

8. These maids and their junior bridesmaid who were so excited to see their bestie in her bridal gown for the first time.

Eggplant Bridesmaid DressesShop the look (left to right): Lucy, Quinn, Chloe and Olivia in Eggplant | Rebekah Hoyt Photography

9.  These nine who rocked four different necklines in navy like pros. 

Navy Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Quinn, Lucy, Chloe and Addison in Navy | Hannah Schmitt Photography

10. These best friends who know how good laughter is for the soul. 

Eggplant Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Anna, Hannah, Olivia and Stella in Eggplant | Beth Insalaco Photography

11. This bride who knew how perfectly the strapless and halter styles coordinated so her MOH could stand out just a little bit!

Navy Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Olivia and Violet in Navy | Brandis Alves Photography

12. These ladies who found the perfect and cutest flower girl dress to coordinate with their mix and match styles. 

Short Navy Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Chloe, Lucy, Spencer and Olivia in Navy | Bryan Streigler Photography

13. These six who are totally "mint" to be best friends.

Mint Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Hannah, Anna, Violet, and Olivia in Mint | Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

14. These three who chose necklines that perfectly complemented their bride's gown.

Eggplant Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Sydney, Lucy and Chloe in Eggplant | K & E Imaging Photography

15. These four who got the cutest personalized hangers as bridesmaid gifts. 

Mint Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Addison and Quinn in Mint | Purrington Photography

16. These ladies in Navy who were ready to celebrate at the lake after their bestie tied the knot!

Navy Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Chloe, Addison and Audrey in Navy | We Laugh We Love Photography

17. This party in mint whose bright flowers fit perfectly with their bright colored dresses.

Mint Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Spencer, Chloe, Quinn, and Addison in Mint | Kayla Barker Photography

18. This party who loves the wine color as much as we do. 

Wine Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Megan, Chloe, and Audrey in Wine | Essence Weddings Photography

19. And this party who mixed the Wine and Cactus colors to create the perfect, spring tulip-like look. 

Cactus and Wine Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Audrey and Lucy in Cactus, and Chloe, Quinn and Lucy in Wine | Lisa Webb Photography

20. These ladies who perfectly popped in their bold and stunning claret dresses!

Claret red bridesmaid dressesShop the look: Violet, Kylee, and Olivia | George Street Photo

21. These gals who had the cutest message for the groom. 

Eggplant Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Chloe and Addison in Eggplant | Anita Martin Photography

22. And these besties who each wore a different neckline and couldn't be happier for their bride.

Blush Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Stella, Violet, Olivia, Chloe and Hannah in Blush | Katie Lewis Photography

23. And this mismatched party in Peacock who celebrated by the lake. 

Peacock Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Quinn, Addison, Lucy, and Spencer in Peacock | Purrington Photography


24. This Mint party who coordinated strapless and one shoulder dresses flawlessly.

Mint Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Hannah and Olivia in Mint | Ray + Kelly Photography

25. These ladies who mismatched the color of their cardigans flawlessly.

Charcoal Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Chloe in eggplant | Teal Photography

26. This barn wedding with the perfect mix of V-neck and cap sleeve lace dresses. 

Navy Bridesmaid Dresses Shop the look: Charlotte and Harper in Navy | West Vita Photography

27. These ladies who rocked eggplant lace like no-other. 

Eggplant Lace Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Charlotte and Harper in Eggplant | Lime Light Photo Works Photography

28. This bride and her besties who sure know how to strike a pose. 

Navy Lace Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Charlotte and Harper in Navy | Maria Linz Photography

29. This bride who wore Kennedy Blue and outfitted her ladies in different coordinating shades. 

Mix and Match Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Grace bridal gown. Bridesmaid styles from other designers. | Sarah Chacos Photography

30. These four who not only mixed and matched their dresses, but the color of their shoes as well. 

Black Bridesmaid DressesTandem Tree Photography

31. This beach wedding party who mixed fabrics, styles and lengths like pros.

Beach WeddingShop the look: Bride wore Kennedy Blue Hailey bridal gown. Bridesmaid dresses are from various designers | Monica Lopez Photography

32. And finally, this gang who mixed and matched fabrics, colors, designers and even their guys' attire and looked absolutely flawless!

Blush and Coral Bridesmaid DressesShop the look: Quinn in coral (2nd from left), Spencer in blush (2nd from right), and Lucy in coral (far right). Additional styles from various designers | Tandem Tree Photography

No matter what your wedding theme may be, mismatched bridesmaid dresses is never a bad option! Need assistance deciding on styles, colors or fabrics? We know our dresses better than anyone (obviously!), and we LOVE helping our brides and bridesmaids decide on the perfect styles. Give us a call at 1-844-294-7199 or shoot us an email at info@kennedyblue.com and we'll gladly help in your decision making process. 

You can also try on dresses at home with our At Home Try-On service before placing your actual order and order fabric swatches to see which fabrics and colors you like best beforehand. Time to start shopping! 

Andrew Fuchs
Andrew Fuchs


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Michelle Nunley
Michelle Nunley

April 25, 2017

Love this article! Sister and I were just talking about the appeal of mismatched dresses!

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