Picture Perfect Matching Bridesmaids Pajamas Sets

Pajamas for bridesmaids have taken the wedding industry by storm, and for a good reason! Bridesmaids pajamas are the perfect getting-ready outfits for your morning of wedding photos and comfy!

If you're looking for the best bridesmaids pajamas out there, you've come to the right place! Bridesmaids pajamas have taken the wedding industry by storm, and for good reason! Bridesmaids pajamas are the perfect getting-ready outfits for your morning-of pictures! There is little else we love more than a well-coordinated bridal party, let me tell you. Keep reading for some of our favorite bridesmaids pajamas out there! 

5 Reasons Why You Need to Get Matching Bridesmaid Pajamas

Didn't think you needed bridesmaid pajamas for your getting-ready party on the big day? Girl, we've got news for you. Honestly, one of the best parts of your big day is the time you spend with all of your besties before the true chaos ensues. As all of you get ready and your photographer captures those tender moments with your favorite people, we promise that you won't regret those matching pajamas! 

Not convinced? Read on for 5 reasons why you need to get matching bridesmaid pajamas for your big day. 

Reason #1: Your bridesmaids will look so cohesive and adorable

bridesmaids pajamas

Photographer: Jennifer Togal Photography

There's something about a well-coordinate bridal party that really gets people going. Not only will your bridal party look put-together from the beginning to the end of the day (well, maybe not the end of the day because NO ONE can look that good after dancing that hard), they're also going to look so adorable. We stan an adorable bridal party! 

Reason #2: There won't be any confusion on what to wear 

bridesmaids pajamas

Photographer: Hannah Kate Photography

When it comes to what to wear on the big day, it's kind of a big deal what you choose. Don't forget you're paying a photographer thousands to take pictures of you from the beginning of the day to the end, so it's good to be clear with your bridesmaids what the should be wearing at every point of the day. This is a super easy way to make sure everyone wears something well-coordinated.

Reason #3: You and your bridesmaids can wear these for years upon years

bridesmaids pajamas

Photographer: Kylee Paige Photography

One of the best parts of a wedding is all the momentos you get from the day of, bridesmaids pajamas sets being one of them. I mean, just look how adorable these matching bridesmaid pajamas are! Even if the pajamas that you chose have the word "bridesmaid" on them, just trust me that your bridesmaids will still love wearing them for years after the wedding. 

Our Favorite Bridesmaids Pajamas Sets

Sometimes I'll look at real wedding pictures that are sent in to us, and I'll actually tear up from some of the pictures of the bride and her bridal party. The beautiful friendships captured in those pictures are priceless, and seriously fill my heart with so much joy! Want to get those Pinterest-perfect pictures too? Don't worry--here are some of our favorite picture-perfect bridesmaids pajamas sets! 

Long Sleeve Sleep Tees

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: IDoCrewDesign

Price: $26.99+ 

Who doesn't love a cozy moment? These long nightgowns have got you (and your booty) covered, don't worry! Silky, soft, and sexy, we know you're going to have such a good morning-of photo session in these. 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: BlossomSyrup

Price: $18.60+

Okay. We are obsessed with pink, so we can't help but DIE over these white and blush sleep tees that feature black lining. Just know that you're going to want to wear these over and over again, and we are living for it. 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: LavishRobes

Price: $23.10+ 

These pale blush sleep tees are to die for, for real. Just looking at these makes me want to curl up in my bed and nap to the sound of the rain. But, of course, after wearing these for the big day! You and the ladies will look and feel beautiful in these bridesmaid pajamas.  

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: DesipahShop

Price: $34.99

If you're looking to be a Pinterest-perfect bride (who isn't?), these long sleep tees are beyond perfect. Just take a look at that perfect calligraphy?? Obsessed. You and your bridesmaids will remember your big day for years to come. And let's be serious--these are the cutest momentos ever. 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: ModParty

Price: $27.00+

We love a customized moment. Embroidered with the initials of each of your ladies, personal touches are truly everything, my dears. These bridesmaid pajamas are so perfect for cozy getting-ready pictures. 

Short Sleeve Sleep Tees

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: RoseGoldRebel

Price: $17.00+

Again--we CANNOT with how Pinterest-perfect these rose gold bridesmaid pajama sleep tees are! The calligraphy is just gorgeous, and there won't be any question who the bride is in these! And you better bet your photographer will have so much fun playing with poses with these sleep tees. 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: JungleGiftsStore

Price: $41.65+

Sometimes simplicity is best. Looking for something in one uniform color? Look no further than these bridesmaids pajamas sets. We love good matching bridesmaid pajamas, and honestly, who doesn't? We love how simple and elegant these baddies are! 

Short Bridesmaids Pajamas Sets

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: LeRoseGifts 

Price: $41.90+

Who doesn't love a good flirty set of pajamas? The best part about these? You can literally roll right out of bed and you are perfectly dressed for the getting-ready photos. We love a good neutral set of pajamas! 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: SelineLounge

Price: $25.58+

Want something simple and sweet for your 'maids? This set is beyond perfect for just that. Complete with an embroidered pocket and super soft fabric, this will be a gift your bridesmaids will actually use over and over again. 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: SweetNovemberGift

Price: $22.80+

We love these silky pajamas! These pajama sets are made complete with spaghetti straps and cute little shorts that are flow-y and oh-so-comfortable to wear at night! You and your 'maids will seriously only have to roll out of bed in these to be ready for those morning-of photos! 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: LaMarieeGiftsNY

Price: $30.99+

Who doesn't love something silky? Robes made out of this material often slip and slide around, leaving you exposed (sometimes before it's too late). But because these pajamas are sets of shirts and shorts, you don't need to worry about somebody seeing anything you didn't want them to!  

bridesmaids pajamas set

Shop: BlushBridesCo

Price: $22.40+

If you're looking for a fun, simple set of floral pajama set, these are it, ladies! Cute and comfy are all we ask for, honestly, and these pajamas do that and more. 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: PrimPrarieDesigns

Price: $55.05+

Looking for something simple for your big day? These pajamas are perfect for just that! Pastel-toned and floral-patterned, we seriously cannot get enough. We're practically begging you to add these to your cart. 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: SelineLounge

Price: $159.94+

These matching bridesmaid pajamas are seriously our favorites. These cute bridesmaid pajamas feature dainty little flowers and beautiful gray greenery. We are seriously obsessed. These pajamas come in a set of 6!  Brb...we're adding these to our cart. 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: LavishRobes

Okay this color of blue is TO DIE FOR! We're obsessed! Gray blue tones are so beautiful. Not into this color? Don't sweat it--they have 8 other color options for you. 

bridesmaids pajamas

Shop: PosySleepCo

For the minimalist bride that loves greenery, girl, we found the perfect bridesmaid pajamas set for you. These pajamas feature cream-color roses and gray-green greenery that is perfect for pretty much any wedding theme! 


If you're looking for those perfect getting-ready photos, bridesmaids pajamas are the way to go! Avoid all the hassle of a robe and look adorable while doing it! What're your thoughts on bridesmaids pajamas? Do you prefer them over robes? 

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I never thought I needed these but this article may have changed my mind – I LOVE THESE!

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I didn’t even think about pajamas for my girls. Might have to do this!

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