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Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Boho Wedding

Boho Wedding Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for your upcoming boho wedding? Check out some of our favorite boho bridesmaid dresses, boho wedding colors, and boho wedding decorations from real weddings!

Boho Bridesmaid Dresses You Need for Your Whimsical Wedding

A boho wedding theme is perfect for any bride with a whimsical personality and eclectic taste. Once you’ve decided on an aesthetic, you’ll need to find the right bridesmaid dress to fit the theme. Luckily, there are tons of options to choose from. 

Popular Boho Wedding Colors & Bridesmaid Dress Styles

When choosing boho bridesmaid dresses look for long flowy options with quirky elements. Then, choose colors that go with your boho wedding colors. Get creative with the style of bridesmaid dress you choose for your wedding. Consider mixing and matching a few different colors and/or styles for an especially eclectic boho look. Below are some of our most popular boho bridesmaid dresses to consider for your wedding.

1) Eloise: Off the Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Off the Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Allison Bridesmaid Dress in Latte

Off the shoulder tops were popular in the hippie culture that inspired much of our modern boho fashion. Off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses in an earthy color, like latte, will bring the free-spirited vibes from the 60s and 70s to your wedding day!

2) Luca: Flutter Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress

Flutter Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress

Luca Bridesmaid Dress in Olive Green

Comfort is a big aspect of bohemian clothing. Our Luca bridesmaid dress provides plenty of coverage, flowy-ness, and movement for a playful wedding day look. 

3) Sue: Criss Cross Back Bridesmaid Dress

Mahogany Bridesmaid Dress

Sue Bridesmaid Dress in Mahogany

For a boho chic look, Sue is an elegant cowl neck bridesmaid dress with a fitted waist and a strappy back. A dark earth tone like mahogany enhances the sophisticated look of this dress.

4) Eloise: One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Terracotta Bridesmaid Dress

Eloise Bridesmaid Dress in Terracotta

Terracotta is one of the most iconic and most popular boho wedding colors. The warm earthiness of terracotta looks great on a sleek one shoulder bridesmaid dress like Eloise.

5) Emily: Flowy Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress

Green Bridesmaid Dress

Emily Bridesmaid Dress in Moss Green

Moss green is one of our best selling bridesmaid dress colors for upcoming weddings. This color complements a wide range of colors so you can get creative with your boho wedding color palette. 

Boho Wedding Inspiration: Bridesmaid Colors

Color is an important aspect of boho design and style. Since boho is all about eclecticism, it’s a good idea to choose diverse colors. Bold colors, earth tones, cozy neutrals, and jewel tones are all popular boho wedding colors. When you choose your bridesmaid dresses, pick a color that will be the focus of your wedding color palette, you can even opt for multiple colors if you want a real mix-and-match look. Check out some bridesmaid dress color ideas from real boho weddings to get some inspiration for yours.

1) Boho Terracotta Wedding Inspiration

Boho Terracotta Wedding Inspo

Spice Bridesmaid Dresses | Milly Bridesmaid Dress

Terracotta is one of our favorite boho colors: it’s earthy, warm, and easy to coordinate with other colors. Plus, this color looks incredible on almost every skin tone. Mix one of our terracotta bridesmaid dress colors with a combination of other fun boho colors like dark green, peach, and rust.

2) Neutral Boho Wedding Colors

Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

Latte Bridesmaid Dresses | Allison Bridesmaid Dress

Not every boho wedding has to include bold colors. For a neutral boho wedding, you can use a combination of textures and natural elements to create a laid-back vibe. White wild flowers, pampas grass, woven fabrics, and wood elements are all great ideas for boho elements in neutral tones.

3) Light Blue Boho Wedding Color Idea

Light Blue Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

Fog Bridesmaid Dresses | Natalie Beaded Bridesmaid Dress

Boho is all about breaking rules and living authentically, so feel free to opt out of the typical boho earth tones. Light blue bridesmaid dresses can be accented with boho elements like an outdoor wedding venue, real flower crowns, and a geometric wedding arch.

