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Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Boho Wedding

Bridesmaids wearing beige

Beige & Tan Dresses  |  Grey Bridesmaid Dresses  |  Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses  |  Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Soft, neutral colors are versatile, which is why neutral wedding palettes are perfect for any season. While they’re popping up more and more, like in popular boho weddings, the shades themselves have a timeless appeal. There are so many ways to play around with this look, from grey neutrals like Dove and Charcoal to mauve shades like Desert Rose and Dew Drop. If you’re not into bold colors for your bridesmaid dresses, a neutral wedding palette is likely perfect for you!

Neutral Bridesmaid Dress Colors You'll Want at Your Wedding!

If you want to be trendy yet timeless, a neutral wedding palette is the way to go. Neutral colors never go out of style and are easy to coordinate. They can lend both a casual and cozy or more elegant bridal party look depending on your preference. For brides who are dreaming of mix and match bridesmaid dresses, they are especially easy to pair up.

Tan and Beige Bridesmaid Dresses

Tan and beige are colors are gorgeous for weddings. These earthy colors allow you a lot of ease when choosing your venue and decor, since they go well with everything! Our tan and beige bridesmaid dresses include the colors: Fawn, Latte, and Champagne.

1) Beige Bridesmaid Dresses for an Earthy Vibe

Latte Bridesmaid Dresses

Latte Bridesmaid Dresses | Danielle Hickman Photography

There are a variety of ways to describe beige, from a pale sandy color to a grayish-yellow. Our favorite shade of beige is ‘  Latte’, and happens to be one of the most popular colors for boho brides. It contrasts beautifully with a crisp white and light shades of brown. And is often complemented with beautiful textures, like pampas grass. It also goes with black or deep browns for a more moody or alt boho bridal vibe.

Bridal Party wearing neutral colors

Latte Bridesmaid Dresses | Kara Quinn Photography

This beige shade of bridesmaid dresses looks especially great when paired with black groomsmen suits. The contrast brings an extra level of class, while the classic black look remains easy to coordinate with.

2) Tan Bridesmaid Dresses You'll Love

Faen Bridesmaid Dresses

Fawn Bridesmaid Dresses | Love Little Live Small

Looking for a shade darker than beige? You'll likely love this unique tan color called Fawn. A mid-tone brown is quite similar to a milk chocolate color. We find that these tan colors tend to be easier to complement with other colors. For example, it is frequently paired with deep forest-inspired greens as well as vibrant oranges. If you prefer a softer, more romantic style, you can even pair it with subdued shades of pink.

Bridesmaids holding hands

3) Classic Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Let’s go even lighter! A totally understated shade, Champagne is another timeless wedding color. This is a fun option for couples who want a unique boho bridal party. The color is similar to the drink in your glass, light, and buttery with brown undertones.

Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses | New Ground

We understand that Champagne can be intimidating, but should you choose it you won’t be disappointed. This color is a stunner for spring and summer, pulling the yellow tones from the warm environment. Our favorite way to style it? With nude shoes and a gorgeous bouquet of brown and bleached florals. You and your girls will look on-trend and timeless.

Grey Bridesmaid Dress for Your Neutral Wedding

A grey neutral wedding palette screams sophistication. Dove, Charcoal, and Silver are the main players in this category, which complement a range of skin types. When choosing your full neutral wedding palette, consider that these colors pair well with white, blues, and greens.

1) Stunning Silver Bridesmaid Dresses

Jay Silver Bridesmaid Dress

Jay Bridesmaid Dress in Silver

Looking for silver bridesmaid dresses that are truly silver? You've come to the right place! This particular shade doesn't lean either way, warm or cool, in terms of the undertone. What does this mean? It is a stunning color that is easy to coordinate!

2) Gorgeous Light Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Our most popular color grey is a lighter shade called Dove. A fun detail about this color is the blue-green undertone, which makes it especially versatile. Complement Dove with a mix of nude and dusty green colors for an ethereal or earthy boho wedding. Or with blue and other greys for boho beach wedding vibes. It’s a great choice if you are going for a more understated look.

Dove Bridesmaid Dresses

Dove Bridesmaid Dresses | Rocheal Photography 

Yet another reason to love the color Dove is that it looks grand on everyone. And because it is a true neutral, it can look both casual and formal. We recommend complementing it with lighter, clean colors for a more sophisticated bridal lineup.

