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4 Ways to Style Bordeaux Bridesmaid Dresses

Bordeaux is a gorgeous up-and-coming shade for bridesmaid dresses. This deep, burgundy color resembles a glass of your favorite red wine. This rich shade compliments many color palettes, making it easy to match with floral arrangements and wedding decor. Bordeaux against white is stunning. You and your bridesmaids will make the perfect pair when they don these beautiful bordeaux bridesmaid dresses.

4 Ways to Style Bordeaux Bridesmaid Dresses In Your Wedding

Bordeaux is a beautiful maroon shade that reminisces of rich velvet and French wine. These characteristics make bordeaux perfect for mix and match bridal parties. This color is also versatile and easy to incorporate into wedding designs. Burgundy tablecloth napkins create beautiful contrast between white and champagne themed dinnerware. Check out these clever ways to style bordeaux bridesmaid dresses in your wedding!

1. You can include a few deep red roses into the bridesmaid bouquets.

If the original bouquet theme features lighter shades of pink and white, red roses will add depth and a burst of color. Plus it will just look great with their burgundy dresses!

Deep red roses with Kennedy Blue Bordeaux

Felicia the Photographer

2. Add Bordeaux to the groomsmen suit or tuxedo.

We can’t forget about our groomsmen. If anyone needs an accent piece or glimmer of color, it’s them. A little goes a long way. Talk to your florist about adding a few cranberries (it sounds weird, but trust the process) to the boutonnières, or another dark burgundy plant to spruce things up.

Groomsmen matching Kennedy Blue Bordeaux

Felicia the Photographer 

3. Add a touch of burgundy to the tables.

Whether you add deep red roses, burgundy napkins, or maroon candles, the added color can make a world of a difference. All you need is a few subtle additions to master the magic of bordeaux. 

Modern wedding decor with Kennedy Blue Bordeaux

Brian Leahy Photography

4. Make invitations a little more inviting.

Don’t by shy when it comes to adding some pink and maroon details to your wedding invitations. You'd be surprised how well vibrant pinks compliment Bordeaux! Your invites will stand out. You’ll love them so much, you’ll want to incorporate them in your wedding photos!

Add Bordeaux to invitations

Duke Photography


Choosing the Perfect Bordeaux Bridesmaid Dresses

If this shade has won you over, the next step is to pick your style! The Kennedy Blue collection offers a large variety of shades, styles, and fits all made with quality material. Depending on the season of your wedding, there are many styles that could work.

Summer Wedding

Having a summer wedding gives you the opportunity to go the more non-traditional route with your bridesmaid dresses. Short dresses, long dresses, off-shoulder dresses, one-shoulder dresses, and sleeveless dresses are all on the table. Any color goes, whether you want light pastel pinks and blues, or rich burgundies and deep greens. Explore all the options Kennedy Blue offers during the summer season.

Kennedy Blue Faith

Faith is a great style for outdoor summer weddings. This lovely one-shoulder bridesmaid dress is comfy and perfect for hot, balmy weather. A beautiful ruched bodice makes this dress chic, while the flowy knee length A-line skirt keeps you cool. This gorgeous burgundy bordeaux dress works well for indoor and outdoor weddings, but is also excellent for ceremonies on the beach or grassy fields.

Kennedy Blue Luella

If you’re thinking subtle straps, Luella is another go-to style. With a cross over bodice, this dress is super cute and unique. The short length is great for movement and dancing. Your bridesmaids will love to wear this over and over again. Just add a sweater or some jewelry. This bordeaux dress is great for barn weddings as well.

Fall Wedding

A fall wedding can go either way. It’s totally your choice whether you want to go short or long on the bridesmaid dresses. Bordeaux looks fabulous either way. Below are some styles your bridesmaids could rock even when the leaves are falling.

Kennedy Blue Allison

Allison has a flowy, boho chic style that is sure to take your breath away. Convertible and versatile, the dress is great for the changing weather of fall. This dress would be gorgeous in front of a backdrop of colorful trees in autumn. Your bridesmaids will be comfy and look amazing at the same time.

