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Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses

It's no surprise to anyone that weddings are expensive, but I don't think most people realize how spendy it can be for the 'maids, too! Just think--there's the dress, hair and makeup, shoes and accessories, the bridal shower, bachelorette party, a wedding gift, travel expenses, and more. Granted, some of these costs are covered by the bride and often times bridesmaids will go in on gifts together, but it still all adds up. Being able to save and cut down costs in whatever way possible is going to be crucial for your sanity and financial well-being. That's where we step in. Our collection of high quality, affordable bridesmaid dresses are exactly what you've been looking for! So whether you're shopping lace or chiffon, short or long, we have the styles that you'll adore at prices you can afford.

Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses with Kennedy Blue

Be stylish and chic in affordable bridesmaid dresses.

Is it true that you can find cheaper styles out there? Yes, of course. But I can promise that when it comes to the quality, you'll be getting what you paid for. Rather than using that see-through chiffon, or thin, fraying lace, we take serious pride in the fabrics we use. Not to mention, because of the great quality and classic designs, our styles were made to be wear-again gowns, perfect for a casual summer day or special occasion!

Available in 18 styles and 15 colors, our chiffon fabric is soft, airy, and nothing short of perfection. From knee-length to floor-length, and halter to strapless, we guarantee to have a chiffon gown that all of your 'maids will love. Our short chiffon gowns run for $155 and our long chiffon styles are $185.

Short chiffon bridesmaid dresses at reasonable prices! | Affordable Bridesmaid DressesKennedy Blue Sydney (left) and Chloe (right)

High quality, chiffon bridesmaid dresses at prices your 'maids can afford! | Affordable Bridesmaid DressesKennedy Blue Emma (left) and Julia (right)

Our intricate lace fabric, available in 4 styles and 10 shades, is incredibly luxurious and provides a romantic look that's easy to wear-again as a cocktail piece. The high-quality lace is sturdy without feeling stiff so that you and your girls can easily dance the night away! The lace bridesmaid styles are priced at $170.

Quality, short lace bridesmaid dresses that your 'maids will adore! | Affordable Bridesmaid DressesKennedy Blue Charlotte (left) and Harper (right)

Shop our blush, lace bridesmaid dresses for a bridal party look you'll love. | Affordable Bridesmaid DressesKennedy Blue Charlotte (left) and Laura (right)

Lastly, we have 6 silky taffeta styles available in 18 different colors. The lustrous fabric is smooth and shiny and the designs are flattering for any figure! All of our silky taffeta styles are $155.

Our tafetta bridesmaid dresses offer a gorgeous look for a great price! | Affordable Bridesmaid DressesKennedy Blue Claire (left) and Paige (right)

Get quality bridal party designs at a reasonable price. | Affordable Bridesmaid DressesKennedy Blue Jada (left) and Jenna (right)

Curious to see the quality for yourself? Request a color swatch of your favorite fabric via e-mail or have an actual sample sent to your home with our convenient At Home Try-On program. Once you get it in your hands, it's easy to see that these bridesmaid dresses are super affordable for the great quality!

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Amber J
January 04, 2021 11:59

It is so interesting the amount of ways we can save money!

Sarah Taheny
October 15, 2020 15:13

I love that I can find dresses that reflect both of my girls’ personalities and body types.

Brandi Medders
October 01, 2020 09:10

My biggest struggle so far has been finding dresses that match to fit all of my bridesmaids ranging from Medium to a 3XL

melissa stewart
September 22, 2020 10:38

I love all the colors and styles you offer. My 2 teenage daughters are going to be my bridesmaids so we are having fun looking at all the styles!

April 06, 2018 11:18

It’s so difficult to find the right color and style in a brand that is affordable for all!

December 04, 2017 23:55

My big challenge at the moment is finding affordable bridesmaid dresses that my friends will love and that come in regular and plus sizes.

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