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Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas

I know what you're thinking. Do I want my wedding to be referred to as a 'minimalist wedding.' Will it be elegant or formal enough? Well, lucky for you, the answer is absolutely! Minimalist weddings are the new and upcoming trend that are super crisp, clean, and polished, making your wedding look extremely elegant and enchanting!

So, what exactly is minimalism you ask? It's a mindset that's all about simplicity. Think super simple, chic, and modern featuring neutral colors, with a hint of traditional. Think black, white, grey, and marble. Think artisanal, and transparent. Focus on quality over quantity. Minimalism is not all stark white and bare. It is not to "go without", but rather to focus on elements that are truly meaningful and valued while foregoing unnecessary clutter. Embrace the simple aesthetic. Remember, less is more! 

clean, simple wedding dress

Sophisticated Grace Photography

Why We Love The Minimalist Wedding Trend

1. It feels trendy and modern, yet classic! The sleek and simple designs of a minimalist wedding give it that trendy and modern feel. But when it all comes down to it, the wedding still feels so classy and elegant. By ditching all the extra bells and whistles and focusing on quality core elements, you'll achieve a sophisticated vibe that feels super timeless. Thats what minimalism is all about! 

2. It's SO much easier! Sticking with the essentials is key when planning for your minimalist wedding. Stick to a traditional white wedding cake with a simple design and maybe add a few floral accents. When searching for venues, don't look for anything over the top. Think rustic or industrial with greenery. Simple venues are easy to customize and keep the focus on you and your loved ones! Keep the stationary crisp, sweet, and basic. Consider craft options or classic white and green. Go with an understated tableware style with white ceramics and gold flatware. Instead of a huge ceremony backdrop with arches that are full of lavish decor, try something more simple like using candles and florals or a rolling pipe rack with some greenery to create a beautiful backdrop. Keep wedding favor packaging cute and simple by using a muted color palette and a tied ribbon or some twine on top. Use modern and clear signage that is still pleasingly graceful.

3. Anything matches! Say goodbye to the days where you spent hours figuring out what colors will go together when planning your wedding. For minimalist weddings, most neutral colors match with anything. Blacks, whites, greys, and marbles will match any floral colors, tableware colors, dress colors, and so on. Some of our favorite muted hues for bridesmaid dresses include Desert Rose, Dew Drop, Fawn, Dove, Slate Blue, and - one of our favorite new minimalist wedding trends - ivory! Check out these trendy color options here.

4. Themes are still an option! Many people might think that minimalism is the theme, but there are many different types of minimalist weddings that you can create to your liking. Of course, there's the modern version of minimalism that uses geometry and includes modern shapes and clean white elements. You can also opt for organic and crisp minimalism which consists of a lot of white with green floral accents. There's also industrial minimalism, where urban meets rustic. Think lots of brick and mixed metals with simple decor. We can't forget about romantic minimalism in which you can add a bit of warmth and pops of color to your natural color palettes.

8 Simple Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Minimalist Wedding

An important step in finishing your minimalist wedding design is choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses to match! We've compiled a list of the best bridesmaids dresses that fit the minimalist trend perfectly! Take a look and feel free to try on these dresses in your size with our At Home Try-On Program!

Alice. With a cut out back, delicate spaghetti straps, and a high neckline, Alice has the perfect mix of modern feminine details, and timeless class. This dress would be the finishing touch to a minimalist wedding! Dress Alice up or down to your liking.

Alice is such a simple and elegant KB Dress! | Kennedy Blue | Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Alice is stunning in a variety of different colors. Check them out here

Thea. The V-line and off the shoulder straps on Thea are so beautiful and sleek. Think of your bridesmaids walking down the aisle with this on! So romantic and chic.

Thea is such an elegant KB dress! | Kennedy Blue | Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas

The elegant sleeves on Thea make this dress perfect for your simple wedding!

Elizabeth. An open back bridesmaid dress like Elizabeth gives this dress a trendy element, but the classic neckline shouts timeless elegance. A dress like this would be stunning at your minimalist wedding - peep that geometric keyhole back!

Elizabeth is sassy yet sophisticated! | Kennedy Blue | Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas

What's not to love about Elizabeth? Check it out here! 

Milly. The high neckline with a beautiful ruched bodice gives it that simple yet unique touch, along with the sheer open back that is different from any other dress! Did we mention that Milly is one of the most flattering bridesmaid dresses out there?

