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50 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Your Girls Will Love!

Want to find the perfect way to say "thank you" to those special girls who stood by your side on one of the biggest days of your life? Your maid of honor and bridesmaids play such a huge role on your wedding day, and it's important to find a way to show your appreciation. If you're looking for ways to show gratitude, we're here to help with ideas for the perfect bridesmaid thank you gifts.

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50 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas You Won't Want To Miss!

There are so many different gift ideas for bridesmaids, which can make it difficult to narrow it down. We get it! Lucky for you, we're here to make it easy. Your bridesmaids are bound to love one of these chic and simple goodies that are perfect for showing your gratitude!

1. Personalized Glass Bridesmaid Cups

Bridesmaid Glass Coffee Cups

Bridesmaid Iced Coffee Cups

2. Personalized Bridesmaid Crewneck Sweatshirt

Bridesmaids SweatshirtsBridesmaid Sweatshirt

Being a bridesmaid is a special duty, and your crew will want to roll up their sleeves to do their wedding tasks! This minimalist bridesmaid crewneck sweatshirt is absolutely adorable and is a piece your girls can wear for years to come. This sweatshirt is available in a variety of colors and sizing, so you can have your girls match or gift them all different color sweatshirts. You can even get a "Bride" version for yourself.

3. Cute + Functional Bridesmaid Pajama Set

Bridal and Bridesmaid Pajama Set in Dusty Rose

Find some of the best pieces for you and your bridesmaids, including the perfect matching pajama set! Made of silky soft material, these bridesmaid pajamas are adorable for your wedding day. These bridesmaid PJs look cute in getting-ready photos and make it easy to get dressed without messing up your hair or makeup. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

    4. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Macrame Keychain

    Will You Be My Bridesmaid Keychain

    Bridesmaid Macrame Keychain

    A cute nod to 'tying the knot,' this macrame keychain is a perfect gift for your bridesmaids! It's absolutely adorable, and they can use it in their day-to-day lives. This thoughtful gift can be personalized for each of your girls.

    5. Personalized Bridesmaid Tote Bags

    Cute Bridesmaid Tote

    Personalized Bridesmaid Jelly Tote

    A bridesmaid tote bag is one of our favorite gifts to surprise your ladies with. Not only are most of us a sucker for any type of bag, but this personalized tote bag is such a useful gift! These adorable jelly bridesmaid tote bags are perfect for your maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girls, and more to use on a daily basis. Whether it be a day at the beach or a day of shopping- we just know your bridesmaids will get so much use out of these tote bags.

    6. Retro Personalized Bridesmaid Tumbler 

    Bridesmaid Tumbler

    Retro Bridesmaid Tumbler

    These matching water tumblers for your bridesmaids and maid of honor are such a useful gift! This is something that your girls can easily use on a day-to-day basis, including on the day of the wedding. Get your bridesmaids an adorable personalized tumbler that they can use time and time again. Plus, you can get a matching bride tumbler, too! What a useful bridesmaid gift idea.

    7. Disposable Camera for the Bachelorette Party

    Disposable Camera for Bridesmaids

    Bridesmaid Disposable Camera - Retro

    It's a win-win! Your bridesmaids get this adorable camera, and everyone gets to capture wedding memories. Your bridesmaids will have so much fun using this camera - from the bachelorette party to the wedding night - and you'll get pictures of your special moments from their perspective! How cute!


    8. Personalized Bridesmaid Cosmetic Bags

    Personalized Cosmetic BagPersonalized Cosmetic Bridesmaid Bags

    Every girl needs a place to put their beauty products, especially during a wedding. We love these personalized cosmetic bags with personalized gold calligraphy! These personal cosmetic bags are lined on the inside and have a beautiful gold zipper as a finishing touch! Plus, they're available in 7 colors. And, if you're looking for bridesmaid cosmetic bags in another color scheme, we love these navy blue and gold personalized makeup bags!

    9. Bride and Bridesmaids T-Shirts - 'Let's Go Girls'

    Let's Go Girls T Shirts

    Let's Go Girls Bridesmaid T-shirts

    These loose-fit matching t-shirts are the cutest way to match! Not only are they adorable for your upcoming parties, but these shirts can be worn well past the celebrations!

