5 Reasons Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses are the Perfect Shade for You

Color trends for bridesmaid dresses are constantly shifting and changing, we know. However, there are some hues that are just as classic as they are stylish, which means they will fit the trends of today while remaining timeless for years to come. No one wants to look back on their wedding photos and think they look dated! So, what’s a color that fits that description? Our Slate blue, of course! Slate blue bridesmaid dresses are super in right now, and they will be the perfect complement to your special day. Not convinced? Read on for why you’ll love the color!

Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop the look: Anna in Slate Blue

Whims and Joy Photography

Reasons we Know You'll Love our Dusty Blue Shade for Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Versatility

One of the biggest reasons why I love this dusty blue is because it is so versatile. From informal to formal ceremonies, different dress styles, skin tones, and even different color palettes, the hue will complement everything and everyone! Plus, it's something different than your always-popular (and versatile) navy and eggplant. 

 Kennedy Blue dusty blue

Kennedy Blue Erica (left) & Allison (right).

Unlike other trendy colors at the moment – I’m looking at you, blush pink – this dusty blue looks great with all skin tones. The muted quality and neutral tone creates a soft appearance that will flatter all of your girls. You don’t have to worry about being washed out or overwhelmed. It really is one of those rare colors that works for everyone! No wonder dusty wedding palettes are so popular.

It’s also a great color choice for a variety of different styles. Because it is such a clean, minimal, and chic color, it won’t compete with fancier gown designs. However, it will also elevate simpler designs to something very stylish and gorgeous. Whether you’re thinking a knee-length chiffon dress or a satin strapless gown, this shade is the perfect choice.

2. Variety

If you like the idea of slate but don’t want all of your girls to be in the same shade, don’t worry! Think of the color as more of a spectrum – dusty blue, French blue, gray blue, they all fall under that larger category. This really opens up the options in terms of finding the right hue for you. Of course, all of our dresses in chiffon and satin are available in the perfect slate blue hue.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to bring that beautiful Pinterest image to life. The slate blue hue really does vibe with so many different colors, styles, etc. making it easily customizable for your big day. Whether you're having an outdoor ceremony or something more formal, this shade will complement your gown as well as your theme no matter what the season may be! Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are the perfect way to ensure that all your bridesmaids look and feel great and mix and match blue is a super flattering color scheme!

Kennedy Blue light blue

Kennedy Blue Isabella in Slate Blue (left) and Allison in Sea Glass (right)


3. Color Palettes

Let’s talk wedding color palettes, shall we? Not to sound like a broken record here, but again there are so many options with this color. Slate blue is the perfect choice for a winter wedding because it adds color and vibrancy to the bridal party style, while the dusty and cooler tone mirrors the season. I love the idea of mixing in a lush maroon or wine color in your flowers – think marsala (or Kennedy Blue Bordeaux) if you’re going all out with past and present trendy colors. You can even add cream or ivory to lighten up the palette and give the eye a rest from the vibrant hues. Dusty wedding palettes are timeless and elegant, so you have a lot of room to play around with different combinations! 

Another way to incorporate dusty blue into your wedding color scheme, regardless of season, is to brighten it up a bit with peach, light blue/green, or cream. Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel, making them the perfect complement. The slate anchors the peach and grounds the whole palette. Peach and lighter tones of the cream help round everything out. It’s a unique and gorgeous way to have darker tones featured in the color palette without weighing everything down!


Photo by: Purrington Photography

If peach isn’t your thing, try it with our mint, and blush pink to create a chic, contemporary, and complimentary color palette. Adding in these different, warmer colors is the perfect way to counter-balance the cooler color. This is also something to keep in mind if you’re worried that an all slate palette will feel too cold.

4. Mix and Match

Another bridesmaid trend is to mix and match colors and dress styles to create a more personalized and eclectic look. Lucky for you, slate blue is the perfect color for this!

In need of inspiration? The above color palettes would be an excellent starting point for creating a mixed look. If you’re searching for something different, one of my personal favorite combinations is to create a dusty, ethereal, and chic appearance by combining gray, lavender, light green, and our chosen hue. It’s such a light and soothing look! The key here is to make sure each color has the same undertone so that nothing clashes.

You can also incorporate the dusty color with grays and light blue, or with lighter purples and pinks. In either case, try to find shade that has either blue or red undertones to match the rest of the dresses. If possible, putting the dresses next to one another before finalizing them is the perfect way to ensure you will love the chosen mix and match palette. Otherwise, color swatches in each of the shades is also be a great way to compare colors if you can't get the actual dresses next to one another before purchasing.

I know we’re talking about bridesmaid dresses here, but slate is also a great color on the guys standing by your groom. From vests, pocket squares, and ties, it is easy to incorporate into their ensemble as well! Take your slate blue color swatch around to some department stores and match it up with the men's attire to ensure a cohesive bridal party look!

5. Perfect for All Fabric Types

I personally love our chiffon fabric in the dusty slate blue tone, because it’s so airy and chic. However, a major perk of this color is that it will be gorgeous in other types of fabric as well.

 Kennedy Blue Thea

Above: Kennedy Blue Thea in Slate Blue.

Oftentimes, the standard bridesmaid dress is pictured as an A-line, flowing chiffon number that’s stylish yet also pretty simple. While this is a fantastic option and obviously popular, what if you want a style that’s a little more daring, yet in a trendy color? All of our chiffon and satin dresses are available in slate blue along with other gorgeous colors to create a perfect mix and match look. So you don’t have to feel forced to choose the style of dress based on what colors it comes in.

 Above: Kennedy Blue Abigail in Slate Blue.

Like fabric types, a variety of different accessory styles and types will be fabulous with the shade. From simple diamonds or pearls to a statement necklace or earrings, slate will make everything pop.


Other Blues From Kennedy Blue

Check out these other blues that you can mix and match with Kennedy Blue's Slate Blue! Some of our favorites include Sky, Fog, Storm, Cornflower, Navy, and Sea Glass! Order a swatch to compare colors. 

Kennedy Blue Caitlin

Kennedy Blue Caitlin in Sky 

Kennedy Blue Milly

Kennedy Blue Milly in Fog

Kennedy Blue Ivy

Kennedy Blue Ivy in Storm

Kennedy Blue Amelia

Kennedy Blue Amelia in Cornflower

Kennedy Blue Faith

Kennedy Blue Faith in Navy

Kennedy Blue Allison

Kennedy Blue Allison in Sea Glass


Real Dusty Slate Blue Weddings

Kennedy Blue Slate Blue

Mix and Match Slate Blue bridesmaid dresses, Sophisticated Grace Photography


Kennedy Blue Bridesmaids

Wren and Iris in Slate Blue, Empiria Studios

Kennedy Blue mix and match bridesmaid dresses

Mismatched Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses in Slate Blue, Nicole Klym Photography

Kennedy Blue mix and match dresses

Mismatched Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses in Slate Blue, Hannah Kate Photography

Final thoughts

In case it hasn’t become clear by now, I love this color and know you will too. It’s chic, stylish, clean, romantic, contemporary, and timeless, which is a whole lot for one color to accomplish. No wonder it’s so trendy!

I love how clean and minimal the hue is, but I also love how complimentary and malleable the color is as well. It will honestly look perfect with cool or warm shades across the color wheel so you can definitely make it your own unique look. 

Do you love our slate blue as much as we do? We hope so! What colors would you pair it with for your big day? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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