3) Dark Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Sue Bridesmaid Dress in Charcoal

Charcoal Bridesmaid Dress Sue

Charcoal is the darkest color in our lineup, aside from black. This dark grey shade is a step between Black and Dove. It has a slightly cooler tone, making it a good choice to pair with Silver, Dove, and White. Alternatively, consider mixing in a dusty shade like Slate Blue for a moody beach wedding. Or use Charcoal as the only darker shade, as a stark contrast, for a boho-chic look.

Mauve & Blush Bridesmaid Dresses for A Neutral Pink Vibe

Desert Rose, Dew Drop, and Blush all fall in our neutral-mauve category. The pink undertones of these shades look stunning, especially in spring and summer weddings. These colors pair well with each other, as well as with a variety of other neutrals, bold colors, and metallics like rose gold. Meaning it's a great color for a mix and match boho bridal party!

1) Blush Bridesmaid Dresses for a Pale Pink Wedding

Blush Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Blush Pink Bridesmaid Dresses | Emily Hancock

Another longtime wedding favorite, blush bridesmaid dresses are always a beautiful choice! Popular for spring and summer weddings, this pale pink wedding color looks amazing across venues.

2) Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses in Desert Rose

Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses

Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses | Figlewicz

A dusty pink, Desert Rose bridesmaid dresses are an absolute dream. A more neutral alternative to traditional pink, this color still lends romance and femininity. This shade pairs especially well with warm tones of brown, including Latte and Fawn bridesmaid dresses. The icing on the cake? This color looks divine on every skin tone!

3) Light Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses in Dew Drop

Dew Drop Bridesmaid Dresses and Navy Groomsmen

Dew Drop Bridesmaid Dresses | Lindsey White

A truly one-of-a-kind color, light mauve is a neutral pale purple with a gray tint. A romantic and sophisticated shade, this color is a boho bride’s dream. It lends an air of elegance to your event and is surprisingly versatile. For example, pair it with ivory and champagne for a bubbly spring palette. Or for a more earthy look, opt for Fawn and Latte.

Bridal Party wearing Dew Drop bridesmaid dresses

Dew Drop Bridesmaid Dresses | Love and Covenant

When styling Dew Drop bridesmaid dresses, you have many options. To complement your boho wedding theme, we recommend keeping jewelry minimal and the shoes neutral. Let the dresses do the work for you, even more so if you decide to go with a mix and match lineup!

Black Bridesmaid Dresses for a Classic Wedding Look

Gaining popularity for the upcoming wedding season are black bridesmaid dresses! Especially loved in satin, this clean and sophisticated color makes your wedding look even more elegant! Plus, you can pair it with any secondary color you'd like!

Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Black Bridesmaid Dresses | Asher Gardner

What are Neutral Wedding Colors?

By definition, neutral means lacking or without color. So beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and shades of white. It’s important to note that neutrals have an undertone. That is, they have a hidden secondary color, less noticeable than the mass color. For example, our popular shade Dew Drop has a light pink undertone. Why is understanding and identifying undertones important? You should aim to complement the undertones found in your primary neutrals. Which will help you create a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing palette. A general rule: Pair warm neutrals with warm colors and cool neutrals with cool colors!

Neutral off white bridesmaid dresses

Dew Drop Bridesmaid Dresses | Basically Emily Photo

Find Your Favorite Neutral Wedding Color Palette!

Choosing a neutral wedding palette creates an elegant and timeless look from your bridesmaid’s dresses to the flowers to the décor. It’s easy to coordinate different shades, which gives you room to play around with your colors. Perfect if you’re trying the mix-and-match bridesmaid dress trend! If you’re not sure which neutrals will look best on your bridesmaids’, order a few color swatches. This way you can see the fabric for yourself at home! 

Would you consider using a neutral wedding palette for your big day? Have any great tips for styling neutrals across accessories and décor? Let us know in the comments!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the fawn and dew drop!! I also love a good dusty green but can’t decide! They’re all so gorgeous.

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These are great examples! I’m still toying with the idea of having my maid of honor in a neutral color, so it’s great to see different examples

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