    10. Customizable Gold Bar Bridesmaid Necklace

    Gold Bridesmaids NecklacePersonalized Gold Bridesmaid Bar Necklace

    This gold bar bridesmaid necklace is simple, sweet, and sentimental! Plus, it's personalized - meaning you can gift each one of your bridesmaids with something custom and unique. This is a memorable piece of jewelry that your maid of honor or bridesmaids can wear over and over again. Ideas on what to engrave:

      • A name or special nickname
      • Their birthday or birth month
      • A short and sweet phrase

    11. Bride and Bridesmaid Sunglasses

    Bride and Bridesmaid Sunglasses

    Bride and Bridesmaid Sunglasses

    Perfect if you're planning a sunny bachelorette party or a tropical destination wedding, these personalized cat eye sunglasses make the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. You can’t enjoy a day of fun in the sun without a pair of cute, custom shades! These stylish white and light pink bridal party sunglasses are another cute way to say thank you to your ladies.

    12. Soy Wax Bridesmaid Candle

    Bridesmaid CandleSoy Wax Bridesmaid Candle

    With its beautifully illustrated label featuring drawings of wildflowers and greenery, this soy wax bridesmaid candle is the perfect way to make your bridesmaids feel special. Since the label has a bridesmaid proposal option, it serves as a thoughtful pre-wedding "thank you." The candle label can be customized for each bridesmaid, making it a special custom gift.

    13. Personalized Bridesmaids Flasks

    Flask for BridesmaidsPersonalized Flask for Bridesmaids

    We are totally loving this beautiful personalized rose gold flask for your bridesmaids. Let’s be honest, being in a wedding party can be very stressful - so it's nice to have something elegant to carry your cocktail around in. This would also work as a perfect gift for the night of the bachelorette party.

    14. Bride & Babe T-Shirts (Or Sweatshirts!)

    Brides and Bade Shirts

    Bride & Babe Shirts

    Another cute coordinating bridesmaid shirt option! Your girls will love these funky, retro 'babe' shirts. Whether you want to wear it to the bachelorette party or getting wedding-ready, you'll definitely get lots of adorable pics in these shirts. Also available as sweatshirts.

    15. Teardrop Necklace for Bridesmaids

    Kennedy Blue Gold Teardrop Necklace for BridesmaidsKennedy Blue Gold Teardrop Necklace for Bridesmaids

    This bridesmaid necklace is an eye catcher with its dazzling teardrop and halo cubic Zirconia crystals. And because this gold teardrop necklace is hypoallergenic and nickel-free, your bridal crew will love wearing this bridesmaid necklace on any occasion. Bonus - your ladies can wear this beautiful bridesmaid jewelry on your wedding day. What an excellent bridal party gift!

    16. Personalized Bridesmaid Mug

    Personalized Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

    On the morning of the wedding, your bridesmaids will certainly need a boost of caffeine - and what could be more special than pouring coffee into this personalized bridesmaid mug? Not only can you customize the mug for each bridesmaid with different names, but it's a gift each girl will use often in the future. Give it to them the morning of the big day and start pouring the mimosas and coffee for a picture-perfect moment! There's a lovely option for a maid of honor thank you gift as well.

    17. Bridesmaid Triangle Pendant Necklace

    Kennedy Blue Triangle Pendant NecklaceKennedy Blue Triangle Pendant Necklace

    Our Kennedy Blue Triangle Pendant Necklace is the perfect combination of crystal and moonstone, which give a modern look to the classic triangle necklace. This bridesmaid necklace can easily pair with any bridesmaid dress or bridal gown to complete your wedding look. Your ladies will be over the moon to receive this elegant, stylish gift.

    18. Fuzzy Bridesmaid Slippers

    Personalized Bridesmaid SlippersPersonalized Bridesmaid Slippers

    Get cozy with your crew! Fuzzy bridesmaid slippers are a great gift and will keep your bridesmaids comfortable while you get ready together, or after a long night of dancing in heels at the wedding. These extremely soft, fleece slippers will help you and your ‘maids look flawless while walking around in comfort!

