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Must-Have Getting Ready Wedding Photos

Getting ready with your bridesmaids is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding day! Who doesn't love to get dolled up with their besties and pop open a bottle of champagne? Between getting those beautiful wedding up-dos done and enjoying a mimosa (or two), there are so many memories that you'll want your wedding photographer to capture while you get ready for the big day! It's never too early to start gathering getting ready wedding photo ideas.

One of our favorite wedding trends is floral bridesmaid robes for getting ready wedding photos. Robes are the perfect way to ensure that the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses stay clean while you do your hair and makeup. Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are totally on-trend right now and so are mismatched bridesmaid robes. Floral getting read robes make a great bridesmaid gift. Your 'maids can even wear them after the wedding! The morning of your wedding is the perfect time to break out the bridesmaid gifts and thank your besties for all that they've done leading up to the wedding. You don't want to forget about this!

Seriously, you won't believe how fast the morning of your wedding goes - in fact, how quickly the entire DAY goes - and you won't want to miss a thing. Making time for photos the morning of the wedding is so worth the money - and waking up earlier. You and your bridesmaids will make memories to last a lifetime, so be sure to have a good idea of which getting ready photos and bridesmaid poses you want your photographer to capture. Make sure you know which must-have photos to snap with your bridesmaids. 

14 Must-Have Getting Ready Wedding Photo Ideas 

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite getting ready pictures from real Kennedy Blue bridal parties and get expert tips on how to prepare for photos on the morning of the wedding.

1. Laughing Pic!

With all the excitement taking place, there will be lots of laughs to share! Gather the group for one big cheesy smile. A good laugh will help you loosen up for a day full of photos and will help your natural smile to show through. No matter how tired you are from the rehearsal dinner, or how early you got up to get that stunning up-do done, a big grin will hep energize you for the day ahead. 

Kennedy Blue bridesmaids

Jessica Roberts Photography 

2. Cool Wedding Venue Shots

Whether you're getting ready at a hotel, or chilling at the wedding venue, you'll definitely want your photographer to capture any unique or memorable details within the space. Maybe there's a fun oil painting on the wall. Perhaps there's an antique chandelier hanging from the ceiling. No matter how much time you spend in your getting ready space, be sure to snaps some pics of the gorgeous space! There may be some cool details you don't even notice amidst the hustle and bustle. Getting ready wedding photos are a great way to capture unique details beyond just the wedding party. 

bridesmaid getting ready robes

Samantha Lynn Photography

3. Bridesmaid Champagne Toast

Remember how we mentioned that robes are a great way to keep those gowns safe from stray makeup and hairspray? Floral bridesmaid robes are also great attire for a morning champagne shower. Save the bridesmaid dresses for after you pop open that bottle of bubbly and then get some fun photos of clinking glasses and morning mimosas. Cheers!

bridesmaid getting ready photos

Flow Event Group

4. Cute Bridesmaid and Bridal Hangers

We don't know about you, but we're suckers for those adorable custom bridesmaid dress and bridal gown hangers! Initialed bridesmaid hangers also make a great bridesmaid gift, or day of wedding present for the bride-to-be. Make sure to showcase those beautiful dresses by capturing a nice serene photo before getting changed. Play around with different poses like the bride or bridesmaids looking at the dresses or a simple shot of the dresses on their own. 

Kennedy Blue Embroidered Lace Bridesmaid dresses

Megan Vaughan Photography 

5. Jumping on the Bed

We know, we know. Your parents always cautioned you against this one, but you're getting married for crying out loud! Break the rules and grab your bestie for some jumping shots in your getting ready robes. There's seriously nothing more exciting than being surrounded by your supportive bridesmaids while saying "I do" with the love of your life. Go ahead and jump for joy. Just be respectful of the space and don't break anything - don't need any "I told you so's" from Mom on the big day!

bridesmaid getting ready photos

Leigh Elizabeth Photography

6. Wedding Day Love Letters or Photo Albums

Is there anything more romantic than a love note from your future spouse or taking a walk down memory lane with a nostalgic photo album? Take some time to reminisce before you walk down the aisle. Have your wedding photographer capture this tender moment so you and your spouse can look back on those happy tears together. Writing each other love letters or creating photos albums is a great way to settle your nerves and appreciate your memories on the morning of your wedding.

getting ready robe

MRD Photography

7. Bridal/Bridesmaid Makeup Photos

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day! Your bridal makeup look will most likely be a few notches more advanced from your everyday face, so of course you'll want to capture tons of photos of your special look. Whether you and your bridesmaids are getting your makeup professionally done, or taking the DIY route, be sure to capture photos when getting glam! How often do you look THIS photo-ready?