Kennedy Blue Jade

Jade is a gorgeous bordeaux dress with a floral embroidered bodice. Special detailing goes along the collarbone and V-back. This dress is versatile for any season. A slit in the skirt makes it perfect for warm weather weddings, while a high neck provides enough coverage during winter and late fall weddings. Your bridesmaids will feel special in a lacy masterpiece like this. 

Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are romantic and cozy. If you live somewhere on the colder spectrum, long dresses are a must so you can keep your bridesmaid toasty going from here to there on the big day. Longer gowns portray elegance and sophistication. Since these dramatic dresses garner more attention, you’ll want to make sure the color of your bridesmaid dresses are easy on the eye and compliment the rest of your wedding decor. Bordeaux is a color to match with neutral, contrasts beautiful with white (hint hint: snow).

Kennedy Blue Thea

Thea is a one-of-a-kind dress that features off-the-shoulder straps and a classy V-neckline. A sewn in sash accentuates the waistline. The flowy floor length skirt creates an imagine of elegance and drama. Your bridal party will love this unique style and this color will look fabulous on a variety of skin tones. This dress is also excellent for mixing and matching, which is SUPER on-trend.

Kennedy Blue Finley

Finley is a bridesmaid dress that does it all. Romantically elegant with classy lace and a high neckline, your bridesmaids will love the dramatic look. This dress is already full a lacy detail, but you can add a faux fur vest for wintery photo ops.

Spring Wedding

Make your spring wedding flirty and fun and ring in the new season with fresh styles and color. Bordeaux is a versatile shade of maroon that’s great for any wedding theme. Treat your bridesmaids to these gorgeous bordeaux bridesmaid dresses.

Kennedy Blue Poppy

Poppy is elegant but fun. With a flirty side slit and strapless sweetheart neckline, your bridesmaids will love this modern spin on a classic gown. This sleek and stylish dress is perfect for spring, but works for any time of year!


Kennedy Blue MacKenzie

Bring on the trendy criss cross back this spring with Mackenzie. This sleeveless bridesmaid dress come with four supportive thin straps and a modern V-neckline. The fitted ruched bodice add characters and the floor length skirts is elegant and classy.

Have you found your favorite yet? Take a look at real Bordeaux bridal party photos for more inspiration!

Bordeaux Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids in Kennedy Blue TheaFelicia the Photographer

Bordeaux Bridesmaids Kennedy Blue

Felicia the Photographer 

Bordeaux Bridesmaids with Gray Groomsmen

Mismatched Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dressesChelsea Dennis Photography

Ombre pink and maroon bridesmaids

Kennedy Blue Thea with other mismatched bridesmaid dresses, Whims and Joy Photography 

pink and Burgundy bridesmaids, Kennedy Blue

Mix and match Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dressesDuke Photography 

There are tons of beautiful, affordable Bordeaux options available. The Kennedy Blue collection offers a vast variety of size, styles, and colors that will fit with any season. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors to make your bridal party even more unique. With high quality and affordable bridesmaid dresses, the sky in the limit. It’s possible to try out new gorgeous trends without breaking the bank. Your bridesmaids will LOVE these dresses! You can order a swatch today or have an At Home Try On party.

Feeling inspired? Share your ideas by leaving us a comment! Happy wedding planning!

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Sandra G.
June 21, 2020 20:47

My wedding colors will be burgundy! Because of the pandemic we moved our wedding from winter to spring. This is a great article that showed me how to still use burgundy in the spring. Thank you for the lovely tips! 💖 These dresses are beautiful.

Mariah Letourneau
May 11, 2020 10:34

Love the color my bridesmaids all agreed on iris in this color and I can’t wait to get them they will look stunning and i might get the ties in the same color to bring them all together

Erin Wooten
April 10, 2018 11:46

This is perfect because this is my bridesmaids dresses color! I’m pairing the colors with gray and gold.

Summer Taylor
April 08, 2018 16:24

I love the high-slit dresses. I have chosen this as my bridesmaid dress color and I never thought about pairing it with gray until i saw the picture on the blog.

Katie Stangl
April 06, 2018 11:24

Love these dresses!

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