    19. Comfy Ruffle Bridesmaid Robes

    Bridesmaid Robes

    Ruffle Bridesmaid Robe in Dusty Blue

    With soft and stretchy fabric, our ruffle robes bring comfort to wedding day prep! They allow plenty of room for movement, so you and your bridesmaids won't feel restricted while getting ready. With all-inclusive sizing for every bridesmaid's body, these bridesmaid robes are soft and wearable long after the wedding is over - which makes them a great gift!

    20. Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Box

    Bridesmaid Gift Box

    Bridesmaid Gift Box

    These gift boxes are an easy way to give your bridesmaids everything they deserve. From a personalized cup to adorable hair clips, each one of the items in this personalized gift box is a great way to say "thanks!" to your bridal crew. You can even personalize these gift boxes to create a maid of honor gift box! 

    21. Engraved Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor Photo Frames

    Bridesmaids Picture FrameCustomizable Bridesmaid Picture Frame

    One unique way to show appreciation in a friendship is by framing a cute photo of both of you. These personalized, engraved wooden bridesmaids picture frames would be a great place to put a memorable picture for your bridesmaid. Whether it's a photograph of you and one of the bridesmaids, a photograph of the whole bridal party, we just know they'll love displaying this personalized bridesmaid gift. They are customizable and have an adorable quote on the top of each frame, making it a great bridal party gift for each of the special gals in your life.

    22. Engraved Bracelets for Bridesmaids 

    Engraved Bridesmaids Bracelets

    What girl doesn’t love a new piece of jewelry? Whether your bridesmaids prefer rose gold, yellow gold, or silver jewelry, give a gorgeous personalized bracelet to each one of your bridesmaids and maid of honor to show your thanks. Bridesmaid jewelry is a timeless gift for a reason. You can engrave the bracelets with a quote, their name or initials, or even a special date. Even better, suggest that your bridesmaids wear these matching bracelets on your wedding day! 

    23. Matching Can Coolers  

    bridesmaid can cooler | bridesmaid gift ideas Kennedy blue
    Bridesmaid Can Cooler

    Let's make a toast to the bride! These bridesmaid can coolers are the perfect gift for your bridesmaids, and they can class up the label on any can. We love the available colors (over 21 shades!) that will ensure your beer, pop, seltzers, or whatever you may be drinking, will stay fresh and cool! 

    24. Statement Champagne Earrings for Bridesmaids

    Kennedy Blue Champagne Earrings
    Kennedy Blue Champagne Earrings

    Pop the champagne, it's time to celebrate! Our Kennedy Blue Champagne Earrings are the perfect statement earrings for bridesmaids. Who doesn't love a sparkly new pair of earrings? Jewelry is such a great bridesmaid gift and we know your bridesmaids will be so appreciative of the opportunity to shine. Made of silver crystals and ivory pearls, your girls will be popping bottles of champagne with these fun bridesmaid earrings on.

    25. Personalized Monogrammed Bridesmaid Keychain Accessory 

    personalized keychains | bridesmaid gift ideas Kennedy blue
    Monogrammed Bachelorette Keychains

    Want to spice up your boring keys with a little flair? This acrylic keychain is the golden ticket! The keychain features a floral background with your bridesmaid's custom initial shown in gold vinyl, complete with a gold keyring. It even comes in an adorable box with a golden heart. These charming keychains can be used on keys, purses, or even as a stylish luggage tag.

    26. Personalized Compact Mirror for Bridesmaid

    Bridesmaid Compact Mirror GiftBridesmaid Compact Mirror Gift

    With photographers all around, no one wants to fret about smudged makeup or lettuce in their teeth during a wedding. An engraved compact mirror is the perfect solution for preventing this worry! These gorgeous rose gold compact mirrors make a perfect bridesmaid gift, and the elegant engraving elevates the gesture.