Getting Ready photos

Sophisticated Grace Photography 

8. Styled Bridal Portraits

As the bride, all eyes are on you. No pressure! Your photographer will definitely want to take some posed photos of you to capture your entire bridal look both before and after you change from your getting ready robe and into your dress. Research some fun bridal poses for portraits so that when it's time for your solo photos you won't feel nervous or awkward. Trust us, you will not want to skip bridal portraits once you're rocking your finished bridal look! These photos are the ones you'll look back on forever and think, "wow I wish I looked like that all the time".  

getting ready photos for bride

Empiria Studios

9. Cute Bridesmaid Group Poses

Candid photos are super fun, but don't forget to snap a few posed pictures, too! Take a look at Pinterest to get some fun bridesmaid pose ideas for your getting ready photos. Pro tip: give your photographer a list of every bridesmaid's first and last names so that nobody is unaccounted for! This way you'll be sure that every 'maid is included in group shots and you won't have to chase anyone down. 

Floral Bridesmaid Robes

Sophisticated Grace Photography 

10. Unique Wedding Day Memories 

The maid of honor popped a bottle of champagne and almost broke a lamp with the cork. The barista at your local coffee shop recognized you on your wedding day and wrote a cute note on your coffee cup. Your crafty mom hand-made your bouquet or put a cute keepsake in your flowers. These are the memories you want on camera. Beyond the typical bridal party portraits and ring shots, there will be plenty of pleasantly surprising moments throughout the day that will make you smile and will make your wedding day truly yours. 

Bride to be

Empiria Studios

11. Candid Bridesmaids Getting Ready 

Getting ready for your wedding day is kind of like getting ready for prom. You're surrounded by your besties and the room is buzzing with excitement. There's just something about girl time that's so fun, right? Candid bridesmaid shots will remind you all of the fun you had getting dolled up for wedding photos. As the bride, you'll certainly want some photos to look back on to remind you of all your bridesmaids did for you during the wedding planning process and how supportive they were!

getting ready photos for bridesmaids

Empiria Studios

12. Bridesmaids' "First Look"

These days, it's fairly common for the soon-to-be-married couple to meet up for a "first look" before the ceremony. Who says the bridesmaids shouldn't get a first look, too? After all, it's possible that some of them were there when you chose your wedding dress or helped you get ideas. Practice your grand entrance for your 'maids and soak in their reaction! 

Bridesmaid getting ready photos

Empiria Studios

13. Bridal and Bridesmaid Hairstyles

After all that work getting ready, you need to get a photo of your bridal and bridesmaid hairstyles! These shots will also show off the back of the dresses, which you'll definitely want to do if your dress has a unique back like the Allison and Cameron pictured below. Be sure to request that your photographer takes some detailed photos of your hair and dress details.

bridesmaid getting ready photos

Mahonen Photography 

14.  Bridesmaids Helping the Bride Get Ready

It's almost time to show your sweetheart your wedding day look! Getting ready to walk down the aisle or see your future spouse during the first look is a group effort. Capture some cute photos of the bridesmaids helping the bride get ready. As silly as it sounds, the bride may not even be able to buckle her shoes under all that dress and may need some help from her girls. The moments before the wedding ceremony or the first look are when things start to get real and you won't want to forget that feeling of overwhelming excitement! 

bridesmaid getting ready photos

Hannah Kate Photography 

Getting ready wedding photos are a great opportunity to ditch the wedding colors and rock mismatched floral bridesmaid robes. Pops of floral and bright hues are the perfect way to start your day and make for such fun photos! Whether you're searching for the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids, or just want a cozy wrap for those late nights of wedding planning or thank you note writing, these comfy cotton robes are the perfect little luxury. Check out some of our favorites!

10 Floral Bridesmaid Robes to Wear in Your Photos

Burgundy Bridesmaid Robe

Burgundy Bridesmaid robe

Shop this look!

Coral Bridesmaid Robe

Coral bridesmaid robe

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Pink Bridesmaid Robe 

Pink bridesmaid robe

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Mint Bridesmaid Robe

Mint Bridesmaid Robe

Shop this look!

Navy Bridesmaid Robe

Navy bridesmaid robe

Shop this look!

White Bridal Robe

White bridesmaid robe

Shop the look!

Black Bridesmaid Robe

black bridesmaid robe

Shop this look!

Lavender Bridesmaid Robe

Lavender bridesmaid robe

Shop this look!

Gray Bridesmaid Robe

Gray bridesmaid robe

Shop this look!

Lace Bridal Robe

lace bridal robe

Shop this look!

Getting ready is an important part of your wedding day, just like the first dance or dinner toasts. Celebrate your supportive friends and family by capturing your moments together before the rest of the wedding day. Getting ready shots will remind you of all the excitement you felt before tying the knot and your bridesmaids will get a kick out of the group shots. 

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I bought these robes for my bridesmaids and I am so excited! My mom and aunt will also be getting ready with me, so I can’t wait for all the beautiful photo opportunities!

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I love the jumping on the bed idea! So fun!

Alisha Dan
May 11, 2020 10:34

These are adorable! I definitely jotted all of these down and am looking into cute hangers now!

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I am so excited to take these pictures! I LOVE the idea of doing a “bridesmaid first look”, and am totally doing this!

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