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Night Before Your Wedding: 13 Useful Things To Do

Bride wearing white robe

The day before your wedding can be the most exciting yet nerve-wracking day of all. There is so much to have prepared on top of the sheer excitement and unavoidable nerves that coincide with getting married. You’ll want to bask in the pure joy of the statement, “I’m getting married tomorrow!” 

13 Things To Do the Night Before the Wedding

To encourage you to enjoy the pre-wedding day and wake up feeling refreshed, here's a checklist of 13 things to do the day before your wedding day!

1) Look Over Your Wedding Day Checklist

When planning your wedding, organization is key. Well before the wedding, you’ll want to make a day before the wedding checklist so that you can easily keep track of every item you need to bring to the venue. To stay extra organized, check out this wedding checklist! We encourage you to check the list twice, or have a second set of eyes to help. Here are a few things you’ll want to have pack and ready to go on the night before the wedding:

    • An Emergency Kit: Check out our Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit to ensure you don’t forget anything!
    • Final Payments for Vendors: Give the checks to someone to deliver to all your vendors. A family member or close friend is always a reliable choice.
    • Wedding Rings:Give the rings to your maid of honor or the best man. If you don't feel comfortable passing them off, pack them yourself in a safe and secure space.
    • Day-Of Itinerary: Make sure the wedding party and vendors have a copy as well. If you have a digital itinerary, consider printing it.
    • Your Wedding Attire: Pack your dress, veil/headpiece, accessories, undergarments, shoes, a CHANGE of shoes, etc.

    Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Pajama Set

    2) Last Check-In with Your Wedding Vendors

    Erase the worries of a no-show nightmare by calling or emailing your team the day before the wedding. Confirm arrival times and any details. Have any last minute questions for vendors prepared. Here are a few questions you can ask or confirm:

      • What time is the photographer arriving to set up? Do they have the venue contact information in case of any questions regarding parking, entering the property, etc?
      • When do the bride and bridal party need to be ready for hair and makeup?
      • What time will the florist arrive with the florals?

    Bride and Groom on Their Wedding Day

    3) Prepare Any Last Minute Vendor Payments or Tips

    After checking in with each vendor, prepare any final payments or tips. Whether you will deliver them via PayPal or a physical check, they should be pre-written and placed in labeled envelopes. Plan to deliver these ahead of time, as soon as they arrive on-site. You can also hand them off to someone you trust, such as your wedding planner or Maid of Honor. 

    4) Spend Time with Family and Friends

    RELAX as much as possible the day before the wedding. After your rehearsal, the wedding tradition is to have a slumber party with your family members, your MOH, or your whole bridal crew. However, while you’re having fun, don’t forget to get some good quality shut-eye!

    Bridesmaids in Pajamas

    Bridal & Bridesmaid Pajama Set in ‘Ivory’ and ‘Powder Blue

    What can you do the night before the wedding with your bridesmaids? It’s best to keep it low-key and have one or two gals spend the night with you instead of the whole wedding party. To set the scene for a cozy night before your wedding day, you can match your bridesmaids in matching pajama sets! These also make very thoughtful night-before wedding presents for your wedding party.

    5) Drink a Lot of Water & Enjoy a Healthy Meal

    Considering that our bodies are 70% water, this suggestion shouldn't come as a surprise. Drinking water can give you the following pre-wedding benefits: 

      • Lowering your anxiety levels & increasing energy
      • Relieving fatigue & flushing out toxins
      • Improving skin complexion (your makeup artist will be pleased)!
      • And the best of all: it puts you in a very good mood!

    The food you eat the evening before your wedding day can help relax you, energize you, and provide the essential vitamins and proteins you need. It might be easier to grab fast foods to avoid the hassle of cooking, but the benefits of having fresh vegetables and nutrient-dense foods will be worth it.

    6) Pack Your Personal Items (and Some Extras!)

    Outside of the general wedding items you’ll want to check off your list, you’ll also want to have some personal items on hand just in case. Packing too much is never a good thing, but you don't want to be unprepared come the big day. Here’s a list of essential things that brides will appreciate to having handy:

      • Extra undergarments
      • A button-down shirt (for makeup and hair)
      • Perfume and deodorant
      • Tape & Scissors
      • Hair styling products and makeup
      • Extra eyelashes & glue
      • Safety pins & a small sewing kit
      • Tissues
      • Toothbrush and toothpaste
      • Phone chargers 
      • Change of comfortable shoes
      • Nail polish (in case you chip a nail!)

