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21 Wedding Items Every Bride-to-Be (And Her Besties!) Need

As a bride-to-be there is suddenly so much to do and to plan for. The to-do's can seem like they just go on and on - but once you've asked your ladies to be a part of your bridal crew, you'll have the best supportive team cheering you on! From planning out decor to picking out your dress, to bridal showers and bachelorette parties, your bridesmaids will be there for everything! It's time to find some cute items that you - and your besties - can use as you celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime experience! We found the cutest and trendiest bridal essentials that are perfect for a bride-to-be and her bridal team. From special items just for the bride, to practical and fun gifts for you and the crew - we found the best of everything! 

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Bridesmaids throw confetti over the bride while she laughs with happiness.

Ball Photo Co

Bridal Essentials That Are Both Fun and Practical

There is so much that goes into a wedding and planning for it all - including special events like bridal showers and bachelorette parties. It's important to find items that are practical and can help you stay organized, but also some things just because it's fun- you are celebrating after all! We compiled our finds into three categories that it would be perfect for: Bride, Bachelorette Party, and Wedding Day - but of course any item can be used for anything! This is the perfect list for any bride to find something for herself and her bridal crew (and the cutest things to gift a bride-to-be!)

Wedding Essentials For The Bride-to-Be

For our brides, we looked for unique items that mark this special moment as a bride-to-be. Some are meant for organizational purposes, and others are because it's a trendy style and cute way to celebrate! 

Customizable Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Organizer with checklist pages to organize and prepare wedding details.

From the moment you get engaged to your honeymoon, using a detailed wedding planner is always helpful! This gorgeous wedding planner is professionally printed on a luxe hardcover coil-bound book and has customizable text and additional real foil color options. Included are budgeting pages, monthly checklists and to-do lists, pages to keep track of various vendors, and more. Everything from a wedding and emergency kit checklist, venue details and seating arrangements, and even bridal showers and honeymoon planning, are covered! 

Bride Embroidered Baseball Cap | Bride Embroidered Bucket Hat

Bride Embroidered Baseball Cap and Bride Embroidered Bucket Hat

You're engaged and should enjoy every moment of it! Being a bride-to-be is an exciting time and it's fun to celebrate it. For a chic look, add this Bride baseball cap or trendy Bride bucket hat to your outfit! We love the white hats with "Bride" embroidered in white thread for a more laid-back vibe. It's a sleek look with a cool style, is minimal, and looks amazing!

Personalized Bridal Tote Bag

Bride and bridesmaids carrying personalized tote bags.

A bridal tote bag is a must! During your engagement you'll be running around meeting many wedding vendors and will have so much to keep track of. A sturdy bridal tote is perfect to bring along with to store all of those venue handouts. These bridal totes are also large enough to hold all of your essentials, which you'll be thankful for on those days you're in a hurry. With the subtle personalization, this elegant and natural cotton canvas bag will be your new go-to bag for everything!

Personalized Bridal Cosmetic Bag

Bride and Bridesmaids holding their personalized cosmetic bags.

Every gal needs a cosmetics bag for all of her essentials! We love a matching set and these are the perfect pair for the bridal tote bags. They're travel-size and have a good amount of room to fit your cosmetics and personal care products. It can also be used as a utility bag to hold pens, phone chargers, and notepads to keep your tote bag organized. The best part is that both the tote and cosmetic bag are well-made and so useful for both the wedding and everything after! 

Bridesmaid Silk Satin Scrunchies

Bridesmaid silk satin scrunchies in various neutral and jewel tones.

Something as quick as a fun accessory can make any outfit 100x better (these colors even match the following bride sweatshirts perfectly!) We love a comfy-cute vibe and these silk satin scrunchies are not only chic, but also practical! You'll be so busy running from place to place with appointments- add a silk scrunchie for an easy hairstyle and fun look within a matter of minutes!

Trendy Bride Sweatshirt | Chic Bride Sweatshirt

Model wearing a comfy sweatshirt with "bride" written in a retro font.

Wedding planning is fun, but can also be stressful! At the end of a busy and hectic day, the best feeling is going home to relax. What better way to do that than to change into a comfy sweatshirt?! We adore how cute both of these bride sweatshirts are with the retro font. The relaxed fit with trendy style has an effortlessly cool look for when you're lounging at home or going out-and-about!

Retro Bride-to-Be Athletic Tube Socks 

Retro bride-to-be white tube socks in bright pink font and pink stripes.

