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The Sequin Collection: Beaded Embroidered Bridesmaid Dresses

Looking for some subtle sparkle for your bridesmaids? You LOVED our embroidered bridesmaid dresses, and we heard you! We decided to create a line of similar beaded embroidered bridesmaid dresses that feature sparkle. They were all inspired by a Kennedy Blue “sister style” sans shimmer, but we think you’ll find this beading tasteful, elegant, and classy. Take a look at these new beaded embroidered bridesmaid dresses and let us know what you think!

Kennedy Blue Embroidered Beaded

Chris and Kristy Photography 

5 Subtly Sparkly Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love

Nobody wants their sparkly bridesmaid dresses to steal the show from the bride. Sure, these gowns should make the ‘maids look beautiful, but ultimately they take a backseat to the star of the show: the wedding dress. That’s why we came up with this style of beaded embroidered bridesmaid dresses. Each of these designs is based on a similar embroidered style of the same gown. We sew the beading into the natural flow of the embroidery. This way, the sparkle accentuates the design rather than coming across as garish and excessive. You’ll barely noticed the sparkle until the light hits the dresses. This little bit of shimmer will perfectly set the magical, romantic mood of your wedding.


Kennedy Blue Betsy

The Betsy is a delicately embroidered and beaded bridesmaid dress with a breezy skirt. This mix of detailed bodice with flowing chiffon skirt creates a look that is both classic and contemporary. The romantic illusion straps provide style and support, complemented by the open V-back. Its “sister style” is Wren.


Kennedy Blue Natalie

Natalie is another stunning beaded embroidered bridesmaid dress. The style is quite similar to the Betsy, but this one has wider straps that are slightly off the shoulder. This provides more support and coverage for busty bridesmaids, but they still get to enjoy the high slit in the A-line skirt—and the pockets! If you want this gorgeous dress without the sparkle, check out the Morgan style.


Kennedy Blue Melanie

Melanie is a dress with personality, with its heavily embroidered front and strappy back. It’s soft, sweet, and—of course—subtly sparkly. The high bodice with a slight halter style leads to an open back with thin spaghetti straps. You can adjust them to be crisscross or straight, whichever style you prefer. Like the Natalie, it also has hidden pockets and a high slit. Its non-beaded counterpart is the Madeline.


Kennedy Blue Kinsley

The Kinsley is as classic as they come. The sweetheart bodice with a delicately embroidered illusion neckline takes on a lacy quality that shimmers when the beading catches the light. This bateau style neckline is a classy wedding style that bridesmaids return to over and again. The three-inch straps provide plenty of support and comfort. There’s no slit in this one, but it does have pockets! It’s sister style is the Jade.


Kennedy Blue Jasmine

The Jasmine is another one of our gorgeous sparkly bridesmaid dresses with a memorable back that sets it apart. Jasmine’s embroidered beaded bodice is stunning front to back, delicate beadwork and all. We love the deep sweetheart bodice with illusion straps attached to a sheer racerback. The sheer back really shows off the delicate embroidery and shimmer of this pocketed gown. Check out the Iris for the sparkle-free version.

How to Mix and Match Beaded Embroidered Dresses

You may have noticed a lot of similarities between these embroidered bridesmaid dresses. They all feature the same style of embroidery, a natural waist with a sash, and long chiffon skirts. Yet you have five different necklines to choose from! This makes our collection of beaded embroidered bridesmaid dresses perfect for mixing and matching. Let your ‘maids choose their ideal style from these great options. They’ll be glad to find a neckline that is super flattering for their body, and you won’t have to worry about the different styles coordinating. 

Mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses is a huge wedding trend right now, so we made our beaded embroidered dresses great choices for this trend! As I said earlier, you can mix any of these styles because the only major difference between these dresses is their necklines! Each of your 'maids can choose one of these dresses to tailor to their own personal tastes, and you won't have to worry about a thing because every little thing is gonna be all right! All of these dresses match beautifully with each other. What about your bridesmaids who don't like beads and sparkles? Fear not--you can also mix-and-match these beaded embroidered dresses with their non-beaded counterparts seamlessly. We have links to these non-beaded dresses throughout the article to make it even easier for you! Another way to mix-and-match these dresses is to have some of your bridesmaids wear non-embroidered dresses. I know that sounds pretty risky, but trust me, your bridal party will look one-of-a-kind. We make it easy to mix-and-match these dresses with non-embroidered dresses! For example, if you love the Betsy dress but don't want it embroidered, you could substitute it for the Riley dress. We have non-embroidered dresses in similar styles for all of these beaded embroidered dresses. 

beaded embroidered bridesmaid dresses

Other Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Wedding

If you are looking for beaded embroidered bridesmaid dresses, chances are you want to add sparkle to the rest of your wedding décor. There are dozens of creative ways to do this from start to finish. Here are just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing.

    • Paper goods. You can add glitter to your save-the-dates, invitations, and thank you cards, but don’t stop with stationary. Think about all the other paper goods—wedding programs, menus, place cards, and more. 
    • Flower girls. You can outfit your flower girls in much more unabashedly sparkly dresses than your bridesmaids. Or, you can add a shimmery sash, glittery headband, or sparkly shoes. You can also have your girls toss glittery flower petals or paper hearts.
    • Confetti cannons. If you want to end your ceremony with a bang, might as well add some shimmer into the mix.
    • Accessories. If you like the subtle sparkly bridesmaid dresses but you want to add a touch more pop, rhinestone accessories are a great way to do this. Think earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, and shoes.
    • Bouquets. Some brides will rock a full broach bouquet to walk down the aisle. If that’s not your style, you can still take inspiration from this idea and work rhinestones or other sparkly elements into your bouquets (and boutonnieres!).
    • Reception tables. You can really go wild when adding sparkle to your reception tables. From the table cloths to the centerpieces to the napkin rings, the options are endless. 
    • Hanging décor. Chandeliers are lovely, but if they’re not already part of the venue, that’s hard to swing in the budget. A quick and easy DIY alternative is a tissue paper pom-pom made with sparkly paper. You can also incorporate handmade garlands into your shimmery décor by using any variety of sparkly materials—from ribbons to craft paper.
    • Photo wall. If you want to have a fun place for guests to take pictures, consider using swaths of sparkly fabric to create a memorable backdrop.
    • Food. There is such a thing as edible sparkles—this means you can have shimmery cake pops or cupcakes. This opens up a whole new level of aesthetic in food. 
    • Cake. On the topic of edible sparkles, you can bring that to your wedding cake, too. Beyond that, you can also use a rhinestone-studded cake stand or wedding topper.

Kennedy Blue Sequin Dresses

Love and Adventure Photography

There are so many ways to add sparkle to your wedding. Our new beaded bridesmaid dresses bring the shimmer without sacrificing class. The embroidery makes them unique, elegant, and timeless, styles we hope will be around for years to come.

Beaded Dress Inspiration from Real Brides

If we haven't encouraged you enough to have your 'maids wear these dresses on your big day, let these pictures from a real wedding encourage you further! 

beaded embroidered bridesmaid dresses

Hannah Kate Photography

beaded embroidered bridesmaid dresses

Hannah Kate Photography

Several of these lovely ladies are wearing the Betsy dress, one of our beaded embroidered bridesmaid dresses! These dresses are all in the color slate blue. They all looked absolutely stunning in these flat chiffon Kennedy Blue dresses! 

Let's Chat

How did you add sparkle to your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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