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Unbelievably Unique Wedding Themes You'll Want to See

Black and White Romantic Wedding

Choosing a wedding theme will help shape every part of your wedding. Check out some of our favorite up-and-coming wedding theme ideas below!

Best Wedding Themes for 2025 Weddings

The best way to plan an elegant and put-together wedding is to choose a wedding theme or vibe and stick with it. Make sure you have a sense of continuity throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. You don’t have to choose an overly specific or overdone theme, just a general aesthetic that you can follow. Below are some creative wedding themes that you can adapt to fit your needs, budget, and personal taste. 

1) Classic Black & White Wedding Theme

Black and White Wedding

Custom Cocktail Napkins | Black Acrylic Welcome Sign | Wedding Vow Books

Black and white weddings are timeless and elegant. The simplicity of choosing only black and white makes it easy to coordinate your decor, dresses, and accessories. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have plenty of room to customize your wedding. Consider if you want to focus on vintage glamor with pearls and antiques or highlight the modern elements with minimalist black decor and simple white table cloths. Black bridesmaid dresses are fashionable, re-wearable, and will help the bride stand out in white. 

2) Eclectic Vintage Wedding Theme

Eclectic Vintage Wedding Them

Custom Wedding Newspaper | Twisted Taper Candle | Vintage Wedding Invitation

Is your house littered with thrifted decor? A vintage wedding theme could be your jam. Planning your wedding with a vintage aesthetic means you can save money by using items you found in your home and fill in the blanks by shopping at thrift stores, antique malls, and on Etsy. Plus you’ll be able to choose just about any bridesmaid dress color or fabric to tie into your design.

3) Mediterranean-Inspired Wedding With Blue Tiles and Lemons

Mediterranean Wedding Them

Blue Tiles Photo Backdrop | Mediterranean Wedding Menu | Wedding Signposts | Wedding Stationary Set

Blue hand painted ceramic tiles, groves of lemon trees covering the hills, cliffside ocean views, and the sweet taste of limoncello are all signatures of Italy’s Amalfi coast. Bring the joy of a coastal vacation to your wedding with a mediterranean wedding theme. Complete the look with eucalyptus vines, blue tile accents, and yellow bridesmaid dresses.

4) Warm & Delicate Romantic Wedding Theme

Warm & Delicate Romantic Wedding Theme

Wedding Dress Hanger | Handmade Wedding Invite | Framed Vinyl Lyrics | Vow Books

Coquette style has been filling your Instagram feed for a while now. Consider taking the romantic nature of vintage bows, pearls, and flowy fabric to your wedding decor. We love the idea of sticking with neutrals and very subtle colors for this theme and focusing on texture. Any light color or neutral bridesmaid dress color would complement the softness of this theme. 

5) Retro-Inspired Funky & Bold Wedding Colors

Retro-Inspired Funky & Bold Wedding Colors

Wavy Edge Welcome Sign | Funky Wedding Stationary | Mod Name Napkins | Matchbox Favors

Don’t shy away from bold wedding colors if your day-to-day style is bold! A retro theme is the perfect way to showcase bright colors and creative shapes. Be sure to incorporate some bold retro fonts and a few contrasting colors. Any red or orange bridesmaid dress color with a fun shape will suit this theme.

7) Artsy European Café Wedding Theme

Artsy European Café Wedding Theme

Whimsical Wedding Sign | European Wedding Save-the-Date | Café Sketch Match Boxes

If you’ve ever experienced the peace-of-mind that sitting in a café in Paris or Madrid, you’ll know it can’t be beat. Share this feeling with your wedding guests with a European wedding theme. Feature sketch-book style designs, fun colors, and white accents. You can even theme your food by featuring Italian, French, and Spanish dishes (and cocktails).  

8) Minimalist Modern Wedding Theme Idea

Minimalist Modern Wedding Theme Idea

Minimal Wedding Invitation | Modern Welcome Sign | Simple Wedding Place Cards

Keep it simple with clean lines, black and white stationary, and simple font choices. A minimalist wedding will look contemporary but will stand the test of time. A sleek wedding aesthetic fits right in with your minimalist style and mindset. For variety you can add in pops of subtle colors or metallic accents.

9) Whimsical Garden Wedding Theme

Whimsical Garden Wedding Theme

Heptagonal Arch | Vow Books | Card Box | Cake Topper | Embroidered Guestbook

Experience the joy of a garden party at your wedding by including whimsical floral arrangements, embroidered accents, and romantic string lighting. A garden wedding theme is especially fitting if you have an outdoor area at your wedding or your wedding takes place in the springtime.  

10) Tropical Beach Wedding Theme

Tropical Beach Wedding Theme

Palm Tree Welcome Sign | Destination Wedding Invitation | Tropical Wedding Cake Topper

Palm trees, hibiscus flowers, and leis will all make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation at your wedding. Host a tropical wedding if you’re hosting a destination wedding, a local beach wedding, or just want to bring a coastal feeling to your big day. Choose colors inspired by the ocean like a marine or sea foam for your blue bridesmaid dresses. Accent your venue with tropical floral arrangements with hibiscus, palm fronds, or birds of paradise.

11) Watercolor Wedding With Hand Painted Details

Watercolor Wedding Theme

Painted Wedding Menu | Wedding Invitation Suite | Invitation Jacket | Wedding Venue Painting

Painted details at weddings used to be common when printing was less popular. Kick it old school with hand painted wedding menus, custom wedding invitations, and a watercolor painting of your wedding venue. A watercolor wedding theme will give your decor a more delicate and detailed feel. 

12) Outdoor Adventure Elopement or Nature-Themed Wedding

Nature Themed Wedding

Personalized Cake Topper | “Just Married” Backpack Signs | Elopement Invitations

Elopements have become extremely popular in recent years. Big elaborate formal weddings aren’t for everyone -- plus they can be crazy expensive. Elopements are perfect for travelers, minimalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. And besides, what venue could be more gorgeous than one made by nature? Shoot an elopement invite to your very favorite people and decorate your backpacks with “just married” signs to create a simple and meaningful day to celebrate your love.

13) Boho Rust Wedding Theme

Boho Rust Wedding Theme

Dried Flowers | Rust Colored Place Cards | Terracotta Welcome Sign | Boho Wedding Bouquet

Planning a boho wedding means lots of earth tones, unique florals, and creative texture combinations. Terracotta or rust colored place cards, menus, and signs are all great ways to bring warmth to your event space. Find the perfect boho bridesmaid dresses, then pair them with a creative free form bouquet filled with dried and fresh flowers.

14) Elegant Backyard Wedding Theme

Backyard Wedding

Custom Cornhole Bean Bags | Clear Acrylic Wedding Sign | Centerpiece Wood Slices

The wedding venue of your dreams might be in your own backyard. Transform any yard or field into a gorgeous event space with a creative wedding arch, a modern welcome sign, and some nature-inspired decor. For your reception, provide some classic backyard games like cornhole, bocce ball, and croquet. Custom cornhole bags made with your last name and your wedding date will be the icing on the cake.

Which Wedding Theme is Right For You?

There are a million possible reasons to choose each wedding theme -- whether it’s to fit your budget, venue, interests, or style. Sometimes themes are a nod to the way you met your spouse or something you like to do together. Whatever wedding theme you choose, make sure it suits your relationship and circumstances rather than just being a trend you think you need to follow.

Ready to pick out decor to fit your chosen wedding theme? Read up on every decoration you need for your wedding with our wedding decor guide & checklist.

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