Top 14 Best Bridesmaid Robes and Alternatives

On your wedding day, you’ll spend a lot of time behind-the-scenes getting ready with your girls. What better way to prep with your bridesmaids than by rocking some adorable bridesmaids robes?! Not only will robes make the perfect gift for your bridesmaids, but they’re the best option to ensure for no hair and makeup casualties. Plus, these adorable getting-ready will make for cute and playful photos that you and your girls can post all over social media!

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Robes

Whether you’re looking for where to buy your bridesmaid robes, or what style to get, you’ve come to the right place!  Even if you're searching for bridesmaid robe alternatives, we have you covered. Check out our ideas below for some of the best options!

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The Best Bridesmaid Robes

There’s so many options when it comes to picking out the perfect bridesmaid robes for your girls!  I bet you’re wondering what styles, fabrics, and colors there are to choose from, and which are the best choice.  From bridesmaid robes with lace trim, to the cutest floral patterns, here are some of our favorite options! We hope you love them as much as we do!

1. Lace Bride Robe + Bridesmaid Robes (Our Top Choice)

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Robes

Shop Lace Bridesmaid Robes

Take it from us - lace bridesmaid robes are the answer to all of your getting-ready needs.  Grab a stunning white robe for the bride, and some fun colors for the bridesmaids!  Choose from options like evergreen, sage, blush, and burgundy.  Even better, this gorgeous style is offered in both plus size and standard size!

2. Long Floral Bridesmaid Robes

Burgundy Floral Bridesmaid RobesShop Floral Bridesmaid Robes

 Are you worried about your robes showing a little *too* much? Especially when there's a photographer to catch your every move?  Stay cute ~ and covered ~ with these adorable floral bridesmaid robes! With a length 4” longer than the industry standard, these bridesmaid robes will leave your girls feeling relaxed and confident.  So, even when you're caught off guard, you'll be looking photo ready! Plus, the smooth and comfortable fabric comes in 10 different colors to choose from.

3. Ruffle Bridesmaid Robes (Top Pick!)

Ruffle Bridesmaid Robes in Pink

KB Ruffle Robes

These soft pink, and incredibly cute bridesmaid robes will be the perfect addition to your big day!  Complete with ruffled sleeves and skirts, these robes will make for adorable pre-wedding attire.


4. Soft Satin Bridesmaid Robes

Satin Bridesmaid Robes

Shop Satin Bridesmaid Robes

Keep it simple with these stunning satin bride and bridesmaid robes.  With standard and plus size bridesmaid robe options, everyone will feel confident and comfortable.  Choose from gorgeous colors like dusty blue, blush, and champagne!

5. Satin Lace Bridesmaid Robes

Satin Lace Bridesmaid Robes


Keep it classy with these satin lace bridesmaids robes for you and your girls. These bridesmaid robes are worth it, as your group will feel extra pampered as they get ready to walk down the aisle.  As a bonus, these bridesmaid robes include names! The personalization will make everyone feel like a VIB (Very Important Bridesmaid)!

6. Cotton Lace Bridesmaid Robes

Cotton Lace Bridesmaid Robes


If cotton is more your speed (say goodbye to unnecessary slipping), then check out this fun option!  These bridesmaid robes with lace are oh so adorable! Available in white, blush, icy blue, and nude, there is a perfect color for you and your girls.  These also offer a plus size bridesmaid robe option!

7. Classy Bridesmaid Robe Bundle

Bridesmaid Robe Bundle 


When looking to purchase in a set of 6 or more, this is the perfect option!  These classy bridesmaid robes come in a variety of neutral colors, and look amazing in photographs.  And, the lace trim adds an adorable touch! Your girls will fall in love with these bridesmaid robes, guaranteed.

8. For the Bride: Lace White Bridal Robe

White Bride Robe

White Bridal Robe

When picking out robes for the bridal party, don't forget to get one for yourself! This white bride robe will be perfect for getting ready photos. Plus, it coordinates with these satin bridesmaid robes in additional colors!

9. Ruffled Monogrammed Bridesmaid Robes

Ruffled Monogrammed Bridesmaid Robes


It's not a secret that ruffles make robes 10x cuter than they already are! Plus, these satin bridesmaid robes include initials, so each of your girls will feel extra special when you gift it to her!

Tips and Tricks for Bridesmaid Robes

Now that you’ve found the perfect bridesmaid robes for your girls, here’s some advice regarding the special gift.  From when to give your girls their bridesmaid robes, to what to wear underneath, we have all of your answers!

1. Who Buys the Bridesmaid Robes?

In most situations, the bride-to-be purchases the bridesmaid robes for her wedding party!  The robes act as a ‘thank you’ gift from the bride to her girls for being in the wedding. Plus, bridesmaid robes often act as a photo op, so brides like to pick out the style and look to fit with her wedding theme!  So, unless agreed upon, bridesmaids should not be expected to buy their own robes. With the many expenses bridesmaids already have, it would be unfair to make them buy this 'extra' item.

