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How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

There was a time when weddings were all about keeping things classy and sober. But now, couples are experimenting with new ideas to customize their weddings to make them more personal. Neon wedding signs are one of those few features that have suddenly become very trendy. There is a lot to like about neon wedding signs. Not only do they add the much-needed dash of color and flavor to a wedding party, but they are also generally considered to be quite cool and in line with the changing times.

How to Incorporate Neon Wedding Signs

Neon wedding signs make for one of the most beautiful decorations that you can choose for your wedding’s reception. To make it easier for you, we are going to give you neon wedding sign inspiration and tips so that you no longer have to wrack your brains on how you are going to use neon wedding signs on your special day.

Our Favorite Neon Wedding Signs

There is a wide variety of beautiful and cool neon wedding signs to choose from in the market and each of these neon signs can be easily incorporated in the wedding. We have scoured the internet to put together a list of our favorite neon wedding signs. These signs range in price so that you can find signs that you love that fit your budget! 

Customizable Neon Wedding Sign

customizable neon wedding signs | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $275

Customizable neon wedding signs are much in demand right now simply because they give a lot of scope for the couple to choose the font, color, design and even the wording of the sign. You can get a customizable wedding sign at Etsy at a very reasonable price. 

“All You Need Is Love” Neon Wedding Sign

all you need is love neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $85

A handmade neon wedding sign spelling out that all you need is love at your wedding is sure to give the wedding decoration a one-of-a-kind look. Handmade glass tubing with purple neon glow and a lovely acrylic blackboard background make for one of the most high-quality neon wedding signs that you can get. 

Wedding Logo Neon Wedding Sign

neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $285

This super cute neon wedding sign will serve as your wedding logo! Choose to fill it up with your last names, initials, or even your wedding hashtag to make your wedding logo truly unique! 

Neon Name Sign

name wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $505

A neon name sign would be a great addition to a wedding venue’s decoration. You can get a neon sign with your name made to order from Etsy. You can even choose the font, color and the size of the sign. The price for this wedding sign will cover up to 10 characters. You will also get a mock-up of the sign before the actual product is delivered!

“Til Death” Neon Wedding Sign

til' death neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $475

Derived from the traditional wedding vows that some couples choose to say during their ceremony, this 'Til Death sign is a great reminder of the promise you and your partner made to each other on your wedding day! The 'Til Death neon wedding sign available at Etsy is made from LED flex neon and comes in three colors – Deep Red, Magenta and Cool White for immediate shipping.

Neon Heart

neon wedding sign heart | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $120

The neon heart is one of the most common neon wedding signs which you may have across in any wedding that you have attended in the recent past. Made from LED flexible tube, the neon heart is available in a variety of colors in Etsy. It makes for a great piece of decoration to be hung above the couples’ table or near the music band or DJ. 

“Happily Ever After” Neon Wedding Sign

Happily Ever After neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $520

Another popular neon wedding sign that is chosen by a lot of couples, the Happily Ever After is a classic sign that makes for a great backdrop for photo calls. You can even choose to hang it near the band or near the buffet tables. It comes with 50,000 hours of life and 1-year warranty.

Drunk In Love

drunk in love neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $350

What can be a better sign to hang over your wedding venue’s bar than the Drunk in Love neon wedding sign that is sure to bring a smile to anyone who reads it? This sign is fully customizable including the font, color, and size. Made from LED flex tube, it is much safer than glass LED while also consuming less power.

First Name Initials Neon Wedding Sign

name initials neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $170

First name initials that are bound together inside a heart is one of the most romantic neon wedding signs that you can get. The best thing about this sign is that you can even hang it up in any corner of your house after the wedding too to make for some quirky yet romantic décor. You will get a neon sign that has a heart encircling the initials of the bride and groom joined together with a plus sign.

“You + Me” Neon Wedding Sign

you and me neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $495

The You + Me neon wedding sign is something that will brighten up your entire wedding venue and stand out as a beacon of hope for a beautiful future. This is also one of those signs that you can re-use for your anniversary celebration or just hang it around the house to make the living area more colorful. It is available in 18 colors on Etsy along with a choice of hanging method. 

“Love” Neon Wedding Sign

love neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $20

The frameless design of the Love neon sign makes it unique from other neon signs as it can simply be placed on a table or hung on the wall as per your preference. The sign gives off a soft glow which is perfect to add a subtle modern touch to the wedding without letting the neon sign clash with the classic wedding décor. It comes in pretty cheap and can even be used at home after the wedding decorations have been wrapped up.

“Mr. & Mrs.” Neon Wedding Sign

Mr. and Mrs. neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $250

A classic wedding sign, the Mr. & Mrs. Neon sign can be placed at the perfect spot for photo calls or even near the music band or the banquet. It is available in white, pink and blue shades at Etsy. You can also choose the size of the sign depending on where you want to place it. 

“The Good Life” Neon Wedding Sign

the good life neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $555

Start your new life on the right food with this super positive neon wedding sign! You know the Good Life has just begun, so why not invest in this adorable wedding sign? You can choose between 18 different shades that it is available in at Etsy.

Rainbow Neon Wedding Sign

rainbow neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $25

Rainbow neon signs are the perfect lighting accessory for any room and so perfect for LGBT weddings! The rainbow neon wedding sign is something that you will not regret choosing for your wedding décor.

“Good Vibes Only” Neon Wedding Sign

good vibes only neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $619

The “Good Vibes Only” is one of the larger neon wedding signs of our list and requires a large empty wall at the wedding venue where it can be hung. However, it is one of our favorite signs because it totally dominates the corner where it is placed and gives out a great lighting effect that can fetch you and your guests some excellent photographs. 

“Paradise” Neon Wedding Sign

paradise neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $85

Brighten up your wedding with the “Paradise” sign that is perfect for adding color to your banquet or band area. Handmade from glass tubing, this neon wedding sign is of extremely high quality and even comes with a 1-year warranty. You can also re-use the sign for other parties or wedding anniversary celebrations. 

“la vie en rose” Neon Wedding Sign

la vie en rose neon wedding sign | How to Pull Off Neon Wedding Signs

Price: $419

Inspired by one of the most famous love songs ever, this La Vie En Rose sign is the perfect phrase to display on your wedding day, especially if you love Louis Armstrong! Place it on any of the walls of the wedding venue to instantly brighten up the décor. You can get it custom made at Etsy in the color of your choice.


Minimalism is the in-thing for everything nowadays from home décor to wedding décor. If you also want to explore this theme, neon wedding signs can prove to be the right choice. Although neon wedding signs are a bit unconventional as a part of wedding décor but their advantages far outweigh their quirkiness. They add color and flavor to the wedding decoration and enhance the lighting through their subtle glow.

What do you think about our recommendations? Which one is your favorite?

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