4) Boho Earthy Bridesmaid Dresses

Moss Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Moss Bridesmaid Dresses in Multiple Styles

Moss green is one of our most popular and our most versatile bridesmaid dress colors. This color suits any wedding aesthetic but is especially perfect for a boho theme. Mix-and-match different styles of dresses to add playfulness and variety. 

5) Warm Tone Bohemian Bridesmaid Dresses

Warm Tone Bridesmaid Dresses

Spice Bridesmaid Dresses | Peach Bridesmaid Dresses

Mixing different bridesmaid dress colors is a great way to add a bohemian effect to your wedding. Choose two or more warm colors and then incorporate those colors into your bridesmaid bouquets to tie it all together. Warm colors are a great way to bring a cozy vibe to your boho wedding.

6) Neutral Earthy Boho Wedding Colors

Neutral Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

Latte Bridesmaid Dresses | Fawn Bridesmaid Dresses

Using multiple neutrals creates a gradient effect that’s perfect for your earthy wedding color palette. Add pops of nature-inspired elements like greenery, warm colored florals, and a natural wood arch to complete the earthy boho look.

7) Pink Whimsical Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink Whimsical Bridesmaid Dresses

Rosewood Bridesmaid Dresses in Multiple Styles

Create a romantic fairytale wedding with dark pink bridesmaid dresses, free-form boho flower bouquets, and flowy ribbon accents. Choosing a variety of whimsical bridesmaid dresses instead of just one style will help bring playfulness to your wedding day.

Boho Wedding Decorations You’ll Love

Dresses are important but your decorations will be what completes your boho wedding. Geometric arches, free-form floral arrangements, mis-matched centerpieces, and eccentric color combinations are just some of the boho wedding decor ideas you’ll want to incorporate into your big day. We collected some of our favorite boho wedding decoration ideas from real weddings to inspire your wedding planning.

1) Earthy Outdoor Boho Wedding Inspo

Earthy Boho Wedding Decorations

Why bring nature inside when you can bring your wedding outside? If your wedding is during a fair-weather time of year, an outdoor venue will enhance the boho vibes of your decor. Complement the greens and browns of nature with natural wood elements, vintage green colored glasses, earth tone wedding bouquets.

2) Floral Boho Wedding Inspiration

Floral Boho Wedding Decorations

Bohemian style incorporates a lot of natural elements. For weddings, this means you can get creative with your floral arrangements. Include interesting mixes of feathers, pampas grasses, and wildflowers everywhere. Centerpieces, wedding bouquets, and even your wedding cake can all include exciting florals.

3) Simple Boho Wedding Decorations

Simple Boho Wedding Decorations

There’s no reason why your boho wedding can’t be minimalist. As long as you include a variety of textures, shapes, and natural elements you can create a bohemian wedding aesthetic. Gauze-y table runners, vintage chandeliers, and large pampas grass accents are all statement pieces that won’t overwhelm your senses.

4) Whimsical Boho Wedding Ideas

Whimsical Boho Wedding Decorations

There’s something whimsical about the bohemian lifestyle and aesthetic. Highlight this romantic playfulness with asymmetrical decor inspired by nature and romance. Our favorite whimsical decor ideas include: multicolored free-form flower arrangements, a woven arch that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale, a unique custom cake, and long ribbon accents in warm colors.

5) Boho Chic Wedding Decor

Boho Chic Wedding Decorations

Just because your wedding theme has hippie bohemian elements doesn’t mean it can’t also be chic and stylish. Choose some of your favorite new trends to incorporate into your wedding decor. A hexagonal wedding arch, a neon sign with your last name, floral arrangements with mixtures of grasses and greenery instead of just flowers, and exposed natural wood tables are all gorgeous boho chic wedding decor ideas.

Plan Your Dream Boho Wedding

There are a ton of elements to consider for your boho wedding, so get started early! Wedding planning is fun but it’s also a long process. Make sure you choose bridesmaid dresses, a wedding venue, decor, floral arrangements, and a color palette that all tie together your unique boho wedding theme.

As you get started planning your boho wedding, keep in mind the decor elements you’ll need to buy or rent. Our wedding decor checklist will help you make sure you have everything you need for the big day!

Wedding Decor Checklist

Wedding Decor Ultimate Checklist: Everything You Need to Consider

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