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Best Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses That'll Make Your Wedding Beautiful

Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Looking for dresses that will stand out at your wedding? Look no further than our favorite velvet bridesmaid dresses!

Your Guide to Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses: Top Styles, Colors, & Inspo

Velvet is one of our favorite bridesmaid dress fabrics -- especially for fall and winter weddings because it’s warm, cozy, and luxurious. Velvet is also perfect for boho bridesmaid dresses because of the way the fabric adds texture to your overall wedding aesthetic. Check out some of our favorite bridesmaid dress styles and colors as well as how they could fit into your dream wedding.

New & Popular Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love

Velvet bridesmaid dresses come in several different silhouette options. Long flowing skirts show off the texture of luscious velvet fabric while interesting necklines flatter your bridesmaids. One of your biggest considerations will be the type of strap or sleeves on your dresses and there are plenty to choose from. Below are some of our favorite velvet bridesmaid dresses available now!

1) Classic Velvet Bridesmaid Dress: Pippa

Pippa Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Pippa Velvet Bridesmaid Dress in Burgundy

A v-neckline with an a-line shape is a classic combination that highlights all your best features. Our Pippa bridesmaid dress has a simple silhouette that gains depth from the texture of velvet.

2) Cowl Neck Velvet Bridesmaid Dress: Fiona

Cowl Neck Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Fiona Velvet Bridesmaid Dress in Eggplant

Cowl necklines are an elegant addition to any formal or semi-formal dress. Combined with velvet fabric, your bridesmaids will be dripping in class and sophistication.

3) Fitted Velvet Bridesmaid Dress: Carmen

Fitted Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Carmen Velvet Bridesmaid Dress in Latte

Carmen is fitted through the hips with a sultry leg slit and a long flowing skirt. This may be the perfect winter velvet bridesmaid dress with the warmth of velvet in a cozy color like latte.

4) Off the Shoulder Velvet Bridesmaid Dress: Mila

Off the Shoulder Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Mila Velvet Bridesmaid Dress in Black

Off the shoulder sleeves add romance to this long flowy velvet bridesmaid dress. Your bridesmaids will feel like royalty at your wedding in this stunning bridesmaid dress.

5) Double Strap Velvet Bridesmaid Dress: Erin

Pink Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Erin Velvet Bridesmaid Dress in Desert Rose

The back of our Erin bridesmaid dress features double spaghetti straps that are adjustable for a custom fit. This dress is modest and comfortable with no leg slit to keep your bridesmaids warm in cold weather.

Top Velvet Bridesmaid Dress Wedding Colors for 2024 & 2025

Velvet bridesmaid dresses are stylish, elegant, and gorgeous, but how do they fit into your vision for your wedding? Consider a color scheme that compliments your velvet bridesmaid dress color, instead of looking for exact matches. Velvet bridesmaid dresses make a great backdrop for your wedding colors because they provide texture and depth. Consider some inspiration from real weddings for how to incorporate velvet into your wedding.

1) Vintage Elegance With Black Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Black Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Black Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Nothing says luxury like a black tie wedding with vintage flare. Take notes from old Hollywood glamor for your wedding decor and the opulent feel of black velvet for your bridesmaid dresses. Keep your tables simple with clean white linens and dishes then add pops of black, gold accents, and antiques. 

2) White Roses & Emerald Green Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Emerald Green Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Emerald Green Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

A deep and vibrant jewel tone like emerald will bring a pop of color to your wedding. Accent this bold color with simple white roses for a minimalist yet colorful wedding. We’re obsessed with the way emerald green highlights the shine of velvet dresses.

3) Boho Wedding With Purple Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Purple Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Eggplant Purple Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Compliment eggplant purple velvet bridesmaid dresses with a combination of florals, pampas grasses, and greenery for a boho wedding. The texture of velvet, pops of dark jewel tones, natural woven elements, and gold accents are all great ways to embrace the eclectic nature of the boho aesthetic.

