Simple Best Man Speech Templates

Being a best man is a position of extraordinary honor and responsibility. This is the one position that conveys how important you are for the groom and reflects the unique friendship between you and the groom.

It can be pretty nerve-wracking to deliver the perfect best man’s speech that conveys all your feelings for your friend and his bride while being completely appropriate for the occasion. In fact, we have known some people to be under so much pressure while writing their best man speeches that they ended up committing some of the worst blunders. We’re here to your rescue with some of best man speech templates! Read on for our easy-to-follow templates! 

Easy Best Man Speech Templates

The best way to put your ideas to paper is to follow a set template that can guide your thoughts and help you in putting together a perfectly framed speech. Here we have put together some easy and simple best man speech templates that you can refer to while writing down your speech.

groom putting on boutonniere | Simple Best Man Speech Templates

Best Man Speech Template #1

1) Compliment the bride and groom, the ceremony, etc.

Start off your speech with a compliment to the bride and groom or with a positive comment on the ceremony or anything else that you feel is worth referring to. It will add a touch of class to your speech.

2) Introduce yourself and explain how you met the groom, how long you’ve known the groom, etc.

Following the compliment, you ought to introduce yourself to the guests with a brief introduction to your relationship with the groom. You can also throw in some details as to how long you have known the groom, where you first met him, etc.

Thank the guests for being there and the wedding party, family, and friends for making this wedding happen! 

Thanking the guests for taking out time to attend the wedding is something that anyone who is close to the bride and groom ought to do. It would be a great inclusion in the best man’s speech and also convey your closeness with the family.

raising a toast | Simple Best Man Speech Templates

Tell the story of how you and the groom met, a great inside story you and the groom share, what your first thoughts were when you met the bride, etc.

Follow up the introduction with an inside story about you and the groom. It can be about some experience that you shared together in college or when you were growing up together. You can also include some story about the bride if she is well-known to you.

Talk about how much the groom means to you and how his prevalence in your life has affected you

The story you tell about your experience with the groom can be followed with a heartfelt statement about how much value he holds in your life and how much it means for you to have him as your friend or brother.

Talk about the couple and your overall thoughts on them as a couple

If you have spent some time with the bride and groom together, you would definitely be able to rake up some thoughts about what a beautiful couple they make or how perfect they are for each other.

Bride and groom leaving wedding | Best Man Speech Templates

Talk to the bride/groom about characteristics you appreciate, how you’ve seen the groom change in a good way, etc.

Take this opportunity to strengthen your bond with the bride by letting her know how much of a positive difference she has made in your friend. You can also include something about the groom’s personality traits that you especially admire that you've seen develop ever since they became a couple. 

Relate your thoughts on the couple to the groom and yourself

To make your speech a success, you must relate all your thoughts about the couple to yourself to give it a more personal touch.

State a few ending sentences that summarize your thoughts on the couple.

Towards the end of the speech, you can summarize your thoughts about the bride and groom with a couple of crisp sentences that can tie together your speech’s components in a neat way.

Give a toast to the couple and the life they’re about to spend together

Finally, propose a toast to the couple. Congratulate them again for their wedding and wish them well for their future life as a couple.

champagne toast | Best Man Speech Templates

Best Man Speech Template #2:

Introduce yourself to the guests

Since a lot of guests might not know your name, who you are, or how you know the groom, it would be a good idea to start with a brief personal introduction of yourself to the guests.

Thank everyone for being there

Make it a point to thank all the guests for attending the wedding ceremony and making this day a grand success for the bride and the groom.

Thank the wedding party, family, and friends for being there and helping out

Extend a personal thank you to individual members of the family or to those few special friends who you know have helped in arranging the party.

Tell the story of how the bride/groom and groom met. Share some of your initial thoughts on the meeting

The story of how the bride and groom met is always heard attentively by most of the wedding guests. In fact, it is almost expected of the best man to include the story in his speech. You can also go a step further and share what you initially thought of the bride or about their meeting.

man and woman holding each other | Simple Best Man Speech Templates

Talk about what you love about the groom and how the groom brings the best out of him

You can follow up with a story about the bride and groom with your own thoughts about why you think they are perfect for each other. You can also include your feelings about the groom on this most special day of his life.

State a great love quote, a line of a song, etc. to tie the whole speech together

To end the speech, you can use your own personal favorite love quote, poem, line of a song, or you can use something that holds meaning to tie the whole speech together. 

man writing on a journal | Simple Best Man Speech Templates

Raise a toast to the bride and groom and end with your best wishes for them

Wish the couple your best by raising a toast to the bride and groom with a few chosen words that convey the warmth of your feelings towards them.

End with a prayer (if you are religious)

You can also include a prayer, a hymn or a religious saying in your speech if you are a believer.

Tips for Giving the Best Man Speech

Writing the Best Man Speech is difficult, to say the least, but it is even more nerve-wracking to give the speech in front of hundreds of guests. If you are also feeling nervous about your speech, and are not sure about the best man speech templates described above, we have a few select tips for you that will make it much easier for you:

Tip #1: Don’t wait until the last minute to write your speech

No matter how busy you are with the wedding preparations, make sure that you give some priority to your speech and not leave it until the last minute. Writing the speech well in advance will give you time to think about all that you want to say and help you in gathering your thoughts together more effectively.

Tip #2: Opening lines are super important—start off with a great joke if you can!

For any kind of wedding speech, it is extremely important to ensure that you grab the attention of the audience with your first few lines. Otherwise, nobody would even listen to the speech. The best way to grab the attention is to start off with a joke, if possible or anything else that comes naturally to you.

Tip #3: Aim for a balance between sentimental and humorous

A perfect speech is one that is capable of getting laughs as well as tears from the audience. An overly sentimental or humorous speech would just make everyone uncomfortable and not be appreciated by the groom too.

Tip #4: Practice in front of people

If you are not used to giving speeches and are feeling nervous about it, you can practice it in front of a few friends first. This will help you in getting some good tips on how you can improve the content as well as the style of presenting the speech.

Tip #5: Write down an outline of your speech on a note card to use as a reference

Many times, in the rush of the moment you forget to say many important things that you had thought you would in the speech. An easy way to avoid that is to jot down a few keywords or sentences on a note card that you can refer to during your speech.

Tip #6: Don’t forget to enunciate your words while you’re up there

Enunciation is an important part of any kind of public speaking and a best man’s speech is no exception. The enunciation of words will help you make a deeper impact on the gathering even with a short speech.

Tip #7: Don’t drink too much before the speech

Drinking too much before the speech would probably put the speech to risk as you would not be able to deliver it as properly as you would be able to in a sober state. A couple of glasses of wine or champagne before the speech would probably be enough to take the edge off.

Tip #8: Skip the inappropriate jokes, please (sex jokes are a big no-no)

A wedding reception is no place for inappropriate jokes that will just embarrass the bride and groom as well as the rest of the guests. Keep them out of the speech and keep it classy.

Tip #9: Before writing your speech, jot down a few of your favorite memories, jokes, and characteristics of the groom

If you are facing a writers’ block in writing the speech, just try to recall your favorite memories with the groom and jot them down to take inspiration from.

Tip #10: Keep your speech five minutes or less

We know that you would probably want to say a lot of things in your speech but a perfect speech is one that is short, crisp and conveys all your feelings in a few words.

a man with his arm around the other man | Simple Best Man Speech Templates


The speech given by the Best Man is one of the most memorable moments of the wedding for the groom and is responsible for further cementing your friendship with him. We hope that you are able to nail the speech with the help of our best man speech templates and tips.

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