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Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles to Perfectly Fit Your Wedding Vibe

Bridesmaid Hairstyles from the BackBridesmaid UpdosHairstyles for Long Hair  |  Short Hair  | Medium Hair  | Naturally Curly Hairstyles

Every (REALISTIC) Bridesmaid Hairstyle: From Updos to Loose Curls

With so many bridesmaid hairstyles to choose from, it may be difficult to narrow it down. Make sure you speak to the bride and your fellow bridesmaids. If the bride doesn’t have an idea in mind for your hair, picking a style will fall under your bridesmaid duties and responsibilities

You’ll want to check the weather and logistics of the wedding venue to pick a style that will be comfortable and practical. Consider your hair texture, length, and cut as you look for inspiration. We collected some of our favorite bridesmaid hair ideas for every type of hair to help you figure it out!

Gorgeous Bridesmaid Updos: Braids, Buns, & Ponytails

There are so many benefits to choosing updos for the bridal party! An updo hairstyle will keep hair off your neck for hot summer weddings or spring weddings. They also make sure your hair stays in place all day (and all night on the dance floor). Plus, bridesmaid updos give you the opportunity to wear a more complex or formal style you wouldn’t wear on an average day.

1) Loose, Whimsical Bun Updo for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids with Loose Buns

A bridesmaid favorite, low messy buns look effortlessly whimsical. Perfect for summery outdoor weddings, you'll stay cool while looking absolutely adorable.

2) Bridesmaid Messy Side Braid

Bridesmaid With Messy Side Braid

A side braid is such a practical bridesmaid hairstyle option, especially if you're looking for an updo to do yourself! 

3) Boho Braid Into Low Bun

Boho Low Bun and Braid on Bridesmaid

Slightly more complex, but absolutely gorgeous - this hairstyle pairs perfectly with boho wedding vibes. You'll likely want a hairstylist to help you achieve this stunning look!

4) Low, Elegant Bun for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid in Low Elegant Bun

If elegant simplicity is the goal, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a low bun. Consider leaving out a few front pieces to frame your beautiful face!

5) Dutch Braid Into Curled Ponytail

Bridesmaid Hair with Dutch Braid

Have someone in the bridal party who knows how to braid? This darling braid into a curled pony tail is gorgeous - and absolutely a look you can achieve without the help of a professional! Be sure to pull on the edges of the braid to give it a more full look.

6) Curled Side Pony with Front Pieces

Bridesmaid Hair Idea Ponytail

Another cute classic look when it comes to bridesmaid updos is this darling look! A curled pony tail with face framing pieces. You can't go wrong with this hairstyle.

Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles Down

Prefer wearing your hair down? There are so many fun ways to wear your hair down for the wedding day. Choosing a bridesmaid hairstyle that’s down is a great idea for weddings in cooler weather. During winter weddings you can have an extra layer of warmth around your neck and shoulders without getting hot. If you’re used to wearing your hair down, it’s probably the most comfortable option. Plus, wearing your hair down is probably the simplest way to style it. 

Tip: Don’t forget a cute claw clip or other hair accessory to keep your hair up while you dance later in the night. 

7) Boho Loose Braided Half Updo With Soft Curls

Boho Half Up Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Perhaps one of our favorite hair down bridesmaid looks is this perfect boho style! A loose braid around the crown of your head paired with loose curls looks ethereal.

8) Romantic Hollywood Curls for Bridesmaids

Loose Curls Bridesmaid Hairstyle

A modern take on a Hollywood classic - smooth large curls add an insane amount of elegance to the typical curled bridesmaid look. If you are looking for a sleek vibe for your wedding looks, this hairstyle is an absolute must.

9) Long Loose Curls with a Twist

Long Loose Curls Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Similar to the braided crown look, this darling twist is easy to achieve for DIY bridesmaid hairstyles! It's a simple, yet stunning option if you're keeping your hair down.

10) Simple Long Hairstyle with Soft, Brushed Out Curls

Long Brushed Out Curls Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Another simple, yet gorgeous option for bridesmaids! Keep your hair down and add some soft curls. Modernize the look with a middle part!

Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

Long hair can be a blessing for your bridesmaid hairstyle. With long hair you have a ton of options to work with. Just about any crazy hair idea the bride comes up with will work for long hair. Polished ponytails, half-up half-down looks, and glamorous curls are all simple yet formal bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair. 

11) Simple Bridesmaid Ponytail (With Hidden Elastic)

Simple Ponytail Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Long Hair

Keep your hair out of your face all day long with a simple bridesmaid pony tail. Take it to the next level by wrapping your hair around the elastic to keep it out of sight.

12) Half Up Hairstyle with Loose Curls

Curly Half Up Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Long Hair

A popular choice for a reason! Bridesmaids with longer hair often opt for a half up hairstyle like this one! You can show off your long locks while still keeping a good chunk of it pinned back.

13) Long Hollywood Curls

Hollywood Curls Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Long Hair

Go bold with Hollywood curls! This hairstyle is a bit harder to achieve in comparison to other curls - but is so worth the effort!

Adorable Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Medium hair gives you enough length for a complex hairdo without so much hair that it becomes difficult to manage. Consider using small braids or a half-up look to add depth to your bridesmaid hairstyle. With medium length hair, you also have the option of doing an updo or keeping your hair down.

