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Looking for Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses Inspo?

A grey bridesmaid dress may have been an unconventional choice at a time when vibrant colors like pink and blue were considered more appropriate for the bridesmaids’ attire. However, today, less is more.

This is perhaps why long grey bridesmaid dresses would look much more sophisticated and elegant than the brighter colors. The muted shades of grey such as charcoal or dove grey add a really classy look to the wedding and take the minimalistic theme to a much higher level.

We’ve Got All the Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses You Could Want

Fortunately, you won’t have to look very far for the perfect long grey bridesmaid dresses. At Kennedy Blue, we have a selection of some of the classiest bridesmaid gowns that will add a subtle touch to the wedding and perfectly compliment the bride’s dress too.

Karen Feder Photography

The best part about long grey bridesmaid dresses is that you can customize them according to whether you want a glamorous dress or an elegant one. Just browse through our collection of long grey bridesmaid dresses at our online store and we guarantee that you will find more than one dress that you can set your heart on.

Our Favorite Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

The list of choices for long grey bridesmaid dresses is quite long when you start browsing our collection. However, our editors' picked out some of their favorite long grey bridesmaid dresses! 

So, go ahead and check out this list which is sure to help you in picking out a dress that will suit all your bridesmaids.

Krystal’s Favorites

My wedding is going to be coming up pretty soon, so I've started to look into bridesmaid dresses for my own wedding! I personally would love to have long grey bridesmaid dresses for my wedding, so here are some dresses that I'm loving! 

Thea in Dove

The dove grey Thea bridesmaid dress is one of the unique pieces of our collection. Featuring the most elegant off-shoulder straps, this dress is something that will look good on all your bridesmaids. A ruched bodice, V neck design, floor length skirt, fitted waist with a 5-inch wide waistband and a wonderfully soft chiffon material add to the qualities of the dress.

Here is what Krystal says about this dress: “I love this dress because it is so elegant, and I love the off-the-shoulder straps. I think that this dress will look beautiful on everyone. I actually am considering this dress for my bridal parties at my upcoming wedding!”

Kennedy blue Thea | Long grey bridesmaid dresses

Summer in Charcoal

A wonderfully glamorous dress that your bridesmaids will love showing off in, Summer in charcoal grey color is a dress that makes for one of the chicest bridesmaid dresses.

Meant for a bride who is open to experiments, this bridesmaid dress’ deep v-neck sets it apart from any other dress that you may ever have seen on a bridesmaid. What is even better is that your bridesmaids can easily reuse the dress for a cocktail party.

This is what Krystal says about this long grey bridesmaid dress: “I love a good deep v-neck dress! I LOVE this dress because of that deep v-neck and accordion skirt. It is such a unique dress, and I would love if my bridesmaids would wear this dress!”

Kennedy blue summer | Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Alex’s Favorites

Next we have the dresses that Alex has picked as her favorite. Alex is pretty popular for her amazing sense of style so we are pretty sure that her picks are something that you are sure to like.

Ella in Dove

If you are looking for a simple dress which has a touch of glam, then the Ella may just as well be the perfect dress for you. Spaghetti straps with a long flowing skirt without any sorts of unnecessary embellishments make it the loveliest bridesmaid dresses that can be suitable for a wedding of any theme.

Whether you are having a beach wedding, a church wedding or a backyard wedding, this bridesmaid dress will fit in well with any kind of location and décor.

Check out what Alex says about this dress: “I love how trendy and flowy this dress is. It is so boho, and I love how simple it is! It’s a great new dress that we just launched, and I think everyone’s going to love it!”

Kennedy Blue Ella | Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Samantha in Charcoal

One of the classiest long grey bridesmaids dresses that you can choose for your girls, the Samantha is guaranteed to be a hit among all your friends and sisters who will pose with you at the wedding.

The full skirt will make your bridesmaids feel like a princess and you the queen while complimenting the elegant look.

Here is why Alex loves this dress: “Sam is a really elegant and classic dress, so you really can’t go wrong with it. I love how easy this dress is to pull-off, and I love the princess-y feel it has!”

