Getting Your Man Involved in the Planning Process

by Abbi Morgan May 26, 2015

Getting your guy involved in the wedding process isn't all that easy and planning your big day takes a lot of time and patience. With these 10 wedding planning ideas to help get him involved, you're sure to have a more fun-filled planning experience -- together! 

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The 10 Best Ways to Get Your Guy Involved in the Wedding Process 

1. Ask for His Input and Talk to Him: This may seem like a "no-brainer", but a lot of the time the soon-to-be groom assumes that you don't want or need his help in the planning process. Sitting down together and discussing general ideas and plans of what you want for the big day is a great way to start getting him to help!  

2. Reassure and Support His Ideas: For most men, planning things especially as big as a wedding, can be very overwhelming, so reaffirming his ideas and interests he has will make him feel more confident about the process and wanting to continue to help with bigger projects.  

3. Tasks that Cater to His Interests: Does your fiancé love food or dancing? This is the perfect way to get your man involved in the planning! Having him work on a task that includes his daily interests is sure to get him excited to help you and want to continue to do so along the way. 

4. Gift Registry: This is one task that your fiancé will for sure be on board with! Who doesn't love walking around a store scanning your wish list of things you would like for your home? This will also be a good way to get out of the house and make a day of it! We all know that wedding planning is anything but easy, so take a "break" and go out with your guy for a fun day deciding what you want to add on your registry. 

5. His Formal Wear: After figuring out your wedding color theme, going over what style suits your future hubby best, will get him excited for the big day. Maybe he'll even match a men's designer tie to the bridesmaid dresses!   

6. The Guest List: Chances are, both of you don't know all of each others extended family or friends from high school, so grab a bite to eat and go over the guest list! This will be a fun way for both of you to reminisce and chat about how you know everyone that you'll be inviting.  

7. Accommodations for Out-of-Town Guests: Having your man set up accommodations at hotels, guest houses, or whatever it may be for your out-of-town guests, will be a somewhat simple task for him. Doing this will get him even more thrilled about seeing his buddies or family members he hasn't seen in a while. 

8. Ask Questions: Asking your fiancé questions about wedding planning ideas will make him feel confident that you really do want his input. Doing this throughout the months will help get his ideas flowing and help take charge on making sure you both have the best wedding day!  

9. Honeymoon Planning: If you and your guy don't already have a spot picked out, both of you can make a list of places you want to go and sites you want to see. Once you compare lists, it'll be that much more fun to decide on where you want to celebrate!  

10. Keep Things Fun: Just remember that all of this planning and hard work is to celebrate you and the love of your life! Keeping things fun during the wedding planning process will keep it more stress free and it'll help you and your guy bond even more before your special day!  


What are some of your ideas on getting your man involved? Tell us in the comments below! 

Abbi Morgan
Abbi Morgan


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