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Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas: Everything You Need To Know

Bridal Shower Invitations

Cutest Bridal Shower Invites  |  Bridal Shower Invitation FAQ  |  Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Ultimate Guide to Bridal Shower Invitations (+ Our Favorite Invites!)

Shopping for bridal shower invitations is so much fun but there are plenty of factors you need to consider as you choose. We collected some of our favorite bridal shower invitations, answered some frequently asked questions, and provided some examples of invitation wording -- all below!

The Cutest Bridal Shower Invitations You Need to See

There are so many cute bridal shower invitations available and so little time to look at them all! Keep in mind the bridal shower theme, color scheme, and venue as you shop around. To save money, use a downloadable template that you can edit yourself and then send to an affordable printer. Below are some of our favorite new and trending bridal shower invitations for you to get inspired!

1) Simple Wildflower Bridal Brunch Invitations

Wildflower Bridal Shower Invitation

Simple Wildflower Bridal Brunch Invitations

These simple bridal brunch invitations will give everyone all the info they need for your low-key bridal shower. A simple invitation works for a wide variety of bridal showers and it’s a great idea if you don’t have a very specific bridal shower theme picked out. Hosting a bridal brunch at a local restaurant is an easy way to throw a bridal shower without a lot of time or money to plan. 

2) Colorful Scribble Bridal Shower Invitations

Wine Bottle Bridal Shower Invitation

Hand Drawn Wine Bottle Bridal Shower Invitations

If the bride has an artistic flare, these doodle-style wine bottle invitations will make her very happy. These colorful bridal shower invitations pair well with any color wine. Greet your guests with charcuterie boards, a variety of cheeses, and plenty of crackers to accompany the wine selections. 

3) Whisked Away Baking Theme Bridal Shower Invitation

Baking Theme Bridal Shower Invitation

“Soon To Be Whisked Away” Bridal Shower Invitation

The bride-to-be is “Soon To Be Whisked Away” and a bakery themed bridal shower is a fitting way to celebrate. These invitations feature some of the fun baking utensils the bride can look forward to in her bridal shower gifts. Whether you’re taking a baking class or just eating lots of baked goods, these invitations are the sweetest choice for the home-chef bride. 

4) Cute Pink Bow Bridal Shower Invitations

Pink Bridal Shower Invitation

Vintage Illustration Pink Bridal Shower Invitations

There’s nothing cuter than pink and bows. This invitation is an adorable option if you’re leaning into your feminine energy for the bridal shower. Decorating will be easy with a pink theme -- grab some pink ribbon, pink table cloths, and a few bottles of rosé.

5) Wavy Pastel Bridal Shower Invitations

Pastel Bridal Shower Invitation

Pastel Modern Bridal Shower Invitations

For the girl’s girl who loves modern design, these pastel bridal shower invitations will match her vibe. These invites come in a gorgeous pink and purple color scheme and have a bold wavy border.

6) Multicolored Floral Bridal Shower Invitation

Colorful Floral Bridal Shower Invitation

Colorful Wildflower Bridal Shower Invitations

Wildflowers of all different sizes and colors line the side of this colorful bridal shower invitation. These vibrant invitations are the perfect match for a boho bridal shower or a garden party bridal brunch. The free-form flowers and mixture of fonts create a whimsical feel on these invites.

7) Black and White Ribbon Bridal Shower Invitations

Black Bow Bridal Shower Invitation

Whimsical Bow Bridal Shower Invitations

You can have a classy and feminine bridal shower even if the bride isn’t into pink. These hand drawn style ribbon bridal shower invitations are black and white and full of old world charm. They have a vintage Parisian charm that will go with macarons, champagne, and charcuterie boards.

8) Whimsical Pink Bridal Shower Invitations

Pink Hand Drawn Bridal Shower Invitation

Pink Hand Drawn Bridal Shower Invitations

Take a note from our predecessors with these vintage glamor inspired all-pink bridal shower invitations. The chandeliers, champagne glasses, and beautiful spread of food drawn onto these invites will prepare your guests for a party. 

9) Minimalist Modern Bridal Brunch Invitations

 Simple Black and White Bridal Shower Invitation

Minimalist Black and White Bridal Brunch Invitations

Your invitations don’t need to be elaborate. A sleek and simple bridal shower invitation is all you need to get the message across. This invitation is perfect for a bridal brunch, which can be just as easy to plan as these invites are to read.

10) Love is in Bloom Bridal Shower Invitations

Love is in Bloom Bridal Shower Invitation

“Love is in Bloom” Floral Bridal Shower Invitations

Gorgeous floral drawings surround a modern arch on these beautiful bridal shower invitations. The muted yet diverse color scheme is perfect for a springtime bridal shower. Consider using some of the stunning colors from these invitations in your bridal shower decor.

11) Neutral Tones Boho Bridal Shower Invitation Set

Neutral Bridal Shower Invitation

Neutral Bridal Shower Invitations With Recipe Cards

Using shades of neutral tones makes party planning easy, plus it will give the room a timeless look. These neutral bridal shower invitations have a boho feel with a bold script font. We love that they come with a recipe card so the couple can create their own family cookbook.

12) Something Blue Before I Do Bridal Shower Invitations

Blue Bridal Shower Invitation

Vintage Floral Dusty Blue Bridal Shower Invitations

Cover all the bases -- something old, something new, and something blue -- with these “Something Blue Before I Do” bridal shower invitations. Invite all the bride's old friends, buy her a bunch of new gifts, and decorate the party in all blue!