4) Blue Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses & Neutral Boho Accents

Blue Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Slate Blue Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

We often see velvet in dark colors but lighter colors highlight the gorgeous texture of this fabric. Slate blue velvet bridesmaid dresses combine the cozy warmth of velvet fabric with the light cool tone of dusty blue. Add pops of pampas grasses, eucalyptus leaves, and white roses for a simple chic boho wedding.

5) Cozy Winter Wedding With Red Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Red Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Burgundy Red Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Take inspiration from the Christmas season with burgundy velvet bridesmaid dresses, red roses, forest green accents, and warm lighting from candles and string lights. Velvet is the perfect fabric for winter bridesmaid dresses to keep everyone warm and cozy in an elegant way. 

Stunning Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Our velvet bridesmaid dresses all come in 00-32 so you won’t have trouble finding a style that all of your bridesmaids can fit. Our plus size velvet bridesmaid dresses are made with our luxurious stretch velvet fabric for extra mobility and comfort. Below are some of our favorite velvet bridesmaid dresses for plus size bridesmaids.

1) V-Neck Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress: Pippa

Pippa Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Pippa Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

An all-around flattering velvet bridesmaid dress, Pippa has a sleek v-neck and v back. This dress looks great in every size and color!

2) Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress With Unique Straps: Erin

Green Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Erin Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Erin is a sheath style bridesmaid dress, perfect for bridesmaids who want a dress that follows the shape of their body without being tight and fitted. We love the vintage-inspired shape of this dress for boho weddings.

3) Ruched Waistband Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress: Harley

Harley Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Harley Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Thick straps are not only more comfortable, they also provide extra support for bridesmaids with larger busts. Our Harley dress’s straps also meet in the back of the dress to create a unique V effect.

4) Plus Size Halter Neck Velvet Bridesmaid Dress: Skylar

Halter Neck Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Skylar Plus Size Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

A halter neckline is extremely flattering on a wide range of body types, especially bridesmaids with curves. The asymmetrical ruching in the front of this dress accentuates the waist to create an hourglass effect.

Choose Your Favorite Bridesmaid Dress Fabric

We highly recommend velvet if you are looking for dresses that will stand out, that your bridesmaids will want to wear again, and that can keep them warm during a fall or winter wedding. When you’re considering your bridesmaid dress fabric options you should think about the season, weather, venue, and theme of your wedding. Most bridesmaid dresses are made from chiffon but there are several other gorgeous options to choose from.

Not set on velvet bridesmaid dresses? Check out some of our favorite satin bridesmaid dresses too!

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Toni Trahan
February 13, 2020 20:17

Thanks so much for all the information and and these dresses are absolutely stunning

February 12, 2020 00:44

All these dresses are beautiful

Samantha J
February 12, 2020 00:44

I don’t know how I feel about these. The velvet actually looks really nice with some of the dress cuts, but in others, I think it looks cheap.

February 12, 2020 00:44

Velvet is SO pretty! I wouldn’t mind it at all if my wedding wasn’t mid-June!

February 09, 2020 23:47

I’m in love with the Mila!!

Erin Tafoya
January 31, 2020 11:54

I LOVE this idea!! It’s such a beautiful rustic look that changes up the traditional wedding “look”
Definitely something I will look at doing

Erin Tafoya
January 31, 2020 11:54

I LOVE this idea!! It’s such a beautiful rustic look that changes up the traditional wedding “look”
Definitely something I will look at doing

Erin Tafoya
January 31, 2020 11:54

I LOVE this idea!! It’s such a beautiful rustic look that changes up the traditional wedding “look”
Definitely something I will look at doing

Lindsey Cain
January 26, 2020 22:16

Velvet dresses would be perfect for my winter/ Christmas themed wedding

Brianna Dillon
January 26, 2020 13:40

I love this so much! The Skylar is my favorite and I think it would be perfect in a shade of blue (My favorite color lol)!

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