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How To Write Really Thoughtful Wedding Thank You Notes

Do's & Don'ts of Tackling Your Wedding Thank You Notes

Wedding Thank You Examples  |  Wedding Thank You Etiquette  |  Tips for Writing Wedding Thank You Cards  |  Wedding Thank You Notes

Guide to Wedding Thank You Notes: Show Your Guests You’re Grateful

You’re probably filled with gratitude for your wedding party, guests, and vendors and now it’s time to put those feelings into words. Nearly everyone at your wedding should receive a thank you note from you. This can be an overwhelming task regardless of whether your wedding involved 20 guests or 200. With a few tips and tricks you’ll be able to write your thank you’s to everyone without stress. 

We’ll help you figure out exactly who needs a thank you card, how to write them, and how you can stay organized along the way.

Wedding Thank You Wording Examples

Your main goals while writing thank you messages are: say thank you, mention the gift, and explain why it means so much to you. These 3 things create a beautiful and specific sentiment every time. You’ll want to write a unique thank you card for each person. Below are some basic templates you can use to get started.

Wedding Thank You Cards

1) General Wedding Thank You Wording

Dear [Guest],

We are so happy you were able to attend our wedding! Thank you so much for the coffee maker. We can’t wait to use it every morning before work. We appreciate you so much and can’t wait to see you soon!

Love, [Your Names]

2) For Guests Who Got You a Gift Off Your Registry

Dear [Guest],

It meant so much to us for you to attend our wedding. The comforter was much appreciated and has been the perfect addition to a great night’s sleep! We can’t wait to use it for years to come! We love you and hope to see you soon.

Love, [Your Names]

3) Wedding Thank You Card Wording for Money

Dear [Guest],

We’re so happy that you were able to attend our wedding day and loved chatting with you during the reception. We are saving up for a bathroom renovation and the $100 you sent us will definitely help us reach our goal! We love you and hope to see you soon.

Love, [Your Names]

4) Those Who Couldn’t Attend but Gave a Gift

“Dear [Name],

Thank you so much for the dish set that you sent as a gift! We’ve already eaten many delicious meals from them and absolutely adore how they compliment our kitchen. We’re sorry you couldn’t attend, but hope we can get together soon to look at all of the pictures!

Love, [Your Names]

5) Wedding Thank You Wording for Guests Who Didn’t Give a Gift

Dear [Guest],

It meant so much to us that you were able to attend our wedding and share in our excitement! Thank you for traveling to see us! We had such a lovely time spending the day with family and friends and hope you enjoyed yourself as well. We love you and hope to see you soon!

Love, [Your Names]

6) Special Guests (Wedding Party, Parents, etc.)

Dear [Name],

Thank you so much for being a part of our big day and helping us every step of the way. We appreciate all of the love and support you've given us. Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without you. I can't believe how much I cried during the toast you gave and I’m so happy we got to dance to our favorite song at the reception! Love you so much!

Love, [Your Names]

7) Thank You Example for Wedding Vendors

Dear [Vendor Contact Name],

We are so appreciative of all the hard work that you put into our wedding day to help make it perfect! We got so many compliments on the [service] and loved telling our guests about [company name]. Our big day wouldn’t have been complete without you!

Thanks so much, [Your Names]

Wedding Thank You Card

Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

We’re all about moving past out-of-date wedding traditions, but one space we recommend keeping it old-school is thank you cards. Make sure you take this task seriously. You don’t have to write lengthy notes to everyone, but make sure they are heartfelt and handwritten. There is basic etiquette to follow as you write your notes to make sure everyone feels appreciated.

1) Send Out the Thank You Cards Within Reasonable Time

You’ll want to send out your thank you cards as soon as you can! Try to get your notes to guests no later than two months after the wedding date or the date that the gift is received. If you go on a honeymoon immediately after, obviously no one expects you to be writing letters on the beach, but you should start working on them as soon as you get back.

2) Handwrite Your Wedding Thank You Cards

After months of planning and attention to every detail for your wedding, why start cutting corners on the final wedding task? A handwritten thank you card is a lot more meaningful. Show everyone you care about their contribution to your wedding and your future marriage by writing them a thoughtful note by hand. 

3) Be Specific About the Present / Monetary Item They Gifted

A nice way to express your appreciation is to mention the gift you received. This way, your guest knows you saw what they got for you and you didn’t just write out generic thank yous to everyone. If the gift was cash or a check you should mention the number so that they know you received the correct amount.