13) Watercolor Greenery Wedding Shower Invitation

Greenery Couples Shower Invitation

“Let’s Shower Them With Love” Couples Shower Invitation

You may want to choose something a little less feminine if you’re hosting a coed wedding shower instead of just a bridal shower. These greenery-adorned watercolor bridal shower invitations are beautiful and will work for nearly any theme or venue. Consider adding a note to make sure guests know everyone is invited, not just the ladies.

14) Funny Childhood Photo Couples Shower Invitation

Funny Couples Shower Invitation

Goofy Photo Coed Wedding Shower Invitation

Call up the parents of the bride and groom and find the cutest and silliest photos of them as kids. Having a coed wedding shower is all about expanding the excitement of a bridal shower to the guys, so lean into the fun with some goofy couples shower invitations.

Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette + Q&A

Deciding who to invite to the bridal shower and when to invite them are some of the important  steps to sending out invitations. We answered a few common questions to help you plan your strategy.

1) When Should I Send Out Bridal Shower Invitations?

You should send out invitations about 2 months in advance for the bridal shower. You want to make sure you send out invites early enough for guests to buy a gift, figure out travel plans (if necessary), and choose their outfit.

2) Who Is Invited to the Bridal Shower?

The guest list for a bridal shower is a little tricky. If you’re hosting a traditional bridal shower it should be in honor of the bride specifically and consist of mostly female guests: aunts, friends, grandmothers, cousins, etc. related to the couple. 

Since the party is for the bride (but not thrown by the bride) you’ll need to coordinate with her about who she wants on the guest list. At the very least, ask if she wants to approve your list before you send out the invitations.

If you’re hosting a more modern couples shower, you should invite the bride and groom and all of their close friends and relatives. You should try to only invite guests who are also invited to the wedding.

3) Who Sends Out Bridal Shower Invitations?

Anyone who is helping with the bridal shower planning can send out the invitations. The party will likely be hosted by the maid of honor, an aunt or cousin of the bride, or a bridesmaid. If you’re in charge of planning the bridal shower, don’t hesitate to ask for help with the invitations if you are feeling overwhelmed!

Bridal Shower Sign

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bridal party invitations you’ll have to figure out what to write on them! You need to make sure the invite has all the important information listed. Plus, you still want it to sound fun and upbeat! Below are some guidelines for writing your bridal shower invitations, plus some templates you can copy as a head start.

What to Put on a Bridal Shower Invite

Unsure what you need to include on your bridal shower invitations? Go through our handy checklist to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Necessary Bridal Shower Invitation Info:

  • Date and Time: Most importantly, your guests need to know what day and what time the party is. Double, triple, and quadruple check this before you send out your invitations.
  • Bride or Couple’s Name(s): Put the guest of honor on the invitation somewhere. If you’re hosting a traditional bridal shower, this will only be the bride. If you’re hosting a couples party, include the groom on the invitation too.
  • Location: Another maybe obvious but occasionally forgotten item is the venue for the party. You may need to iclude an address or any specific instructions necessary to find the place.
  • When and How to RSVP: Make sure you include contact information for how to RSVP to the party as well as a deadline to RSVP.
  • Bridal Shower Bride and Guests

    Optional Bridal Shower Invitation Info:

  • A Note on Gifts: Some couples want specific types of gifts. Some couples don’t want gifts at all. Some couples ask that guests donate to charity instead. If the couple has a specific request or a registry you can include it here.
  • Registry Info: If the couple has a registry, make sure it’s listed on the invitation. Make sure to coordinate with the couple early enough for them to create a registry before the invitations go out.
  • Special Instructions: Anything the guests need to do that they might not be expecting should be included in the invite. Some bridal shower hosts ask guests to bring a recipe for the couple or special lingerie for the bride to guess who bought which set.
  • Dress Code: Want everyone to wear pink? Florals? Semi-formal attire? Etc. Include a dress code in the invite if you want the guests outfits to match your party theme.
  • Parking Info: Mention if the venue has complicated parking, especially if it's in a residential area.
  • Host Names: It’s nice to put a shout out to the party host if you have room for it. Let the guests know who they can thank for all their hard work.
  • Bride Opening Bridal Shower Gifts

    Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Examples

    • “Kindly Join Us for A Bridal Shower Honoring _______”
    • “Let’s Celebrate _____’s Bridal Shower!”
    • “She’s Tying the Knot!”
    • “Something Blue Before I Do! Please Wear Blue and Join Us in Honoring ______”
    • “Please Join Us to Celebrate the Bride to Be!”

    Couples Shower Invitation Wording Examples

    • “Let’s Shower Them With Love”
    • “Please Join Us for A Couples Shower Honoring _____ & _____”
    • “You’re Invited to a His & Hers Couples Shower”
    • “Let’s Shower These Two Before They Say ‘I Do’”
    • “Join Us For Bubbles and Brews” 

    Send Out Bridal Shower Invitations That Will Wow Your Guests

    Now that you know what kind of invite you want, what to include in the invitation, and how to word it, you’re ready to get started! With modern technology, bridal shower invitations don’t need to be super expensive to customize. You can simply order a template, download, edit, and then print (at home or from a printing service). Make sure you order a few extra invitations in case you have last minute guests or accidentally lose one or two.

    Send out your bridal shower invitations early to reduce your stress and receive RSVPs sooner! 

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