Modest Bridesmaid Dresses: 10 Styles Your 'Maids Will Adore

After the bride has asked you to be her bridesmaid, while the excitement is still in there, it’s time to start working towards figuring out what kind of bridesmaid dress you will be wearing. Nervous? Don’t be! Finding a flattering bridesmaid dress can be one of the highlights of the whole wedding experience for both you and your bridal party. 

Are you worried about finding a modest bridesmaid dress that all the ‘maids will be comfortable in? You shouldn’t have to be! Finding a bridesmaid dress that is both flattering and easy to wear is doable.

Why a modest bridesmaid dress?

Having a modest bridesmaid dress does not have to come at the expense of looking or feeling out of place. In fact, quite the opposite. You can look elegant and appropriate while still feeling beautiful, fashionable, and confident. For the most part, bridesmaid dresses are already made to be pretty modest because they take so many body types into consideration; Kennedy Blue offers many A-line cut dresses to accommodate their customers.

If you are worried about looking different because you want a modest bridesmaid dress, don’t be! You might want one to disguise a baby bump or cover any tattoos. Perhaps as a younger bridesmaid, you just feel like you are not comfortable in a revealing dress. Maybe you would like to wear a modest bridesmaid dress out of respect for your religion. Whatever the reason, fear not! We’ve compiled a list of the best 10 styles to try on the next time you are looking for a flattering bridesmaid dress.

10 Modest Dresses for Your Big Day

Everyone has different comfort levels and Kennedy Blue has the styles you need for every person in your bridal party. We offer modest styles for the bridal parties who want to mix and match, or the girls who all want the same style.

Regardless of your preference, finding a modest bridesmaid dress is easy! 


Kennedy Blue Erica

The Erica dress is perfect for the bridesmaid that wants to modest, yet elegant. With its high neckline and unique ruching, the Erica is a flattering bridesmaid dress for any bridesmaid who has a fuller bust line. Best of all, the A-line waist flatters all shapes so your bridesmaids will not only look good, but also be comfortable while dancing the night away. Did we mention it has pockets?!


Modest bridesmaid dress

For a dress that is modest yet fun and flattering, the Bailey dress is perfect for you. The top features a keyhole opening that is unique yet modest. The flowing A-line skirt complements a large variety of figures. Wear the Bailey with confidence knowing you look fun, flirty, and modest! 


Kennedy Blue Delilah

Hey there Delilah… you found your perfect dress! With its high neckline, the Delilah dress covers cleavage to remain as a modest bridesmaid dress. The sheer back offers a beautiful lace pattern that adds floral details and makes this dress as unique as you are. Although sleeveless, pairing it with a shawl on top can add elegance and beauty to your dress.  


Kennedy Blue Bella

If the Natalie dress is too revealing for you, the Bella is the modest bridesmaid dress you are looking for. Without the slit, the Bella’s sweetheart neckline and capped sleeves offers a flattering bridesmaid dress that will look good in every picture taken on the wedding day. 


Kennedy Blue Milly

For the bridesmaid that want a trendier option, choose the Milly for a modest, yet modern look. The high neckline works well to create a modest bridesmaid dress that camouflages what you want while still showing a little arm. Milly’s criss-cross ruching design brings the look together for your bridesmaids to be a vision of elegance. 


modest bridesmaid dress

The Stella dress features a figure-flatter A-line skirt with soft and flowing chiffon fabric. The unique top features a criss-cross neckline that is fun yet modest. This flatters every figure out there. Feel nothing but confident while wearing this gorgeous gown! 


Kennedy Blue Allison

If you are looking for a unique dress that is still modest, look no further than the Allison dress. It lays comfortably off the shoulders and the convertible neckline provides versatility for the ceremony and reception. Wear it as a sweetheart style or off the shoulder for more coverage. You can even wear this dress again after the big wedding day! Consider it a win-win situation. 


Kennedy Blue Faith

Faith is a great knee-length option, that isn’t form fitting. Its A-line skirt provides a comfortable fit that still works as a flattering bridesmaid dress. The length gives it a fun feel while still remaining a modest bridesmaid dress. Don’t worry about the V-neckline - bridesmaids dresses are cut modestly no matter what style, remember? 


Kennedy Blue Kinsley

Nothing is more exciting than reaching into a dress and finding out it has hidden pockets! It is one of the many features of the Kinsley dress that is bound to make a hit amongst the bridal party. Kinsley's beaded embroidery makes it an elegant option with subtle sparkle. It is not only stunning, but offers the coverage it needs to be a flattering, yet modest bridesmaid dress. 


Kennedy Blue Elena

To make an impact as you walk down the aisle, dress your bridal party in our Elena dress. Its criss-cross halter neckline is both elegant and modest so your bridesmaids can still feel comfortable on the big day. Its hidden pockets are great for any last minute mints or lipstick that will not make it look bulky. The Elena’s A-line skirt is form-fitting for any bridesmaid looking for a flattering bridesmaid dress

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Just because a dress has the title ‘modest’ on it, does not mean that it won’t be beautiful! Kennedy Blue has a range of the modern modest bridesmaid dress to help all of your bridal party look their best. It is important to keep in mind to pick the style first instead of the size because you can always fix that later. As long as you and your bridal party love the dress – the rest is history! What are your best tips for rocking a modest bridesmaid look? Leave us a comment! 

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June 29, 2020 19:53

The Erica and Allison are my fave out of these!!

April 28, 2019 22:47

Thank you for so many beautiful modest styles to choose from. My daughter is having her three teen sisters in her bridal party along with three friends. I am excited that my young girls will be able to choose something modest and appropriate for their age. The colors will be a perfect match to whatever styles the other young ladies choose and I’m sure the whole wedding party will look gorgeous!

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