    27. Custom Bridesmaid Clutch

    Personalized Bridesmaid Clutch PurseCustom Bridesmaid Clutch Purse

    We love how sleek these clutches look with the bold black background and dazzling gold foil stamp. Give your bridesmaids the perfect wedding accessory that is unique, personalized, and something they can use forever! These bridesmaids clutches can be personalized with each bridesmaid’s name. As the bride, you could also get a matching one in white. The clutches come in a ton of gorgeous colors so you can find the perfect one to suit each of their styles. As a bonus, you could fill the clutch with a few of the other bridesmaid gifts we've mentioned.

    28. Bridesmaids Teardrop Earrings

    Kennedy Blue Gold Teardrop Bridesmaid EarringsKennedy Blue Gold Teardrop Bridesmaid Earrings

    Our Kennedy Blue Gold Teardrop Earrings are a great gift for your maid of honor and bridesmaids. Featuring a breathtaking teardrop shape, these gold bridesmaid earrings dazzle with cubic zirconia crystals. These are a gorgeous way to say "thank you" to your best friends. Whether you get them for your girls to wear on the big day or for every-day use, this unique bridesmaid gift will make your gals feel glamorous.

    29. Personalized Bridesmaid Wine Tumblers

    Personalized Bridesmaid Wine Tumblers

    Give your bridesmaids a gift they can use long after the wedding festivities are over. We love these tumblers that can be personalized with your bridesmaids' names - and they even have a straw! Whether they fill them with coffee, a fun cocktail, wine, or water to stay hydrated on the big day, these make for an excellent thank you gift for your wedding party. 

    30. Personalized Decorative Bridesmaid Jewelry Plate

    Personalized Decorative Bridesmaid Jewelry Plate

    As your bridesmaids prepare their accessories for your wedding day, they'll want a pretty place to display their necklaces and earrings. Show your appreciation for them with a personalized bridesmaid jewelry dish. This one has a minimalist theme, which is a lovely aesthetic. It's a bridesmaid thank you gift that will be long-lasting, chic, understated, and useful. 

    31. Custom Bridesmaid Duffel Bag

    Custom Duffle Bag | Bridesmaids Gift Ideas Kennedy BluePersonalized Bridesmaid Duffel Bags

    Tell your bridesmaids to pack their bags - they'll be ready to arrive in style with matching bridal party duffel bags. What a perfect wedding day gift for bridesmaids! Each duffel bag is available in a variety of colors and hardware tones, so you can order one that matches each girl perfectly. 

    32. Pearl Bridesmaid Bracelet

    Kennedy Blue Pearl Bridesmaid Bracelet

    As one of Kennedy Blue's newest jewelry additions, this elegant pearl bar bracelet features ornate zirconia crystal stones that complement the striking mother of pearl look. In your choice of gold or silver, surprise your maid of honor or bridesmaids with these exquisite bracelets they can wear both on and after the wedding day.

    33. Bridesmaid Makeup Organizer Set

    Bridesmaid Makeup OrganizerBridesmaid Makeup Organizer

    Your bridesmaids have been with you through thick and thin, so we understand if you're looking to surprise them with something a little more luxury. This golden vintage glass makeup organizer would make the perfect bridesmaid gift. They can store their lipsticks, foundations, and makeup essentials on this beautiful display, and they'll think of you every morning as they get ready for their day.

    34. Floral Bridesmaids Robes

    Floral robes | Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Kennedy BlueKennedy Blue Floral Bridesmaid Robes

    Bridesmaid pajamas and robes are a huge trend right now, and we've got a special variation on this trend ready for your team! Our floral bridesmaid robes and lace bridal robes put a unique twist on this traditional gift, adding a bit of fun and flair for getting ready on the morning of your wedding day. After the special event, these comfortable robes can be worn on a regular basis.

    Available in a variety of colors and patterns, your girls will love being gifted something so cute and cozy! Imagine how sweet your wedding day photos will look when all of your girls are in matching pajama sets or robes. Plus, these bridesmaid robes are available at a super affordable price - suitable for most bridal budgets.

    35. Personalized Bridesmaid Notebooks

    Personalized Bridesmaid NotebookPersonalized Bridesmaids Notebook | Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Kennedy Blue

    A personalized notebook is such a fun gift to give your bridesmaids, and one we're sure they'll use. Some of your bridesmaids will surely be planning wedding speeches, so this is a fitting gift as they prepare to give their toast! You can personalize each notebook with a fun cover pattern or color, as well as beautiful custom calligraphy. Whether they use it for their bridesmaids duties during wedding planning or for work, your 'maids will love these unique bridesmaid gifts. 

