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The Best Beach Wedding Colors for Your Destination Wedding

French Lilac Beach Wedding

French Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses | Kaysha Weiner Photography

The greatest upside to choosing a beach wedding lies in the myriad of colors that go perfectly in sync with the natural backdrop. Your beach wedding color palette can include neutrals, blues, pinks, greens and more. Any color that reminds you of a day at the beach could make a great wedding color. In this blog we’ll cover all our favorite beachy colors for bridesmaid dresses and which dresses function best for a beach wedding!

Popular Beach Wedding Colors for 2024

There are tons of beach wedding colors to choose from! Think cool colors that remind you of the ocean like teal, gray, sea foam, and deep blue. Then consider contrasting with warm tones like peach, dark pink, and gold that remind you of watching the sun set over the ocean! Below are some of our absolute favorite beach bridesmaid dress colors and some inspiration from our favorite beach weddings!

Turquoise Beach Wedding

Marine Bridesmaid Dresses | Junior Cruz

1) Blue Beach Wedding Colors: Storm Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue Beach Wedding

Storm Bridesmaid Dresses | Sara Cooney

A longtime favorite beach wedding color is, you guessed it - blue! Not only does it look gorgeous against a tropical backdrop, but blue is a great wedding color to begin with. Looking to stand out from other weddings? Consider a more unique shade of blue, like Storm

2) Sea Glass Bridesmaid Dresses for Beach Wedding

Sea Glass Beach Wedding

Sea Glass Bridesmaid Dresses | Local Embers

Looking for a soft & delicate beach wedding color? Sea Glass is a perfect option for an understated bridesmaid look. It looks gorgeous surrounded by nature, and it's such an easy wedding color to coordinate! The sea glass bridesmaid dresses matched beautifully with the bright and beachy aesthetic of th is waterfront wedding. The couple incorporated sea glass and white throughout their decor to create a seaside feeling in the countryside of Texas.

3) Purple Beach Wedding Colors

Purple Beach Wedding

French Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses | Kaysha Weiner

French lilac bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a purple beach wedding! Purple is a fun and unique addition to your beach wedding colors. Jenn and Brian had their wedding on Huntington Beach in California. The bridesmaids wore french lilac bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen had matching french lilac ties and pocket squares!

4) Sage Green Beach Wedding

Sage Green Beach Wedding

Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses | Emily Paulson

An absolute favorite over the last (and upcoming) years - sage green is a gorgeous beach wedding color. Light sage green bridesmaid dresses with white accents made for bright and refreshing sage green beach wedding aesthetic. Sage is a beautiful shade of green to match the greenish hues of the ocean perfectly for any beachy wedding!

5) Turquoise Bridesmaid Dress Beach Wedding: Marine

Turquoise Beach Wedding

Marine Bridesmaid Dresses | Junior Cruz

This gorgeous Kennedy Blue destination wedding took place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The bride and groom chose marine bridesmaid dresses to match the turquoise blue of the ocean. Their turquoise and white wedding colors matched the ocean almost exactly! Marine is such a great color for a tropical destination wedding!

6) Dusty Blue Beach Wedding

Dusty Blue Beach Wedding

Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses | Allyson Flinner

Slate Blue is a timeless dusty blue shade for Shelby and Hunter’s outdoor wedding! Their bridesmaids all wore slate blue bridesmaid dresses in different styles and their groomsmen wore coordinating slate blue bow ties. Their beachy wedding colors were slate blue, gold, and green. They used pampas grass to accent their coastal aesthetic.

7) Rosewood Bridesmaid Dresses for Tropical Wedding

Pink Beach Wedding

Rosewood Bridesmaid Dresses | Indie Pearl

The perfect pink beach wedding color! Rosewood bridesmaid dresses are a timeless shade of pink that pair beautifully with palm tress & beaches. This Kennedy Blue Florida wedding incorporated rosewood bridesmaid dresses, orange flowers, and deep green leaves for tropical beach wedding colors.

8) Beige Bridesmaid Dresses for Beach Wedding

Beige Beach Wedding

Latte Bridesmaid Dresses | LOVELEIGH Photography

Don’t shy away from neutrals if you prefer them! Beige bridesmaid dresses are the perfect neutral tone to mimic the shade of the sand. Beige, white, and tan are all great neutral beach wedding color options. This Kennedy Blue couple chose Latte Bridesmaid Dresses to add a sandy neutral color to their waterfront Georgia wedding.

9) Pink Beach Wedding: Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink Beach Wedding

Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses | Ellie McKinney

Desert Rose is the perfect shade of pink for a beach wedding! Your beach wedding color palette doesn’t need to be just blues and greens, add a hint of warm tones to add contrast. This beautiful beach wedding featured desert rose bridesmaid dresses, lots of shades of white and creme, and green palm fronds and elephant ears.

10) Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for Destination Wedding

Light Blue Beach Wedding

Fog Bridesmaid Dresses | Brittney Lucy

A soft light blue for a stunning waterside wedding is Fog. This stunning Kennedy Blue wedding took place at the base of Lake Marie, in Medicine Bow, Wyoming. The Fog Bridesmaid Dresses complemented the couple's waterfront destination wedding and matched the mountain backdrops and the grey stone that surrounded their ceremony. Fog is the perfect light blue to include in any waterfront or beach wedding color palette!