Milly is a great minimalist bridesmaid dress! | Kennedy Blue | Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Milly is a dress that your 'maids (and your guests) will absolutely adore!

Anna. This floor length V-neckline dress is modest and humble and a great addition to your bridal party! Anna looks great on bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes and can easily be hemmed after the wedding to create a cute, short summer sun dress.

Anna is a very simple dress that looks great in any color! | Kennedy Blue | Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas

Check out Anna here!  

Elena. The criss cross neckline is so flattering for all your 'maids and provides excellent coverage making this modest dress a great choice for your minimalist wedding! The minimal ruching and clean lines are so dreamy. 

Elena is an absolutely stunning bridesmaid gown! | Kennedy Blue | Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas
 Check out Elena to see the variety of different colors! 
Riley. How cute (and supportive!) are those racer straps in the back?! Your 'maids will fall in love with the fit of this dress. This dress is is the perfect mix of modern and timeless. 
Riley is such an easy dress to mix and match! | Kennedy Blue | Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas
We love Riley in our Navy Blue color! 
Erica. One of our absolute favorites, the high neckline and thin sash really gives it a flattering look for all of your 'maids! This breezy dress gives off seriously romantic vibes and is a great modest bridesmaid gown option that your 'maids will adore. 
Erica has such unique ruching perfect for any bridesmaid! | Kennedy Blue | Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas
Our new Erica dress looks great in our new Dew Drop color!
Pearl. So simple but so beautiful, Pearl is one of our most popular dresses! The mock-wrap bodice is one of the MOST flattering looks you could possibly choose for bridesmaids to rock. This flow bridesmaid dress features a unique bend of structure and simplicity. 

Pearl is so simple yet so elegant! | Kennedy Blue | Modern Minimalist Wedding Ideas

We love Pearl so check it out here!

 Check out some of these real Kennedy Blue weddings that totally nailed the minimalist trend! Take a look at that exposed brick, lush greenery, and stunningly crisp photography! These real weddings are the epitome of minimalist-chic from decorations to venues to wedding party attire. 

Kennedy Blue embroidered lace bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaid in Iris - Hannah Kate Photography
Museum Wedding

Kennedy Blue Anna

Bridesmaids in Anna - Whims and Joy Photography 

Simple Floral Arch

Sophisticated Grace Photography

minimalist wedding stationary

Hannah Kate Photography

Kennedy Blue Anna

Bridesmaids in Anna - Tandem Tree

minimalist wedding cake

Iris Studios Photography 

Kennedy Blue Stella

Bridesmaids in Stella - Render Photography

succulent centerpieces

Megan Norman Photography

Minimalism can be super timeless while still feeling modern. It's SO much easier to pull off a minimalist wedding, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's less expensive (however, it can sure help you stay within your wedding budget). Anything can match with this kind of wedding, and there are still so many themes that you can incorporate into it! Practicing minimalism in your daily life may even make wedding planning less stressful because you will have less detail to worry about. And who wants to be stressed while planning one of the best days of their lives, right? We are definitely hopping on the minimalist bandwagon at Kennedy Blue. Who doesn't crave a more simplified and collected lifestyle? Why not incorporate that practice into one of the most significant days of your life?

rose gold wedding decorations

We'd love to see your modern minimalist wedding! Share your Kennedy Blue pictures with us for a chance to be featured on our Real Weddings Blog.

Do you absolutely love any of the minimalist bridesmaid dress styles you see featured here? Have any tips for adopting the minimalist lifestyle? Share with us in the comments below! 

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May 01, 2018 08:49

I love these ideas! I’m going for the bohemian/romantic theme but also keeping it simple.

Danielle Cartagenes
April 30, 2018 12:03

Jeralyn’s thoughts totally reflect my own. There is do much waste associated with weddings. I’m hoping to do my wedding at a botanical garden so that I’m surrounded by plants, I don’t have to pay for them, and my money also goes into research. I’ve also found beautiful hand-made paper flowers with seeds in them online.

Samantha Phelps
April 13, 2018 19:11

I love the Milly dress! I can’t wait to have my bridesmaids look at them!

Jeralyn Powell
April 11, 2018 16:51

My idea of a minimalist wedding overlaps with wanting to reduce the amount of waste I produce as well. I am incorporating eco-friendly elements and eliminating elements that don’t really add or take away from the overall experience, such as programs and excess amounts of flowers. I have allowed my bridesmaids to choose a dress of their choice from Kennedy Blue, only giving them a color and fabric limitation. It has also simplified things for me in planning!

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