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2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

When it comes to picking out wedding colors, pinpointing which colors you want to go with can be one of the hardest decisions you have to make throughout the entire wedding process. There are so many GORGEOUS color combinations out there--how are you supposed to pick just one?? 

Girl, we hear your plight and we're here to help. 

Lucky for you, we've helped so many brides and bridesmaids find their perfect colors for their weddings, and now we're here to offer our expertise for free in this blog! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Pro tip: A good wedding color palette has three to five shades. A common rule of thumb for color is 60-30-10.

Here’s what that means: aim to balance visuals with 60% of your primary wedding color, 30% of the secondary, and 10% of the final accent color. Here are the 2019 wedding colors we love and some creative seasonal palettes to inspire you!

2019's Trendiest Wedding Colors By Season

When it comes to wedding colors, there are definite and clear trends that you should check out for every season. Wedding colors can be hard to choose, especially when there are just so many beautiful colors to choose from. We're going to show you some of our favorite 2019 wedding colors for each season! 

2019 Fall Wedding Colors

Fall has to be one of my favorite seasons for wedding colors. From the gorgeous colors found in the scenery to the subtle undertones that present themselves in all fall colors, I cannot get enough. Neutrals and bright colors alike look beautiful in fall weddings! Check out some of our best fall inspo! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Elena in Mulberry

If there's any plum/purple color that you should consider for your fall wedding, Mulberry is it. One of my favorite colors that leaves turn in the fall is that deep purple that is so incredibly hard to imitate. Kennedy Blue's Mulberry does a great job replicating this color and seriously looks good on everyone. Pair it with dusty green tones and creamy pinks for a Pinterest-worthy palette. 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Morgan in Latte

If you're looking to keep things simple and sweet for your fall wedding, you honestly can't go wrong with Latte. Latte is such an easy color to incorporate with any palette. All of your ladies will look elegant without looking boring. Pair Latte with a soft pink and a variety of greens for an elegant and trendy wedding. 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Pearl in Claret

Girl, there isn't much more that we love more than deep reds. I am obsessed with Claret. This color also serves as a stunning winter color! Claret is an eye-catching color that'll make your bridal party pop! Claret looks best when paired with more neutral tones, but be wary of dusty tones as they can clash with the vibrancy of this red! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Sarah in Dove

Grey has got to be on the most beautiful neutral colors out there. Kennedy Blue offers a few shades of grey to choose from, but Dove is a fan-favorite for a reason! Dove looks beautiful with just about any other color you pair it with, and it'll also stand out to your guests while also maintaining an air of class and sophistication. We love how well Dove complements the yellows, oranges, reds, and purples of fall! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Clara in Bourdeaux

Deep hues of reds and purples look so stunning against the backdrop of the fall season. Help your bridesmaids stand out amongst their colorful surroundings with Bourdeaux. Bourdeaux has long since been a cult favorite color, and we love it the most in fall weddings! Pinks, cream, and greens pair beautifully with this color, and I also really love how beautiful gold looks next to this color as well! 

2019 Winter Wedding Colors

We totally understand if having a winter wedding is an intimidating thought. Winter can be unpredictable and uncomfortable if you don't play your cards right. But some of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen have been winter weddings. Besides that, winter weddings are almost always cheaper simply because winter is considered the off-season for almost all wedding vendors. Do some research and see if a winter wedding would fit the vision you have for your dream wedding! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Samantha in Silver

We are loving Silver in the winter for so many reasons. The coolness of winter meshes so beautifully with the color Silver because of the blue and grey undertones found in this season. The color of the sky and your winter photoshoot will be made complete with Silver in your wedding color lineup! Pair Silver with soft blues and greens for the perfect, soft winter palette! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Rae in Navy

Navy is a cult classic for a reason. Navy looks good on just about everyone and pictures so incredibly well. Because Navy is such a deep color, you can really have fun with it and pair it with some more eye-catching colors without overwhelming the palette. We love pairing mustard yellow with navy! You really can't go wrong with this color combination! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Rose in Eggplant

When it comes to the color Eggplant, there's nothing that gets us going better than this deep-toned purple. Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to incorporate jewel tones. We honestly can't get enough! Pair Eggplant with deep and dusty greens and even gold for the perfect color combination! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Alexis in Emerald

Emerald is a CLASSIC color to incorporate in your winter wedding. Emerald complements and contrasts the natural beauty found in winter's surroundings. We also love how this color carries the undertones of the holidays with it. Emerald pairs beautifully with many other bold colors and is an easy way make your winter wedding cheerful and elegant! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Jenna in Black

There's honestly nothing classier and more black tie than black bridesmaid dresses. I catered a wedding once that had black bridesmaid dresses in it, and I was in total awe. All of the ladies looked so stunning, elegant, and eye-catching. If you're looking to have a bold look with a big payout, black is the way to go. 

