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2018 Wedding Color Palettes To Inspire Your Big Day

Here we are, well into fall of 2017 with 2018 (somehow) just around the corner. That means a whole new year of trends to inspire the beginning of your happy-ever-after. In putting together some of the best wedding trends we see coming, we can’t help but feel excited for what next year’s weddings will look like.

If your big day is sometime in 2018, we’ve got some uniquely beautiful ideas that we hope will leave you feeling inspired and even more excited to plan it. 

2018 Color Palette Inspiration

From deep reds to dusty blues, 2018 wedding colors are soft, romantic, and incredibly chic! Accented with lush green florals and classic metallics, you're sure to find some inspiration for your 2018 wedding palette!

We’ve broken the trends up by color palette, including sections about bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen attire, and flowers & décor.

So sit back, kick your feet up, and check out our 2018 wedding color guide!

Soft Grey, Pastel Pink, & Green

If 2017 saw the beginning of neutral-toned greenery weddings, 2018 is going to kick it up even higher. This nature-inspired color palette is a combination of soft greys, vintage green and pastel pinks. You can even add a little gold here and there to give it some pops of elegance. 

It’s as refreshing as it is romantic. And although we think it would work perfectly for a spring or summer wedding, we can also see it fitting in with a serene fall or winter backdrop.

Gorgeous wedding color palette! | 2018 Wedding Color Palettes To Inspire Your Big Day | Kennedy Blue

BRIDESMAIDS: Dresses should be a neutral color, like light grey or soft pink, with either a touch of lace or sequins if you want to elevate the look a little more. With a pair of cream-colored or light pink shoes, matched with some gold accessories, your bridesmaids will feel beautiful in their timeless look.

GROOMSMEN: The groom can wear a light grey suit with a soft pink tie, while his groomsmen can rock just-a-tad-darker grey suits with cream-colored ties. For a complete and complementary look, add a cream rose to the groom’s lapel and soft pink ones to the groomsmen’s.

FLOWERS & DÉCOR: Incorporating your palette into your flowers and bouquet shouldn’t be too tough (because, nature), and we think some cream and soft pink roses with bright, pretty foliage would make it all tie together picture-perfectly. Go with wood accents and twinkly lights where you can. Don’t hold back when creating your own garden vibe – you can’t go wrong if you’re letting nature’s beauty inspire you.

Champagne & Bordeaux

Like navy blue, bordeaux (also known as marsala) is one of those rich colors that instantly gives off an elegant feel. Pair it with beige and gold, and you’ve got a palette that is equal-parts classic and modern.

We especially love these colors for the fall or winter – combining the darker, more subdued colors with sparks of golden light. In short, we think your wedding would be all kinds of magical with these colors.

Bordeaux and Navy wedding color palette! | 2018 Wedding Color Palettes To Inspire Your Big Day | Kennedy Blue

BRIDESMAIDS: Your bridesmaids will look and feel radiant in bordeaux dresses. Go with a floor-length gown with touches of simple lace. Then add some gold accessories and either gold or cream-colored shoes to finish the look.

We think you’d look extra stunning with a gold, flowery hairpiece (and even – wait for it – some soft gold shoes.) But really, no matter what you do, you’ll be the gorgeous bride you are.

GROOMSMEN: The groomsmen can sport either dark grey or navy blue suits, with burgundy ties and dark brown shoes.

FLOWERS & DÉCOR: Your bouquet can be mostly cream roses with pops of burgundy and soft pink flowers. Your other flower arrangements can be mostly burgundy with pops of cream roses and some pretty greenery surrounding.

As for décor, that’s where the gold can come in and complement the palette’s darker tones. You can bring in the gold starting with your invitations and ending with the details and décor at the wedding.  

Dusty Slate Blue, Beige, & Greenery

Another soft and romantic palette that works with any season, these colors are the perfect blend of elegance and nature. It consists of dusty blue, beige and shades of greenery to give it that rustic touch. And you can add hints of platinum to kick up the formal feel of it.