14) Loose Curls Down With Small Bubble Braid

Bubble Braid Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Medium Hair

An absolutely adorable hairstyle for medium length hair involves softs curls! This is a super cute style if you want to keep your hair down. Add in a little braid to give it an extra special touch.

15) Braided Updo for Medium Length Hair

Braided Updo Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Medium Hair

If you're getting your hair professionally done, this updo is a perfect choice! It'll keep your hair out of your face all day - and will look elegant at the same time.

Cute Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Short Hair

There are a lot of hairstyle options to choose from even if you don’t have a lot of hair to work with. Depending on how short your short hair is, you could add a mini braid to the side. Curls are a simple yet stylish option if you have enough length for it.

16) Short Hair with Soft Curls

Soft Curls Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Short Hair

A cute and classic option for bridesmaids with short hair is this! Keep it down and curled for a simple, yet elevated look.

17) Bridesmaid Bob with Side Dutch Braid

Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Short Bob Hair

For hair not long enough for a curl, consider adding in a cute detail - such as a dutch braid!

18) Loose Curls with Middle Part Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Curled Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Short Hair

A fresh take on curls is this stunning hairstyle. Simply part your hair down the middle and curl in the same direction. Make it extra elegant by slicking back the front a bit.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Curly Hair

If you’ve been blessed with curly hair, you’ll want to keep that in mind when you’re choosing a hairstyle. Step away from the straightener -- embrace your curls by choosing a style that works with your hair texture instead of against it. Keep in mind how curly or coily your hair is to decide if it will be more comfortable leaving it down or pulling it back into a fun updo. There are plenty of cute hairstyles for bridesmaids with curly hair!

19) Natural Curly Updo with Bangs Pulled Forward

Curly Hair Updo Bridesmaid Hairstyle

An undeniably gorgeous look for curly hair - especially if you already have some bangs - is this updo!

20) Low Bun Curly Hair Updo for Bridesmaids

Low Bun Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Forget the straightener and embrace your natural curl pattern - even when it comes to updos! Your curls with bring in a gorgeous element to the typical bun style, and we can't get enough!

21) One Side Pinned Back with Natural Curls

Side Part Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Long Curly Hair

A simple way to show off your curls is by keeping it down and natural. Clip one side back to make it more formal!

22) Natural Curly Updos with Braided Bangs

Bridesmaid Updo for Coily Hair

Want to add in a little spice to your updo? Consider cute little braids for your side pieces. They'll be a perfect face framing detail!

More Bridesmaid Hair Inspiration for the Wedding Day

As you look through your bridesmaid hairstyle options, don’t forget to consider how they’ll look as a group. Talk to the bride about her vision and coordinate with the other bridesmaids about their look. You can add an accessory to bring all your styles together, choose whether you’re all going up or down, or go for a mix-and-match look.

23) Flower / Greenery Crowns for the Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids with Flower Crowns

Having a nature-themed wedding? We absolutely love these cute flower crowns - and your bridesmaids will, too!

24) Mismatched Bridesmaid Hairstyle Updos

Mismatch Bridesmaid Updos

Looking to have your bridesmaids all wear updos but can't decide on a style? Mix and match different updos together, so each of your bridesmaids can choose a look that best suits their hairtype!

25) Wavy Mix-and-match Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Mismatched Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Or, just leave it up to your bridesmaids on what hairstyle they'd like - whether its up, down, or half and half! They'll definitely appreciate having the option to choose!

How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Narrow down your bridesmaid hair ideas by considering the most important factors. You’ll need a hairstyle that matches the aesthetic of the wedding but is also practical for all of the events of the day.

  • Talk to the bride. She may have a vision for how she wants everyone to look. If she says it's up to you, make sure she approves of your chosen style.
  • Consult the stylist (if you have one). Your wedding hairstylist can give you a better idea of what your options are for your hair type, budget, and time frame. Plus, they might have a look that they recommend or have experience with.
  • Take a look on Pinterest. You’re probably already on top of this one, but it really does help to look at photos of looks from other weddings to get bridesmaid hair ideas.
  • Check the weather. If the wedding is in the summer in a warm location you may want your hair up to stay cool. If the weather seems comfortable or chilly you may want to keep your hair down or half up to keep your neck warm.
  • Coordinate with your fellow bridesmaids. Whether you’re going for a mismatched look or not you’ll still want to know how everyone’s hair is going to look together on the big day.
  • Consider the venue. You also may want your hair up for an outdoor wedding, especially if you’re somewhere windy or breezy like the beach or a mountain. If the venue is mostly indoors you could be more comfortable with your hair down.

Plan Your Bridesmaid Hairstyle 

Make sure you have your wedding day hairstyle picked out with enough time to do some trial runs! Keep in mind the wedding planning timeline. If the bride is booking a professional or you are on your own, you’ll want to contact them at least 6 months before the wedding to avoid them being booked up on the big day. You’ll also want to have a trial run of your hair and makeup about a month before the wedding, just to make sure everything looks great. Get started choosing your bridesmaid hairstyle early to avoid any unexpected issues!

Getting ready for the big day? Make sure you have everything a bridesmaid needs for the wedding day.

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