Jade Bridesmaid Dresses

Jade bridesmaid dresses, inspired by the stunning green gemstone color.

Jade Green Bridesmaid Dresses to Fit Your Earthy Wedding Color Palette

A charming color that is inspired by the earth, Jade bridesmaid dresses are whimsical and unique. This deep mix of green and blue is a shade that your bridesmaids will truly love wearing. Find gorgeous styles, from square neck jade bridesmaid dresses to strapless designs. From bump-friendly maternity dresses to junior bridesmaid dresses - there’s a look for everyone in your group!

Gorgeously Mix & Match Green Bridesmaid Dresses with Jade

Jade is such an easy color to mix and match! With its stunning green hue, you can easily coordinate it with other shades of green and blue. Here are a few combinations that we are absolutely loving when it comes to mismatched bridesmaid dress colors!

What Size Jade Bridesmaid Dress Will I Wear?

Choosing your bridesmaid dress size is simple! Just take 3 measurements: bust, waist, and hips. (You can find the how to measure guide here!) Compare your measurements to the size chart, and choose your closest fit! Most bridesmaids find that the dresses fit true to size. And as always, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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