Skating along with the comfy vibe, we've found a perfect match- these Bride-to-Be socks! We honestly cannot get over how adorable they are. With a trending 90's-00's style, these bride athletic tube socks are certainly a blast from the past in the best way. The traditional bridal white with pop of pink and retro font is a bold moment and will add a trendy and fun look to any outfit!

Bride & Bridesmaid Bachelorette Party Essentials

For our brides and her gals, we wanted to find some cutesy bachelorette party stuff that'll still be great to use after all of the festivities. After all, this is the best time to dress up and match with all of your besties!

Bridal Bachelorette Party Veil

Brides having fun by a pool wearing a fun "Bride-to-Be" veil for their bachelorette party.

Whether you're going out on the town with your gals or lounging by the pool, it's time to wear some super cute outfits and accessories! For an extra festive look, add a chic bridal veil! It's the perfect accessory for any bridal events, especially your bachelorette party! We love how simple, yet dainty, this tiered veil is with detailed trim. Choose from the gorgeous foil text options of gold, rose gold, or silver. 

Personalized Bridal Clutch Purse

Personalized bride and bridesmaid clutch with gold chain

Every bride needs a special purse when she's dressing up and going out and about! This personalized bridal clutch looks amazing for a bachelorette party- and the wedding and honeymoon! The acrylic cross-body purse comes with a removable chain and is printed with "Mrs" in a gold script vinyl lettering. Customized text can also be added on, such as your last name. It's a must-have accessory for any bride-to-be! With the selection of white, clear, pink, and black clutches, it's a stunning personalized gift for bridesmaids to match with a different color!

"Mrs" Beaded Bride-to-be Bracelets

Bride wearing 3-stack beaded bracelets with "M-R-S" beads.

Adding simple accessories like a stack of bracelets will always be a fun addition to any outfit. Especially when it's for something special- like your bachelorette party! We love how this boho-chic bracelet combo is minimalistic and elegant. It's a cool look for the pool, going out for drinks, and also makes a super-cute manicure opp photo!

Personalized Bridal Glass Can With Bamboo Lid & Straw

Bridal glass cans with personalized script and bamboo lid and plastic straw.

Honestly, you can never have too many cute glasses- and these ones are the best! Glass cans with bamboo lids and straws are on a major rise. Add a chic design and they're even more trendy! Besides the cool factor, we love a great sustainable drinking glass - and how the simple personalization will always be in style! These will make a great gift for your bridal crew, and bonus, super cute bachelorette pics! 

Bride and Bridal Crew Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Bride and Bridesmaid heart-shaped sunglasses in pink, black, and white.

What we love about bachelorette parties are seriously all of the cute outfits and accessories that come with it! It's all about the cutest looks and mimicking the wedding with somewhat matching bridal crew styles. These adorable heart-shaped sunglasses with "Bride" and "Babe" personalization are the perfect addition for your bachelorette outfits! (and honestly, for anything really- they're so cute!)

Personalized Metallic Bridesmaid Compact Mirrors

Model holding a personalized bridesmaid compact mirror.

While you and your gals are going out and about, you may want a mirror to do a quick touch-up! This compact mirror is the cutest accessory that can easily fit into any purse or bag. We adore this sleek metallic style that is customizable with gold, rose gold, and silver and various center colors. 

Bride + Bridesmaid Squad Fanny Packs Bride + Babe Bachelorette Party Fanny Packs

Bride and Bridesmaid Bachelorette Party fanny packs in fun colors and bold font.

What's a girl's day out if you're not wearing cute fanny packs?! It's a typical bachelorette party vibe for a bride and her crew and we are here for it! We love the bold font and colors of Bride + Squad, and are swooning over the dreamy colors and doll font of Bride + Babe! Both styles are adorable and certainly handy to carry everything you'll need for all of your adventures!

Wedding Day Bridal Party Getting-Ready Essentials

For our brides and her bridal party on the wedding day, you'll need some cute and practical items for getting-ready! From makeup to hair, to last minute details, it'll be really busy and it is important to have everything organized!

Bridal Emergency Kit

Personalized Bride Emergency Kit filled with toiletries, and getting-ready items

Save yourself from running to the local store in panic mode on your wedding day. This Bridal Emergency Kit has everything a bride could possibly need- and saves the stress of having to shop for it! Anything that could come up will be ready-to-go in this handy bag. Personalize your text with different fonts and color options and appreciate that the item you would've forgotten about will be in this bag!