2. When to Give your Bridesmaid Robes

While there is no definitive timeline to follow when gifting bridesmaid robes, we’d love to provide you with some ideas!  If you are planning on a bridesmaid proposal, it would be a fun idea to incorporate the robe in with a little gift box. Or, if you want to surprise your girls closer to the big day, you could present it at the rehearsal dinner.  Even the wedding day is an option! That way, you know that no one will forget to pack their bridesmaid robe!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box with Bridesmaid Robe


3. What to Wear Under Bridesmaid Robes

While everyone is focused on choosing the perfect robe, no one talks about what to wear under it!  Let’s face it, bridesmaid robes can sometimes be the culprit of a wardrobe malfunction. So, what can you and your girls wear under your bridesmaid robes to feel secure and confident?

One option is to wear loose shorts, either athletic or pajama, with a cami tank top.  It’s important that your girls choose a shirt that they can remove without ruining hair and makeup!  Or, to keep things easy, stick to a bra and spanx below your robe if you feel comfortable. The garments that you plan to wear under your bridesmaid dress work perfectly!  If you stick to a bra and underwear, be sure to bring some safety pins in case the robes decide to start slipping. 

Tip: if you are surprising your girls with robes the day of the wedding, suggest having them pack these essentials in their bags.  Or, as another option, you could provide shorts for underneath the robes! Here are some adorable monogrammed bachelorette shorts that would be a perfect option.

4. What Color Bridesmaid Robes to Get

There's no right or wrong color bridesmaid robes to pick. However, it can be fun to match your robes with your bridesmaid dresses and wedding theme!  That way, decorations and bouquets will go well with your robes.  This is especially handy if you plan on taking some group pictures in your bridesmaid robes!  And who doesn't want to do that?

For example, this Kennedy Blue bridal robe and dress would make a wonderful pair!  Boasting similar colors, these options would maintain a consistent theme throughout your wedding day.  Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Robes

Bridesmaid Ruffle Robes | Slate Blue Kennedy Blue Dresses

5. How to Wrap Bridesmaid Robes

When presenting your girls with their bridesmaid robes, you want to do so in the cutest way possible! The simplest way to minimize wrinkles and make the presentation adorable is to roll your bridesmaid robes.  To do so, lay the robe on a flat surface with the front side facing up. Fold in the arms and sides so that the bridesmaid robe resembles a rectangular shape. Then, roll tightly from the bottom up. To finish it off, wrap the belt around the rolled robe and tie it into a bow to ensure it won’t unravel!  This will only take a few seconds, but it will look professionally done! 

Or, if you plan on giving your girls their bridesmaid robes on your wedding day, here's another option!  Consider hanging the robes on these adorable customized hangers. It will be a cute way to surprise your girls, and you won’t have to worry about ironing out any wrinkles!

Bridesmaid Hangers for Wedding Day

Bridesmaid Robe Hangers

Bridesmaid Robes Alternatives

Looking for a fun way to match with your girls pre-ceremony, but bridesmaid robes aren't your thing?  No problem! From pajama sets to long button-down shirts, we have the perfect bridesmaid robes alternative for your crew!

1. Bridesmaid Pajama Shorties Set

Pajama Set for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Pajama Set

Looking for a robe alternative that allows for more movement?  No need to worry about a robe slipping off when you’re wearing these adorable bridesmaid pajamas! Available in several different popular colors!


2. Bridesmaid Sweatpants

Bridesmaid Sweatpants Personalized


If you want to keep your pre-wedding pampering extra cozy, opt for some adorable bridesmaid sweatpants!  You and your girls will feel especially relaxed in these undeniably comfortable pants. Pair them with a comfortable button down shirt to complete the look. This alternative to bridesmaid robes is especially perfect for cool fall and winter weddings!

3. Long Button Down Bridesmaid Shirts

Bridesmaid Sleepshirts

Bridesmaid Sleep Shirts

Almost identical to a bridesmaid robe, but with buttons instead!  These silky button down bridesmaid shirts will leave your bridal party feeling classy.  You can also personalize these adorable shirts by adding an initial to the front pocket.  Just picture how cute your girls will look!

4. Monogrammed Bridesmaid PJ Sets

Bridesmaid Pajama Set Robe Alternative


This cute PJ set is perfect for summer or warm-weather destination weddings. Plus, the satin silk fabric will keep you cool and comfortable all morning long!

5. Elegant Bridesmaid Rompers 

Elegant Bridesmaid Romper Longer Sleeve


Depending on your wedding theme, you might opt for a longer sleeve romper for your girls.  These classy rompers look amazing in getting-ready photos! The ruffles and plunging necklines of these bridesmaid rompers are so elegant!  They make for the perfect pre-wedding attire. Plus, because they’re so versatile, many of your girls will adopt them as their go-to PJs!

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Are you planning on having your bridesmaids wear robes at your wedding?  Or have you been in a wedding where you’ve worn a bridesmaid robe or alternative?  We would love to hear from you! Comment below and let us know your favorite option!

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