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Creating the Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit

No bride wants to worry about any sort of mis-haps on her wedding day, let alone an emergency, but if there’s anything I’ve learned in my 25 years of living, it’s that you can never be too prepared! From stains, rips, bad breath, or nervous stomaches, it’s good to be ready for nearly every situation. So, to avoid a major bridezilla breakdown, plan ahead by packing your very own wedding emergency kit that will literally save you from almost every malfunction on the big day. 

Creating the Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit

47 Items to Include in A Wedding Emergency Kit

Luckily, a lot of the items are things you might already have lying around the house so it shouldn’t cost too much to put together. If not, take a trip to the dollar store or Target or Walmart’s travel toiletries section to find everything you need. If it’s not a task you want to take on, have your bridesmaids work on creating it for you. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Sewing Kit - Rips, snags, broken buttons — it’s nothing a tiny sewing kit can’t handle!
  2. Tweezers - You never know when a stray hair or splinter might pop up!
  3. Safety Pins - Just in case you or a bridesmaid lost a little too much weight for the big day.
  4. Brush/Comb - I think this one is obvious, but being able to brush out those fly-aways is key!
  5. Hairspray - Make sure your hair is secure, but never crunchy.
  6. Nail File/Clipper - Honestly, what’s more annoying than walking around with a chipped nail!?
  7. Clear Polish - A little application goes a long way to fix minor polish chips or stocking runs.
  8. Polish Remover - In case you smudged a nail and need a total touch up!
  9. Cotton Balls/Q-Tips - Touch up that unruly eyeliner or stuff cotton balls in your shoes if they’re a little big.
  10. Lint Brush - Because no one deserves to walk down the aisle covered in hair.
  11. Deodorant - More than likely, someone forgot to bring theirs and that’s something you don’t want to forget.
  12. Eye Drops/Contact Solution - Whether you’ve been a bit teary-eyed all morning or allergies have been extreme, pack some contact solution and eye drops, or whatever you’ll need to get you through the day.
  13. Tampons - Be prepared just in case you or your bridesmaids gets a fun monthly surprise.
  14. Tums - Nerves are bound to kick in so make sure you have something to settle your tummy.
  15. Advil - Or any pain relievers, really! No one wants to deal with a headache on their big day.
  16. Band-Aids - Cross our fingers there’s no blood shed, but just in case, have a few on hand!
  17. Mirror - Just in case you need a quick touch-up, it’s not a bad thing to have!
  18. Super Glue - For broken heels, decorations, or even loose gems/stones on jewelry.
  19. Mints/Mouthwash - Take a swig or have a bridesmaid pop you a mint right before you walk down the aisle. Your groom will thank me later.
  20. Snacks - No one wants wants a hangry bride...
  21. Lotion - Keep those elbows soft and silky so make sure to lotion up before the aisle!
  22. Sunscreen - If you’re taking outdoor pictures, there’s a good chance someone will burn. Don’t let it be you.
  23. Flats/Sandals - For getting ready in, in between pictures, and definitely at the reception.
  24. Straws - Avoid ruining your freshly applied lipstick and use a straw!
  25. Pen - In case you have last minute checks to write, papers to sign, or love notes to whip up.
  26. Floss - Your groom doesn’t want to see that you had a bagel for brunch so floss it out!
  27. Bobby Pins - Mine always seem to fall into a blackhole so make sure to stock up.
  28. Blotting Papers - Wipe away that grease, not your makeup!
  29. Hair Binders - You won't want to ruin your freshly styled hair, but you'll be thankful you have one beforehand and especially for after the wedding!
  30. Earring Backs - I feel like they’re way too easy to lose so may as well pack some extras!
  31. Double-Sided Tape/Dress Tape - Because who knows when a dress malfunction will occur!
  32. Chapstick - Moisturize those bad boys with some chapstick before walking down the aisle.
  33. Water - It’s super important to stay hydrated on your wedding day…especially if you plan to drink the night away.
  34. Kleenex - Grab some tissues for your issues…or just for making sure you don’t mess up your makeup!
  35. Dry Shampoo - A spritz might be nice for you or your 'maids right before the reception!
  36. Makeup - You’ll be grateful you brought it for touching up spots throughout the night.
  37. Stain Remover - I beg of you, PLEASE don’t spill a glass of red wine on your dress.
  38. Baby Powder - Put it on your hands, feet, the insides of your thighs, armpits — anywhere there might be chaffing or sweat!
  39. Zip Lock Baggies - In case you need something to store all of those pesky little bobby pins, clips, or earring backs.
  40. Straight Pins - For the corsages — just in case you forgot them!
  41. Phone Charger - Not like you’ll be needing your phone, but how fun would it be to pass it off to a bridesmaid and walk up to all the fun pictures from your wedding night!
  42. Hand Sanitizer - Because you just never know what you’re going to touch!
  43. Static Guard/Dryer Sheets - If you or your 'maids are wearing a thin material, static guard will definitely come in hand!
  44. Power Strip & Extension Cord - This is pure genius if there are going to be multiple girls doing their hair and/or charging their phones.
  45. Umbrella - It won’t be the end of the world if it rains, but it will be if you aren’t prepared!
  46. Contact Info - Just in case anyone needs to get a hold of vendors or family members.
  47. Itinerary - You might be a bit scatter-brained the morning of so an itinerary can’t hurt!

Download the full emergency kit checklist to include in your wedding planning binder!

Creating the Ultimate Wedding Emergency Kit


If you’re not in the mood to put together a wedding emergency kit on your own, there’s always the option of buying one such as the Bridetastic Deluxe Emergency Kit from Pinch Provisions. Besides this kit of 101 wedding-day essentials, Pinch Provisions also makes Minimergency Kits for bridesmaids, groomsmen, mom’s, flower girls, and non-wedding related events as well!

Let's Chat! What would be your must-have item to include in your wedding day emergency kit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you wouldn't leave home without!


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