Beautiful slate blue wedding color palette! | 2018 Wedding Color Palettes To Inspire Your Big Day | Kennedy Blue

BRIDESMAIDS: Your bridesmaids will look gorgeous in these dusty slate blue dresses (our favorites are listed here!). If they’re wearing different dress styles and shades of blue, even better. And you, of course, will look and feel beautiful as ever, whether you decide to have a little sequins on your dress, wear a light grey one, or go with a classic cream or white gown. Feel free to get creative!

GROOMSMEN: Your soon-to-be hubby will look stunning in a grey suit with a cream-colored tie. And his groomsmen can either wear the same shade of grey or darker-grey suits, with dusty blue ties. Have them wear cream roses on their lapels to complement the groom’s tie.

FLOWERS & DÉCOR: Your floral arrangements can be mostly cream roses surrounded by various shades of green, like sage and dark green. Table settings and name-card holders can be platinum-silver to elevate the elegance of the whole event. 

Blush, Navy, Peacock & Gold 

Navy blue is a continued color of choice because of the way it fits seamlessly into so many different color palettes. We especially love this unique and unexpected combination of blush, navy blue (or midnight blue), peacock green and gold.

This palette, of course, would work perfectly in the fall or winter, but we can even see it in the spring, too. It has an enchanting, Gatsby-esque vibe to it, which we find timeless, memorable and kinda-super-irresistible.

Blush, Navy, Peacock and Gold color palette | 2018 Wedding Color Palettes To Inspire Your Big Day | Kennedy Blue

BRIDESMAIDS: Your bridesmaids can wear either navy blue or blush pink floor-length gowns (depending on the season), bringing in the gold with their accessories and shoes. They can hold bouquets of soft pink and cream roses, with bright greenery incorporated throughout. And your bouquet can be a bigger version of theirs, perhaps even with a few burgundy roses added to it.

GROOMSMEN: Your groomsmen can wear navy blue suits with cream-colored ties, while the groom wears a blush pink tie. They’ll look extra sharp with some brown shoes and blush roses on their lapels.

FLOWERS & DÉCOR: Your floral arrangements can combine shades of deep greenery with blush and even a few burgundy roses. They can be tied together by gold ribbons with a subtle sparkle. If you put up frames to decorate, have them be different shades of gold and assort them at random for a woodsy-yet-elegant setting. You can even have a blush wedding cake (something that’s becoming increasingly popular), with touches of gold and cream on it.

Black, White & Gold

If you’re looking for something as unique and fun as it is beautiful, this might be the perfect color palette for your wedding. Meet the color palette we’re crushing on (hard) right now: black, white and gold. It’s classy, timeless and unforgettable. Even better, it’s beautifully festive in the spring, winter and everything in between.
Black, white and gold wedding color palette! | 2018 Wedding Color Palettes To Inspire Your Big Day | Kennedy Blue

BRIDESMAIDS: Your bridesmaids can wear floor-length black dresses, or even dark grey ones, with gold accessories and cream-colored shoes. Or, they can wear deep-cream-colored dresses with black or gold ribbons tied around the waist.

Their bouquets of cream roses and pretty greenery can be tied together by gold ribbons, while yours is tied together by a big black-and-white striped ribbon.

GROOMSMEN: The groomsmen can rock black suits to match the ladies, with either blush, grey or even gold-accented ties. (Feel free to get creative with their accessories!) Add some white flowers with bright green leaves to the lapel for a pop of color to complete the sharp look.

FLOWERS & DÉCOR: Incorporate black-and-white stripes on little details here and there (think: ribbons on dresses and table runners). Those will complement your all-gold decorations and table settings (think: candles, utensils and name-card holders).