Kennedy blue Samantha | Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Danielle’s Favorites

Danielle is another star in the team. Let’s have a look at what she suggests:

Allison in Charcoal

One of the features that make a dress truly unique is when its design can be customized to suit your taste. The Allison is one such unique dress that can either come with off shoulder straps or can be completely strapless depending on what you prefer.

It is a fully convertible bridesmaid dress that adds a boho-chic vibe to our wedding and is flattering on all figures.

Here is what Danielle has to say about it: “This dress has such a whimsical and care-free feel to it, and that’s why I love it so much! I love the double-ruffles that drape from the front to the back! I love that you can choose to make this dress off-the-shoulder, with straps, or strapless!”

Kennedy blue Allison | Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Ginger in Dove

Ruched bodice and a halter neckline are all the rage right now. Imagine how great a long grey bridesmaid dress would look which has both these elements. The Ginger is one of the most special dresses and is a top seller from our collection.

It has a flowy floor-length skirt and a sweetheart neckline that you will really love. This is what Danielle says: “This dress is a super beautiful dress! I love how it looks good on everyone, and I love the casual yet elegant style it has.”

Kennedy blue ginger | Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Kayli’s Favorites

Kayli is very particular about her dresses. When it comes to choosing bridesmaids dresses, let’s see what looks best to her.

Riley in Dove

A dove grey bridesmaid dress called the Riley, this is the top choice of our office worker Kayli for her own wedding. Simple yet elegant, the dress features pockets on the sides and a thigh-high slit.

It’s simple yet sophisticated design makes it a great dress to mix and match with other long grey bridesmaid dresses. Here is why Kayli loves this dress: “This is such an elegant dress that I really think that everyone can pull off not matter what shape or size you are. It is super sleek, and I think that it is such a classic, timeless piece!”

Kennedy blue Riley | Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Caitlin in Dove

There are a few dresses which look especially great in a particular color and the Caitlin is one of those. Designed with chiffon, the dress has a full-bodied skirt, sewn in waistband, spaghetti straps and a beautiful V neck which is neither too deep nor too conservative.

It is the dress’s beautiful light grey dove color that truly enhances the beauty of its ruched bodice and the other details that our designers have introduced in it. Check out why Kayli loves this dress: “This is a really unique dress. The ruching pattern on the top is super interesting to look at, and I really love how the color Dove draws that unique pattern to attention.”

Kennedy blue Caitlin | Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Rylee’s Favorites

Let’s explore Rylee’s choices in this section.

Cameron in Charcoal

A beautifully designed long grey bridesmaid dress with a full bodice of floral embroidery is just what you need to add that much needed subtle touch to your wedding party. The ornate design clubbed with the flowy skirt, open racerback, spaghetti straps and a modest V neck make for a true masterpiece.

We are not surprised that it is Rylee’s favorite pick. Check out what she has to say about it: “I really love the lace top on this dress. Cameron is such a classic dress, but it has a really unique top and back. I love the simple V-neck and pockets!!”

Kennedy blue Cameron | Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Ryan in Dove

An elegant dress that will look stylish as a bridesmaid dress and can even be worn again for any kind of formal event, the Ryan in the beautiful dove grey is one of the most perfect long grey bridesmaid dresses that you can choose.

Check out what Rylee thinks about this dress: “I love V-neck dresses! This dress has a deeper V-neck than other dresses we carry, but it isn’t as deep as some of our other new dresses. I think that it shows the perfect amount of skin, and I love the keyhole back!”

Kennedy blue Ryan | Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses



bridal party | Long Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Anne Victoria Photography

Looking for some wedding color palette inspiration? Aren't we all? Check out our wedding palette Pinterest board for some major inspo on how to incorporate your long grey bridesmaid dresses into your wedding! 

Which of these dresses is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Love grey bridesmaid dresses!!

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I can not believe I stumbled upon your site tonight! I have been trying to find gorgeous GRAY bridesmaid dresses for my girls and OMG!

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Thinking of doing Grey Bridesmaid Dresses. Loved these ideas!

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