    36. Bridesmaid Gemstone Ring

    Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Raw Gemstone Ring

    Why should the bride be the only one with a beautiful ring? We've got you covered at Kennedy Blue with this gorgeous new addition to our jewelry line. This makes for a stylish wedding day gift for bridesmaids. Featuring a large raw gemstone, this ring will add a little sparkle to your bridesmaids look or give your girls a gift they'll love well past the wedding day!

    37. Engraved Bridesmaid Wine Box Set

    engraved wine box set | bridesmaid gift ideas Kennedy blue Engraved Bridesmaid Wine Box Set 

    Wine nights just got more fun! Allow your bridesmaids to store a bottle of wine elegantly in a beautiful, customized wooden box. These stately wine boxes come with all the right tools for a fancy dinner night or a picnic, and will make the perfect addition to your bridesmaids' homes.  

    38. Bridesmaids Beach Bag Kit - DIY

    beach bag personalized | bridesmaid gift ideas Kennedy Blue Beach Bag for Bridesmaids

    If you're throwing a beach bachelorette party, your bridesmaids are going to need some tropical gear. There's nothing that shows your appreciation as much as a gift that you put together yourself, and we're here to help you do this! Below, we've shared a few great options so that you can put together the perfect bridesmaid beach bag kit. All items are on Etsy, so you can check out with one click! 

    What to pack inside:

    39. Bridesmaid Hangover Kit

    hangover kit | bridesmaid gift ideas Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Hangover Kit 

    A hangover isn't charming - but this thoughtful gift kit sure is! We know your bridesmaids will be partying hard throughout your wedding festivities. Prepare each one of your 'maids with one of these adorable hangover kits! You can fill each one with whatever you'd like... But we suggest Tylenol or headache relief, gum or mints, a mini can of coffee, and definitely some water. Personalize these to each one of your bridesmaids based on their specific hangover needs! 

    40. Personalized Bridesmaid Jewelry Box

    personalized jewelry box | bridesmaid gift ideas Kennedy Blue

    Personalized Bridesmaid Jewelry Box 

    A great way to say "thank you" to your bridesmaids is with a spacious place they can store their beautiful jewelry. These personalized jewelry boxes with drawers will be the perfect gift for your bridesmaids, especially the ones that wear a ton of jewels! 

    41. Bridesmaid Chocolate Box

    Bridesmaid Chocolate BoxBridesmaid Chocolate Box

    Besides diamonds, we all know that chocolate is a girl's best friend! There's no better way to say "thank you" to your bridesmaids than with a gourmet chocolate box. Deliver something sweet to their doorstep!

    42. Bridesmaid Cushion Cut Stud Earrings

    Kennedy Blue Rose Gold Cushion Cut Bridesmaid Earrings 

    Your bridesmaids deserve something they can wear on the daily! Kennedy Blue's cushion cut stud earrings feature two dazzling square cubic Zirconia crystals. This classic look will pair well with a bridesmaid gown, just as much as it will dress up everyday street wear. And, Kennedy Blue's shipping on these is fast - just 2-4 days until they're coming your way for gifting!

    43. Personalized Bridesmaid Phone Case

    Personalized Phone CasePersonalized Bridesmaid Phone Case

    Throughout your wedding events, your bridesmaids are sure to be on their phones making plans and taking tons of pictures. Allow each bridesmaid to snap Instagram-worthy photographs in style with these pebble leather phone cases. They are chic with a modern look, and can be personalized for each bridesmaid, making it a useful and adorable gift idea! 

    44. Personalized Journal 

    Personalized Journal | Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Kennedy Blue Personalized Bridesmaid Journal

    Each bridesmaid could use a new journal or diary to jot down their days, to-do lists, or even to plan ahead. These personalized journals make for a great gift for your bridal crew. With a variety of colors and fonts to personalize each one, you'll be able to create a gift unique to each friend in your life!