Navy, Bordeaux, Pink & Gold 

Although bordeaux and navy will be two of the most popular go-to colors in 2018, it’s the bright shades of peach and pink that make this color palette uniquely stunning. Throw in some deep greens and you’ll be walking a wedding wonderland. This palette would look particularly perfect in the fall, but would also work in the springtime or winter. If you’re going for an earthy or woodsy vibe, we think this is just the color palette for you.

Navy, Burgundy, Pink & Gold Wedding Color Palette! | 2018 Wedding Color Palettes To Inspire Your Big Day | Kennedy Blue

BRIDESMAIDS: Your bridesmaids can wear bordeaux or navy blue dresses, with gold accessories and brown shoes. If they’re wearing bordeaux gowns, have them hold flowers that are a combination of white or cream, peach and pink. If they’re wearing navy dresses, their flowers can be a mix of burgundy, pink, and peach, which will bring a lively pop of color to the whole ensemble. Their bouquets can be tied together by a navy blue ribbon with subtle gold details.

GROOMSMEN: The groomsmen can wear navy blue suits with bordeaux ties and brown shoes. The groom can wear a navy suit as well, with a white shirt and cream-colored tie. Add a peach and pink flower to their lapels to bring a little touch of brightness to their look.

FLOWERS & DÉCOR: If you go with floral arrangements that incorporate bordeaux, shades of pink, peach and deep greens, keep your table settings classic and simple, with cream napkins and gold details on the table settings. Have a white or cream-colored cake with bright peach, pink and burgundy flowers lying on it. Wood also looks great with these colors, so keep that in mind when deciding furnishings and other decorations. 

Red, Cream & Peach

Last but most definitely not least, we present to you our favorite color palette of all: deep red, cream and peach. If you’re going for a woodsy or earthy vibe, this color combination perfectly complements that. It’s as gorgeous as it is unique and as lively as it is lovely. And although we think it’s especially perfect for the summer or springtime, it’s another one that goes well in any season or time of year.

Red, Cream & Peach Wedding Color Palette! | 2018 Wedding Color Palettes To Inspire Your Big Day | Kennedy Blue

BRIDESMAIDS: The bridesmaids can wear light peach or vintage red gowns. (Our Claret color is perfect!) Have their bouquets be dark red and peach flowers with cream roses. They can wear gold or pearl-toned accessories, with a casual, loose hairdo to give the whole ensemble a natural feel. 

GROOMSMEN: The groomsmen can sport navy blue suits, with soft pink ties and either dark or light brown shoes. The groom can wear a navy suit as well, but with a cream-colored tie. Add a peach and/or red flower piece to the groom’s lapel for a bright pop and some extra sweetness.


To put it simply, keep it natural and vintage-inspired. So, perhaps some wooden furnishings and decorations with bright flowers to make them stand out. If you’re having floral centerpieces, you can make them small arrangements of various shades of red, peach, pink and orange flowers. Your table settings can be all white, and the name cards vintage red with gold letters. You can even have lacey red table runners – so fun! 

Lets Chat

We are absolutely obsessed with all these trendy color palettes! Tell us which ones you love, or what color palette you used or plan to use at your wedding! 

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December 01, 2017 15:23

Love the idea of using gray!

Sierra Van Zile
December 01, 2017 13:44

I love the blush and navy those are my wedding colors!

Mackenzie Forcier
December 01, 2017 13:19

Love Dusty Blue – including this color in my wedding color palette!

Alicia Bowman
December 01, 2017 13:08

I absolutely love the dusty blue, beige and greenery palette! I think I am going to go this route, but add some silver and a touch of blush as well!

December 01, 2017 13:05

I love all of these, but especially the black, white, and gold!

December 01, 2017 12:54

Thank you for sharing the slate blue, gold, and greenery wedding palette. I am so excited to use this color for my wedding in November.

December 01, 2017 12:49

Love the slate blue.

Kelly M
November 05, 2017 19:26

Love the Champagne and white!

November 05, 2017 05:52

Love burgundy and navy !!! ?

November 04, 2017 23:34

Love the color options!

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