Wedding Day Bride and Bridesmaid Robes

Kennedy Blue models wearing three Kennedy Blue robe styles in floral and lace and satin.

Satin Robe 'Dusty Blue' | Floral Robe 'Pink' | Satin and Lace Robe 'Taupe'

It's a chic classic bridal getting-ready look that's very Instagrammable - Bride and Bridesmaid Robes! Not only does it add elegance, but it's helpful with keeping your hairdos and fresh makeup intact when you're changing into your dress! Choose from different robe styles and color options and rest assured with the longer robe length and size options that all of your gals will feel confident and beautiful.

Real Kennedy Blue Wedding Inspo:

Bride and Bridesmaids gathered together and wearing Kennedy Blue Satin and Lace robes

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Satin and Lace Robes 'Sage' | 3 Birds Photography

Bride and Bridesmaids gathered together wearing Kennedy Blue Satin and Lace robes in taupe

Kennedy Blue Satin and Lace Robes 'Taupe' | Bethany Collins Photography

Getting-Ready Bride and Bridesmaid Sleep Shirts

Kennedy Blue model showing three different colors of Kennedy Blue's Bridesmaid Sleep Shirts.

Sleep Shirt 'Light Green' | Sleep Shirt 'Mauve' | Sleep Shirt 'Dusty Blue'

Bridal Trend 101: Bride and Bridesmaid Sleep Shirts! This bridal party style is becoming so popular for a wedding getting-ready outfit. It's a fresh look and definitely a cute and comfy trend! With the intended oversized fit and longer mid-thigh/knee length, it's definitely a comfortable button-up to wear as you're getting ready!

Personalized Steel Bridal Tumbler With Lid and Straw

Photo of bridal party gathered together in floral robes and holding personalized tumblers.

Treat yourself and your besties with personalized items that are perfect to use any time. After all, every bride-to-be and her best ladies need to stay hydrated! This Stainless Steel Bridal Tumbler with a Lid and Straw are great for getting-ready to keep makeup intact and prevent any dreaded spills. Choose between 3 sleek tumbler colors (Rose Gold, Matte Black, White Marble) and a selection of font colors.

Personalized Bride and Bridesmaid Hangers

Personalized Bride and Bridesmaid hangers for wedding day dresses.

It's all in the details! Your wedding dress (and bridesmaids' dresses) deserve a special hanger. Bonus: it helps with organization AND makes for the best photos! These sophisticated hangers are permanently engraved with a laser, which means that they will look beautiful for years and years to come. It'll be the perfect accessory for the bridal room, and the sweetest addition to your home closet as a wedding memento! 

Real Kennedy Blue Wedding Inspo:

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses style "Elena" in 'Fawn' hung up on personalized wooden hangers.

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dress "Elena" in 'Fawn' | Kennedy Blue Maternity Bridesmaid Dress "Lacey" in Fawn | Love Big Live Small Photography

Personalized Leatherette Bridal Jewelry Case

Personalized leatherette bridesmaid jewelry boxes.

Every bride needs a beautiful case to store her wedding jewelry for the day. It's the perfect size for travel (hello, honeymoon!) and has just enough room for your favorite pieces. These jewelry cases have a white leatherette exterior, gorgeous velvet lining, and are stylishly embossed with an elegant script personalization. 

Customized Bridal Denim Jacket With Pearls

Photo of bride and groom. Bride is wearing a personalized denim jacket with pearl embellishments.

This trendy wedding style is a popular Pinterest-pin and we are here for it! Jean jackets will always be classic and bring an instant cool vibe to any outfit. Add some pearl embellishments and a personalization and it's a chic addition over your wedding dress! Better yet, it's the perfect item to wear again and again (and will look amazing on your honeymoon!)

Real Kennedy Blue Wedding Inspo:

Bride and Groom standing next to the water with the bride wearing a personalized denim jacket over her wedding dress.

Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Maggie Sotterro Bridal Gown Wild Eyed Photography

Let's Chat!

There is so much to do before you can say "I Do", but with your best gals by your side, you can get through anything! And it doesn't hurt to add some extra cuteness to all of your wedding festivities with these wedding items! We wanted to find the best selection of practical, fun, and cozy things that will help wedding planning, bridal showers, and getting-ready before the big day just a little bit more special! Let us know in the comments below what wedding items you and your besties will be rocking!

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