    45. Personalized Yoga Mat for Bridesmaids

    Personalized Yoga Mat for BridesmaidsPersonalized Bridesmaid Yoga Mat

    It's time to decompress and find your zen! Relax your bridesmaids with their very own personalized yoga mat. If you'd like, you could even plan a private group yoga class for your support crew, and surprise each bridesmaid with their mat once they arrive! This is one of the more unique gifts for bridesmaids.

    46. Bridesmaid Bath Bombs

    bath bombs | bridesmaid gift ideas Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Bath Bombs

    Who doesn't love a sudsy bubble bath?! Your bridesmaids will adore luxuriating in this gift set of 12 bath bombs. With a variety of fragrant scents and ingredients - such as "bliss" and "sunshine" - we know each one of your ladies will find one they absolutely love. Bath bombs definitely make a useful gift your maid-of-honor and bridesmaids will appreciate. 

    47. Personalized Throw Blanket for Bridesmaids

    Bridesmaids Throw BlanketThrow Blanket for Bridesmaid

    Allow your bridesmaids the opportunity to cozy up on the couch with a special knit blanket gifted by you. These warm, soft blankets come in a variety of colors and can be personalized on the small leather patch in the corner. Write something sweet for each one of your 'maids! 

    48. Bridesmaid Throw Pillow


    Bridesmaid Throw PillowBridesmaid Throw Pillow

    This is a chic and modern twist on a decorative pillow! Give each one of your ladies this simple, white throw pillow that they can keep on display at home. Each time they cozy up on the couch, they'll remember all the special memories they've had with you on your wedding day. 

    49. Personalized Iced Coffee Tumbler for Bridesmaids

    Bridesmaids Iced Coffee TumblerBridesmaid Iced Coffee Tumbler

    Rise and shine, it's time for coffee! Surprise each one of your bridesmaids with these gorgeous iced coffee tumblers. This is one of our favorite gifts for bridesmaids, especially with iced coffee and iced drink mixtures being so popular. Each tumbler can be personalized for your maid of honor or bridesmaids, making it a gift they'll want to keep and use for years to come!

    50. Bridesmaid Spa Gift Box

    Bridesmaid Spa Gift BoxBridesmaid Spa Gift Box 

    Whether it's after all of the hustle and bustle of the big day or leading up to your special wedding day, your bridesmaids are going to need a day of relaxation. This is one of the prettiest bridesmaid gift boxes we found. Treat them to this adorable pre-made gift basket that will make for the perfect home spa day! The kit includes a soap, lip balm, bath salt, matches, and a specialized candle. If you're a bride-to-be, you should get a spa kit, too! After all, you'll need some time to relax during wedding planning! 

    When Do You Give Your Bridesmaids Their Gifts?

    There isn't just a one-size-fits-all answer to this question - in truth, you can give out these gifts whenever you want! The important part is just for your bridal party to feel appreciated with whatever cute bridesmaid gifts you've picked out for them. Here are some ideas of when to surprise your crew with your wedding day gifts for bridesmaids:

      • The morning of the wedding (when everyone is getting ready together)
      • As part of your bridesmaid proposal surprise (this is when you ask your bridesmaids, "will you be part of my wedding?")
      • The night before your wedding (perhaps at a bridesmaid slumber party)
      • At the end of the rehearsal dinner
      • During a bridesmaid trip (tropical vacay, anyone?)
      • As part of the bachelorette party 

    Whenever you plan to do it, your crew is sure to appreciate the unique bridesmaid gifts you've put together!

    Kennedy Blue Satin and Lace Bridesmaid Robes in Dusty Blue and White

    What Will You Gift Your Bridal Party?

    Now that you've seen some of our gift ideas for your bridesmaids, we want to know: If you're a bride, what ideas have you had to give to your girls? If you're been a bridesmaid in the past, what types of gifts have you been given? We want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly!

    Leave a comment below and let us know your bridesmaid gift ideas!

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    I’m making my girls bracelets, cosmetic bags, robes and homemade lip balms, scrubs and lotion.

    March 28, 2017 17:03

    I covered the cost of my bridesmaids hair and make up for my big day. Being in a wedding party can be so expensive and what’s a better gift then saving money!

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