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20 Creative Ideas for 'Something Blue' in Your Wedding

Something borrowed, something blue, something old something new. These 20 fun, 'something blue' ideas are a great way to incorporate a tradition and to start planning out the details of your wedding effortlessly! Our helpful list will make it easier for you to decide what you like best and what fits into the theme of your wedding. From classic and traditional to creative and unique, all of these options will be perfect to incorporate into your special day!  

Classic and Traditional Something Blue Ideas 

1. Patch Work

A simple sewn in fabric heart is the perfect touch for your 'something borrowed'

We Laugh We Love Photography 

This style of 'something blue' is a beautiful option. Consider taking material from a blouse that belongs to someone special in your life and sewing a colorful heart-shaped patch into your dress. It’s a sentimental piece that allows for an even more special day! It can also qualify for you 'something borrowed' as well! Depending on the style of the wedding dress, the piece could either go at the top, like shown in the picture, or toward the bottom of the skirt. If you're wanting to show off the meaningful section of the blouse, from your father or grandfather, sewing it on the outside of your dress will do just that. No matter where the patch is located, it'll always have a special place in your heart! Depending on where you want to sew it in and how big you'd like it to be, make sure to allow yourself enough time to add these alterations to your wedding dress. 

 2. Wedding Shoes

Royal blue flats for your big day


Another classic look of wearing 'something blue' is with a shoe or an accent of it on the sole of the shoe. An all blue shoe is such a cute way to add that special touch to your wedding attire. If you’re wanting a softer look, a lighter shade, that's either in satin or suede, will be the perfect fit. A fun thing about these royal flats, is that they are definitely wearable again after the big day. What a fun reminder wearing them and remembering such amazing memories.   

The perfect 'Something Blue' 'I DO' stickers for your wedding shoes!Janelle Elise Photography

The option of writing 'I DO' on the soles of your shoes, or purchasing gem  stickers that say 'I DO', is sure to be exciting and fun. Physically adding that  special touch to an item in your wedding day makes it that much more special. If you want to get your soon-to-be hubby in on the fun, he can add a more masculine 'I DO' to the back of his shoes. This is an option you can do the day of or the night before with your fiancé! 




3. Veils

A chic and fun take on 'Something Blue'
This adorable metal charm sits at the base of the comb on the veil.  Its dainty and elegant appearance is a great way to add in the tradition. Whether you want to have a lovely, subtle one like this, or a more glammed out veil, it's a great spot to add your favorite shade!  

Kennedy Blue Bridal Veils

4. Bouquets

Beautifully blue wedding bouquetRebekah Hoyt Photography

This choice of traditional blue can be used in many different variations. For instance, an all blue bouquet is eye-catching and beautiful. It will accent your white or ivory wedding dress effortlessly.  Another way to add a fun take bouquets, is to add a few different metal variations of flowers mixed and matched with white and silver. Or, adding a few different shades to the bouquet will really make the piece stand out.  

Blue accent flowers in wedding bouquet

Purringtion Photography

 If you're wanting a more subtle look for your flowers, this bouquet is a great example of that. Intertwining smaller portions into the set will allow them to still be a simple and bold statement piece. These are just a few of the options that you can add into your bouquet for the big day. If blue flowers don’t fit into your wedding theme, you can always havesatin ribbon that holds the stems together. Whether it's a mint hue or pastel, any choice will be stunning! This will also allow it to go with almost any color themed wedding. 

A Creative Take on Ideas For Your Something Blue  

These options are a little less traditional, but just as creative and fun! These specific styles are for the brides who like something a little more modern and different. There are many ways to go about picking ideas for your 'something blue', but these are our favorites!  

5. Colorful Cakes

A creative take on cake toppers!
A creative take on your 'something blue' ideas is a super cute cake topper! The  choices are endless with what type of topper you can have on your cake, and these  cute fish ones are perfect for a beach themed wedding. This option of a top piece,  also doubles as an adorable souvenir from your special day!  

Wedding cake design idea

Looking for another fun way to spruce up your cake? Whether it's with flowers, a delicate design or a simple base lining, any one of these options will have your guests in awe!  

6. Bridesmaid Dresses

Kennedy Blue Harper bridesmaid dressAli Kvidt Photography

Navy lace bridesmaid dresses are a charming way to add in  your 'something blue'. Each one of your bridesmaids has a  meaningful part in your life and having them wear something  a part of the tradition makes it even more special. These  knee-length dresses are great for almost any body shape  and are perfect for summer weddings.This option is  gorgeous and is able to go with a number of different colors  to match the style of your wedding. Another way to  incorporate this look, is to have the groomsmen wear ties or  bow ties 

Blue crinkle chiffon bridesmaid dresses | Kennedy Blue

 Janelle Elise Photography

These blue chiffon bridesmaid dresses are brilliant and bold. The long, flowy chiffon material makes for a more whimsical look. If you're having a difficult time deciding on just one beautiful color, try the option of mixing and matching your bridesmaid dress colors. Mixing and matching the colors (and even dress styles!) is a definite 'wow' factor! 

 7. Sole's of Shoes

Cute words of wisdom from your 'maids on the sole's of your wedding shoes! Amy Arrington Photography

This is such a fun and unique way to incorporate 'something blue'! Having your  bridesmaids sign the bottom of your wedding shoes with a marker is a sweet and  unique idea. Besides, what bride wouldn't feel confident knowing that she's walking  down the aisle with some special words of wisdom written on the soles of your shoes? It's also a great way to have something to look back on from the big day  other than pictures! Adding this special touch is sure to enhance your big day that's  filled with lots of love.  

 8. Wedding Ring

Royal Sapphire wedding ringOnsite MN Photography

This style will be based on what you're looking for in a wedding ring, but if your ring is blue, that's a perfect way to add that tradition into your day! It's elegant and beautiful, and sure to be a statement piece for the rest of your life. If you aren't into having a navy wedding ring, any type of jewelry with blue in it will work very well. Another great accessory you can try is a hair piece such as a bobby pin or clip with a gem, or a headband of any shade you prefer.  

9. Nails

Classy manicure for your wedding 'Something Blue'

 In addition, another fun way to add to the big day is by getting a mani! You can really  make this one your own by painting your nails all one color, or adding a fun design  with a little blue in it! This pretty look will be easy and maintenance free. Plus, you  can get your 'maids involved and all get your nails done together!  

More Ways to Incorporate Your 'Something Blue'

10. Handmade Floral Crown 

11. Pale Blue Wedding Dress 

12. Clutch or small purse 

13. Oscar de la Renta "Something Blue" Perfume 

14. Navy Eyeshadow 

15. Wedding Journal 

16. Shoe Clips 

17. Dress Sash 

18. Bouquet Charms 

19. Monogrammed Handkerchief 

20. Lace Undergarments 

Any one of these super fun and creative ideas for 'something blue' are sure to capture the essence of who you are and what you love! All of these options will make your wedding day that much more meaningful and memorable! If you can't decide on just one way to add in the bright pop of color, ask your 'maids for their opinion. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help have a say in the process. 

Let us know what creative 'something blue' ideas you have in the comments! 

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