Bride Stuff That You Need If You Are a Bride

Being a bride is very special, but with this joy also comes the stress of handling quite a few responsibilities.

If you are a bride, and especially the one who wants to plan her wedding in her style and pays keen attention to details - you would naturally want to have everything as perfect as possible.  From choosing the perfect bride stuff and dress to picking a venue and matching décor, preparing the guest list and trying to get the taste test done, things will prove to be quite overwhelming at times.

Therefore, when you are planning your wedding, pay attention to the little things, to your preferences and go with your intuition when it comes to taking any decision. This will significantly reduce your stress and things will appear quite easy.

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Bride Stuff That’ll Make Your Life Easier

As mentioned before, the details are very important while planning a wedding. But there are a few things that are of utmost importance and these items are a great investment for any bride.

Some items when kept nearby can be of use in any potentially difficult situation and so here is a list of all the bride stuff that will make wedding planning really smooth and hassle-free. Take a look!

Bridal Emergency Kit

bridal emergency kit | Bride Stuff You Need

A bridal emergency kit is a very important item. You can buy a medium-size bag and fill it with all the essentials in case of an emergency on your big day.

You can also get customized emergency kits from Etsy which contains a pocket tissue pack, a granola bar for those sudden cravings, a razor, a couple of tampons (in plus and regular sizes), a panty liner, a sanitary napkin, a mini, travel size deodorant, 2 Crest Mini toothbrushes with toothpicks, travel size Advil packets ( having 2 pills in each packet), 2 travel size Tylenol packets, 2 Pepto Bismol chewable tablets packets, 2 Travel Shout Wipes, 4 Winterfresh Lifesavers, 4 earring backings in case you misplace the original ones, 6 Q-tips, A2 Bobbie pins to put up your hair if you feel like it, a hair tie, 4 pieces of Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape, an Emery Board, 4 bandages, and a much needed sewing kit!

With this bride stuff in your bag, you will be able to get through any problem without worrying too much.

A Wedding Planner Journal

wedding planner | Bride Stuff You Need 

Investing in a wedding planner journal is always a wise choice as it allows you to keep things organized. Buy a wedding planner and customize it with your favorite quote or maybe your name and start listing all the things that you need to get done.

Usually wedding planners have pages like budget pages to have an idea about how much you can actually spend, monthly checklists, and monthly to-do lists, several vendor pages so that you can keep a track of how much you are spending on stationery, your wedding dress, bridal party, venue, cake, florist, photography and music, seating charts, bridal shower pages, bachelorette party pages, honeymoon pages to plan your trip, as well as pages for notes and vows.

Taking care of payments and keeping track of various lists are not easy tasks. Such a wedding planner will allow you to stay on top of things and make sure that your big day goes off without any errors.

Stainless Steel Bridal Cup

stainless steel mug | Bride Stuff You Need

If you are planning to have a summer wedding, then you will definitely need this! A stainless steel bridal cup usually keeps drinks cold for about 24 hours and therefore it is perfect for a warm day.

But the cup also keeps drinks hot for 24 hours and that is great especially when you need to run errands early in the morning and you need your coffee. There are bridal cups that come in solid colors, while some can be customized with your name.

Mrs. T-shirt

mrs. tee shirt | Bride Stuff You Need

At the end of a hectic day, you will want to unwind and relax. Mrs. T-shirt is a really cute bride stuff and it is very comfortable. There are different types of these Mrs. T-shirt available and you can pick one that suits you the best.

Customized Bridal Hanger

bridal hangar | Bride Stuff You Need

As a bride, you should definitely have some fun, but aesthetic items instead of the normal, boring ones. So, ditch those steel hangers and get yourself a customized hanger, which has a colored wire bent to spell your name! Etsy has a few of these hangers which are designed with flowers and they have the wedding date engraved.

Veil for the Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party veil | Bride Stuff You Need

Bachelorette parties are fun and you are supposed to get all dressed up. Putting a pretty veil that has "bride to be" printed in foil lettering, over your dress is really cool. These veils are usually short and white or ivory but you can choose a colored veil that goes with your outfit.

Floral Robes

floral robes kennedy blue | Bride Stuff You Need

Robes are very important as they protect your dress and lingerie while you get your makeup done. But, instead of the heavy ones, you can opt for a prettier robe that will not only serve its purpose but also look good.

So get a knee-length robe to wear while you get your hair and makeup done. Kennedy Blue has a range of rayon cotton robes with floral designs that do not slip off like stain robes and are extremely comfortable.

Bridal Tote

bridal tote | Bride Stuff You Need

A medium size tote bag is always a great purchase. Tote bags are not only convenient, but they are also sturdy and can hold quite a few items without breaking or splitting. With a pretty bridal tote, you will, therefore, be able to throw in all the essentials, especially if you are on the go or you are in a hurry.

Bridal Jean Jacket

customized bridal jean jacket | Bride Stuff You Need

Jeans jackets are classic and they look great when thrown over a tee or even a short dress. But you might wonder if they are elegant enough for a party before your wedding. Well, since you can get your jacket personalized, you can wear it to your bridal party or even on your honeymoon.

Bridal Workout Tee

bridal workout tee shirt | Bride Stuff Every Bride Needs

Before the wedding, you will probably be spending a few extra hours trying to get into shape and a soft, comfortable t-shirt is a great option for those workouts. These workout tees are usually made of pure cotton and therefore they absorb sweat and do not get uncomfortable when you wear them for a longer period of time in the gym or even outdoors. You can have them personalized to make them even more fun and quirky.

Bride Ponytails

briday pony tail holder | Bride Stuff You Need

On the days leading up to the wedding, your bridesmaids and you can have a lot of fun, especially during the bridal shower. And one of the things that you can do, is get matching ponytail holders and put up your hair when you go around town!

These ponytail holders are really cute and they come in different colors. They will prove to be statement hair accessories for you and your friends.

A Wifey Necklace

wifey necklace | Bride Stuff You Need

You can never have enough delicate jeweler and a rose gold plated Wifey necklace is really sweet and perfect for your wedding day. These necklaces are elegant and come in different lengths with a charm attached to the chain.

The charm is usually personalized to spell “wifey” or even “bride-to-be” if you want to wear it to your bachelorette.

The Wrap Up

Say goodbye to all that is causing you stress before your big day with the above items. All the bride stuff mentioned in the list is not only fun but also useful and you will be able to get through your wedding planning without any major glitches.

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