11) Deep Sea Tropical Bridesmaid Dress Color

Deep Sea Beach Wedding

Deep Sea Bridesmaid Dresses | Valen Lee

Deep sea is practically the perfect beach wedding bridesmaid dress color. As its name implies, deep sea was created to mimic the bluish green of the ocean. This couple chose deep sea bridesmaid dresses for their summer wedding in Washington. Their beach wedding color palette included deep sea, green, and white.

12) Rust Bridesmaid Dresses for Destination Weddings

Red Beach Wedding

Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses | Zeti Photography

Want to combine tropical with boho? Cinnamon bridesmaid dresses are your perfect option! These beach wedding colors included pink, white, beige, orange, and green. We love the way cinnamon bridesmaid dresses bring the bright and tropical wedding colors together in this stunning palette!

Comfortable Beach Bridesmaid Dresses 

If you’re choosing to have a beachy outdoor wedding, you’ll want to make sure the bridesmaid dresses are comfortable! Beach bridesmaid dresses don’t just need to match the color and vibe of the beach, they also need to be practical. Choose dresses that are lightweight, flowy, and will be easy to wear while walking in the sand!

1) Racerback Beach Bridesmaid Dress

Modern Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

Kennedy Blue Sue Bridesmaid Dress in Slate Blue

Crafted from luxurious chiffon, this dress is lightweight and features a fitted silhouette and cowl neck. The adjustable spaghetti straps provide comfort and a beachy tank top look. The slitted skirt makes it easier for bridesmaids to move around outdoors. The keyhole back, spaghetti straps, lightweight fabric, and slit all combined help keep bridesmaids cool during warm summer beach weddings.

2) Flutter Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress for Beach Weddings

Flutter Sleeve Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

Kennedy Blue “Luca” Bridesmaid Dress in Marine

Luca is a flowy, fun, and feminine bridesmaid dress that’s perfect for a beach wedding! It features a modest fully covered back, V-neck, sleeves, and a flowy chiffon skirt with pockets. This dress is super comfortable and light for moving around outdoors! The back and shoulder coverage will protect bridesmaids from getting a sun burn on the big day!

3) Plunging V-Neck Beachy Bridesmaid Dress

Deep V Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

Kennedy Blue “Rose” Bridesmaid Dress in French Lilac

Rose features a plunging v-neck, low sides, as well as a low back for those bridesmaids that love flirty dresses! The ruched top and waistband will make any bridesmaid feel like a Greek goddess walking along the beach. The leg slit is an added touch to keep everyone cool and comfortable on a warm day.

4) Strapless Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

Strapless Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

Kennedy Blue “Lisa” Bridesmaid Dress in Rosewood

Lisa is a gorgeous bridesmaid dress that features a beautiful detailed bodice and a long flowy skirt. This strapless bridesmaid dress is flattering on a variety of figures. Bridesmaids will love having the support of a structured bodice with the comfort of an a-line skirt. This floor-length, strapless dress will look elegant at a beach wedding!

5) Simple and Modern Bridesmaid Dress for Beach Weddings

Simple Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

Kennedy Blue “Kimmy” in Deep Sea

Kimmy is the perfect casual yet elegant choice for a beach bridesmaid dress. This dress features an adjustable spaghetti strap, V-neck and a flattering A-line skirt with slit detail. This dress has a fully lined bodice and skirt for complete coverage and comfort in any situation, even spending the day on the beach! 

6) One-Shoulder Perfect Beach Bridesmaid Dress

One Shoulder Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

Kennedy Blue “Eloise” in Latte

A one-shoulder dress is a unique and exotic look for a beach wedding. Eloise is romantic and feminine with its flowy skirt and tie detail shoulder. It has boning in the bodice for structure, support and to keep dress’ shape. This beautiful dress will look great in front of an ocean backdrop!

Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Colors and Bridesmaid Dresses

We hope the inspiration from this blog helps you choose the perfect beach wedding colors! There are plenty more bridesmaid dress color options that aren’t listed. To complete your beach wedding aesthetic, choose colors that remind you of a soothing day by the ocean. You can always experiment with a combination of two or more colors and/or mix up your bridesmaid dresses. We offer a wide range of wedding dresses in all the color options mentioned above and more!

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Mother of the Groom
February 02, 2024 10:53

i love the Rust for January but the last look of the khaki dress was lovely too. SO many wonderful gowns.

Jessie Holloway
August 04, 2022 09:35

I love how you talk about colors to choose that work well with the natural colors of the beach. My friend is getting married and they really want to get married on the beach. Making sure that everything matches and I pleasing to the eye is really good advice. We’ll have to look into choosing some of these colors for the wedding.

June 14, 2020 23:05

I love the freshness of so many of these looks!

Lesley Klose
June 12, 2019 10:49

Love the Desert Rose!!

Michele McGrew
May 21, 2019 21:29

In love with the colors 1, 3, and 6. I know my bridesmaids will look AMAZING in any of them. Fingers crossed we win free dresses! <3

Michele McGrew
May 21, 2019 21:29

Absolutely love Colors 1, 3, and 6. Looking forward to seeing my beautiful bridemaids next Spring. Fingers crossed we win

Patricia Genevieve Hall
May 21, 2019 21:29

How would you mix and match using cornflower blue?

Patricia Genevieve Hall
May 18, 2019 21:57

What about deep sea? <3

Shauna Henson
May 07, 2019 08:59

I have to admit I really love these colours, too! I am getting married at a back in January 2020 and just ordered swatches for these blue hues: Marine, Storm, Sapphire, Navy – none listed on this blog, which initially made me worry but then I realized, our vision is unique! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

May 07, 2019 08:59

Love the Latte look for the beach

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