4) Say Something About the Gift

There’s a reason everyone got you nice presents for your wedding. They want to help you be successful in your marriage. Let them know how you’re going to use their gift and why you appreciate it. If the gift is money, explain how you will use it.

5) Make Sure to Include Everyone’s Names (and Spell Them Correctly!)

When you received the gift with a card, take note of who signed the card. Include all of those names on the thank you card. Double check spelling for the names on your thank you cards. 

Wedding Thank You Card

Tips for Writing Wedding Thank You Cards

A few tips and tricks will make your thank you card writing process a lot simpler. You may have a lot of cards to write. Stay organized and efficient to save yourself time and stress. We collected some of our most useful tips for writing wedding thank you cards to help you out.

1) Who Do I Send Wedding Thank You Cards To?

Send a wedding thank you card to anyone who contributed to your big day. This includes anyone who gave a gift and/or attended the wedding. Some people weren’t able to attend but sent a gift, some had to buy a plane ticket to attend and were not able to buy a gift. You should also send thank yous to your wedding planner, vendors, and venue manager.

2) Take Notes as you Open Wedding Gifts

Make the thank you process easier by taking notes as you open the gifts. Write down the gift and who sent it so you can write a specific thank you for each one. You can even write each note as you open the gift if you want to be extra methodical. 

3) Keep a Spreadsheet of Names and Addresses

Love them or hate them, a spreadsheet can be your best friend when it comes to thank you notes. The easiest way to do it is to start early by creating a spreadsheet when you send out your invitations. This way you’re not collecting names and addresses twice. Create separate columns for the following: Guest Name, Address, Gift, Written, and Mailed. Put a checkmark in the “Written” and “Mailed” sections once the note has been completed and then again after it’s been placed in the mailbox.

4) Get Started Writing Wedding Thank You Notes ASAP

Get Started ASAP! Start your thank you note spreadsheet as you get your names and addresses together to send out wedding invitations. Then, start sending out your thank yous as soon as you start opening your wedding presents. Waiting until the last minute will only make the process longer and more complicated.

5) Write & Mail in Batches

You don’t have to send all your thank you cards out at once. You can write them as you have time and send them out in batches. You can schedule just an hour or two a day to work on opening gifts, writing thank you cards, and going to the post office.

Wedding Thank You Cards: From Postcards to Custom Photo Thank You Notes

You have plenty of wedding thank you card options to choose from. Check with your photographer to see if you’ll be getting any photos back soon enough to include them in your thank you cards. Depending on your photo situation you can buy a card with photos printed on the front or not.

1) Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Adding a photo to your thank you cards is a great idea. A photo thank you card is the perfect keepsake for your wedding guests. It’s also a visual reminder of why you’re so thankful.

Wedding Photo Thank You Notes

Wedding Photo Thank You Card

2) Minimalist Wedding Thank You Cards

Minimalism is always an option. Any card that says thank you and includes space for you to write a heartfelt note is perfect. This is especially ideal if you have a sleek and simple sense of style.

Minimalist Wedding Thank You Cards

Minimalist Black and White Wedding Thank You Card

3) Folded Wedding Thank You Cards

You have the option of doing postcard style thank you notes or folded cards. Either one works fine with an envelope. Folded thank you cards are a bit more formal and easier for guests to stand up on their kitchen counter.

Folded Wedding Thank You Cards

Folded Wedding Thank You Card With Photos

3) Wedding Thank You Cards With Monogram

Are you excited to use your new monogram as a married couple? Find an artist or calligrapher who can design a custom monogram for your thank you cards!

Monogram Thank You Cards

Vintage Monogram Folded Note Cards

4) Themed Wedding Thank You Cards

Try to stay on theme with your thank you cards. If you used a certain theme or color scheme for your invitations and wedding decor, you should stick with it for the thank yous. 

Themed Wedding Thank You Cards

Mediterranean Lemon Thank You Card Template

Start Writing Your Wedding Thank You Cards Today!

The sooner you get started wriitng thank you cards, the sooner you can relax and enjoy being married. If you haven’t received your gifts yet, you could get started on your spreadsheet so you’ll be ready to go by the time your wedding ends. You could even start writing thank you cards before the wedding if you get gifts from loved ones who aren’t able to attend!

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