2019 Spring Wedding Colors 

The spring was made for pretty pastels, diverse color palettes, and so many colorful opportunities! We can't get enough of how bright spring wedding colors are. Bask in blooming flowers, gentle breezes, and the smell of life developing around you in your spring wedding! Check out some of our favorite wedding colors! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Cameron in Blush

Blush is a classic spring and summer color that looks beautiful on everyone and is so easy to incorporate into any wedding palette! We love how light and airy this color is while remaining eye-catching and elegant! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Elena in Desert Rose

Desert Rose is a dusty pink color that we simply cannot get enough of. Dusty tones are in, and I am living for it. This dusty pink color looks stunning next to bold reds, soft greens, and creams! Play with natural spring shades by incorporating a bright navy color too! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Ivy in French Lilac

If you're looking for a soft purple that will look good on every skin tone, French Lilac is the color for you. We are totally in love with this grey-purple tone that looks good with almost every single color out there. Complement with those grey undertones with a deep blue and play with those dusty tones with a dusty green! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Athena in Sea Glass

Sea Glass is a the soft green color that we've all been asking for. Greens usually are the complementary, secondary colors in wedding palettes, so we absolutely love when green gets to take the stage in spring weddings! Pair Sea Glass bridesmaid dresses with bold reds and pinks for the ultimate contrast! 

2019 Summer Wedding Colors

We are in love with our summer wedding color palettes that we've put together. You can use such a wide range of colors in summer weddings. From pastels to bright tones, summer weddings can accommodate it all!

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Caitlin in Buttercup

If you're looking for the perfect soft yellow for your summer wedding, Buttercup should be calling your name. We are absolutely in love with the softness of this color, making it an easy bridesmaid dress color to pair with darker or more vibrant yellows and eye-catching greens. Have the Pinterest-perfect wedding you're looking for with this color! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Jeslyn in Dew Drop

Dew Drop has to be one of my favorite colors out there! We are loving the subtle blue-grey of this color. Not only does this color have a certain softness to it that you won't be able to find anywhere else, we also adore how well it pictures. Play up the multiple undertones this color has with cream, greens, blues, and even purples! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season 

Kennedy Blue's Bailey in Rosewood

A recent addition to our color collection, it has quickly become a fan-favorite. Rosewood is a beautiful, eye-catching red-pink that will stun your guests and leave so much room for creativity within your wedding palette! We adore the purple and pink undertones of this color, and I love the contrast between cream and Rosewood in any wedding palette! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Mackenzie in Sky

Fall in love with the hue of the sky with this color! Sky pictures so beautifully and looks stunning on every skin tone. We appreciate how soft this color is--the perfect color to capture in the summer! Pair this soft color with creams, greens, and even pinks for a balanced wedding palette! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Milly in Slate Blue

Get creative with this fan-favorite color: Slate Blue. This blue is deep enough that you can play with some bold tones with it but light enough that it looks good on everyone! Pair this classic color with an unconventional one (like light orange) for a bold palette! 

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

Kennedy Blue's Fatima in Wisteria

I absolutely adore Wisteria. It's the color of my hair right now, and I simply cannot get enough. Purples are beautiful in-of themselves, but this particular purple is light, airy, and playful. It complements all skin tones and allows for both dark and light shades to be presented in your wedding palette! 

Why We Love These 2019 Wedding Colors

2019 Wedding Colors for Every Season

What’s the best thing about these 2019 wedding color trends? The room for creativity! With a variety of indulgent colors and “classico” shades to peruse, you won’t run out of options. It’s also incredibly easy to add metallic colors to almost any palette. This puts a 2019 twist on any combination of classic wedding colors. 

In the end, it’s important to choose wedding colors for your big day that align with your wedding vision and personal style. Just because a color is trendy and in-season doesn’t mean you have to use it! Like we said, you have plenty of room to play around with these wedding color trends. After all, combining trendy and classic is itself a major upcoming trend! 

Let us know: what are your favorite wedding colors? Do any of the 2019 wedding colors or palettes strike your fancy?

If your bridesmaids wore Kennedy Blue dresses, submit your real wedding photos for a chance to be featured on our blog! Share your brilliant color palettes and style insights with our readers and help set the next year of wedding color trends.

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Heather Anderson
July 12, 2020 21:46

Love the dove and silver!! Thanks so much!

June 06, 2020 17:21

We are currently trying to decide between the slate blue or the desert rose so it was great to see more visuals!

Shadrick Lindsey
December 07, 2018 18:55

I’m having my great-grandmother a 90Th Birthday party in January 4, 2019 I need some beautiful colors for her Birthday

Taylor Roberts
July 31, 2018 14:26

I’m in love with the jewel tones. New Years wedding for us and emerald is definitely my color for my ladies!

July 31, 2018 14:26

So excited for my wedding!

Lindsey Skonieczny
July 31, 2018 14:26

Love all these colors! I cant wait to pick my colors for my next summer wedding!

July 30, 2018 08:40

Love these colors! I am having a winter wedding and didn’t ever think about using light blue shades! Love the idea of doing something different than the original red and black.

Denise Doan
July 30, 2018 08:40

I’m definitely feeling the winter color palette! I think I want those three colors for my bridal party! Thank you for the inspiration!

Emily Barnes
July 30, 2018 08:40

These colors are so beautiful! I love the emerald color and I feel like it would look great on anyone!

Amber Rea
July 27, 2018 10:55

This blog helped me nail down my neutral color palette! Latte and champagne are a perfect combo for my outdoor Colorado wedding! Thanks Kennedy Blue!

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