    Wedding packing checklist from Etsy

     7) Charge Your Technology

    One of the best things about technology is that it allows us to capture memories - but it also has an odd way of breaking down when we need it the most. Whether you plan on using a camera, your phone, or another electronic device, make sure that you fully charge it the day before the wedding and have plenty of memory space leftover. Pack extra chargers, USB cords, and memory cards to be safe.

    P.S. Giving your phone or personal camera to one of your 'maids is a good idea, since you'll be too busy throughout the day to take pics of your own!

    8) Practice Your Wedding Vows or Speech

    All eyes and ears will be on you and your partner as you say your “I dos.” If you’re uneasy about botching ultra-important words or phrases such as “to have and to hold,” be sure to practice!

    Wedding Vows

    If you and your closest gal pals decide to settle in for that low-key slumber party, this can be an excellent time to practice reciting your vows. They can give you some advice and ensure you feel comfortable beforehand. Their support, laughter, and encouragement will probably help you feel lighter about it as well! Giving your vows a few read-throughs the day before will help you stay present, instead of worrying about whether or not you’ll trip over your tongue.

    9) Get In the Right Headspace

    You’ll want to be present for your own wedding - not only physically, but also mentally. For the time being, let go of any other concern or commitments so that you can fully bask in the occasion. If you start worrying about non-wedding related tasks, ask those around you to gently remind you to leave those aside for the time being. This is how you will be able to look back and remember even the smallest details of your wedding day, from what the air smelled like, to how you felt. Many couples get so swept up in the stress of the day that they forget to be present and enjoy those special moments.

    Bride in White Pajamas

    On the night before your wedding, use the method you prefer to get in the right headspace - whether it be yoga, meditation, breathing, journaling, or a peaceful walk. Think about your relationship and all that this special day means to you.

    10) Take Some Alone Time

    Take time to reminisce about your relationship by journaling, looking through old pictures, or reading through your love letters. Allow yourself to appreciate how amazing it feels to have found the love of your life. After you soak it all in, you might feel inspired to write something meaningful to gift them on the big day. A night before the wedding gift is also a special gesture.

    Bride writing letter

    Consider writing your spouse-to-be a heartfelt letter to open before they walk down the aisle - we recommend these charming day-of-the-wedding cards - unless you already have another special something prepared.

    11) Practice Self-Care

    On the night before your wedding day, treat yourself to a luxurious self-care session. Get a mani/pedi with your girls, hit the spa, or treat yourself to the works at home. Massage body oil onto your skin for a radiant glow, enjoy a refreshing eucalyptus-scented mist in your shower, and take a cat nap or do a deep breathing session while your clay mask sets.

    Getting Ready for Wedding

    Keep in mind that now is not the time to experiment with new beauty products - you don’t want to end up with irritated skin the day of your wedding. Our advice is to make sure you’ve tested these products on your skin at least a week before your event.

    12) Spend Quality Time with Your Partner

    While some people opt for a friends-and-family night before the wedding, others decide to spend it with their spouse-to-be. Sinking into one another and enjoying the calm before the storm can be a good idea - especially because the wedding day will likely be so packed.

    Consider these relaxing ideas for the night before the wedding:

      • Go for a walk outside together
      • Trade massages to help one another relax
      • Watch a heartfelt movie that is special to you both

    Holding Hands

    Another helpful suggestion is to set some reminders that you want to abide by on your special day. These pointers can be written out on a list and used to enjoy your wedding even more. You might try ideas such as:

      1. "We will remember to take deep breaths tomorrow and enjoy the special moments"
      2. "We will direct questions to our wedding coordinator rather than getting overwhelmed by them"
      3. "We will find at least 3 special moments to be alone together throughout the day"

      13) Relax and Rest Before the Big Day

      As we’ve mentioned, RELAX as much as possible the day and night before your wedding. You’ve been waiting your whole life for this day, so you can expect some butterflies the night before. To banish your worrisome “What if?” thoughts, trust in all the planning that you have done. Try to enjoy yourself and the moment! Watch an episode of your favorite show, do some yoga, read a book, or something else you enjoy to calm your mind. Just be sure to get plenty of beauty sleep!

      Have An Amazing Wedding Day!

      We hope that these tips will help you keep from feeling frazzled on the day before your wedding. Planning for a wedding is hard work, so plan ahead. You want your last day to consist of confirming, double-checking, and taking it easy. Not finalizing details! For a smooth, seamless wedding day, it’s important not to procrastinate. Plan ahead and rely on your checklist in your DIY Wedding Planning Binder!
      Do you have any special plans in store for the night before your wedding? Did you and your spouse surprise one another with day before your wedding day gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

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